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  1. Support vs. Criticism?
  2. Question from someone who is weary of being half-you-know-what about wt loss...
  3. Anyone here 5'3", please come in, I have a question
  4. Went To The Doctor's Today...
  5. Someday Syndrome
  6. I want you regulars to know..
  7. So frustrated!
  8. I hate my waist :(
  9. Lifestyle change vs Dieting
  10. Reasons.
  11. Is there such a thing as too far gone?
  12. Weight gain in 2 days?
  13. I cant believe I spent 3 years at the gym and got such slow results...
  14. What foods work for you in the Heat?
  15. TWO chairs too small...horrible experiences
  16. People who guilt trip you when you snack
  17. Extremely mixed up !
  18. Just the motivation I needed today!
  19. Overwhelmed by everything
  20. Hit a snag in weightloss
  21. I'm stuck!
  22. When you binge and don't give a poop
  23. Determined and Fearful: Wedding Dress Shoppoing
  24. Forbidden foods,Do you have them, EVEN if you keep your portions within calorie limit
  25. 3 Day Military Diet Results
  26. Am I stuck on the idea of counting calories?
  27. Feeling sad....had a bad moment tonight
  28. One moment you realized you were fat?
  29. Just need a bit of reassurance
  30. Struggles
  31. Everyone Weigh in 07/12/13
  32. Yet another plateau. So tired of working hard for nothing...
  33. Do you keep a journal?
  34. Mid cycle bloating?
  35. What gives?
  36. Quitting smoking while dieting
  37. The white devil has crept up on me
  38. How many pounds to lose a ring size?
  39. How long before change in clothes sizes?
  40. End of a relationship = no motivation to diet and exercise.
  41. I feel like I'm running on a hamster wheel.
  42. Lower abdominal fat
  43. Need a kick in the pants
  44. Set Point Theory and Plateauing
  45. This time will be different but better!!!!
  46. Low Blood Sugar
  47. About how many calories do you consume?
  48. SO endlessly frustrated.
  49. Let's share some motivation
  50. A Couple Of Things...
  51. Low iron levels and direct correlation between weight loss/gain
  52. Diet and Acne
  53. Seeking a weight loss buddy in the Houston, TX area
  54. Share your weightloss concerns...with everyone on the internet?
  55. I'm gettin' there!
  56. Tips for balancing dieting and having a social life??
  57. Everyone Weigh in 07/05/13
  58. Up a pound and a half
  59. Anyone have Hypothyroidism? I need some support
  60. Weight Loss Plateau. How to get out of the 150's. Advice Please!
  61. Looking for a full time fitnesspal app buddy!
  62. Problems with being regular/being somewhat constipated..TMI
  63. Independence Day?--Binging Advice
  64. 80 lbs in 6 months? Need feedback!
  65. Which excuses did you overcome and stayed on plan?
  66. How do you turn around potentially-sabotaging situations to your benefit?
  67. Looking for Support
  68. My family is concerned, but talk very harshly instead of being supportive
  69. You know you're on plan when...
  70. A "Fun" Restart for Me
  71. How do you feel about your picture being taken?
  72. Anyone love exercise but hate the food part of weightloss??
  73. It's just not fair.
  74. Ooookay, here we go.... :(
  75. 8 Years Of No Luck.
  76. Tossing the scale!!
  77. Heat Wave & Water Retention = Demoralizing :(
  78. **Lose 10 lbs by AUGUST 1ST!!! **
  79. Doing everything right, but everything is wrong!
  80. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - July 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  81. A hard decision...HELP
  82. Only feeling thin after, um, doing... number two?
  83. Getting my mind right and ready
  84. What do you do once you reach your goal?
  85. Trying SO hard and NOT succeeding!
  86. Never Going to Lose
  87. Everyone Weigh in 06/27/13
  88. Trying to figure out how to lose again
  89. Hoping to achieve weight loss goal but has no support
  90. When your 'circle' isn't really interested in food
  91. Losing weight with weight training and diet but no cardio?
  92. Anyone else the same?
  93. Bought a new scale today
  94. How do I make myself a priority again?
  95. Signature and Profile Changes.......Sometimes
  96. Measurements
  97. Weight loss hard to accomplish without support
  98. Weight Loss Buddy?
  99. Changes in height?
  100. Quitting smoking and weight loss
  101. Blogging in desperation
  102. Sorta IE: what not to do
  103. When you feel yourself hitting a mental wall. . .
  104. Miami Here We Come!! 4 Month Transformation!!
  105. Everyone Weigh in 06/21/13
  106. Splurge as a Reward for weight loss?
  107. Kick my butt!!!!
  108. Rice as an option
  109. 1 month for only half a pound? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
  110. Starting so small this time.
  111. Controlling myself at parties
  112. Short Term Gain (Water!!) Whine Zone!
  113. How do people drink/party so much and stay thin??
  114. Restaurant menu help needed
  115. When in need of a confidence boost...
  116. This time is no different :( I don't know what to eat!
  117. Sam Feltham is my hero ;)
  118. I need a push...
  119. Get Me Out Of The 180's/170's/160's
  120. Irritable when in calorie deficit
  121. Is this not going to fall off?
  122. Got sick and gained back almost half the weight I lost :(
  123. Ladies - Changes in your period?
  124. Weight Loss and Dry Skin?!
  125. A new awkward with weight loss
  126. When you started your diet/eating healthy, what did you do with your unhealthy food
  127. DH wants to lose weight, but doesn't want to DO anything to lose the weight...
  128. Quit Weight Watchers due to poor customer service - what now?
  129. I had an Ian dinner tonight
  130. Not weighing myself till August 1!!!
  131. Why do I do things like this?
  132. I binged - and what I learned
  133. 23 years old but feel like I am 80. Frustration!!!!!
