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  1. Help...I'm realizing I have to do THIS for the rest of my life
  2. I want to be as fat as my husband
  3. meditation advice?
  4. Costco Chicken Cesar Salad
  5. Any new commers to start loosing with me
  6. Can We make Thurs Apr 3rd a darned fine day?
  7. Good Day
  8. OMG my first official binge moment since I started losing weight :(
  9. For all EMOTIONAL Eaters!
  10. No Sugar!
  11. Journey Home from Work...
  12. Psychological Challenges
  13. Wednesday Apr 2nd is a darned fine day cuz ...
  14. Feeling horrible..
  15. So frustrated
  16. Girl Scout Cookies...
  17. Lets concentrate on the good today!!
  18. Donuts -Not giving in
  19. Is there a forum for men only?
  20. Post Your Favorite Inspirational Quotes Here!!!
  21. Has family or friends ever made comments to you about your weight???
  22. Welcome to SusanB, new Moderator for Weight Loss Support
  23. End of month musings
  24. Back again.....sigh
  25. Hey can you name 3 things you have learned on your weight loss journey (for fun)
  26. New Book read..a shaker ..and maybe some help
  27. What not to do.....
  28. "Oldie Returning.."
  29. The Dreaded Employee Barbecue
  30. Learning to fall and other life lessons
  31. *Sigh* Advice needed, please
  32. Cheated... Get back on the horse
  33. What changes in your body are you excited to see?
  34. Everyone Weigh in 03/27/08
  35. sick, tired and EATING
  36. What's your BODY FAT Percentage? Have you checked it lately?
  37. We are all BUTTERFLIES (Represent!)
  38. Making progress.
  39. Majorly off track...
  40. Am I the only one with an appetite?! (rant)
  41. Should I eat anyway?
  42. I Weigh Less Than My Husband!
  43. NYT: feminists more open-minded on weight
  44. I think my tongue is broken...
  45. the help of a daily mantra
  46. Can I lose it?
  47. Confused - points vs. calories
  48. Question re: diet soda's
  49. Overeating and falling apart
  50. Thanks for the blog feature, 3FC!
  51. You last visited: 1-9-2002: 6 years and I'm still fat?
  52. New here! Question regarding Tae bo and plateaus..
  53. How does having a (in person) work out buddy work for you?
  54. Rough holiday weekend?
  55. How do I stop this cycle?
  56. Husband/Wife Weight Loss Contest Ideas
  57. Finally got to move my ticker, yah me!
  58. Motivational Support
  59. Okay, Let's get serious here
  60. The lard has moved!
  61. A Doonesbury Laugh for Sunday 3/23
  62. Seeing yourself in a new light
  63. I'm thought it would be easy to diet in Korea
  64. Starting a new diet?
  65. Motivation tips
  66. Just a little rant
  67. Things that affect weight loss...
  68. Please Help, I Need MODIVATION and DETERMINATION!!!
  69. Strong 2/3 of the day... and then everything falls apart...
  70. Do you get irritated when u r hungry
  71. I tried on clothes yesterday (NSV)
  72. Gotta get my act together
  73. Anyone else have an OMG! moment?
  74. water weight gone!
  75. Amazed by my collarbones!
  76. worried/high blood pressure?
  77. Everyone Weigh in 03/21/08
  78. "Reduced Rack" Snob-no-more
  79. Come on everyone...HAPPY dance!!!
  80. if YOU were on THE BIGGEST LOSER...what would....
  81. for my health...and my heart
  82. Why is this bothering me?
  83. Where did these calories come from...thank you ladies
  84. Easter (or holidays in general)
  85. How often do you get on a scale?
  86. Your morning routine....
  87. advice please
  88. Cardio question???
  89. The blues..and what to do?
  90. What are your 2 favorite 100 calorie "treat" foods ?
  91. Quoting Glory
  92. My new diet plan, "I Can Make You Thin"
  93. Having a Fat day
  94. I've been using square plates
  95. How to eat all this food?
  96. How Big Is Your Bowl?
  97. Week #4, and I'm back to square one! :(:(
  98. Calories/Nutrition/Hunger
  99. Having a hard time this week...
  100. Hello, and help!?
  101. Victory at a restaurant!
  102. The scale won't move so I will
  103. Habits You've Learned & Will Likely Never Lose
  104. Medicinal Aggravation
  105. How do you react when someone comments on your weight loss?
  106. Dialing Up the Calories
  107. I'm so frustrated !!!!!
  108. incredible amount of water weight? TMI warning
  109. my first egg white omelette
  110. Two Helpful Tools
  111. Am I ready?
  112. Let's Get Crackin' week 3 Results
  113. fell off track
  114. 39 more Lbs to go!!!!!
  115. 50 Pounds gone but I don't see much of a difference
  116. I just want to move my ticker
  117. What made you happy today?
  118. need to loose 70 lbs fast
  119. Obsessed with the Measuring Tape
  120. Weekend Battle Plan
  121. Down 2.5+ pounds
  122. Everyone Weigh in 03/14/08
  123. Would this be a bad day?
  124. Who is your weight loss buddy?
  125. Failing???
  126. I cried at the mall today.
  127. maybe someone here knows...
