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  1. So hungry tonight...
  2. Confidence Issue
  3. Do goals help you in any way?
  4. That awkward in-between phase
  5. eeeeeeeeeeeeep....feeling like i feel before i binge and trying to stop it...
  6. Starting a crash diet
  7. My first single digit pants size in adulthood
  8. lame...
  9. Fell of the wagon BAD
  10. Less eating, more exercise
  11. different scales
  12. Stuck in the 230's yet again :[
  13. How to know when to stop eatting
  14. Plateaus?
  15. muscles while losing weight? *nutty experience*
  16. Everyone Weigh in 03/06/09
  17. I'm Scared
  18. Do you satisfy your cravings?
  19. Eating *Too* Much and Losing?
  20. exciting!
  21. Morning vs. afternoon weighing
  22. Best tips for achieving healthy weight loss - your "rules"
  23. Is OA for me?
  24. the hunger patch
  25. Difficult getting enough calories for the day
  26. Exercise DVD
  27. Any newbies looking for a weight loss buddy?
  28. Upset because...
  29. Is my wii fit scale wrong?
  30. what inspires you to lose...?
  31. starting a plan
  32. Eating so little and not loosing wt
  33. When was there a moment you
  34. Dealing with Gossiping
  35. Excited, but a little freaked...musing/rant lol
  36. Advice on stress/emotion eating?
  37. When did you realize you were getting smaller?
  38. Removing time frames from goals
  39. Feeling life's pressures
  40. WARNNG Vent/pity party in side
  41. discouraged
  42. eating when not hungry ...why?
  43. A New Decade!
  44. 'The Urge'
  45. Argghhh! Still Not Under!!
  46. Beautiful Day! Lost 5 lbs ... making it 125 lbs lost total!
  47. I think my scale is broke...
  48. Embarassed about Birthday cake
  49. need help setting a goal
  50. Any ex-drinkers now crave sugar more than ever?
  51. 3 scales, all saying different things... which one to choose?
  52. Starting All Over Again!
  53. my mini goal
  54. Pushing People Away...
  55. Scared?
  56. Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. birth control and weight loss?
  58. Renewing My Commitment For March!
  59. Guys Just Aren't Interested
  60. Looking Skinnier, but not loosing?
  61. Looking for a cyber-exercise buddy
  62. Everyone Weigh in 02/27/09
  63. What to do when you're sick?
  64. Ever want to give up?
  65. you were right!
  66. Refusing to look at a scale?
  67. Does anyone think this is possible?
  68. Would you like to run a marathon someday?
  69. Exciting day!
  70. Small Changes?
  71. Healthy C-Stores???
  72. I Broke It!
  73. Facebook users
  74. Sorry but...I can't go potty!
  75. How to cope with "time of the month" weightgain
  76. How do you budget/plan for a night out?
  77. plateaus?
  78. New job is weight loss ****!
  79. I cracked!
  80. How much damage is a night of drinking/fun?
  81. I need help.. 1500cals and GAINING?!?!!
  82. Pressure at work
  83. What DIDN'T you do?
  84. Another "What would you have done" thread
  85. Fat Tuesday
  86. Wii Fit Users- Bathroom Scale or Wii Fit Scale?
  87. Question for all you working moms out there
  88. What made you want to change
  89. bumping the ticker back... and back ...and...
  90. Self esteem vs. weight survey...
  91. New Here
  92. thai food tonight... healthier options?
  93. Multi-vitamin recommendations
  94. What was your "lightbulb" moment?
  95. I need help with my overweight 7 year old
  96. Weird Places to Notice Weight lose
  97. Where do you find support?
  98. The best diet for you, what works?
  99. Sick
  100. My mini goal
  101. anyone feel fat when they're thin?
  102. How long have you been overweight?
  103. Kiss The BLARNEY STONE 5K
  104. I feel like a real person now!!
  105. Everyone Weigh in 02/20/09
  106. Health-ier breakfast alternatives
  107. Having a rough day...
  108. Skinny Jeans
  109. Feeling aggressed
  110. Way beyond frustrated...
  111. Eating Issues
  112. I have realized....
  113. So frustrating - Why can't I say "no" to friends?
  114. Protein!
  115. Have you ever felt like you were never going to get back on the wagon?
  116. Have you ever used 3FC as an excuse to over do it?
  117. feeling discouraged
  118. Nsv! Nsv!
  119. Energy
  120. How do you tell a friend she needs to lose weight?
  121. What's the grossest tasting stuff you eat/drink that's "good" for you?
  122. What am I doing wrong?!
  123. what on earth is happening!?
  124. Am I eating enough?
  125. Is it bad...
  126. My body failed me. What gives?
  127. Ugh!
  128. Lost another 5
  129. dress model to role model?
