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  1. Worried that the kids at school are judging me...
  2. weigh-in day funny
  3. I just dont feel like anything is working.
  4. 6.4lbs lost this week! WOOT WOO!
  5. EEK reminder to self - never get on scale at night.
  6. Spot Weight Loss
  7. Am I being unrealistic?
  8. Does the word Morbidly Obese flip you out?
  9. YES!! 1.4 lbs lost!!
  10. I've fallen off the wagon...BIG time.
  11. How do you know if a diet works for you?
  12. is going 50-100 calories over going to slow weight loss?
  13. Scared
  14. please tell me the scale is broken...
  15. How many calories should I be eating?
  16. Working out with no gym, eating with no choices
  17. My butt is getting smaller!
  18. born fat, fat at 3, obese at young
  19. Wierd success - empowered by BUYing fat clothes?
  20. Our suits of armour
  21. Physical goals (really long, sorry!!)
  22. Pressure and do you cope?
  23. Bothered by nasty looks...
  24. Tales from the scale make me wail...
  25. great morning!
  26. I'm having alot of trouble right now.
  27. Everyone Weigh in 02/06/09
  28. Proud
  29. Help! Losing weight, but rings no longer fit?
  30. Happy Birthday Heather!!!
  31. more smile wrinkles as you lose weight???
  32. caring for a relative recovering & still eat while losing weight?
  33. I have a limit
  34. quick question
  35. Struggling With Perpetual Nagging Hunger
  36. I Just Ate The Most Fulfilling Sandwich...
  37. I need HELP! Don't have a good plan!
  38. Self Defeating Terror
  39. First time poster....getting discouraged
  40. planning a way of eating BIG DECISION TIME
  41. Am I Really Loosing Weight?
  42. Biggest Loser this week *spoiler*- do you believe what Jillian said???
  43. frustrating folk
  44. I want to lose weight to look good for....
  45. Opening Up
  46. daily workout
  47. The Big Problem.
  48. New here. :]
  49. How do you reward yourself?
  50. Ideas for exercise with a really busy schedule?
  51. was laid off this morning - afraid I'll overeat
  52. Jen the Myth Buster!!
  53. Okay all you lurkers!!
  54. I am going to stay on plan because...
  55. calorie question
  56. monday's weigh-in... sigh... .8 of a lb???
  57. Started at 310, questions...
  58. To challenge myself this week 2/1/09
  59. Seriously that is it?
  60. Anyone go or have a Super Bowl Party???
  61. Truth to the myth
  62. it's all in the head...
  63. Super Bowl!
  64. A huge breakthrough yesterday
  65. It just doesn't add up
  66. frustrated by re-gain...
  67. Irritated with weigh loss commercials say "it's not about the pounds..."
  68. first weigh-in with no weight loss
  69. Anyone sick and can't exercise? What will help?
  70. What do you do when you're about to get off track?
  71. Everyone Weigh in 01/30/09
  72. Finally told hubby my weight!
  73. Healthy Bodyfat Percentage
  74. French Fries and Velveeta
  75. Little Ms. Frustrated
  76. Archy/Eves update: she's back!
  77. How do i find the right calorie balance?
  78. Trying to start over..again
  79. Anyone watch Kath & Kim on 1/29/09? I need help with a quote about "fat mindedness"
  80. How long should it take for me to feel different?
  81. 188 and feeling GREAT!!
  82. Sharing my favorite saying
  83. Stretch marks, How do you deal with them?
  84. I am amazed, how is this happening?
  85. Have you ever..
  86. Hungry after breakfast
  87. An OMG YAY moment
  88. airplans and airports.
  89. i think im going to give up
  90. Birthday. (Sigh)
  91. How do YOU do it?
  92. Plateau...grrrrr....ideas?
  93. one pound from mini goal!
  94. Starting out on a plateau? :(
  95. I'm Sick And Tired Of This!!!
  96. Has anyone tried the "Brain Diet" or anything like it?
  97. totallly surreal
  98. in tears
  99. How much sleep is too much?
  100. frustrated about my measurements (warning- whiny)
  101. To challenge myself this week ...
  102. any movies that have weight loss as a theme?
  103. is this crazy (exercising)?
  104. Any snack ideas?
  105. At my wits end!!!
  106. Is it just me, or have u noticed...............
  107. What you will miss when you arnt overweight any more...
  108. Is this possible?, And what diets have worked for you?
  109. JayEll, you taught me well
  110. Carrying a Lunch Today?
  111. Is it helpful to get a weightloss buddy?
  112. How can eating out be so catastrophic?
  113. iM NEW HERE:-)
  114. WOOT WOO! Lost 35lbs as of today!
  115. Is there an easiER way to do this?
  116. losing in some places, gaining in others
  117. Desperate and Stupid.. but still no other choice.
  118. yea!!! I lost 6 lbs!! Now 189.8 lbs!
