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  1. Massive Issues! I Never Imagined.....
  2. I dragged my big 'ole butt to the treadmill!
  3. Appropriate Mini Goal?
  4. I'm having a moment...
  5. No idea what's up with my body- advice?
  6. will someone shake some sense into me?
  7. Hungry!
  8. anyone have a slow weight loss this week that drives them crazy?
  9. Fat pants...
  10. check out the grocery store
  11. I keep gaining weight...
  12. need new focus
  13. Anyone else love projections/charts?
  14. Is my timing all wrong?
  15. Electronic scales
  16. Staying on plan while sick
  17. Ding, ding, ding... how many times a day to eat?
  18. 50 skinny teenagers and only one skinny grown up!
  19. i hate sundays
  20. Worried I will Not Have The Will Power.
  21. This is my first real diet....
  22. Need some support...
  23. Are any of you ladies in Philadelphia?
  24. the Before/After pics on this site!
  25. is this normal?
  26. drinking water???
  27. Ready to get back in shape journal.
  28. Everyone weigh in 12/13/08
  29. How much can I do in one week?
  30. Clothing and weight loss
  31. If I'm doing well now, what was wrong with me before?
  32. TOM weight gain/no loss
  33. Since Saturday and Sunday Support worked last week ...
  34. My mini goal - to not cheat until down to the 170s again
  35. Inspiration
  36. how yoga helps
  37. I can't get this normal?
  38. Hello and help with mini - goals
  39. The stuff they don't tell you!
  40. Hi everyone
  41. Words that keep you going!
  42. first week
  43. normal to feel uncomfortable sitting on your bottom?
  44. Frustration
  45. I like cheese
  46. Thanks everyone for your support
  47. lighterlife
  48. Random Compliment at the Airport
  49. Water + ds = PP MESS
  50. how to end black and white thinking.
  51. BMI Question....
  52. When to stop losing ... (long)
  53. How I Used To Eat
  54. I don't like Mrs. Monthly visiting me...
  55. Eating for no good reason.
  56. horrified at a 9-lb gain over six weeks
  57. I walked today
  58. Weight loss disappointment
  59. What's the first thought that goes through your head when you look in the mirror?
  60. Odd Shaped Body.........?
  61. Death/food/guilt. How to deal???
  62. 5K "STINKIN' UP The New Year" 5K
  63. DON'T want to lose weight???
  64. Besides CELERY, what's a 50 cal or under snack?
  65. I had an epiphany!
  66. Plan of Attack!!
  67. Healthy stocking stuffer ideas for kids?
  68. The weight on your drivers license
  69. Dear scale...
  70. 101 reasons to lose excess weight
  71. Ahhhhh
  72. Ever wonder about your relationship?
  73. 5'4" and 235lbs- is this normal??
  74. Does Holiday shopping/walking COUNT?
  75. Changing habits
  76. Moving After Christmas, Does anyone eat "normal"/intuitive eating?
  77. I'm slipping
  78. Calorie Intake Question.
  79. Talk about OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE - trying to get to the EXACT 1200 calories!
  80. Exam stress
  81. Rapid weight loss- what do you think?
  82. Step by Step, Saturday and Sunday
  83. 3wks postpartum and really scared:(
  84. Explain maintenence to me please
  85. Everyone weigh in 12/05/08
  86. HELP! What can a fat girl wear to a portrait?
  87. Why does this happen?
  88. How many calories does the George Forman grill remove?
  89. so am i doing it right
  90. ? about husband's
  91. My first Mini goal!
  92. Sick and tired of being tired!
  93. OMG! my diet is working!
  94. Self-sabotaging urges
  95. food cravings
  96. Digestion Issues
  97. Anyone else find they're acting...strange?
  98. Chinese food and Calorie counting
  99. 7 more lbs before I'm in Onderland (again)!
  100. cant exercise due to injury
  101. Looking for people like me
  102. Vegetable Cookbook??
  103. Cellulite?
  104. Does anyone else here just track calories?
  105. Struggle to Lose
  106. Struggle to Lose
  107. Tips to Curb Your Hunger
  108. ugh.. stupid whoopie pies!
  109. Mouth is dry!
  110. Scales not moving at all - feeling discouraged and confused.
  111. 50-60 pounds GAINED in 7 months?
  112. I'm looking forward to not sweating
  113. Warning: A not too pleasant topic
  114. Clothes buying FREEZE
  115. 101 things to do besides EAT...
  116. Yo-Yo dieting! on the up yo and not the down.
  117. I keep letting my family make me feel bad for being 'too skinny' - long rant
  118. Personal Growth
  119. Overweight..add me to the list!
  120. What was I thinking?? -vent-
  121. Unkind comment from family member - don't know what to make of it
  122. anyone ever feel afraid?
  123. well here I go!
  124. Hunger and steriods for asthma
  125. Overweight, unhealthy people put whipped cream on fruit and...
  126. Whats your average weight loss per month ?
  127. Should I try Lipo6 to break my plateau ?
  128. immediate diet planner?
