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  1. do they sell padded underwear?...
  2. Husband doesn't like my weight loss
  3. any tips or suggestions ?????
  4. Blame the Parent Society
  5. How do I get over the plateu? Help please!
  6. Are the body fat percentages on scales accurate?
  7. Hi Newbie here
  8. Hi Newbie here
  9. Is anyone else doing Slim 4 Life?
  10. What was the 'last straw' for you?
  11. Just can't seem to lose it
  12. Help, new plan and a cookie addiction!
  13. Pant sizes
  14. My Valentine's Day goal
  15. Feeling Mooshie??
  16. The Common Cold Puts Everything on Hold
  17. 20 days
  18. Grams of fat per day
  19. Something "motivating" that I find unmotivating
  20. What IS "eating healthy"?
  21. It's that time of year - seasonal cravings anyone??
  22. Okay, here I go.....
  23. Gah! Snickers Bar!
  24. Hurt my back and told no exercise.....Now what?
  25. Puttin' on my Moderator Hat
  26. The Comparison Game - How do I once and for all stop playing that game?
  27. Just a couple of thoughts...Wondering if I am alone
  28. "I'll do it tomorrow."
  29. Tip Collaboration
  30. Everyone Weigh in 02/05/10
  31. Does it ever seem like the world's against you?
  32. Super Bowl XLIV plans?
  33. Dont let the scale fool you
  34. Amelia's journey: from 190lb to...
  35. Nearing Frusteration
  36. Why after all im doing still put on weight.
  37. Newbie looking for a buddy
  38. Accupuncture for weight loss
  39. Bathroom scale Question
  40. Let's replace the words in our head "you are so fat" with....
  41. Too Much Water???
  42. Anyone Wanna Be My Buddy?
  43. How do you say Goodbye...
  44. What have you learned...about you??
  45. Stomach flu
  46. Just had to share...
  47. Rant: "I'm SO FAT"
  48. Meal/Weight Question
  49. Starting Again
  50. Anyone order food online?
  51. Diet Pills?
  52. 30 Days
  53. Dieting while sick. Keep it up or give it a break?
  54. Why didn't I lose weight this week?
  55. Intimacy
  56. Do you get a lot of support from the people in your life?
  57. Has your personality changed with your dress size?
  58. Question for the guru(s)
  59. "I like you thicker"
  60. Question-- RE: Back Fat, Back Rolls.....
  61. The scale lies....
  62. Best part about everything?
  63. Where Does it Go?
  64. I'm excited!!!
  65. A Jump Start?
  66. Falling apart & trying to pick up the pieces
  67. I think I can, I think I can...workout
  68. How do stay motivated with a zero loss for the week?
  69. High Cholesterol - I'm only 29!
  70. DON'T let this wintry weather blow your progress!!!
  71. Everyone Weigh in 01/29/10
  72. Introducing the "Shoestring Meals" Forum
  73. Book List suggestions?
  74. So I'm on my Period...
  75. opps? :)
  76. Ode to Weight Loss Plateau
  77. Bad veins?
  78. The City Chase
  79. I need a swift kick in the butt!
  80. You have to laugh.
  81. Anybody else think weight loss is kind
  82. I keep cheating
  83. Day 11 is NOT heaven lol
  84. Weight of fat?
  85. I'm going to love it when....
  86. Finally seeing!
  87. Have you ever intentionally "manipulated" your metabolism?
  88. Here We Go Again
  89. What is an example of a healthy day for you?
  90. Rewards?
  91. When did you notice...
  92. Contraception, PCOS and weight.
  93. Who Tracks Their Sodium...
  94. Eek, birthday dinner at a pizza joint, suggestions?
  95. 3 weeks in and i wanna give up!!
