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  1. Ready to start again...College food...grrr....
  2. Goodbye Plateau!
  3. If you're skinny or have made goal please advise!
  4. Living in the Dorms
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  7. bragging moment
  8. First Week did NOT go well...
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  10. Updates to my website.
  11. Just a rant, I feel so low.
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  13. I think im done
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  15. Ideal weight by frame size...
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  17. I lost weight, and gained fingernails...
  18. Weight loss obsession/depression
  19. Disney Dilemma
  20. Sorta bummed...
  21. Scale addiction and fear
  22. Everyone Weigh in 03/06/08
  23. Are french fries really that evil occasionally?
  24. Need and alternative for my sweet tooth
  25. Do you log your food and where?
  26. It just takes over me!
  27. calorie restriction
  28. I caved!
  29. Conference Buffets Ugh!
  30. Failing miserably!!!!
  31. Calories in Milk
  32. Ok to diet while poorly?
  33. Inspiration
  34. Putting it into perspective
  35. When you don't meet your goal...
  36. What to do when we feel hopeless and Depressed
  37. How long till it comes off?
  38. A big achievement!
  39. Easy on & hard to go!
  40. question about fitday
  41. Too much too soon?
  42. Have you been reading ...
  43. The Reverse Diet
  44. Having a hard time getting on track.
  45. How has a nutritionist helped you?
  46. Munch, Munch, Munch
  47. You Tube- a great exercise tool!!!!!
  48. Up, down, up, WAY down, WAY up
  49. Let's Get Crackin' Wk One Results
  50. A Little Help? A Few Nice Words?
  51. hating myself
  52. Herbal Magic ... Need a support thread Please
  53. OP and WTF? No Loss???
  54. Suggestions on getting re-started?
  55. I'm not sure what I need!
  56. absurd amount of body fat...
  57. Trying to do to much at once?
  58. Are you in denial about how you really look?
  59. Best weight loss tool... Nintendo DS!
  60. weird weight question
  61. Yay! Ran Out of Stars!
  62. I got the flu and lost 12 pounds in a week?!?!
  63. I Caved
  64. Everyone Weigh in 02/28/08
  65. I need nice words, and support..... please!
  66. I'm losing slowly by choice, but still feel frustrated.
  67. For Cryin' Out Loud!
  68. Exercise calories (yes, again!)
  69. I don't like this cycle
  70. So.. When are you due??
  71. Getting my groove back..
  72. Help a pharmacy student!
  73. Has Anyone Needed Professional Help....
  74. Hi, I'm Crystal...I just joined MRC & 3FC today...
  75. Weight loss plateau
  76. #$@! Doctor's Pffoce Scales !
  77. woo hoo for me!!!
  78. Should I just avoid it??
  79. I Round Up, Do You?
  80. Need Some Thoughts And Advice...
  81. First day dieting!
  82. Need Advice
  83. Let's Get Crackin'
  84. Packing a cooler with nutritious food for trip my boy and me...
  85. Are my mini-goals reasonable?!
  86. Stretch Marks
  87. Question about inch loss
  88. typing and crying
  89. Whats your sodium intake?
  90. 11 pounds dropped - hooray! Also looking for advice on low calorie frozen food?
  91. weekend on cheating doom results are in
  92. To those of you that have lost....
  93. Did eating at maintenance work?
  94. Are you more concerned about being healthy or losing weight?
  95. scared to be skinny. weird, i know!
  96. Do you leave and gain or gain and then leave 3fc!?
  97. Plateau/Gaining but losing inches???
  98. You know, I'm really not that hungry
  99. Alli Help
  100. What's more challenging, food or exercise?
  101. dealing with non-dieters
  102. first plateau?
  103. Everyone Weigh in 02/22/08
  104. To those Who Don't Mind Sharing Their Stories...
  105. Am I being realistic?
  106. 125 by June 21
  107. Me - 1; Doritos - 0
  108. I Forgot . . .
  109. When did you notice?
  110. Diet soda causes weight gain??
  111. disappointed in myself
  112. Mini-Goal
  113. I have been trapped in this big body.... too long
  114. I can't get started! Please help!
  115. Active Job
  116. Change for Summertime!
  117. Am I really that big?
  118. OVERWHELMING hunger!
  119. Saving Calories?
  120. Any Vegans on here? Vegetarians even?
  121. What's your exercise distraction?
  122. TICKER PARADE -- Post them with pride!
  123. Back -- Again <sigh>
  124. staying positive although the weight is not going anywhere?
