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  1. Sounds like a challenge to me . . .
  2. Diet buddy woes
  3. How does having your period affect your weight loss?
  4. Finding/Making time to exercise...
  5. Help! Need motivation
  6. Needing more calories at a lower weight?
  7. Pure Torture lol
  8. That uncomfortable feeling when you're in public
  9. How do you feel around people that were your former size?
  10. Having your mental break through
  11. Uh-oh...Here comes the weekend...
  12. Major scale inaccuracies???
  13. Texas de Brazil vs. New Running Shoes
  14. 5# mini-goal
  15. Another Eating Out Disaster
  16. Insane chocolate cravings
  17. first week goal
  18. Getting back to it after injury
  19. Dizziness??
  20. ...sweating?
  21. Taboo Subject - Weight Loss Jealousy
  22. Ever feel like it's a joke?
  23. New... trying to get started..
  24. What does it take?
  25. Finally hitting rock bottom
  26. feeling very discouraged
  27. Running in the early am - do you like it?
  28. HMR Diet Anyone?
  29. What's your pattern of weight loss?
  30. Water retention…I hate you with passion!
  31. I've been trying to keep it inside but..
  32. The Sad Bagged Lunch
  33. Beating the feeling of being deprived!
  34. Having some WICKED cravings right now!
  35. Everyday Weigh-In
  36. Help required from those who work full time!
  37. Tea and sugar free drinks
  38. Getting my self there
  39. So I'm confused?
  40. I was soooo BAD!!!
  41. need some motivation
  42. My goal is to loose between 80 and 100lb
  43. So frustrated...can you see a difference?
  44. My Husband Doesn't Like Skinny Women
  45. Belly Dancing!!! everyone should try it!
  46. I'm ready to quit right now...
  47. Everyone Weigh in 04/09/10
  48. Trainers and Dietitians
  49. You're not fat any more.
  50. I need to just put the scale away...
  51. what are you looking ahead to?
  52. Scared of the Scale
  53. This Weekend, to Stay On Plan I am going to...
  54. stuck
  55. Frustrated... shouldn't have bought a new scale!
  56. Um, SO, was that a compliment?
  57. Daily Weighers, do you ever feel cheated?
  58. This is sooo hard:( Having a mini meltdown...
  59. Gonna get back on track!
  60. Reaching mini-goals
  61. question?
  62. Do you wear support garments?
  63. Feeling the pressure
  64. Exercise is like doing chores for my allowance, haha
  65. I've been bad
  66. Intuitive eating.
  67. P.F. Chang's please!
  68. Eating Eggs for Breakfast!
  69. Evening rant on belly fat
  70. Am I smaller under there?! Fat vs Loose Skin
  71. Ladies - did your drive come back when you lost weight....
  72. Are there parts of weight loss you don't like?
  73. What kind of support from boyfriends/husbands/SO's works?
  74. Starting all over!
  75. My fitness inspiration.
  76. Green Smoothies!!
  77. Daily weighers and TOM
  78. goal outfit thread?
  79. Where do you begin?
  80. things that are different this time
  81. Hello everyone...again. very discouraged:(
  82. Y'all, I have lost my mind (and my wallet)
  83. I'm back....a bit embarrassed but determined
  84. Why not give what you aren't eating to people who need the food?
  85. Weight loss questions
  86. How do YOU deal with set backs?
  87. How long have you been trying to lose weight?
  88. Ouch!
  89. My Easter NSV
  90. Discouraged...:(
  91. Sedentary Work and weight loss
  92. How do you eat your fiber?
  93. I may have lost too much weight...
  94. Post-Easter Sugar Detox: 1 Week Challenge
  95. Calorie Monitor besides GoFitWear or BodyBugg
  96. OK - Accountablity confession....
  97. I can't stay focused
  98. When Should I Weigh Myself Now?
  99. Confused...
  100. What is this lump on my arms?
  101. Holidays + Birthdays = Tempting!
  102. What's your goal for this month?
  103. inspiration?
  104. Final Four = pizza, chicken wings, and alchohol
  105. Advice please
  106. Easter Weekend Is Going To Be Hard
  107. Everyone Weigh in 04/02/10
  108. What water rule do you follow?
  109. When did your belly button stop frowning?
  110. Mens Health Mag - Top tips for weight loss
  111. Weight loss without a scale
  112. Stopping Excuses...Help!
  113. Fear of ridicule
  114. Fit In Your Skin
  115. Just starting, feeling that weird hollow feeling ....
  116. Ahhhh-Back to normal
  117. Today a Coworker told me to loose weight...HELP ME!
  118. Quitting Smoking and Weight Loss
  119. No Support
  120. Never been skinny, so I wonder about things...
  121. OMG Major April binge! HELP!!!
  122. **April** Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome!
  123. Looking for this website?
  124. just some advice..losing weight just kinda... sucks.
