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  1. It's Starting Already...
  2. My Next Goal - 15lbs in 4 Months
  3. i love 7-11
  4. Off the wagon, back again
  5. Fewer and Fewer Calories...
  6. I dont know if I should laugh or cry... out of the mouths of babes
  7. Wake up hungry?
  8. Is this truth: obesity and liver damages?
  9. could it have been you?
  10. Questions about BMR
  11. Weekly weigh ins on youtube !!
  12. I suck!
  13. Someone who has been here, please help.
  14. BMI Woes
  15. The "boyfriend" layer
  16. Only 8ozs this week
  17. Starting to become a lifestyle :)
  18. My new plan is an old one.
  19. interesting observation
  20. Trying to stay positive and on plan w/ worriesome news
  21. what is wrong with me
  22. Wth????
  23. Christmas Loss
  24. Snack Attack
  25. Why haven't I lost weight?
  26. I think... (calories and being sensible)
  27. Everyone Weigh in 12/11/09
  28. Time for a change (story, and ongoing tracker)
  29. Any1 else feel shaky when you dont eat? :(
  30. Why do I keep falling off the wagon..?
  31. Broken Scale?
  32. Anyone losing weight without exercise?
  33. Just made cookie dough......
  34. Dragged down
  35. How Many Of Us Has Gone About This All Wrong?
  36. Nsv
  37. I Could Use Some Reassurances...
  38. Have to have my gallbladder taken out..
  39. Reintroduction and a cry for genuine help
  40. Winter Blues
  41. Just get rid of it!
  42. I have some questions..
  43. first day of my journey
  44. Contacr Information
  45. Feeling scared
  46. "Have you lose weight?" comments
  47. Early success
  48. Dont you hate when they say..
  49. 3 months, 16 lbs lost, using the KISS method
  50. New An Needing Help!!
  51. Balance between "big and beautiful" and getting healthy
  52. A Breakthrough!!!
  53. Diet for a very active job
  54. negative comments re a colleague's weight?
  55. ::sigh:: Guilty and ashamed
  56. Yes! Totally motivated again!
  57. Do you track your weight loss by your actual weight or by your dress size?
  58. How do you do it? or What motivates you? Or What works for you?
  59. Everyone Weigh in 12/04/09
  60. I'm back...after 7 years
  61. Losing Weight Before Trying to Conceive
  62. TOM question
  63. I'm new, and confused... help?
  64. "Tiny"
  65. Hit a plateau
  66. Finally a loss 4lbs off
  67. Protein--help from vegetarians?
  68. ? for those who've reached thier goals
  69. Holiday damage control.
  70. It's kind of amazing that I don't weigh more than I do
  71. Need a Butt Kickin'
  72. Ultimate Goal- Here We Go! Month 1
  73. I guess I'm not as confident as I thought...
  74. Not sure where this should go...
  75. A Pair of NSV
  76. Reason to avoid grains?
  77. Is this normal?
  78. ...Well that didn't work :(
  79. Always On My Mind? (ready to give up.)
  80. Share Your Restaurant Nightmares and Nutritional Horror Stories
  81. Weightloss Slowed down
  82. Sparkpeople
  83. Any one on the slimming world plan?
  84. Dealing with disappointing weigh ins?
  85. Noticing a lot of threads about binging/loss of control
  86. Slipping back to bad habits
  87. So Full, feel so fat. Holidays/TOM is messing with me
  88. I was doing so well.....
  89. Does TOM effect/change body inches?
  90. Out to Eat Tonight, Grossly Different Calorie Estimations
  91. Getting enough water in
  92. Just another support thread :-(
  93. craziness
  94. Doctors
  95. The photoshop effect
  96. WebMD says "1000 calories a day"
  97. Everyone Weigh in 11/27/09
  98. The domino effect
  99. Loving yourself - what does that mean to you?
  100. Back On The Wagon
  101. Meh. Depression. Bought a Scale. Damn.
  102. Knowing your patterns
  103. Need Inspiration?
  104. I NEED to get back on track...
  105. Why am I so hungry?
  106. No More Numbers! Discussion/Challange: A New Kind of Goal
  107. I NEED YOU! need change!
  108. I'm in for the long haul
  109. Little changes make big difference
  110. regaining... how did you break the cycle?
  111. Lost weight
  112. Do you take your measurements often?
  113. Math for you % lose
  114. What kind of scale do you use?
  115. Dealing with failed expectations- pic
  116. Daily food & exercise confessions #3
  117. The death of my cheat day
  118. Overwhelmed
  119. Sugar Sugar Sugar??????
  120. Everyone Weigh in 11/20/09
  121. Eating after 8
  122. And the results are in!!
  123. Even Service People...
  124. Omg Girls :(:(:( Please Help....
  125. First WI and NO lose...
  126. Question regarding food subsitutes
  127. ? for all the sparkpeoples!!
