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  1. Fitday Question
  2. Husband is NOT helping.
  3. Afraid to be thin
  4. I'd sell my soul for a jar of almond butter
  5. dang! Lost 1.5 % body fat & gained 1.3 lb lean muscle mass in 3 weeks!
  6. My first 2 lbs!
  7. Am I starving myself or eating too much?
  8. Need some help
  9. Kinda sad
  10. Tips for eating on my vacation?
  11. Very Frustrated
  12. I'm in need of encouragement...
  13. Feeling discouraged about no loss....
  14. Fiber One bars and "Gurgly Bottom"
  15. Good Books Thread
  16. Not so friendly remarks from a friend
  17. Please help me figure out why I'm so hungry
  18. Bad news on the workout front...
  19. Wow!!! Lost another 2 lbs and reached my 130 lb weight loss goal!!!
  20. RESULTS ~ "What's Up Doc 5K"
  21. New here and ready to get to my goal
  22. Weight loss tips that WORK!
  23. My Scale is frustrating me!
  24. would you eat when you are NOT hungry?
  25. You are craving something, what do you do?
  26. Getting through hardest times withou overeating?
  27. Goal of a different sort
  28. doctor visit question
  29. Stuck. What am I doing wrong.
  30. Question about family support
  31. Everyone Weigh in 04/03/09
  32. Cute Motivating Quote
  33. Plateau
  34. One stupid cookie
  35. Anyone doing meal replacement?
  36. how long does it take to get used to less food?
  37. Excuses
  38. I'm having a hard time...
  39. I Can't Wait... Onderland is Almost Here...
  40. Beyond depressed about this plateau..
  41. Is it okay to not care occasionally or is that like self-sabatoge?
  42. Its starting
  43. A small victory
  44. celebs explain weight loss progress better than you?
  45. Never leave the house hungry
  46. Atkins to weight watchers...........
  47. The addictiion we can't live without! help ME
  48. have only thought about dieting
  49. Nothing serious...just wanna know...
  50. i have a question about weight lost and some parts of the body
  51. One day coke free
  52. Do you ever "forget" you are on a diet?
  53. Is the attempt or the results of losing weight more important?
  54. help me please with my schedule...
  55. So very frustrated, but I know itís my own fault!
  56. youtube weight loss community?
  57. GOOD day!
  58. Cambridge Diet or LL - Has anyone Maintained???????????
  59. Grocery cost for your family?
  60. How many people here hate cravings when trying to lose weight?
  61. *grumble grumble*
  62. I'm curious...
  63. Transition from Calorie Counting to Intuitive Eating
  64. Majorly disappointed... only lost 2.4 lbs in THREE weeks AUGH!
  65. Could sweetener be my problem?
  66. Can't see the forest for the trees
  67. BAD weekend
  68. I lost track but now I'm Back
  69. all or nothing thinking
  70. Protein
  71. I don't like myself to much right now!
  72. Is it possible to eat too little if you never feel hungry??
  73. Boycotting Fast Food
  74. I'm down sizes at Victoria Secret complimentary bra fitting ....
  75. Crying in the dressing room!
  76. When I lose my weight I am going to...
  77. I didn't lose ANYTHING because I didn't exercise??
  78. Having a fit!
  79. The public battle
  80. care about your (clothing) appearance in the gym as you lose weight?
  81. I feel as if I have wasted my youth stuck in body I Hate.
  82. What do you eat for snack/lunch
  83. Everyone Weigh in 03/27/09
  84. How Many Calories Does THIS Have?
  85. Dealing with the weekend
  86. MY BF says I am obsessed!!!!
  87. Internal Negativity
  88. Can't get motivated.. Always "stop"
  89. When your stomach is growling
  90. Defensiveness
  91. "You must feel better"
  92. The results are in! 10-week Biggest Loser final fitness assessment...
  93. My husband's weight
  94. NSV - I went to IHOP for Dinner....
  95. From X-Large to Medium in Victoria Secret!
  96. If anyone can do this... YOU CAN DO THIS...
  97. Clothing question
  98. Dieting and quitting I crazy?
  99. Have you had a diet induced Melt Down?
  100. The little things...
  101. Today is going to be a challenge!
  102. First Mini Goal *Under 300 again!*
  103. Final weigh-in tomorrow - yikes!
  104. Is worrying about ur weight-loss progress a "fat" mentality?
  105. broken tastebuds!
  106. What makes you fat?
  107. Riding The Yo Yo
  108. Hunger Spaz Attacks
  109. a water vs other beverages discussion
  110. Need help from those who understand!
  111. Advice From Personal Trainer
  112. The scale is NOT MOVING
  113. It really WAS just water! Yay!!!
  114. Don't judge me, I'm only human
  115. My bad day: Anyone else tend to overeat when tired? What next?
  116. Can I do cardio with a bruised tailbone?
  117. screwed up all week
  118. A Case of the Mondays!!!!!
  119. Calorie Help Request
  120. Total frustration
  121. Frustrated with FitDay!!
  122. Back again and the reasons why
  123. difficult...
