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  1. 8th day, need a little encouragement
  2. Is it safe to quit sugar/coffee/smoking...
  3. Hanging out at 3fc procrastinating from work...
  4. Is your mom skinnier then you?
  5. Help: I have an active job!
  6. I'm officially no longer a muffin top...
  7. I don't look any different
  8. The Battle between me and my front butt
  9. Negative People/Comments
  10. Things I know...
  11. Anyone looking to start slow?
  12. fasting???????
  13. I Don't fit in any category.
  14. Embarresment!!!!
  15. Hmmmm?
  16. What do you pay for your gym?
  17. I am SO STUPID!!! *rant*
  18. It's winter, but I just had a summer thought!
  19. Revelation....I think...
  20. What is your "backup plan" for days you just don't feel like it?
  21. Best tunes to work out to...
  22. this is my distraction
  23. Bad choices
  24. birth control question
  25. Looking for a support group.
  26. What do you guys do to calm stress without food?
  27. PLEASE HELP, can this be true? I'm 4'11...
  28. Wedding Dress Goal
  29. Am I the only one that sees it....
  30. Exhausted!
  31. Argh! Climbing back on the horse!
  32. OMG How?!
  33. I would like a weight loss partner
  34. dailyplate question
  35. Well duh!
  36. Scale Confession
  37. Bleh
  38. I need to give up soda!
  39. Am I going to embarrass myself?
  40. Can you explain this to me?
  41. What are your thoughts
  42. Everyone Weigh in 02/01/08
  43. Weight Loss = Life Story???? (Ranty)
  44. Great Idea!
  45. Any fat chicks featured in the media - weight loss stories in magazines!
  46. How many calories did you start at?
  47. calorie question :)
  48. Is it harder to diet or maintain weight once lost?
  49. The emotional issues of weight
  50. what is your goal/dream outfit?
  51. Anyone experienced this
  52. I guess they were right.
  53. Where I'm Suppose to be
  54. Well, that's cool!
  55. Is that a burrito sandwich you're eating?
  56. supplements & hemp seed
  57. Ugh. No results
  58. Bragging Rights
  59. How long?
  60. 4 weeks and gained a pound!
  61. New scales, EEEK!!!
  62. TBL----can anyone help
  63. Why does it help to be told?
  64. Too much water?!?!?!
  65. Yay for Self Control!!!!!
  66. HELP! I'm starving!
  67. Dinner with my soccer team
  68. a different TOM question..
  69. TOM is KILLING me!! warning: long rant!
  70. Need some help & support
  71. Body Shape to determine diet?
  72. Can't stick to a diet =(
  73. Exercise pains - need reinforcement
  74. Daily Plate Users
  75. New to This...Need some advice!
  76. time of the month question
  77. Just don't understand
  78. Cheating has consequences!
  79. I know I tend to
  80. scale question
  81. UGH!!! How do you STOP destructive eating!?!?
  82. Oh no!
  83. Guilt
  84. Ideas for a food program?
  85. Extremely Frustrated!!!!
  86. Have you experienced this problem?
  87. Health insurance, big slap!
  88. Need to Rethink Goal?
  89. need to regain control
  90. The wolf I want to feed
  91. I've set a goal!
  92. Drinking "greens" - powders, cans or juicing?
  93. Weight Loss "Rules" - Which Do You Not Use?
  94. Are you losing 2 lbs per week?
  95. I feel so lost and need some objective opinions!
  96. I think I'm stuck...
  97. Everyone Weigh in 01/25/08
  98. New Here
  99. I did my walking....
  100. Diet Pop Question??
  101. Aggravated and Stuck!
  102. Two Weeks, One Stinking Pound?
  103. Help.
  104. A little worried about
  105. A Turning Pound
  106. Hey Photoguy!
  107. The damage results are in...
  108. Hi
  109. Protien Shakes
  110. me again, needing support... again
  111. An unlikely book all losers should read
  112. Article on Target Heart Rate
  113. Cravings
  114. trying to find the weight loss progress scales on this site, help?
  115. A little inspiration...
  116. I'm giving up way too easy......i want to stop
  117. Motivation for Exercise - Please help!
  118. Do you feel like a woman?
  119. Big as Life: Obesity in America (TV Show)
  120. Is it OK to graze?
  121. back after a weekend break.......
  122. Newbee who has a question already : )
  123. The Great Water Weight Connundrum
  124. I'm back...I need accountability and support, please!
  125. Is a Personal Trainer & Metabolism Eval worth it?
  126. What are your bad snack obsessions, and what have you replaced them with?
  127. i know scale fluctuations are normal, but...