  128. Gaining weight, feeling bad.
  129. What can you do now that you couldn't 3 months ago???
  130. 6 months into it...
  131. Getting ready to switch - Guidance needed!
  132. been counting calories for 3 weeks now
  133. Rant
  134. how to get over a food hangover??
  135. Long time lurker, needs some support
  136. Devised a new plan.
  137. Nsv... :d
  138. Need a Plan!
  139. We Just Need Support!!!
  140. Questions about calorie deficits
  141. Everyone Weigh in 11/13/09
  142. It have been 1 year......
  143. joined the gym
  144. Support Groups Versus Psychotherapy?
  145. Picked a reward for the next 20 lbs.
  146. Fell off the wagon...
  147. Junk Food!!!
  148. Been falling off a little bit...
  149. Always feeling bloated...
  150. A little bit of hope!
  151. A thought for the holidays...and an epiphany
  152. 9 PM, no calories left in my allowance, and all I want to do is eat
  153. Need help!
  154. Scary Stores...Holiday Shopping UGH
  155. Help! All I want to do today is BAKE
  156. Tom
  157. Losing weight is easy ... I've done it a dozen times
  158. What have you done that pushed you out of your comfort zone?
  159. whats it going to take?
  160. a prodigal returns :)
  161. Carb Counting to Calorie Counting
  162. Do you ever feel like one big stretch mark?
  163. Water is an important key to weight loss for me
  164. Fitbit weight loss support, calorie counter, sleep monitor gadget
  165. back on track ;)
  166. Freaky NSV
  167. Injured, Irritated & Venting
  168. I'm back (with tea recipes)
  169. What is your ultimate goal?
  170. The things people say
  171. how do you stay motivated?
  172. Hi! and seeking stories about fitting into "normal" sizes
  173. New start! New beginning! Aaaand *fizzle*.
  174. Why do we have grandmas?
  175. Sodium Tip
  176. Calorie cycling
  177. Hello again
  178. Doing bad things to yourself
  179. Cannot find pants that fit, help!
  180. Indecisive Scale?
  181. Different rules for other people...
  182. Hugs!
  183. Not Seeing Any Change...
  184. has anyone lost weight just by walking/treadmill?
  185. Lightheaded?
  186. Looking for great scale
  187. Anyone else have trouble seeing progress?
  188. I want pancakes!!!
  189. my body hates me....
  190. SV that became NSV
  191. Invisible NSV!
  192. Still did it...
  193. On a downhill slide - Must Stop
  194. Unexpected NSV
  195. I blame my gym teachers
  196. NSV today!
  197. Everyone Weigh in 11/06/09
  198. I am so angry!
  199. Waiting for my whoosh!
  200. Depressed...I don't know what to do anymore
  201. My biggest pleasure is eating...
  202. I Must Be Stupid....What do All These Things Mean????
  203. Oh, gross
  204. Cannot WAIT to give away my fat pants!
  205. Any horror stories?
  206. Shame-based dieting?
  207. Calories on Menus - it works!
  208. Calorie Counting Gone Too Far...?
  209. When is dinner for you?
  210. Stress
  211. Pre and post meals - when wanting to lose weight?
  212. Going to Puerto Vallarta next week
  213. What Do YOU Use as a Motivator???
  214. Hungry all day long?
  215. ive been missing you all! plus i have issues....
  216. It's 9PM and I want a...
  217. Finally came up with a holiday strategy
  218. What do you hope to get out of weight loss?
  219. Sick
  220. Dreading next week....sort of
  221. Very discouraged :(
  222. a thought on buying clothes for the 'future'
  223. Full Moon/WL/Moods
  224. Today Is The End of My First Week-Want to know how your first month was?
  225. WL revelation?
  226. Also Motivational...
  227. Just Wanted to Share
  228. Do You Take A Multivitamin ?
  229. NSV! Kinda
  230. OT: My mom is having surgery today.
  231. why are the last 10 lbs the hardest to lose?!
  232. Down and disappointed
  233. Which Diet to choose?
  234. A former 3FC success -- Now I can't get it together!
  235. Must lose weight before wedding
  236. A bit discouraged
  237. WEIGH ourselves in the NUDE :) or NOT....please Advise me here :)
  238. Ideas on What Weighs Almost Exactly One Pound!!! LOOK AT WHAT I'M GONNA DO HEHE
  239. weightloss update!
  240. Horrible Week
  241. So Halloween is over and..
  242. I don't understand, weight loss has stopped but lost a size anyway!
  243. Bad Day
  244. So Excited!
  245. So its my bday and....
  246. I'm SO VERY Excited....I'm Convinced :)
  247. Water
  248. Everyone Weigh in 10/30/09
  249. Trying to find free website - calorie intake
  250. Plateau Help!