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  1. no pain, no (weight) gain?
  2. Can anyone tell me....
  3. I've found my problem - reastraunts.
  4. Embarrassing question (re: pooing)
  5. Everyone weigh in 01/09/09
  6. Irritable bowel syndrome
  7. Amazing Excuses
  8. How long until this goes away?
  9. Emotions
  10. OMG Ace!
  11. Evening eating problems
  12. disappointed and discouraged
  13. Sudden Weight Change?
  14. I've hit a plateau. Any advice?
  15. The Numbers?
  16. Skinny people on diet commercials
  17. What to do? Ate 900 cals and nursing
  19. New Years commercial count - how many did you see?
  20. Only a Few LBS away from ONEDERLAND!!
  21. Those of you who have met goal, or almost there, or even half way...
  22. 2009 Shopping list from Hungry Girl
  23. I need to stop reading....
  24. from obese to overweight
  25. Help I forgot...
  26. In need of some guidance...
  27. 3fc Made The Ny Times!!!!
  28. Revising your goal
  29. wt loss after surgery- Is it real?
  30. Great work-out or distraction songs?
  31. The Curious Case Of Invisible Weight (Loss)
  32. Just a fluke?!
  33. What would YOU say....
  34. Hunger pains=loss, no pains=nada?
  35. realistic to drop 31 lbs by Memorial Day?
  36. murder on butt & thighs
  37. Grrrr! What makes people think they have a right........
  38. The 11 Worst Foods of 2008
  39. It DOES get easier...just stick with it!!!
  40. Could I Have Hypothyroidism?
  41. Anniversary coming up.
  42. Its been only 4 days....
  43. Is there always a deep dark psychological reason for a binge???
  44. Only 4 days in and I blow it.. nice.
  45. Finally in Onderland after losing 112 lbs!
  46. 5 by 2/5/09
  47. Gall bladder removal question....
  48. Ok Ladies....back On The Wagon
  49. belly weight?
  50. the overweight step mother of the groom!
  51. Mother of the bride dress tight, wedding in 13 days!
  52. Scales
  53. Starting fresh for 2009
  54. "A picture's worth a thousand words" when will my words stop looking like #$&@#$@!
  55. Grabbing available time!
  56. need help RE: picky husband & fast food
  57. In-Laws like buffets but they're dangerous for me
  58. stress and ice cream...not a good combo
  59. Need to my motivation back
  60. Goodbye
  61. food
  62. Well, that's not good!
  63. Moving, ahhh!!!
  64. Everyone weigh in 01/03/09
  65. Advice needed to restore metabolism
  66. Wanna Lose Weight? Eat More Hay
  67. Awful Augusts
  68. i need help setting a mini goal for jan..
  69. How many Military wives do we have?
  70. Get Over Holiday Guilt!
  71. I have GOT to pull my head out the sand.
  72. An Artical from the Author of Scale Down
  73. Sat at my desk ... danger!
  74. What is your BMI?!
  75. normal not to be a snacker anymore?
  76. Looking for support and possibly a new buddy!
  77. officially went down a size pants!
  78. ever blow someone off for paying u a compliment on losing weight?
  79. What I've learned in 2008 - I'm finally doing it. Here's how.
  80. What/how do I tell my mum what I'm doing? Kind of OT
  82. Why Not Me ?
  83. overate last night!
  84. Writers and weight
  85. Suppose They Cut The CHEESE......
  86. Does your SO know your actual weight?!
  87. Tomorow's the day.......
  88. Kind of OT but still weightloss related
  89. JM's Making the Cut book
  90. 2008 Accomplishments, and 2009 Goals
  91. Percent of Daily Value?
  92. "STINKIN'" 5K Results
  93. What 200 Cals Looks Like
  94. Pod Casts? Books on CD? Music?
  95. 50 million pound challege
  96. Size 12 women are happier
  97. Mirena IUD and losing weight
  98. cigarette smoking and diet...
  99. 25 pounds lost today! yipee!
  100. Snarl -
  101. Inspirational TV
  102. fluke accident to be 197.8 lbs?
  103. Calorie Breakdown Question
  104. Thirty Day Fast
  105. Thank you!
  106. Weight "set point" theory...
  107. For those among us that need a lift....
  108. What did I get myself into?
  109. what's your New Year's Eve resolution?
  110. Am I the only one?
  111. House marathon on TV, can't leave
  112. I don't want to quit
  113. Not seeing the "big picture"
  114. Have lost 5lbs in two weeks, but..
  115. Are you a Me-Centered Person?
  116. What range of sizes have you been?
  117. Oh My Goodness
  118. can u suggest a drink?
  119. starting the wii fit
  120. Inlaws against me, said I was doing DRUGS!
  121. skin/hair changes and a creaping metabolism
  122. new here
  123. ?? about low fat condiments
  124. Everyone weigh in 12/26/08
  125. Shock Of The Knickers
  126. Need help deciding
  127. Advice, please.....=)
  128. I am so ready to kick off this new year!
  129. Anyone mess up and eat to much for X-mas???
  130. Havnt lost in awhile...
  131. How Many Times Have You Gained & Lost?
  132. walking in snow = fluff calories?
