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  1. Will I always be a "fat girl"???
  2. Shout out to 3FC Members
  3. Guilty No More
  4. Much relief, and many thanks.
  5. TV Show -- You Are What You Eat
  6. What's the weirdest thing you've done to stay on plan?
  7. Good reads?
  8. Going from size 18+ to 12 jeans
  9. Anyone want to give and get daily support?
  10. Interesting Info About the AHA Endorsement
  11. My body has caught up with my loss!!
  12. I NEED breakfast!
  13. Annoyed and Confused
  14. I am jealous
  15. S4L concerns
  16. What Is Wrong With Me?!?!?!
  17. halloween isn't fun anymore
  18. For those of you who like success stories (inspiration)
  19. My first confession -- and a question
  20. a simple trick to keep ya from messing up on calories for halloween...
  21. Everyone weigh in 10/31/08
  22. Oh no! My true love, diet soda!!
  23. just a quick gripe (those seem common around here ;) )
  24. Learn from my mistake PLEASE!!!
  25. Matter how much we sweat???
  26. What food won't you give up--and why?
  27. Slimming Suit (beware: dumb question inside)
  28. Weight loss rewards?
  29. Danger! Danger!
  30. Mini goal too big??
  31. The cycle that used to work against me, is now working for me.
  32. Stress eating and major life changes
  33. "Perfectly Balanced at 1,200"
  34. Binge??? When does the weight come back down?
  35. I work out and then I.......
  36. I'm Back ** HELP ME PLEASE ** I've miss you guys so much
  37. I feel ravenous!
  38. Thought I had a good idea, turned into a terrible one!!
  39. What Does Your Weight Loss / Fitness Program Look Like?
  40. why did/do you want to lose weight?
  41. OOPS! My Diaper Came Off!
  42. Stuck in a rut and joined WW
  43. augh, so disappointing with the scale....
  44. worried about rapid weight loss
  45. Turkey Day for the Cook
  46. The ultimate test
  47. I'm losing but I'm not losing the right things!
  48. "I can make you thin"
  49. I'm stressed about Thanksgiving, what the heck am I going to eat?
  50. "Look Ma! It's 3FC TURKEY TROT TIME!"
  52. How can "they" help you lose weight?
  53. Snapping yourself out of it
  54. Does anyone remember...
  55. TOM chocolate cravings?!
  56. weight during period?
  57. Getting discouraged..
  58. E.F.T Tapping??
  59. Body Image Issues
  60. Fighting myself
  61. Any one else have this scaleTanita Jenny Craig Healthy Track Scale HD-337
  62. I screwed up last night...
  63. How do you recover when fail before noon?
  64. A small victory for me.
  65. Positive Visualization compromised by negative self talk...
  66. It's five o' clock somewhere!
  67. Newbie with a weight watchers Question
  68. Everyone weigh in 10/24/08
  69. Losing weight when your spouse doesn't want to
  70. Picky eaters?
  71. Spider Bite!
  72. Need a daily support buddy
  73. Do we have a getting back on the wagon smiley?
  74. I think I love cheese more than I love my husband
  75. Sugar Cereal Obsession! wanting to share
  76. Link to My Virtual Model
  77. Starting out...
  78. I can't believe this!
  79. Cooking for One
  80. Any good shows/series to watch while working out on treadmill?
  81. Insidious Justifications.....
  82. I admit..
  83. What the heck? Walk 7 miles lose 3.4 pounds?
  84. What?! So now the goverment won't even give me a food pyramid.
  85. Finally out of my plateau
  86. Its official!!
  87. New and frustrated already
  88. Anyone else ever felt this?
  89. Just looking for some support
  90. Just a little more motivation for us all....
  91. Trying to conquer my emotional eating
  92. How often do you weigh?
  93. Think I had a good day today!!!
  94. Cracked up on halloween candy
  95. What got you doing this?
  96. I know you guys would understand...
  97. Change in habits...
  98. Caffeine and weight loss?
  99. Do you overeat AND overspend
  100. McDonald's Monopoly Game
  101. time to start over--need support please
  102. What he won't eat is killing me...
  103. New Workout Playlist
  104. what would you say?!
  105. What is Onederland?
  106. Hello Im Daphne
  107. Anyone else dance with the scale?
  108. Feeling like I've wasted so much time
  109. TO DGRAMIE/about my knee replacement
  110. Working Out Hard, So Little Weight Loss
  111. Celebrating the little things (they're awesome too!)
  112. So, bear with me, I'm still learning so I have a question..
  113. The Power of Affirmation ~ write it , process it, become it !
  114. Had to say I have quite that fad diet ol..
  115. Guaranteed 5 Pound Turkey Cushion!
  116. How did you reconcile old scale and new scale numbers?
  117. Anyone doing the no s diet?
  118. What do you still do...?
  119. return of the scale
  120. Everyone weigh in 10/17/08
  121. I a ball of mixed emotions?
  122. why are hamburgers unhealthy?
