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  1. frustrated. Advice anyone?
  2. Skinny Sister/Fat Sister
  3. Curbing my after-dinner-munchies enthusiasm - who's with me?
  4. motivated by failure.. derailed by success!
  5. I have met the enemy...and I need to go to bed at sunset!
  6. When do you see results?
  7. I feel as if I'm losing control...
  8. *Less* comfortable with your body?
  9. Interesting tidbits on boosting metabolism
  10. Help Scale is not moving
  11. Why Can't I believe it...
  12. vitamins to support weight loss?
  13. Overcoming History
  14. A new, different, scale
  15. Ack! I'm scaleless!!!
  16. Hooray, an NSV!!!
  17. Do you use sweatner packets for your water?
  18. Oh jeez - Bad day
  19. What diet are you using??
  20. How do you figure out WHY you overeat?
  21. Looking for some words of encouragement
  22. The best tea for beginners.
  23. Please help me I'm stuck!
  24. Another Lightbulb Moment
  25. wait?! what was i so worried about?!?
  26. An average day...
  27. Getting something off my chest
  28. Everyone weigh in 9/19/08
  29. question about travel
  30. I need to remember this is for me....
  31. My own personal challenge
  32. Time to CONTINUE!!!!
  33. Buying a scale
  34. I was just thinking...
  35. Eating disorders
  36. How in the world do I cook this precious thing?
  37. One Small Goal at a time
  38. What's your definition of "bad"?
  39. Sick - did I over-do it?
  40. There were pictures!
  41. Health Care Issues
  42. Strangers offering "advice"
  43. Fat you vs. thin you
  44. Is my goal unrealistic?
  45. Question about Routine
  46. Going on a Cruise!
  47. Can WHEY increase your weight ?
  48. Very Strange! I've just noticed..
  49. Help! I have to fly and I am scared sick
  50. Random Question
  51. Clawing my way back...
  52. PMS and Craving!
  53. Everyone weigh in 9/12/08
  54. What are some ways to get motivated and stay that way?
  55. motivation...
  56. Proud of myself
  57. need help...
  58. Three Pounds Per Month
  59. Looking For A Buddy...
  60. What's Your Reward?
  61. Confused!
  62. Looking For Support
  63. I think my scale is broken
  64. What's the mantra that keeps you going?
  65. How long did it take you to loose weight?
  66. moving sucks
  67. problems with diet: staying under 1300 calories a day
  68. Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics
  69. sick of dieting, sick of everything, frustrated in general.
  70. I Need Advice: Breakfast for dinner?
  71. Which is more of a challenge Losing or Maintaining?
  72. Patheticness of Me
  73. 5 Year Reunion
  74. how the heck do i start?
  75. free-for-all vs diet ****... happy medium?
  76. Need advice about my husband
  77. bad, bad, bad, BAD food day!
  78. I want to wear jeans again
  79. Boy...oh boy!
  80. Psychology of numbers
  81. Becoming mentally strong?
  82. How do you deal with stress?
  83. Do I really want to do this?
  84. a new personal mantra...
  85. Getting rid of "thin" clothes
  86. Stepping Up Weight Loss - Need Advice
  87. A random sampling of women
  88. Newbie!
  89. I lose 5 pounds at a time or nothing
  90. Everyone weigh in 9/05/08
  91. Ok Day One.. Really This Time...
  92. whats wrong with me????
  93. Need help -- i have different priority in life now
  94. Little Miss Muffet....
  95. I love why am I not doing it?
  96. Bad few days
  97. I'm Maintaining...
  98. I'm Stuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. ever happen to you???
  100. Three days after I said I was starting...
  101. I just want to hold my self accountable.
  102. DH broke his plateau
  103. Mixed Feelings about Fat Acceptance
  104. I am Big and beautiful!!! so why do people try to tell me different?
  105. **My New Goal**
  106. Let's Own September
  107. The pizza is coming, the pizza is coming!!
  108. 3FC Canadian Thanksgiving ~ Columbus Day 5K
  109. Something strange
  110. Where the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is the wagon, again?
  111. Depressed
  112. Just started--- I need support
  113. Sugar sensitivity?
  114. Fighting the urge to self-medicate!
  115. The blood that we donate weighs 1.5 lbs
  116. before pic
  117. Starting all over again.....
  118. bad bad BAD day today...
  119. Some Happy Thoughts About Eating Out
  120. Help eating out!
  121. RESULTS ~ Labor Day - Back To School 5K
  122. Motivation, or ... committment?
  123. Everyone weigh in 8/28/08
  124. Pic I found on my dad's website...
  125. Do you think...
  126. Why do you fall off the wagon now and then?
  127. How do you curb your cravings for sugar?
  128. Egads - No Wonder I Was So Tired All the Time!
  129. FLABbergasted
  130. Feel Helpless...need support
  131. I was way OP today
  132. Ready to get started need new support!
  133. **sigh** Upset
  134. *WHY* do you want to lose weight?
