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  1. Hugs!
  2. Not Seeing Any Change...
  3. has anyone lost weight just by walking/treadmill?
  4. Lightheaded?
  5. Looking for great scale
  6. Anyone else have trouble seeing progress?
  7. I want pancakes!!!
  8. my body hates me....
  9. SV that became NSV
  10. Invisible NSV!
  11. Still did it...
  12. On a downhill slide - Must Stop
  13. Unexpected NSV
  14. I blame my gym teachers
  15. NSV today!
  16. Everyone Weigh in 11/06/09
  17. I am so angry!
  18. Waiting for my whoosh!
  19. Depressed...I don't know what to do anymore
  20. My biggest pleasure is eating...
  21. I Must Be Stupid....What do All These Things Mean????
  22. Oh, gross
  23. Cannot WAIT to give away my fat pants!
  24. Any horror stories?
  25. Shame-based dieting?
  26. Calories on Menus - it works!
  27. Calorie Counting Gone Too Far...?
  28. When is dinner for you?
  29. Stress
  30. Pre and post meals - when wanting to lose weight?
  31. Going to Puerto Vallarta next week
  32. What Do YOU Use as a Motivator???
  33. Hungry all day long?
  34. ive been missing you all! plus i have issues....
  35. It's 9PM and I want a...
  36. Finally came up with a holiday strategy
  37. What do you hope to get out of weight loss?
  38. Sick
  39. Dreading next week....sort of
  40. Very discouraged :(
  41. a thought on buying clothes for the 'future'
  42. Full Moon/WL/Moods
  43. Today Is The End of My First Week-Want to know how your first month was?
  44. WL revelation?
  45. Also Motivational...
  46. Just Wanted to Share
  47. Do You Take A Multivitamin ?
  48. NSV! Kinda
  49. OT: My mom is having surgery today.
  50. why are the last 10 lbs the hardest to lose?!
  51. Down and disappointed
  52. Which Diet to choose?
  53. A former 3FC success -- Now I can't get it together!
  54. Must lose weight before wedding
  55. A bit discouraged
  56. WEIGH ourselves in the NUDE :) or NOT....please Advise me here :)
  57. Ideas on What Weighs Almost Exactly One Pound!!! LOOK AT WHAT I'M GONNA DO HEHE
  58. weightloss update!
  59. Horrible Week
  60. So Halloween is over and..
  61. I don't understand, weight loss has stopped but lost a size anyway!
  62. Bad Day
  63. So Excited!
  64. So its my bday and....
  65. I'm SO VERY Excited....I'm Convinced :)
  66. Water
  67. Everyone Weigh in 10/30/09
  68. Trying to find free website - calorie intake
  69. Plateau Help!
  70. thanksgiving??
  71. 2 week no-scale vacation
  72. confession and recommitment
  73. What's the picture in your mind keeps you going?
  74. for my father in law
  75. The lure of the leftovers
  76. lost 26 pounds..
  77. Does anyone else struggle with a fear of being more vulnerable if you lose weight?
  78. Weight loss and pimples?
  79. Trick or Treat = 1 **** of a test!!!!
  80. Acronyms
  81. Why are carbs so damn tasty?!
  82. Eating NOTHING after 12 noon - how to cope?
  83. The Halloween candy is killing me!
  84. Is it REALLY the same?
  85. Sites that track NET calories?
  86. how powerful of a role does your "mind" play in your weightloss journey?
  87. TOM advice, please help!
  88. Frustration and confusion
  89. tell me about putting on your goal pants....and doing the goal pants happy dance.
  90. Gained a pound!!
  91. I didn't blow it!
  92. Water Calculator!
  93. Sleep
  94. Over Eater's Anonymous
  95. Too much fiber?
  96. Getting started?
  97. Mentally, what is the hardest thing about beginning?
  98. Major mini goals
  99. A little upset.
  100. Well this sucks!
  101. Why did No one ever tell me?
  102. Will braces help my diet?
  103. Some interesting factoids from Fat 2 Fit radio
  104. I made cookies.....
  105. Help! Going out for Indian food- best choices??
  106. Body Image Avatar?
  107. Apparently
  108. Syndrome X/Insulin Resistance
  109. Why is this getting harder?
  110. Absolutely Completely Hopelessly Frustrated
  111. I did NOT eat the cake!
  112. Bodybugg! How many calories did you eat at 165?
  113. Feeling weak...
  114. Do you tell others about your success?
  115. What was your "UGH!" moment?
  116. New goal
  117. How did you determine your goal weight?
  118. I need exercise..
  119. here we go again...
  120. Ugh, I'm NOT happy with myself!
  121. Just would you respond to these?
  122. Walking out of my shower!!
  123. So frustrated and disappointed
  124. Should I eat the cake?
  125. Everyone Weigh in 10/23/09
  126. After dinner hunger, need support!
  127. need some encouragement!