  96. What is it with clothing sizes?!?
  97. Bog O' Bones
  98. I'm doing it!!
  99. Another 5 pounds gone!
  100. Measuring question
  101. Have you read this?
  102. Increase in Metabolic Rate During TOM?
  103. I Lost.
  104. Tired in late afternoon/night!
  105. Happy Hour...what to drink?
  106. Frustrated, am I doing something wrong?
  107. Taking measurements - how frequently and what do you measure?
  108. Feel good but look bad??
  109. How do you get over the evening munchies?
  110. Height
  111. Weekend Binging--How can I avoid it?
  112. Trying to get back on the wagon!
  113. Weight and Dating
  114. Weight Loss = Acne?
  115. How is this possible?
  116. Lost the same 4 lbs at least 5 times!!!
  117. First mini-goal set!
  118. Seeing people after gaining weight?
  119. Physical Goals
  120. I have a confession: I'm scared
  121. Talk me into taking "Before" Pictures
  122. Is caffeine your friend or foe during weight loss?
  123. My grandma passed away
  124. Nutrition info for McDonalds Oatmeal?
  125. Stress without the stress-eating
  126. Different scales at different Y branches
  127. Vitamins
  128. Help!
  129. Should I Change My Weight Goal?
  130. Will 1 Meal Affect Weight Loss?
  131. I can't get motivated!!!!
  132. Kids!!!
  133. Re-evaluating
  134. advice for a heathy roast dinner
  135. I'm Just Going to Say It!
  136. Confession: I value poor eating over my children and husband.
  137. Scale malfunction?
  138. Help, help, help... I'm GAINING weight!
  139. I (RE)Learned An Uncomfortable Lesson Today
  140. Wheres my energy?
  141. Less weight loss as closer to goal weight, more noticeable?
  142. My confession time.
  143. Survived my vacation...and lost three pounds!
  144. Weight Loss in a New Environment?
  145. Everyone Weigh in 01/22/10
  146. Weight Loss Rules for College
  147. Accidental Vegitarian?
  148. obsessed with the scales and angry
  149. I'm tired of not sleeping!
  150. Yikes, Family Portraits
  151. Need HELP! Getting frustrated
  152. On transformation
  153. Caught by surprise by a not-so-old picture
  154. Book Lists
  155. I'm ready to this, and I'm doing it for me! :)
  156. Yoga on rest day?
  157. My Realistic Motivation---What's Yours?
  158. Im New Here!!! Help!! Lol
  159. First Half A stone Off yey
  160. non-diet based weight loss books?
  161. Three Whole Pies!!!
  162. I did it...
  163. Schadenfreude and weight goals
  164. Just a painful note!
  165. I am confused re: diet and exercise combined versus diet alone
  166. My boss!! (venting, please bear with me!)
  167. sugar?
  168. Do any of you do this own your own?
  169. Sabotaging my own efforts - frustrated!
  170. Metabolism Question
  171. To brighten your day...
  172. How to Get Started
  173. Favorite Healthy Snack?
  174. Geez, the things some people say..
  175. Not sure why...
  176. Stretch marks on face
  177. Not sure what to do
  178. I Can't Seem To Get Control
  179. Posting this for accountability!
  180. Rethinking my goal
  181. My mini goal
  182. Do you think Soda is really terrible?
  183. Scale going up and down, up and down.. *dizzy*
  184. New Scale problems
  185. Food you thought you couldn't live without...
  186. How do I love ME??? *Long*
  187. Grumble/Whine/Vent
  188. Day 1 Success!
  189. Does anyone else have problems with being hungry in the evening?
  190. just a happy brag
  191. Thoughts about pretzels???
  192. Can I lose 30 lbs in 2months??
  193. Am I ok or do I need to adjust? Had nasty cold
  194. Somebody Anybody Help Me Pls
  195. One Week Down!!!
  196. Didn't think I could actually do it, but....
  197. I'm so fustrated.
  198. Anyone whose spouse follows a different plan?
  199. Argh, gonna jump off the wagon!
  200. Scale suggestions?
  201. How much weight loss will show a change in measurements?
  202. Starting over...again
  203. Those of you who have lost 50lbs+ -- What's your secret?
  204. Should I eat popcorn again?
  205. Uh oh! An urge to be FULL!
  206. ITT We post our biggest 2010 cheat and what we learned
  207. Back in the saddle again..
  208. Am I doing something wrong?
  209. I'm back again with more questions lol!
  210. Starting over
  211. Does Biggest Loser Send Wrong Message??
  212. Everyone Weigh in 01/15/10
  213. Confused..Need Help..
  214. Is losing weight fast bad??
  215. Good God HELP ME!
  216. Stupid work food-pushers!
  217. i needd a distraction/moivation
  218. Looking for advice!
  219. So what was "it" for you?
  220. Replacing chairs with exercise balls
  221. havent done anything since MAY... :(
  222. These last TEN pounds..... grrrr.
  223. Hate Working Out
  224. Scale Blues
  225. Frame Size And Ideal Weight
  226. Going Back to college lifestyle. TERRIFIED!
  227. Panic! Girls Night Out tomorrow!
  228. Do you keep clothes that no longer fit?
  229. I think I can
  230. Have you called Goal but your weight is above the recommended weight for your height?
  231. Book: The End of Overeating
  232. Not at Goal yet,question for those who are
  233. Drinking coffee instead of eating?
  234. Need my week 2 motivation!
  235. How did you determine your goal weight?
  236. I WONT Emotionally Eat! I WONT! :/
  237. I’m Terrified…
  238. Things I need to admit
  239. Start Of Day 3
  240. Scales = grr! :)
  241. Some input needed
  242. Am I At The Plateau Stage?
  243. I'm back (with progress pics)... but I don't know what I need
  244. Looking for extreme weight loss buddy!!!!
  245. PLEASE HELP, I Need Some Motivation!!
  246. Really struggling - can't stop crying
  247. How do you stay motivated?
  248. macronutrients, satarvation mode, etc
  249. Positive Changes
  250. Today's weight loss on CNN