  125. Lower weight, more sensitive to caffine?
  126. How can I do this? 30 lbs by June 21st...
  127. Is this crazy? Or great?
  128. Lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks
  129. What do you all think of this???
  130. Fitday Down?
  131. Weightloss Stalled In The 2nd Week
  132. Stuck on a Plateau
  133. So glad I found this site!
  134. I want to thank you Goal Achievers....
  135. Nothing is working
  136. Triathlon!!
  137. Does It Become Addictive?
  138. I am not digesting well?
  139. body bugg website problems?
  140. I need some answers/motivation.
  141. Trouble understanding exactly how many calories to eat
  142. Ideas on how to stop when in a binge (rambling)
  143. Good Glory, I'm doing TERRIBLY and I'm panicing.
  144. Need Help??!!
  145. Example around scale weight, fat loss, and exercise
  146. What Works For You?
  147. Why is losing weight so hard??
  148. Water weight...
  149. Easter Dress Shopping ~ NSV!
  150. Uh huh, yeah
  151. The easter not treating me well.
  152. New Coffee Machine
  153. NSV - officially a 12
  154. I never do this but couldn't resist the sale...
  155. NSV: I took my shirt off in Zumba!
  156. a simple question about hunger
  157. Shrink Yourself??
  158. So this is gow much I've changed
  159. 1000 Calories Over Today! Ouch!
  160. Small announcement...100 lb goal met!!!!
  161. Losing Weight...Where Does It Go?
  162. Death and Dieting...needin' a lil help
  163. Personal myths & excuses to not lose weight?
  164. Plan(s) For the Weekend?
  165. Need a Wake Up Call? Jumbo-Sized Caskets on Oprah Today
  166. Love yourself
  167. What the what?!
  168. Everyone Weigh in 03/26/10
  169. Having a hard time accepting weight loss
  170. I just don't understand people!!!
  171. nervous about body changes with weight loss
  172. Is maitenance really any different than weight loss?
  173. When Did People Start To Notice?
  174. Dehydrated??
  175. Glad that people are noticing, but enough already
  176. Coping with Restaurants
  177. to a GREAT start
  178. I'm pissed (upward trend and TMI)
  179. No S diet
  180. HUA! Did anyone see the changes at
  181. Elimination (with pictures)
  182. a little depressed -- re: waist size
  183. Changing the SHAPE of your body
  184. What to do when...
  185. Losing weight faster in beginning..
  186. My coworkers are great!
  187. Really confused!
  188. Besides cute clothes, other reasons to eat well
  189. Feeling a little...underwhelmed.
  190. Forgot afternoon snack - WWYD?
  191. How do deal with not feeling "full"
  192. PMS got the better of me last night
  193. Does your stomach really "shrink"?
  194. Chocolate Dilemma!!!!!!
  195. Resisting the cupcake....
  196. Anybody get divorced after weight loss? Warning long!
  197. Sharing my method of beating mindless eating
  198. Frustrated because I can't eat Fruit due to Intersticial Cystitis
  199. Support needed
  200. Too few calories or just impatien?
  201. "Fat people don't brush their teeth" and other infuriating comments. GRR!!!
  202. How do you stay motivated?
  203. Are the synthetic chemicals really that terrible?
  204. Quite proud actually :)
  205. Is anyone else surprised by how cheap it is to eat healthy?
  206. I think my diet may be making me unhappy
  207. Why Men Might Lose Weight More Easily
  208. How do you plan?
  209. I'm new..
  210. How did I get fat?
  211. Things that weigh as much as you lost!
  212. Fell Off...
  213. I can't understand how he feels.
  214. Mixed feelings about nearing milestone - 100lbs
  215. Do you feel like new people you meet don't really know you?
  216. amount of protein and fiber
  217. Two Scales, Two Numbers
  218. Did you notice a difference with strength training?
  219. "It doesn't hurt to be active".
  220. So proud of DH!
  221. Afraid of His Comments
  222. anyone else feel like their goal isn't possible?
  223. weight change lag time
  224. All the success stories have me in tears!
  225. Expensive NSV!
  226. When to expect a weight loss slow down?
  227. Is it rude to offer food as a gift or gesture?
  228. Gob Smacked
  229. NSV I inspired someone!
  230. What are you most looking forward to about loosing weight?
  231. Back on the wagon....again!
  232. NSV/problem
  233. Critique my typical day
  234. Things I hate AND love about my body (NOT weight related)
  235. Calorie counting and burning calories
  236. where is it?
  237. This woman is really an inspiration...
  238. Oops
  239. What am I missing
  240. Everyone Weigh in 03/19/10
  241. scale anxiety
  242. Question about stretch marks for people who've met their goal
  243. Now why did I do that...??
  244. Does anyone else HATE talking about weight?
  245. How much do I weigh? :/
  246. Suggestions please...
  247. Do you ever feel bad...
  248. Dreams, subconscious, life changing?
  249. Are you suprised by how you are treated now?
  250. How to tell someone off who won't STOP with the comments