  128. I'm new here
  129. I lost weight, but no difference.
  130. How do I deal....
  131. Taking a break this weekend.....
  132. Rock Bottom
  133. Death in the Family/Weigh in Thread Announcement
  134. Losing weight but gaining inches?
  135. Scale Insanity! What do y'all do?
  136. BCP affecting weight loss? :(
  137. measurement goals?
  138. Well I am back
  139. Chocolate jello HELP!!
  140. Everyone Weigh in 01/18/08
  141. Self Control.
  142. Thanx 3FC and fellow losers!!
  143. new goal
  144. Do you keep 3FC's to yourself or do you share with friends and family?
  145. question!
  146. help.....i'm on a snacking frenzy......
  147. My Fat Speaks Diaries
  148. I don't know if I missed the
  149. gained the 2 lbs back to 200 lbs :( I didn't even try to gain it!!
  150. I just CAN'T seem to do it
  151. Yikes! Anyone else having a scary week?
  152. Fitday: Need help!
  153. Are Light and Fat Free Foods really better for you?
  154. A little upset today....
  155. Something strange is happening to my skin
  156. Lost so much, but I can't enjoy it
  157. Traveling for work
  158. Calorie info for deli's??
  159. ...and there goes my maidenhead...
  160. discouraged!
  161. just started... so far so good
  162. MSN says that I only need to eat 3,000 cals to lose...
  163. 10 more pounds
  164. Setting Unrealistic Goals
  165. back to pre-pregnant weight
  166. My foot hurts!
  167. Latenight cheating.. help!
  168. I need some advice....weight loss completely stalled
  169. How am I doing/ any advice
  170. Feeling undeserved/not worthy
  171. confident and gained
  172. I broke the bed...again.
  173. Non-Food Rewards
  174. Diet vs. Lifestyle -- a slight twist
  175. 28 days
  176. What am i doing wrong!
  177. Where's my waist?
  178. Do you have any advice?
  179. Is the math accurate?
  180. I need some serious tips on loosing 10 pounds in a Month
  181. What's Going On?
  182. Hello again!
  183. feeling tired
  184. "Scale-- you can't be right."
  185. Well i've surpassed my goal!
  186. Clothes Being Looser
  187. I think I might have hurt myself while exersizing
  188. size charts
  189. old fashion scales vs digital scales.. ?
  190. Percentages of FAT/CARB/PROTIEN
  191. I'm just so freaking tired!
  192. How Do I Get Over It
  193. too depressed to do anything
  194. 175
  195. Where do you go for help?
  196. Losing weight coming between my sister and I
  197. Everyone Weigh in 01/10/08
  198. I am so mad
  199. Rapid weight re-gain
  200. How much is too much?
  201. Trying to lose alone and going crazy
  202. no matter what I try...
  203. My first scale victory!
  204. I'm going just a little batty....
  205. sodium intake
  206. Fact or Fiction? Help!
  207. I'm doing it.....
  208. First week..
  209. Cried this morning....
  210. sigh... gained 2 lbs and did nothing.... jeez
  211. Help! I cannot do this!
  212. My new best friend
  213. The scale is stuck...
  214. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions...
  215. January goal
  216. Postive thoughts
  217. Living with non-dieters
  218. I Quit Smoking
  219. Request for Encouragement - (long: i'm needy!)
  220. Spain! Ack!!!
  221. Anybody else jealous of friends 'more successful' than yourself?
  222. Food is all I am Thinking About!!!
  223. I found some neat storage for food!
  224. Insomnia and Losing Weight
  225. Evening cut-off?
  226. Is this too much in one week?
  227. Fitday/calorie king questions
  228. Carb Queen book
  229. So I've been doing really well the past 2 weeks...
  230. 5 lbs away f/the 100lb goal & blew it by 600 calories
  231. loose skin after weight loss
  232. I knew it would happen, plateauing...question...
  233. Urr...water weight?
  234. Questions about fat grams and etc..
  235. calorie counting question??
  236. Scale Victory
  237. Food Addictions...
  238. Man, why is it so hard to do something so simple?!
  239. Body fat Percentage????
  240. Plan for 1/6/08
  241. Skinny? What others say to you about your weight lose..
  242. It been awhile
  243. I am getting there!
  244. Need To Feel Accountable
  245. Plan for 1/5/08
  246. Exercise and Hunger
  247. New Year New Me
  248. My New Plan-- Just need the follow-through!
  249. It's great to be OP!
  250. Everyone Weigh in 01/03/08