  128. I'm getting back on my diet
  129. Losing my mind!
  130. I need a shoulder to sob a bit on
  131. Patting Myself on the Back
  132. I don't get it...scale issues...a little graphic...
  133. Why, O WHY, do you hate me Scale?!
  134. Unfair frustration
  135. starting again- need input
  136. Can I get a YAY????
  137. Weight loss slow down
  138. I kicked my Coke addiction!
  139. New to this.My dream,that I wish comes true.
  140. Ok, this is a tough one
  141. Didn't eat b4 my workout, pigged out to avoid this??!!
  142. Munching?!?!?!?!
  143. Comparing myself to others...
  144. Suggestions needed, combatting hunger
  145. I feel pretty... Oh So PRETTY...
  146. Is this possible?
  147. looking for a buddy
  148. 1st binge in a while!!! SOO WHAT!!!
  149. Awkward.
  150. Am I the only one that struggles
  151. Scales (not the ones on fish, either! LOL!)
  152. Spring is around the corner
  153. Losing weight is all I think about
  154. Ready to start again...College food...grrr....
  155. Goodbye Plateau!
  156. If you're skinny or have made goal please advise!
  157. Living in the Dorms
  158. Quick Question re: height
  159. Let's Get Crackin' Wk Two Results
  160. bragging moment
  161. First Week did NOT go well...
  162. Body fat % question
  163. Updates to my website.
  164. Just a rant, I feel so low.
  165. looking for support
  166. I think im done
  167. Eating MORE to lose weight??
  168. Ideal weight by frame size...
  169. Slowly Slowly
  170. I lost weight, and gained fingernails...
  171. Weight loss obsession/depression
  172. Disney Dilemma
  173. Sorta bummed...
  174. Scale addiction and fear
  175. Everyone Weigh in 03/06/08
  176. Are french fries really that evil occasionally?
  177. Need and alternative for my sweet tooth
  178. Do you log your food and where?
  179. It just takes over me!
  180. calorie restriction
  181. I caved!
  182. Conference Buffets Ugh!
  183. Failing miserably!!!!
  184. Calories in Milk
  185. Ok to diet while poorly?
  186. Inspiration
  187. Putting it into perspective
  188. When you don't meet your goal...
  189. What to do when we feel hopeless and Depressed
  190. How long till it comes off?
  191. A big achievement!
  192. Easy on & hard to go!
  193. question about fitday
  194. Too much too soon?
  195. Have you been reading ...
  196. The Reverse Diet
  197. Having a hard time getting on track.
  198. How has a nutritionist helped you?
  199. Munch, Munch, Munch
  200. You Tube- a great exercise tool!!!!!
  201. Up, down, up, WAY down, WAY up
  202. Let's Get Crackin' Wk One Results
  203. A Little Help? A Few Nice Words?
  204. hating myself
  205. Herbal Magic ... Need a support thread Please
  206. OP and WTF? No Loss???
  207. Suggestions on getting re-started?
  208. I'm not sure what I need!
  209. absurd amount of body fat...
  210. Trying to do to much at once?
  211. Are you in denial about how you really look?
  212. Best weight loss tool... Nintendo DS!
  213. weird weight question
  214. Yay! Ran Out of Stars!
  215. I got the flu and lost 12 pounds in a week?!?!
  216. I Caved
  217. Everyone Weigh in 02/28/08
  218. I need nice words, and support..... please!
  219. I'm losing slowly by choice, but still feel frustrated.
  220. For Cryin' Out Loud!
  221. Exercise calories (yes, again!)
  222. I don't like this cycle
  223. So.. When are you due??
  224. Getting my groove back..
  225. Help a pharmacy student!
  226. Has Anyone Needed Professional Help....
  227. Hi, I'm Crystal...I just joined MRC & 3FC today...
  228. Weight loss plateau
  229. #$@! Doctor's Pffoce Scales !
  230. woo hoo for me!!!
  231. Should I just avoid it??
  232. I Round Up, Do You?
  233. Need Some Thoughts And Advice...
  234. First day dieting!
  235. Need Advice
  236. Let's Get Crackin'
  237. Packing a cooler with nutritious food for trip my boy and me...
  238. Are my mini-goals reasonable?!
  239. Stretch Marks
  240. Question about inch loss
  241. typing and crying
  242. Whats your sodium intake?
  243. 11 pounds dropped - hooray! Also looking for advice on low calorie frozen food?
  244. weekend on cheating doom results are in
  245. To those of you that have lost....
  246. Did eating at maintenance work?
  247. Are you more concerned about being healthy or losing weight?
  248. scared to be skinny. weird, i know!
  249. Do you leave and gain or gain and then leave 3fc!?
  250. Plateau/Gaining but losing inches???