  119. What Dieting Gave Me!!!!!!
  120. Feeling more hopeful
  121. I'm Back!
  122. Just 3 Pounds
  123. Feels like a silly question.......
  124. The "NO" list
  125. Differences in the way people see you
  126. Ever had this happen?
  127. NOT a compliment
  128. Does anyone use Whey Protein Powder??
  129. Low-cal (Guilt free?) Recipes/foods
  130. 9 pounds in 3 hours?
  131. Well..I'm a believer. Inchloss!
  132. how many days after TOM to weigh urself?
  133. Finding What's Right For You. And The Frustration Of Mealplans And Exercise Routines!
  134. Having some major trouble...
  135. weight loss can be funny?
  136. Everyone Weigh in 01/23/09
  137. Love yourself?
  138. suggestions for Ruby Tuesdays?
  139. How many of you've seen plateaus and how did you break them ?
  140. what? I haven't lost ANYTHING??????
  141. Does anyone else feel lost at the gym?
  142. Company coming over for the weekend. Help!
  143. feeling guilty.... about the treadmill
  144. WARNING: TMI - period issues: don't read if you don't want to know
  145. Anyone else seeing a medical nutritionist?
  146. Weight Loss Tickers
  147. Weight loss book- going to try it
  148. I hate & love food I feel really bad ADVICE
  149. exercise question
  150. Back again...
  151. bmr calculator help
  152. What is your favorite food?
  153. losing weight: feel good or look good? (pick one!)
  154. Motivation!!!
  155. Why am I not losing any more?
  156. children.... is it really illegal to kill them?
  157. This community pushes us
  158. I make myself mad
  159. Adipex or other meds
  160. This message is for you... yes, you!
  161. 1000 net calories a day & a plateau
  162. What is starvation response ?
  163. Frustrated with no initial results - help!
  164. Change lifestyle to get more.
  165. Wii Fit addicts
  166. What have you missed out on?
  167. I relate to this article SO much! Anyone else??
  168. For all of you!
  169. jeans size.
  170. Calories for today
  171. Need help finding balance!
  172. Marcia Marcia Marcia!
  173. Weight loss and the American Healthcare system
  174. Back from a "vacation"
  175. Why would I think/do that?
  176. can someone explain Dietary Guidelines?
  177. The Sag!
  178. How long have you been "dieting"?
  179. Less of a Belly (Fat)!
  180. The Daily Plate - just signed up.
  181. Tops
  182. When did you notice a difference?
  183. Bringing back the ticker
  184. Digital photo frames - love 'em or hate 'em?
  185. The mens support thread
  186. Favourite Lunch ideas
  187. Alli to get over the plateau? What were your results?
  188. No Excuses Left
  189. Everyone weigh in 1/16/09
  190. should i be happy or sad?
  191. A Happy Bonus to Weight Loss
  192. Back here again.
  193. Scales gone, very sad
  194. upset at work when it's free pizza day?!
  195. My mini goals
  196. i feel ugly
  197. upset at skinny husband
  198. I Can Feel My Resolve Slipping...
  199. Why can't people just say good luck?
  200. Your worst food addition....
  201. Would it be too selfish to ask
  202. Weight Watchers momentum or daily plate
  203. I'm back, chickies.
  204. TOM vs. Exercise: I won!
  205. I don't recognize my reflection...but I still feel fat.
  206. Web MD diet, are you serious?
  207. I Need Support ASAP
  208. Oh, wow..
  209. Thinking about food all the freaking time...
  210. Question: a week without loss
  211. flagging motivation or exercise flop on TOM?
  212. Fiber
  213. Out of shape and in PAIN
  214. The Puke-aroo Cleanse Diet...
  215. Sad about new lifestyle
  216. I "HEART" You 5k
  217. Gird Your Loins
  218. Feeling a bit weak
  219. What kind of scale do you prefer?
  220. New to this site and have some questions
  221. One pound a week--what it really looks like!
  222. help me help my family pls
  223. I drive myself crazy...
  224. Why did you regain?
  225. UGH!!! gained 0.6 lbs even when busting myself on the treadmill!
  226. why do i feel weak in the afternoon?
  227. Do you feel like your on a diet?
  228. OFF PLAN ALL DAY--Do you do this
  229. Proud of Myself
  230. Hi, My name is Theresa... and I need help!
  231. What difference does a year make?
  232. Eating healthy on vacation?
  233. Have you done a BUCKET LIST? Life's goals including weight loss/maintenance?
  234. Smoking & losing weight?
  235. Setting Our Mini-Goals
  236. Chicken vs Pork
  237. UGH...back fat?
  238. Holy poop! Down 15!
  239. In need of some serious support!
  240. Round and around it goes...
  241. Do you think waiters know "us?"
  242. This is my post #1,000!
  243. Those three way mirrors at stores...
  244. What is your weight loss fairy tale?
  245. New Mini goal
  246. My mental breakthrough...I am finally letting go
  247. Thinking about throwing in the towel
  248. What's with this?
  249. Oh no...
  250. Question for those who have had significant weight loss up to present ...