  129. The "feeling of fat" vs. the "feeling of thin"
  130. Coming back in the middle of the holidays am i crazy or what?
  131. Everyone weigh in 11/28/08
  132. Sumo wrestlers...oh my!
  133. Weekly weigh in 11/28
  134. Slender, healthy people eat fruit for dessert and .....
  135. Sack SANTA'S Sad Sack ~ GUARANTEE
  136. anyone feel guilty over turkey day?
  137. Late night rant....
  138. Is This Good?
  139. Back to lose....
  140. jillian online?
  141. The perfect time to set a long term goal
  142. Feeling guilty
  143. Oh no! One of Susan's Analogies!
  144. dieting/losing weight causes constipation?
  145. I lost ONLY 1.2 lbs after laxatives?!
  146. Turkey Trot Results
  147. Working out while sick?
  148. Weight loss and the economy
  149. Article - "HoliDAY not HoliMONTH"!
  150. Fat 2 Fit radio
  151. Feel like a failure...
  152. Ack! Please Tell Me "it's just water"
  153. Are you cold since you lost weight?
  154. Quitting cigarettes and weight loss
  155. this can't be right....right?
  156. Celebrity Rehab - Anyone else watch this?
  157. Need To See Results Or I Give Up
  158. Good Day/Bad Day
  159. You inspire me
  160. Everyone weigh in 11/21/08
  161. My Goal
  162. Secrets of a former fat girl
  163. No way, you don't need to lose more weight.
  164. Grrrrrrrr....
  165. Not losing, but not gaining.
  166. Relationship problems and eating
  167. Hormones have got the best of me! semi rant
  168. Surreal Afternoon
  169. Yay for poo'ing!
  170. chocolate cravings can be annoying!
  171. How did you choose your goal weight?
  172. so boyfriend dumped me for weight reasons...i need some help and kind words!
  173. Anyone else having a hard time with 1200 calories?
  174. Irritability... could it be food withdrawal?
  175. Morning Nausea?
  176. Worried about husband...need advice
  177. Leaving hope
  178. Lean Cuisine Recall
  179. Where does the food come from?
  180. new comer needs help!
  181. Shocked at pictures.
  182. What are you having for lunch?
  183. No idea were to start
  184. The lies I've told myself....
  185. I'm quiting tomorrow and I'm terrified
  186. Is it set in stone...
  187. Calorie Counter Webpage Thingy
  188. sticking to it
  189. Unhealthy Relationship w/ Food
  190. What did you have for breakfast?
  191. 50 Lbs Down
  192. RIDICULOUS amount of stretch marks!! rant!
  193. What workout music do you like best?
  194. Is this normal?
  195. Plateau from ****
  196. Going Out To Eat...
  197. Not exactly a healthy way
  198. Muffin top rant
  199. I'm back after a tough few months
  200. "Your Diet is Driving Me Crazy!"
  201. Changes in 2 weeks?
  202. Someone Slap Me!!! I want chocolate!
  203. Need a support buddy...
  204. Everyone weigh in 11/14/08
  205. Sooooo happy, and yet so far away!!!
  206. Measurements
  207. crazy darn scales! who to believe?
  208. What amount of calories do you recommend?
  209. Buddy
  210. Going to a party on a diet for the first time.
  211. Too Much Too Fast?
  212. Yaaa! I got a job!
  213. Is that my tailbone????
  214. Bumps and Lumps--normal?
  215. I did something scary today
  216. Thank you 3FC!
  217. i know it is different for everybody, but...
  218. Really wanting to hang in there.
  219. Stupid boyfriend made me sick...
  220. Frig!
  221. Plateau on 1st week?!
  222. How do you replace your favorite holiday goodies??
  223. Daily Plate On Your Iphone
  224. I Was Thinking About Fluid Retention
  225. Pb2
  226. small victories
  227. Sudden breast growth??
  228. peanut butter has become irresistible
  229. Ugh. Feel so GROSS
  230. so what am i doing wrong?
  231. Causes of overeating
  232. Feeling like a failure!
  233. So discouraged.
  234. Encouraging Moments
  235. 3 lbs overnite? HUH?
  236. Help Please.
  237. list of weight-loss (related) memoirs?
  238. Everyone weigh in 11/07/08
  239. Help! How do I lose "face fat"?
  240. How to Lose weight after pregnancy?
  241. Protein Bars and stalls?
  242. stretch marks and weight loss?
  243. Anyone trying "Cheat To Lose" by Joel Marion/
  244. back and need help
  245. I HATE people! Clearly a rant.
  246. I'm back in the game!
  247. Eating in Fast Food Places
  248. Well this is encouraging :)
  249. Pigging out (more of a vent than anything, I guess...)
  250. Tricks for Resisting the Vending Machine @ work/ Curing a Sugar Addiction