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  1. How do you get over the evening munchies?
  2. Height
  3. Weekend Binging--How can I avoid it?
  4. Trying to get back on the wagon!
  5. Weight and Dating
  6. Weight Loss = Acne?
  7. How is this possible?
  8. Lost the same 4 lbs at least 5 times!!!
  9. First mini-goal set!
  10. Seeing people after gaining weight?
  11. Physical Goals
  12. I have a confession: I'm scared
  13. Talk me into taking "Before" Pictures
  14. Is caffeine your friend or foe during weight loss?
  15. My grandma passed away
  16. Nutrition info for McDonalds Oatmeal?
  17. Stress without the stress-eating
  18. Different scales at different Y branches
  19. Vitamins
  20. Help!
  21. Should I Change My Weight Goal?
  22. Will 1 Meal Affect Weight Loss?
  23. I can't get motivated!!!!
  24. Kids!!!
  25. Re-evaluating
  26. advice for a heathy roast dinner
  27. I'm Just Going to Say It!
  28. Confession: I value poor eating over my children and husband.
  29. Scale malfunction?
  30. Help, help, help... I'm GAINING weight!
  31. I (RE)Learned An Uncomfortable Lesson Today
  32. Wheres my energy?
  33. Less weight loss as closer to goal weight, more noticeable?
  34. My confession time.
  35. Survived my vacation...and lost three pounds!
  36. Weight Loss in a New Environment?
  37. Everyone Weigh in 01/22/10
  38. Weight Loss Rules for College
  39. Accidental Vegitarian?
  40. obsessed with the scales and angry
  41. I'm tired of not sleeping!
  42. Yikes, Family Portraits
  43. Need HELP! Getting frustrated
  44. On transformation
  45. Caught by surprise by a not-so-old picture
  46. Book Lists
  47. I'm ready to this, and I'm doing it for me! :)
  48. Yoga on rest day?
  49. My Realistic Motivation---What's Yours?
  50. Im New Here!!! Help!! Lol
  51. First Half A stone Off yey
  52. non-diet based weight loss books?
  53. Three Whole Pies!!!
  54. I did it...
  55. Schadenfreude and weight goals
  56. Just a painful note!
  57. I am confused re: diet and exercise combined versus diet alone
  58. My boss!! (venting, please bear with me!)
  59. sugar?