  128. yoyoma..
  129. O.m.g Adviced Time! :/
  130. What do you Track?
  131. Nausea after workouts?
  132. Unexpected NSV
  133. Im running in the Nike Human Race 10K Sat!
  134. New to the site, need help and support!!
  135. is this going to be this hard forever?
  136. Really Great Magazine
  137. forgetfulness about weight
  138. Just getting started - any advice?
  139. 5-day binge
  140. Onederchic!
  141. Any former scale addicts been able to make the switch to weighing in once/week?
  142. Starting Exercise
  143. New at this & 1 month weight loss
  144. Smoking and weight loss??
  145. Back on the wagon
  146. laughing on the outside, crying on the inside...
  147. Weight loss and bruising?
  148. I am baaaack
  149. Good food log?
  150. This has nothing to do with weight loss...
  151. How many calories do I need a day?
  152. just annoyed - the usual venting thread
  153. So mad at myself - binge last night.
  154. I feel like with the last 8 or 9 lbs, I've started to look BIGGER!
  155. Calorie Intake
  156. Just my luck! :(
  157. i should be in the 100 lb club
  158. What is the longest period you have went without weighing in?
  159. What was that link to find out if you are small medium or large framed?
  160. When Do You Weigh?
  161. What to wear when getting weighed?
  162. could use a little support...
  163. Ohh no! NO scale :)
  164. My first time cooking vegetables :)
  165. Slimquick cleanse?
  166. Real Beauty
  167. You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.
  168. skinny jeans! nsv
  169. "Hmmm, she's about 5'9...looks like a size 12"
  170. Okay Okay - What the Heck is Going On? LOL
  171. Please read if you are 5 ft 10 or 5 ft 11
  172. YAY! Finally got to move the ticker!!
  173. Food Addiction
  174. MAJOR NSV for me!
  175. DH is cheap! Rant-ish
  176. Your Bologna Jig Is Up!
  177. I feel guilty --
  178. Just the facts, ma'am
  179. Everyone Weigh in 10/16/09
  180. Weekend Libations
  181. Sizes changing???
  182. Eating too much or just right?
  183. Medical Assumptions
  184. Do you ever think....
  185. The 4-Day-Win?
  186. Calories from sparkpeople
  187. Music & Eating right
  188. Losing the weight and gaining it back
  189. Feeling so sick
  190. How Is This Possible??
  191. Pedometer?
  192. Who needs buttery croutons?
  193. Not even a month in...very unmotivated
  194. Why do i only lose weight TOM
  195. Constantly Hungry
  196. Stuck!!
  197. AHH! Bad time for Grandma's home-cookin'!!
  198. when do you hit your next BMI "section"
  199. Frustation even when you are making progress
  200. Ring Size Changes
  201. back in the saddle..I think(possible rant..)
  202. recommitting
  203. I bought a pair of pants one size smaller...
  204. Always Starving Lately
  205. AAAARRRGH! Stupid scale!
  206. Late Night eater-can't help it
  207. Overtired and wanting to snack - need support!
  208. Need some Support
  209. Complete failure
  210. weight loss CEASES to exist and my butt agrees!
  211. A Typical Drive Home.. (SCARY)
  212. This week is not good.
  213. Cried on my birthday - friend said she liked me better when I was thin :(
  214. Let's talk about consistency
  215. Feeling like I can't do this.
  216. Best/Worst Compliment You've Gotten?
  217. Good enough???
  218. Just like the last time I started losing weight
  219. Anxiety over Xmas season already..
  220. Disgusted by pictures of myself
  221. Jillian's Master Your Metabolism?
  222. "You look perfect! No more, OK?"
  223. frustrated and tired
  224. Scary self-discovery...
  225. why am i suddenly obsessed with food?
  226. TOM is the :devil: - advice?!?!
  227. Wore myself out
  228. What is your height, weight, and clothing size?
  229. McDonald's?
  230. too many things going on and no time for "diet"
  231. Everyone Weigh in 10/09/09
  232. What is your favorite mental image of yourself @ goal weight?
  233. Goals?
  234. You've recieved a compliment lately, I know you have.
  235. Forget new tricks. This old dog is trying to remember the OLD tricks...
  236. Mental Plateau
  237. A little vent...all the horrible, awkward, embarrassing things I hate
  238. SO Inspirational- The Woman on page 194
  239. This morning my husband informed me...
  240. fiber
  241. Self Esteem Issues
  242. its a wonderful day!!!!!
  243. I hate this sometimes....
  244. mandalinn82
  245. argh, am i the only one who feels this way?
  246. I don't get it.
  247. Help! Panicking
  248. GAINED Weight :0(
  249. scale conundrum
  250. The Last Leg is the Hardest