  125. Other trends?
  126. I'm here and not leaving 'till I'm THIN!
  127. Oh, dear
  128. eating healthy on the run
  129. So close!
  130. Feeling ANGRY!
  131. What do you do first?
  132. My favorite diet friendly snack is....
  133. Here I go again!!!
  134. Does it matter how much food you eat?
  135. A day in the life of a dieter...
  136. What is stopping me!
  137. When did you change you goal weight ticker? Or did you?
  138. I can't believe myself...
  139. Is that a sweet potato in your pocket....or are you just happy to see me?
  140. Handling the Won't Take No For An Answer people
  141. Should I just give up and be happy at this weight?
  142. What Happened!
  143. Feeling Down Because Im Big..Always
  144. depressing to gain after losing 101 lbs 3 weeks ago
  145. Stressed and depressed and I wanna eat dang it
  146. What have you done today to make you feel PROUD! Take a bow here!
  147. Is the scale going down and you feel and look the same?
  148. Annoyed with my diet
  149. I need a kick in the butt!
  150. Happiness is....
  151. Inspiration Oasis :)
  152. So much for celebrating with "healthy" wine on a Friday night...
  153. What Does the Word 'Lean' Mean to You?
  154. Do you stick with your diet, even though its not healthy?
  155. Those .5's on the scale?
  156. An open letter to my body
  157. Step Away From the Scale!!
  158. Don't Know Where To Start
  159. I Have Some Goals I Would Like to Post In a Journal!
  160. xxxxxxxxxx's on my fridge calendar!
  161. Everyone Weigh in 02/15/08
  162. Obsessed over food! HELP
  163. Podcasts
  164. Valentine's Day Dilemmas!
  165. 1 month and 18 lbs later....
  166. whats your motivation?
  167. When did others notice?
  168. tough 2 weeks - advice from new moms out there? tia!
  169. New! Excited! and Overwhelmed!
  170. i love big portions
  171. Another TOM ?? (Sorry!)
  172. My Top Ten Reasons to Lose it and Keep it Off!
  173. *Sigh* Whine Warning!
  174. water?
  175. Squee! Met a goal!
  176. Whole Food = Full Stomach
  177. Goodbye to the drug 'Xenical' !!
  178. Officially changing my goal!
  179. Questions for Low Carbers
  180. If you are going to cheat, try to wait until the weekend?
  181. A Bad Day followed by a Great Acconplishment
  182. Anyone else see this article?
  183. Plateau Help
  184. Frustrated (cross posted in low carb)
  185. Thank you already!
  186. Big Event Anxiety!!
  187. How close do you usually get to your calorie/day goal?
  188. I can't get it together (disjointed)
  189. Thanks! Fitday
  190. Is there a different place I should post this?
  191. Please be my witnesses
  192. It was not fat bashing
  193. Menopause and Weight Loss - So much more difficult
  194. Where to find a suit?
  195. Whoopi Goldberg: 173 pounds? No way
  196. looking for books/stories of people who have conquered wt loss
  197. Is there anyway to find calories in commericial products?
  198. My IPOD Diet...
  199. Just starting
  200. Back & With Some New Insight
  201. No Pity Party for ME...
  202. Easy Exercise calculator (opinions PLEASE!!)
  203. Beautiful people...blahhhh
  204. Uneven weight loss becoming a problem
  205. I hate the scale
  206. Everyone Weigh in 02/08/08
  207. How about a 5 lb lose, maintain, 5 lb lose, maintain, etc diet?
  208. Help me figure out a new plan please
  209. Image and actions
  210. 8th day, need a little encouragement
  211. Is it safe to quit sugar/coffee/smoking...
  212. Hanging out at 3fc procrastinating from work...
  213. Is your mom skinnier then you?
  214. Help: I have an active job!
  215. I'm officially no longer a muffin top...
  216. I don't look any different
  217. The Battle between me and my front butt
  218. Negative People/Comments
  219. Things I know...
  220. Anyone looking to start slow?
  221. fasting???????
  222. I Don't fit in any category.
  223. Embarresment!!!!
  224. Hmmmm?
  225. What do you pay for your gym?
  226. I am SO STUPID!!! *rant*
  227. It's winter, but I just had a summer thought!
  228. Revelation....I think...
  229. What is your "backup plan" for days you just don't feel like it?
  230. Best tunes to work out to...
  231. this is my distraction
  232. Bad choices
  233. birth control question
  234. Looking for a support group.
  235. What do you guys do to calm stress without food?
  236. PLEASE HELP, can this be true? I'm 4'11...
  237. Wedding Dress Goal
  238. Am I the only one that sees it....
  239. Exhausted!
  240. Argh! Climbing back on the horse!
  241. OMG How?!
  242. I would like a weight loss partner
  243. dailyplate question
  244. Well duh!
  245. Scale Confession
  246. Bleh
  247. I need to give up soda!
  248. Am I going to embarrass myself?
  249. Can you explain this to me?
  250. What are your thoughts