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  1. My 2nd mini goal
  2. cheesecake factory?
  3. I survived fast food!
  4. The First Step is the Hardest
  5. sabotage
  6. Start today; you won't regret it, I promise
  7. encouragement
  8. Weight of potential guy? advice please
  9. valentine goal
  10. bad day:(
  11. Close to goal and about to break.... help.
  12. Away from Home and Routine
  13. I'm SO Angry BUT Just Have to say WHATEVER and Move Forward
  14. Going back to work and very nervous!!
  15. What to do when a significant other wants you to lose weight too?
  16. Anddd I'm back!
  17. weigh, measure, counting....
  18. Strech Marks???
  19. Lookig for Detox Tips
  20. Scale Says No No After Weight Training?
  21. Excuses Begone?!
  22. Satisfied, not horrified with starting weight!?!
  23. Problems with the time of day I exercise?
  24. Let's Try This Weight Loss Thing Together
  25. Family Not Supportive of Weight Loss!
  26. Starting With a Personal Trainer on Wednesday .....Has Anyone Else Gone This Route
  27. Exhausted After Working Out
  28. "It's not too bad for me..."
  29. i need a weightloss friend....
  30. Everyone Weigh in 01/01/10
  31. New Years with a little "Whoosh"!
  32. Holiday Indulgences
  33. Jan 1st....time to finally lose it
  34. Help!! What diet would be best for me?
  35. Today is the beggining!
  36. Christmas sinner back on track
  37. Happy New Year Chickies!
  38. Goals and Treats
  39. subconscious brain
  40. 2 yrs post baby...
  41. any success stories with calorie counting HELP
  42. After goal, will you like your old pictures?
  43. Almost 7 lbs in 1 1/2 - 2 weeks?!
  44. Do you eat below your BMR (basal metabolic rate)?
  45. Yay! Jean size NSV
  46. What do you do with the clothes you've shrunk out of?
  47. New scale!
  48. I'm so proud of everyone here :)
  49. What have you learned about yourself after all these yrs?
  50. Help me get through this day
  51. Questin...
  52. NSV... right place to post?
  53. Review my menu
  54. Detoxing after the holidays.. and feeling ill?
  55. I am sure you have heard this before!
  56. Thank You RockinRobin for the Inspiration!
  57. Gaining weight on 1200 calories??
  58. Gained 5lbs!!
  59. To Lose 10 lbs in a month
  60. Weight loss commercials
  61. i think maybe I'm broken
  62. 17lbs in 6 weeks:Too Much?
  63. What is the first you did...?
  64. Do You Use New Years?
  65. Hunger vs. Stress/emotions
  66. Time to Set Some Serious Goals
  67. Where do you eat?
  68. Fitness Magazines
  69. Scale help please!
  70. Two Week Challenge - December 26th- January 8th
  71. Why did I start before the holidays?!?!
  72. I am in shock and need support.
  73. So... I'm supposed to look normal in just 28 more pounds?!
  74. Comparisons...
  75. Found something I never thought of before...
  76. Everyone Weigh in 12/25/09
  77. Is my problem mental or physical? (Long personal ramblings)
  78. crunch time ladies
  79. Suggestions, ideas to get through the holiday
  80. Excited.. Lost 8 pounds in a week! But Missing my addictions =(
  81. Crazy things we look forward to:
  82. The scale lies!
  83. Losing Weight after Hysterectomy
  84. Driver's License Weights
  85. How did you decide your goal weight?
  86. Telling people how much you weigh?
  87. Is the math really that simple?
  88. Silence these negative thoughts of mine please!
  89. 5 Sizes Down Need a Buddy to Finish the Race
  90. Snacks
  91. Scale accuracy
  92. No change in the mirror....
  93. curious about weighing in
  94. Need help with motivation
  95. Bad motivation?
  96. N*s*v
  97. Looking for accountability buddies.
  98. A little help and advice needed please!
  99. Nsv
  100. Losing Too Much Weight? D:
  101. Everyone Weigh in 12/18/09
  102. Food = Fuel...why can't I convince myself of this?
  103. Feelin Blah..
  104. Trying to get back here again
  105. endorphins?
  106. Help.... I thought I was done saying this...
  107. Day Before Weigh In...Do You Do Anything Different?
  108. why do I turn to junk when stressed???
  109. Asymmetrical Fat Storage
  110. Bluejeans / between sizes
  111. Yeaaaaaah I did it!!
  112. Tight Schedule Exercise Gem
  113. I weighed more then I thought I did...
  114. Do you think denial plays a part in families that have weight problems?
  115. crap. don't you hate it when....
  116. Another day in the life of KADY!
  117. It's Starting Already...
  118. My Next Goal - 15lbs in 4 Months
  119. i love 7-11
  120. Off the wagon, back again
  121. Fewer and Fewer Calories...
  122. I dont know if I should laugh or cry... out of the mouths of babes
  123. Wake up hungry?
  124. Is this truth: obesity and liver damages?
  125. could it have been you?