  124. Getting in shape for Disney!
  125. My Pudgy Wrinkle-Free Face Has Gone South
  126. So when do we stop being "fat"?
  127. The Rollercoaster-ride of weight loss
  128. from 242lbs to 170 in 5 months
  129. I HATE that...
  130. Gross Out Alert...
  131. 5K "What's Up Doc?" 5K
  132. Catching up and an obstacle
  133. inspirational stories
  134. New Member - Fasting
  135. sudden thought: I weigh less than half of my friends now....
  136. Am I vain?
  137. Dreading weigh in
  138. Everyone Weigh in 03/20/09
  139. Au revoir, alcohol
  140. I'm more worried about what others think...
  141. Exercising is the easy part for me
  142. Getting to THAT point?
  143. 3/20/09 - What Are You Eating Today?
  144. Popcorn & bloating?
  145. I'm back to the same place....again.....
  146. Ravenous after working out?
  147. Spring starts tomorrow! YIPPEE!
  148. Thump,head fell on keyboard, sugar!
  149. 3/19/09 - What Are You Eating Today?
  150. Eight TINY pounds of motivation......
  151. Does the weighing scale demotivate anyone else?
  152. Measuring Your Body - How Often?
  153. Yippie! A 24 HR Fitness Membership as a B-Day Present!
  154. Anyone had a sleep study before?
  155. eating out - when is the best thing, not the best thing?
  156. Anybody tried Nintendo Wii Fit?
  157. Why does my scale hate me?
  158. how do you get back on plan???
  159. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Books?
  160. Wii maybe broken. i am so upset :(
  161. why is it so dang hard sometimes to get your "behind" to exercise?
  162. Need help...I can't cook!
  163. Alinnell - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  164. Crazy Wine Rant
  165. Diet envy?
  166. Fat adjustments during weight loss?
  167. Feeling completely lost without my scale
  168. When your body gets used to lower cals
  169. breakfast?
  170. It's been a long time..........
  171. THE BMI SCALE a photographic look
  172. What can I do?
  173. Small town gossip and why I'm such a fun topic to discuss.
  174. RESULTS ~ Blarney Stone 5K
  175. The Mirror vs. A Hard Place....
  176. Has anyone ever....
  177. eating at restaurants: food is fuel or pleasure?
  178. Everyone Weigh in 03/13/09
  179. My Pink Scrub Pants
  180. torn adductor, no exercise, now what?
  181. motivational quotes that really impact you while trying to lose weight??
  182. Exercising when you're sick
  183. Why does food have power other things don't?
  184. Placing a $$$ value on fitness/weight loss
  185. Ever feel like a 2 year old having a tantrum while dieting?
  186. Losing My Job
  187. I give up...
  188. do other people try and feed you???
  189. Losing steam...defeatist attittudes and staying motivated!
  190. I ate 12 cookies. :-(
  191. I have hit the biggest milestone yet...
  192. resisting food in the house
  193. The 7 Stages of People Noticing Your Weight Loss
  194. So fustrating,Why?? ARRRGGHHH!!!
  195. Advise!!!
  196. There has become Normalcy in Craziness (trying to grasp the Big Motivation).
  197. i feel like i cant eat and loose weight !
  198. The Doctor's Scale
  199. How do I get myself out of this cycle?
  200. I weighed in today and lost...
  201. Stuffed sausage meets the muffin top
  202. I made a healthy choice
  203. Reasonable?
  204. Motivational books?
  205. I Finally Did It! Ha!
  206. What about weird Schedules???
  207. 0.9lbs from entering 170s!
  208. discouraged
  209. Why am I gaining weight?
  210. anyone else get nervous the night before weigh-in?
  211. saggy, disgusting loose skin!
  212. help me please
  213. So hungry tonight...
  214. Confidence Issue
  215. Do goals help you in any way?
  216. That awkward in-between phase
  217. eeeeeeeeeeeeep....feeling like i feel before i binge and trying to stop it...
  218. Starting a crash diet
  219. My first single digit pants size in adulthood
  220. lame...
  221. Fell of the wagon BAD
  222. Less eating, more exercise
  223. different scales
  224. Stuck in the 230's yet again :[
  225. How to know when to stop eatting
  226. Plateaus?
  227. muscles while losing weight? *nutty experience*
  228. Everyone Weigh in 03/06/09
  229. I'm Scared
  230. Do you satisfy your cravings?
  231. Eating *Too* Much and Losing?
  232. exciting!
  233. Morning vs. afternoon weighing
  234. Best tips for achieving healthy weight loss - your "rules"
  235. Is OA for me?
  236. the hunger patch
  237. Difficult getting enough calories for the day
  238. Exercise DVD
  239. Any newbies looking for a weight loss buddy?
  240. Upset because...
  241. Is my wii fit scale wrong?
  242. what inspires you to lose...?
  243. starting a plan
  244. Eating so little and not loosing wt
  245. When was there a moment you
  246. Dealing with Gossiping
  247. Excited, but a little freaked...musing/rant lol
  248. Advice on stress/emotion eating?
  249. When did you realize you were getting smaller?
  250. Removing time frames from goals