  123. How far Have You Come? (not just lbs or inches)
  124. I went 19 hours
  125. Nutrition, Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss Podcasts
  126. Proud of myself so why want food?
  127. Have you identified a time of day....
  128. Why that scale changes so easily...
  129. Injury?
  130. Have you been motivated by...
  131. When you get hungry...
  132. On a no carb diet and I have popcorn popped...
  133. Feeling completly lost, what do I do!
  134. Weight changes
  135. Sodium Question!
  136. 11lbs lost but i cant see a difference!
  137. (Yes, another thread) Calorie question
  138. SAHM's??
  139. not sooo happy
  140. I don't want to fight anymore.
  141. I am very depressed, I feel there is no meaning!
  142. Aaargh! Craving my kids' dinner!
  143. How many calories should I be eating?
  144. I never saw the differences.
  145. In just 3 wks/15lbs
  146. General cravings!
  147. Christmas Goal Setting
  148. Staying on track with marital problems
  149. Ideas for Lunch/Dinners that don't need refrigeration
  150. I don't have time ...
  151. Cake
  152. My New Motivator
  153. Cookie craving!!
  154. Consumer Reports on Kid's Cereals
  155. Week #1
  156. 5K's or NOT 5K's ~ That is the ?
  157. Question for those who measure inches rather than weigh
  158. Do you have a free day or free meal?
  159. 3FC Canadian Thanksgiving~Columbus Day 5K Results
  160. I have a question about my jiggly thighs, lol
  161. I know better!
  162. Everyone weigh in 10/10/08
  163. What did you do with the bad stuff?
  164. getting back on track
  165. Oh my GAH -- will these fat rolls ever come off my stomach?
  166. Tomorrow's Weigh-in is a big one!
  167. Weight loss rewards for motivation?
  168. Stupid Evil Tahini Sauce
  169. 15 inces is more than a foot Mom!
  170. So many calories? In this?
  171. So Frustrated!
  172. Tina Talks About Today - New here (again)!! Hello!
  173. How do cooks stick to their diet in the kitchen?/Coffee question
  174. Active jobs and weight loss
  175. Vitamins and Supplements
  176. Online Nutrition and Fitness Courses
  177. Exercising on the second floor!
  178. Losing weight and Loose skin
  179. WTF is up with my body??!
  180. Food as Food
  181. NSV! The Perfect Interview Suit!
  182. Jumping back on the wagon...
  183. Nobody seems to be supportive..
  184. A question about detoxing...
  185. My body needs to get it's $#!& together.
  186. Back again
  187. Weekends!
  188. A few minutes of exersice here and there just as good?
  189. Will diet coke derail me??
  190. Really? I mean, Really??
  191. 8 glasses of water a day = SOO HARD
  192. My "scale" is driving me insane!
  193. A possibly silly question about LBM
  194. How to overcome my own worst enemy (me)
  195. Sad, slow little loss...Please Help or Encourage!
  196. Why are weekends so hard?
  197. Binge in public, or a private matter?
  198. Goal Weight
  199. Have you extreme yo-yo'ed in the past?
  200. 25 pounds down!
  201. Stuck...need help
  202. I can't talk about it with my coworkers.
  203. Alternative winter holiday ideas
  204. Bad night!!!!
  205. ONEderland by January 1st, 2009! Let's do it!
  206. Skin Elasticity
  207. When do you buy new clothes?
  208. Help - looking for some support !
  209. Want to cure your MCd's craving?
  210. Everyone weigh in 10/03/08
  211. Which one is the best calorie/activity tracking site?
  212. Rewarding yourself
  213. Mirena and TOM
  214. What would you do?
  215. Just need a kick here!
  216. Calories and weight loss
  217. So I slipped up yesterday....
  218. uhh... 10lbs in one DAY...?
  219. Not eating for 12 hours
  220. 12 lbs Gone!
  221. Problems with the Pill?
  222. Water
  223. HELP! Addicted to the Scale!
  224. Why is nothing happening? (melodrama mini-rant)
  225. What is "junk food" to you?
  226. Note To Self re: Weighing Food
  227. Can someone explain?
  228. Restarting (Again)
  229. How do you forgive yourself?
  230. Only a week into it and I've cheated twice!
  231. New Mini Goal
  232. So.. I got off track for a few weeks..
  233. Illnesses you lost along w/ the weight.
  234. Need advice
  235. How the *^$& is this fair?!?!?!
  236. Let's try this one more time...
  237. Ooooh yes, I am gorgeous. :)
  238. I have come to a decision...
  239. PSA--check your Scales...
  240. really want this to work this time
  241. How much weight do you gain (or not lose) during TOM?
  242. Success!!!!
  243. What was your 'this has to change' moment?
  244. Been gone for a while, back with problems!
  245. Struggling to get back on plan
  246. Hello! I'm back, and ready to kick it!
  247. When you can see the stress coming
  248. In your opinion....
  249. for all of us long shift workers
  250. Hi... I've been gone for awhile..