  134. I know what I need to do...
  135. I want my life back, please help me
  136. Holiday in 4 weeks! Help needed please!
  137. success leading to self-sabotage
  138. Thank Yourself For Showing Up
  139. Ikesgirl80 Where Are You?!
  140. People just not recognizing you
  141. how to lose PLATEAUd weight
  142. The most hated days on my weight loss journey!
  143. 24 years old and 350lbs..
  144. Does my goal sound crazy ?
  145. Am I too fat to be this boney?
  146. Anyone in the 270s with me?
  147. In need of a supportive nudge
  148. Need a support buddy!!
  149. BMI and loosing Body fat. What is this?
  150. Celexa weight gain help!
  151. So I fell off the wagon...
  152. I start today
  153. Having difficulty getting my water in today...
  154. Looking for a support-a-buddy!
  155. I'm back!!
  156. Pretending to be naturally thin
  157. Up Five Pounds, frustrated
  158. Is my body insane?
  159. Is my sweetener giving me a headache?
  160. Frustrated with co workers.. (kind of a rant)
  161. I really don't want to count, but it's the only thing that has worked!
  162. i don't see it...
  163. Captain's Log: Day 20 Without Losing an Ounce
  164. Please contact mods about questions or concerns
  165. Everyone Weigh in 06/06/13
  166. LOW pulse rate?
  167. need of encouragement.....depressed
  168. i want it and i want it now
  169. Quotes About Weight Loss
  170. Will I get used to less food?
  171. motivation.
  172. I lost 10 pounds in a week and a half but my stomach is still...really fat
  173. Healthy timeline to lose 40 lbs?
  174. Healthy timeline to lose 40 lbs?
  175. Anyone successfully satisfied with ONE serving of pasta? :)
  176. The reasons to diet
  177. Diet help for a friend.
  178. Just can't lose weight apparently... any ideas?
  179. Birth control made me insanely depressed.
  180. Calories per day OR Net calories??
  181. Weight loss, gain, loss, gain what is going on here?!?!?!?!
  182. Weight Loss Buddies
  183. OK, I got the wobbles
  184. Need your ideas/tricks for keeping treats one serving/ ideas of stuff to freeze
  185. Game on Diet challenge?
  186. No idea what I actually weigh
  187. Desperately need to restart my motivation.
  188. The Pain in the Arse of Weightloss...Literally
  189. Feeling down and unmotivated
  190. How do you track your challenges?
  191. Back to the Beginning
  192. Curious About Everyone's Calorie Intake
  193. Weight Loss Products Spoilt For Choice
  194. How do i get slimmer in my lower body?
  195. Junk food detox day #5
  196. It's all worth it!
  197. weight gain while dieting due to meds and birth control...
  198. anyone get more lightheaded when standing up since losing?
  199. Going cold turkey on caffeine and soda... would like a texting buddy and prayers...
  200. Help!!!!!
  201. so close to goal!
  202. Should I just start cheating now?
  203. Lose 10 LBS by July 1st! Oh yes we will!!
  204. Why can't bathing suits have sleeves? Just kidding (maybe...)
  205. Feeling Guilty
  206. TOM and Food - Article
  207. Which bad habits would you like to quit?
  208. Structured Meal Plans: Benificial or harmful? Discuss!
  209. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - June 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  210. Just had an emotional breakdown
  211. Food cravings....
  212. Your food habits compared to a "normal" eater's food habits...
  213. Which bad habits did you quit?
  214. I don't GET it
  215. Everyone Weigh in 05/31/13
  216. I was gonna binge...
  217. Husband told me I'm too fat for his office chair
  218. I Spoil Myself By...
  219. Not Losing Weight
  220. Weight Loss Tips for Kids and Their Families
  221. going to parties/bar while on calorie restriction
  222. My weight loss has become everyone's business
  223. First Two Weeks
  224. Just Starting
  225. I think I'm done?
  226. Bit the bullet...
  227. Do you ever go hardcore?
  228. Menu help needed
  229. What is so ONE-derful about ONE-derland?
  230. How do I do this?
  231. Ruled by Doritos
  232. Upset
  233. how to shed the next 10 lbs?
  234. Weight loss = Change of person?
  235. Carbs are really bringing me down...
  236. I need a kick in the butt
  237. Not sure if starting again is worth it...
  238. What do you think of Jorge cruise?
  239. The person in the mirror does not match with who I am in my head.
  240. Summer Goals, not (directly) weight loss related
  241. What I wish I had known before getting healthy / losing weight
  242. Memorial To Labor Summer Goal?
  243. Weight loss advice from skinny people...Ugh!
  244. My food scale broke!
  245. Are these steppers any good?
  246. "Dear Me..."
  247. any other moms of littles have a hard time getting out to exercise?
  248. Food Porn
  249. "Dressing up" to exercise
  250. If your fat is jiggling is that a good sign?