  126. Questions about BMR
  127. Weekly weigh ins on youtube !!
  128. I suck!
  129. Someone who has been here, please help.
  130. BMI Woes
  131. The "boyfriend" layer
  132. Only 8ozs this week
  133. Starting to become a lifestyle :)
  134. My new plan is an old one.
  135. interesting observation
  136. Trying to stay positive and on plan w/ worriesome news
  137. what is wrong with me
  138. Wth????
  139. Christmas Loss
  140. Snack Attack
  141. Why haven't I lost weight?
  142. I think... (calories and being sensible)
  143. Everyone Weigh in 12/11/09
  144. Time for a change (story, and ongoing tracker)
  145. Any1 else feel shaky when you dont eat? :(
  146. Why do I keep falling off the wagon..?
  147. Broken Scale?
  148. Anyone losing weight without exercise?
  149. Just made cookie dough......
  150. Dragged down
  151. How Many Of Us Has Gone About This All Wrong?
  152. Nsv
  153. I Could Use Some Reassurances...
  154. Have to have my gallbladder taken out..
  155. Reintroduction and a cry for genuine help
  156. Winter Blues
  157. Just get rid of it!
  158. I have some questions..
  159. first day of my journey
  160. Contacr Information
  161. Feeling scared
  162. "Have you lose weight?" comments
  163. Early success
  164. Dont you hate when they say..
  165. 3 months, 16 lbs lost, using the KISS method
  166. New An Needing Help!!
  167. Balance between "big and beautiful" and getting healthy
  168. A Breakthrough!!!
  169. Diet for a very active job
  170. negative comments re a colleague's weight?
  171. ::sigh:: Guilty and ashamed
  172. Yes! Totally motivated again!
  173. Do you track your weight loss by your actual weight or by your dress size?
  174. How do you do it? or What motivates you? Or What works for you?
  175. Everyone Weigh in 12/04/09
  176. I'm back...after 7 years
  177. Losing Weight Before Trying to Conceive
  178. TOM question
  179. I'm new, and confused... help?
  180. "Tiny"
  181. Hit a plateau
  182. Finally a loss 4lbs off
  183. Protein--help from vegetarians?
  184. ? for those who've reached thier goals
  185. Holiday damage control.
  186. It's kind of amazing that I don't weigh more than I do
  187. Need a Butt Kickin'
  188. Ultimate Goal- Here We Go! Month 1
  189. I guess I'm not as confident as I thought...
  190. Not sure where this should go...
  191. A Pair of NSV
  192. Reason to avoid grains?
  193. Is this normal?
  194. ...Well that didn't work :(
  195. Always On My Mind? (ready to give up.)
  196. Share Your Restaurant Nightmares and Nutritional Horror Stories
  197. Weightloss Slowed down
  198. Sparkpeople
  199. Any one on the slimming world plan?
  200. Dealing with disappointing weigh ins?
  201. Noticing a lot of threads about binging/loss of control
  202. Slipping back to bad habits
  203. So Full, feel so fat. Holidays/TOM is messing with me
  204. I was doing so well.....
  205. Does TOM effect/change body inches?
  206. Out to Eat Tonight, Grossly Different Calorie Estimations
  207. Getting enough water in
  208. Just another support thread :-(
  209. craziness
  210. Doctors
  211. The photoshop effect
  212. WebMD says "1000 calories a day"
  213. Everyone Weigh in 11/27/09
  214. The domino effect
  215. Loving yourself - what does that mean to you?
  216. Back On The Wagon
  217. Meh. Depression. Bought a Scale. Damn.
  218. Knowing your patterns
  219. Need Inspiration?
  220. I NEED to get back on track...
  221. Why am I so hungry?
  222. No More Numbers! Discussion/Challange: A New Kind of Goal
  223. I NEED YOU! need change!
  224. I'm in for the long haul
  225. Little changes make big difference
  226. regaining... how did you break the cycle?
  227. Lost weight
  228. Do you take your measurements often?
  229. Math for you % lose
  230. What kind of scale do you use?
  231. Dealing with failed expectations- pic
  232. Daily food & exercise confessions #3
  233. The death of my cheat day
  234. Overwhelmed
  235. Sugar Sugar Sugar??????
  236. Everyone Weigh in 11/20/09
  237. Eating after 8
  238. And the results are in!!
  239. Even Service People...
  240. Omg Girls :(:(:( Please Help....
  241. First WI and NO lose...
  242. Question regarding food subsitutes
  243. ? for all the sparkpeoples!!
  244. Gaining weight, feeling bad.
  245. What can you do now that you couldn't 3 months ago???
  246. 6 months into it...
  247. Getting ready to switch - Guidance needed!
  248. been counting calories for 3 weeks now
  249. Rant
  250. how to get over a food hangover??