  133. Merry Christmas everybody!!!
  134. Every time your weight yo yo's it's harder to lose the "next round"
  135. Curse the office around the holidays...
  136. New scale vs Old scale...which one is right?
  137. Sleep and weight loss!
  138. "It's muscle"
  139. I've been an
  140. Schumeany, watch out!!!
  141. gaining muscle & it sucks! (sometimes)
  142. weight loss and tattoos
  143. Vitamins and Weight
  144. Anybody else panicking?
  145. I need a kick in the pants.
  146. NSV last night!
  147. ARRRG!! Too much food revolves around X-mas!
  148. Low Calorie Intake? HELP!
  149. Jeans suck!
  150. Bad Chelsea...
  151. Quotes that motivate and inspire you!
  152. Success is a Choice
  153. Hey.Question About Safe Weight Loss
  154. Holiday hangovers! I need to dry out...
  155. ever feel great on weight loss & then a family member ruins it?
  156. Lacking motivation to exercise due to fear?
  157. I think its finally time to lose weight!!!
  158. Screwed up pretty badly
  159. Everyone weigh in 12/19/08
  160. PMSing and could eat my face off
  161. Your childhood eating habits?
  162. My manly legs
  163. to be or not to be ~ Shakespeare & the treadmill
  164. How does your spouse/significant other fit into your weight loss plan?
  165. Walking for weightloss
  166. Fell off the wagon and went nuts?
  167. I'm scared to start losing weight--why would that be?
  168. How I Used To Eat
  169. i think i really need help...
  170. weigh in this morning and disapointed ...
  171. Weight Loss Question--sudden Drop??
  172. No To Binging At Night
  173. anyone miss their fat bodies?
  174. What should my goal weight be?
  175. Too soon for celebration?
  176. When you drink too much caffeine....
  177. The difference of a pound
  178. I need some more advice, please.
  179. Kind of OT but still weight related
  180. What day in my journal would a 3 am snack fit?
  181. Foods I used to eat now make me feel terrible in even small quantities
  182. Holiday Open House at work today - Resolving Not to Give In
  183. Massive Issues! I Never Imagined.....
  184. I dragged my big 'ole butt to the treadmill!
  185. Appropriate Mini Goal?
  186. I'm having a moment...
  187. No idea what's up with my body- advice?
  188. will someone shake some sense into me?
  189. Hungry!
  190. anyone have a slow weight loss this week that drives them crazy?
  191. Fat pants...
  192. check out the grocery store
  193. I keep gaining weight...
  194. need new focus
  195. Anyone else love projections/charts?
  196. Is my timing all wrong?
  197. Electronic scales
  198. Staying on plan while sick
  199. Ding, ding, ding... how many times a day to eat?
  200. 50 skinny teenagers and only one skinny grown up!
  201. i hate sundays
  202. Worried I will Not Have The Will Power.
  203. This is my first real diet....
  204. Need some support...
  205. Are any of you ladies in Philadelphia?
  206. the Before/After pics on this site!
  207. is this normal?
  208. drinking water???
  209. Ready to get back in shape journal.
  210. Everyone weigh in 12/13/08
  211. How much can I do in one week?
  212. Clothing and weight loss
  213. If I'm doing well now, what was wrong with me before?
  214. TOM weight gain/no loss
  215. Since Saturday and Sunday Support worked last week ...
  216. My mini goal - to not cheat until down to the 170s again
  217. Inspiration
  218. how yoga helps
  219. I can't get this normal?
  220. Hello and help with mini - goals
  221. The stuff they don't tell you!
  222. Hi everyone
  223. Words that keep you going!
  224. first week
  225. normal to feel uncomfortable sitting on your bottom?
  226. Frustration
  227. I like cheese
  228. Thanks everyone for your support
  229. lighterlife
  230. Random Compliment at the Airport
  231. Water + ds = PP MESS
  232. how to end black and white thinking.
  233. BMI Question....
  234. When to stop losing ... (long)
  235. How I Used To Eat
  236. I don't like Mrs. Monthly visiting me...
  237. Eating for no good reason.
  238. horrified at a 9-lb gain over six weeks
  239. I walked today
  240. Weight loss disappointment
  241. What's the first thought that goes through your head when you look in the mirror?
  242. Odd Shaped Body.........?
  243. Death/food/guilt. How to deal???
  244. 5K "STINKIN' UP The New Year" 5K
  245. DON'T want to lose weight???
  246. Besides CELERY, what's a 50 cal or under snack?
  247. I had an epiphany!
  248. Plan of Attack!!
  249. Healthy stocking stuffer ideas for kids?
  250. The weight on your drivers license