  135. What tricks does PMS play on you?
  136. *Does a DANCE*
  137. It's clicked. I'm NORMAL! I'm HAPPY!
  138. What I look like and What I am?!
  139. Not wanting to eat?
  140. Fail
  141. Whine whine whine
  142. I need a kick in the bum to get going!
  143. Is it just me or does this creep anyone else out?
  144. My hubby left :[
  145. Ever just feel like giving up?
  146. Passing of the 3FC ~ 5K TOURCH!
  147. plateau.. sooo discouraged : (
  148. Not Noticing A Physical Difference!!
  149. Do spices have calories??
  150. Oh My! Look At This!!!!!!!
  151. Scale Fluctuations--within seconds!
  152. Nutrient ratios
  153. Just Keep Fighting The Good Fight
  154. What is a CSA?
  155. Nutrisystem success?
  156. Everyone weigh in 8/22/08
  157. i need help understanding Gastric Bypass surgery
  158. Searching for a thread . . .
  159. Frustrating stalling and gain
  160. Weekly Weighers - Do you peek?
  161. Photo
  162. Gave up the chance at something I want because I'm fat/depressed.
  163. Made it through a desperate need for candy...
  164. Is this actually going to work?
  165. update
  166. Cookouts/Parties - Tips to Stay on Track?
  167. Have a party and am dreading it!!
  168. major failure!!!!!!!!
  169. major failure!!!!!!!!
  170. high blood pressure... what to eat?
  171. long term weight goal struggle
  172. Need support terribly!
  173. SO's & guys we date - supportive or not of the weight loss, loose skin?
  174. Curiosity killed the cat.....
  175. Hi, so I'm fatter rather than fitter, and I've got issues...
  176. Will I Have Loose Skin After Losing 60 Pounds ?
  177. Dieting on a Budget
  178. I got a new trick to control my Good Friend
  179. Why am I consuming so many empty calories? I hate this.
  180. how many times did you "fail"
  181. Thank You For Your Support
  182. Online Calorie Counters....
  183. Losing weight after a binge???
  184. Another foot injury and a long sob story.
  185. Proud of myself
  186. The Truth about Diets
  187. Those Dratted Statistics!
  188. I have gradually changed..
  189. Why Do I...
  190. incredible shrinking woman!
  191. Everyone Weigh In 08/15/08
  192. Frustration!
  193. Why Should I Even Try to Lose Weight?
  194. It's been a few weeks
  195. Dieting Suggestions
  196. Comparing goals
  197. emotional eating- I had no idea
  198. Complete loss of focus.... HELP!!
  199. 3 year old jeans-- mental size validation issues.
  200. Snackage!
  201. Losing weight having hypothyroidism
  202. What non weight improvements have you noticed?
  203. I'm tired of being scared of...
  204. It wasn't the one meal..
  205. Fiber vs Fats for Feeling Full?
  206. This is depressing.
  207. Support from SO
  208. A less angry question :P
  209. Why? Why? Why? did this have to happen????
  210. i am going crazy.
  211. Cat's 12 weeks of Sticking to It!
  212. recovering and depressed
  213. Scared of re-gaining after I lose the weight
  214. Home from Vacation, Ate Like Crap
  215. Yesterday I had an epiphany!
  216. Suggestions for an anemic
  217. I am celebrating my 6-month anniversary
  218. the whole weight thing is SO FRUSTRATING!
  219. Plateau - Some ideas - (Beach Patrol, note)
  220. Need help...upset as I write this
  221. Oy. Pool Party.
  222. Goal rewards vs. self-care
  223. This weekend
  224. ARG! (Venting)
  225. House sitting, need food ideas! Please help!
  226. Why does it just keep coming BACK???
  227. reaching me guys please!
  228. I plunged on and made my way to the side of the pool.
  229. Mirror, Mirror...DIE!!!
  230. Everybody Weigh In 8/08/08
  231. Article about 3FC published....
  233. The wind has been taken out of my sails
  234. what if i'm not hungry?
  235. Inspirational thought of the day
  236. Bday pressies
  237. Twelve days without smoking and
  238. I gain weight incredibly easy
  239. help me not repeat my mistakes!
  240. It's Alive!!!!
  241. Need Ideas for FAST Back/Chest Results
  242. Not sure I can do this
  243. The seed has been planted
  244. What if I've already caused unrepairable damage to my body?
  245. Mean skinny people
  246. ...MIND~ BODY and SPIRIT...
  247. Supporting underweight goals?
  248. The last straw
  249. Ooops, I did it again
  250. Lost five stone have put back on four in last year