  130. Keep it in or let it out? Shortcomings
  131. Broke my toe! Need some tips...
  132. Ok I'll stop cyring into my bowl of Fiber One...
  133. Today was the first day...
  134. Cannot stay motivated for more than 2 weeks
  135. 217.4 pounds lost!
  136. PSA: Your Goal Weight Is Too Low
  137. dreams of overeating to deal with stress?
  138. Confused, need advice - trying to work out calories/exercise
  139. Havn't worked out in almost 2months! :(
  140. Starting on 2/16 and planning to WIN!!!
  141. bad habits lost???
  142. afraid of not staying in 'the zone'
  143. Donuts anyone?....
  144. one knotch on my belt!!!
  145. Will someone help me
  146. Is water really the secret to weight loss?
  147. They totally missed the point...
  148. Everyone Weigh in 02/14/09
  149. Please tell me what you truly know about Belly Fat
  150. I lost my little book!
  151. Niece sent Valentine candy
  152. She LEFT Me!
  153. RESULTS ~ I HEART You 5K
  154. 2 small victories today
  155. Power Plate vibrating gym machine
  156. Irony anyone?
  157. So I have a couple of questions
  158. Frustrated about body shape!
  159. Mexico Travel Tips?
  160. Still plateaued, and the nutritionist did nothing to help
  161. How do you stop "dieting"?
  162. Beware of Serving Sizes
  163. Lost 20-25 lbs- now stuck
  164. Letting go of of the scale - or changing my goal weight
  165. Painful/Sad New Beginning
  166. self conscious about clothing sizes
  167. How my dog fights my exercise routine
  168. Staying Motivated
  169. Post your meal plan
  170. take-along breakfast ideas?
  171. Worried that the kids at school are judging me...
  172. weigh-in day funny
  173. I just dont feel like anything is working.
  174. 6.4lbs lost this week! WOOT WOO!
  175. EEK reminder to self - never get on scale at night.
  176. Spot Weight Loss
  177. Am I being unrealistic?
  178. Does the word Morbidly Obese flip you out?
  179. YES!! 1.4 lbs lost!!
  180. I've fallen off the wagon...BIG time.
  181. How do you know if a diet works for you?
  182. is going 50-100 calories over going to slow weight loss?
  183. Scared
  184. please tell me the scale is broken...
  185. How many calories should I be eating?
  186. Working out with no gym, eating with no choices
  187. My butt is getting smaller!
  188. born fat, fat at 3, obese at young
  189. Wierd success - empowered by BUYing fat clothes?
  190. Our suits of armour
  191. Physical goals (really long, sorry!!)
  192. Pressure and do you cope?
  193. Bothered by nasty looks...
  194. Tales from the scale make me wail...
  195. great morning!
  196. I'm having alot of trouble right now.
  197. Everyone Weigh in 02/06/09
  198. Proud
  199. Help! Losing weight, but rings no longer fit?
  200. Happy Birthday Heather!!!
  201. more smile wrinkles as you lose weight???
  202. caring for a relative recovering & still eat while losing weight?
  203. I have a limit
  204. quick question
  205. Struggling With Perpetual Nagging Hunger
  206. I Just Ate The Most Fulfilling Sandwich...
  207. I need HELP! Don't have a good plan!
  208. Self Defeating Terror
  209. First time poster....getting discouraged
  210. planning a way of eating BIG DECISION TIME
  211. Am I Really Loosing Weight?
  212. Biggest Loser this week *spoiler*- do you believe what Jillian said???
  213. frustrating folk
  214. I want to lose weight to look good for....
  215. Opening Up
  216. daily workout
  217. The Big Problem.
  218. New here. :]
  219. How do you reward yourself?
  220. Ideas for exercise with a really busy schedule?
  221. was laid off this morning - afraid I'll overeat
  222. Jen the Myth Buster!!
  223. Okay all you lurkers!!
  224. I am going to stay on plan because...
  225. calorie question
  226. monday's weigh-in... sigh... .8 of a lb???
  227. Started at 310, questions...
  228. To challenge myself this week 2/1/09
  229. Seriously that is it?
  230. Anyone go or have a Super Bowl Party???
  231. Truth to the myth
  232. it's all in the head...
  233. Super Bowl!
  234. A huge breakthrough yesterday
  235. It just doesn't add up
  236. frustrated by re-gain...
  237. Irritated with weigh loss commercials say "it's not about the pounds..."
  238. first weigh-in with no weight loss
  239. Anyone sick and can't exercise? What will help?
  240. What do you do when you're about to get off track?
  241. Everyone Weigh in 01/30/09
  242. Finally told hubby my weight!
  243. Healthy Bodyfat Percentage
  244. French Fries and Velveeta
  245. Little Ms. Frustrated
  246. Archy/Eves update: she's back!
  247. How do i find the right calorie balance?
  248. Trying to start over..again
  249. Anyone watch Kath & Kim on 1/29/09? I need help with a quote about "fat mindedness"
  250. How long should it take for me to feel different?