  60. Do any of you do this own your own?
  61. Sabotaging my own efforts - frustrated!
  62. Metabolism Question
  63. To brighten your day...
  64. How to Get Started
  65. Favorite Healthy Snack?
  66. Geez, the things some people say..
  67. Not sure why...
  68. Stretch marks on face
  69. Not sure what to do
  70. I Can't Seem To Get Control
  71. Posting this for accountability!
  72. Rethinking my goal
  73. My mini goal
  74. Do you think Soda is really terrible?
  75. Scale going up and down, up and down.. *dizzy*
  76. New Scale problems
  77. Food you thought you couldn't live without...
  78. How do I love ME??? *Long*
  79. Grumble/Whine/Vent
  80. Day 1 Success!
  81. Does anyone else have problems with being hungry in the evening?
  82. just a happy brag
  83. Thoughts about pretzels???
  84. Can I lose 30 lbs in 2months??
  85. Am I ok or do I need to adjust? Had nasty cold
  86. Somebody Anybody Help Me Pls
  87. One Week Down!!!
  88. Didn't think I could actually do it, but....
  89. I'm so fustrated.
  90. Anyone whose spouse follows a different plan?
  91. Argh, gonna jump off the wagon!
  92. Scale suggestions?
  93. How much weight loss will show a change in measurements?
  94. Starting over...again
  95. Those of you who have lost 50lbs+ -- What's your secret?
  96. Should I eat popcorn again?
  97. Uh oh! An urge to be FULL!
  98. ITT We post our biggest 2010 cheat and what we learned
  99. Back in the saddle again..
  100. Am I doing something wrong?
  101. I'm back again with more questions lol!
  102. Starting over
  103. Does Biggest Loser Send Wrong Message??
  104. Everyone Weigh in 01/15/10
  105. Confused..Need Help..
  106. Is losing weight fast bad??
  107. Good God HELP ME!
  108. Stupid work food-pushers!
  109. i needd a distraction/moivation
  110. Looking for advice!
  111. So what was "it" for you?
  112. Replacing chairs with exercise balls
  113. havent done anything since MAY... :(
  114. These last TEN pounds..... grrrr.
  115. Hate Working Out
  116. Scale Blues
  117. Frame Size And Ideal Weight
  118. Going Back to college lifestyle. TERRIFIED!
  119. Panic! Girls Night Out tomorrow!
  120. Do you keep clothes that no longer fit?
  121. I think I can
  122. Have you called Goal but your weight is above the recommended weight for your height?
  123. Book: The End of Overeating
  124. Not at Goal yet,question for those who are
  125. Drinking coffee instead of eating?
  126. Need my week 2 motivation!
  127. How did you determine your goal weight?
  128. I WONT Emotionally Eat! I WONT! :/
  129. I’m Terrified…
  130. Things I need to admit
  131. Start Of Day 3
  132. Scales = grr! :)
  133. Some input needed
  134. Am I At The Plateau Stage?
  135. I'm back (with progress pics)... but I don't know what I need
  136. Looking for extreme weight loss buddy!!!!
  137. PLEASE HELP, I Need Some Motivation!!
  138. Really struggling - can't stop crying
  139. How do you stay motivated?
  140. macronutrients, satarvation mode, etc
  141. Positive Changes
  142. Today's weight loss on CNN
  143. Why Do I Eat So Much?:(
  144. Something Clicked/Snapped
  145. Ridiculously off-plan today
  146. 7th Day & Let Me Tell YOU......oh & don't laugh at my "rewards" ok???lol
  147. How many calories? Which formula to use?
  148. Change of lifestyle seems to be working
  149. What's up with my Scale?
  150. Help please!!!!
  151. cutting sugar
  152. Not losing!!!
  153. Trip 2 Monterey, CA
  154. I can't eat enough!
  155. Healthy food on the go?
  156. Headaches all week
  157. [..........] (Or... Insert witty title here.)
  158. Yes I know I'm Silly But Does Anyone Else....
  159. Pain is My Friend Right??? HA I'm not thinking that Have a Few Questions!!!
  160. Gah! Tomorrow is the day! Watch out for those little devils!
  161. Everyone Weigh in 01/08/10
  162. Clothing I will and won't wear
  163. What I've learned
  164. pictures of yourself
  165. a pretty awesome NSV :)
  166. Mini Goal Advice
  167. Keep in perspective - health vs. a number!
  168. "new"ish here! Looking for some Buddies!
  169. Exerciseophobia :)
  170. 'It's Easy -- Just Eat Less': How do you respond to that?
  171. How do you stay positive?
  172. Support In San Diego, CA?
  173. Is there anyone who DOES NOT count calories?
  174. Starting over today
  175. Slap in the Face!
  176. Time to start up again!
  177. I have selected my 75 pounds lost reward
  178. Help me fight the FAST FOOD!
  179. How many calories do you eat a day?
  180. Any problem with tea???
  181. Ideal Weight or Happy Weight? How Much Should You Weigh?
  182. lil help please.
  183. I AM SO ANGRY....And I thought I was Being "Good" errrrrrrgggggggggg
  184. My 2nd mini goal
  185. cheesecake factory?
  186. I survived fast food!
  187. The First Step is the Hardest
  188. sabotage
  189. Start today; you won't regret it, I promise
  190. encouragement
  191. Weight of potential guy? advice please
  192. valentine goal
  193. bad day:(
  194. Close to goal and about to break.... help.
  195. Away from Home and Routine
  196. I'm SO Angry BUT Just Have to say WHATEVER and Move Forward
  197. Going back to work and very nervous!!
  198. What to do when a significant other wants you to lose weight too?
  199. Anddd I'm back!
  200. weigh, measure, counting....
  201. Strech Marks???
  202. Lookig for Detox Tips
  203. Scale Says No No After Weight Training?
  204. Excuses Begone?!
  205. Satisfied, not horrified with starting weight!?!
  206. Problems with the time of day I exercise?
  207. Let's Try This Weight Loss Thing Together
  208. Family Not Supportive of Weight Loss!
  209. Starting With a Personal Trainer on Wednesday .....Has Anyone Else Gone This Route
  210. Exhausted After Working Out
  211. "It's not too bad for me..."
  212. i need a weightloss friend....
  213. Everyone Weigh in 01/01/10
  214. New Years with a little "Whoosh"!
  215. Holiday Indulgences
  216. Jan 1st....time to finally lose it
  217. Help!! What diet would be best for me?
  218. Today is the beggining!
  219. Christmas sinner back on track
  220. Happy New Year Chickies!
  221. Goals and Treats
  222. subconscious brain
  223. 2 yrs post baby...
  224. any success stories with calorie counting HELP
  225. After goal, will you like your old pictures?
  226. Almost 7 lbs in 1 1/2 - 2 weeks?!
  227. Do you eat below your BMR (basal metabolic rate)?
  228. Yay! Jean size NSV
  229. What do you do with the clothes you've shrunk out of?
  230. New scale!
  231. I'm so proud of everyone here :)
  232. What have you learned about yourself after all these yrs?
  233. Help me get through this day
  234. Questin...
  235. NSV... right place to post?
  236. Review my menu
  237. Detoxing after the holidays.. and feeling ill?
  238. I am sure you have heard this before!
  239. Thank You RockinRobin for the Inspiration!
  240. Gaining weight on 1200 calories??
  241. Gained 5lbs!!
  242. To Lose 10 lbs in a month
  243. Weight loss commercials
  244. i think maybe I'm broken
  245. 17lbs in 6 weeks:Too Much?
  246. What is the first you did...?
  247. Do You Use New Years?
  248. Hunger vs. Stress/emotions
  249. Time to Set Some Serious Goals
  250. Where do you eat?