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  1. Fell Off...
  2. I can't understand how he feels.
  3. Mixed feelings about nearing milestone - 100lbs
  4. Do you feel like new people you meet don't really know you?
  5. amount of protein and fiber
  6. Two Scales, Two Numbers
  7. Did you notice a difference with strength training?
  8. "It doesn't hurt to be active".
  9. So proud of DH!
  10. Afraid of His Comments
  11. anyone else feel like their goal isn't possible?
  12. weight change lag time
  13. All the success stories have me in tears!
  14. Expensive NSV!
  15. When to expect a weight loss slow down?
  16. Is it rude to offer food as a gift or gesture?
  17. Gob Smacked
  18. NSV I inspired someone!
  19. What are you most looking forward to about loosing weight?
  20. Back on the wagon....again!
  21. NSV/problem
  22. Critique my typical day
  23. Things I hate AND love about my body (NOT weight related)
  24. Calorie counting and burning calories
  25. where is it?
  26. This woman is really an inspiration...
  27. Oops
  28. What am I missing
  29. Everyone Weigh in 03/19/10
  30. scale anxiety
  31. Question about stretch marks for people who've met their goal
  32. Now why did I do that...??
  33. Does anyone else HATE talking about weight?
  34. How much do I weigh? :/
  35. Suggestions please...
  36. Do you ever feel bad...
  37. Dreams, subconscious, life changing?
  38. Are you suprised by how you are treated now?
  39. How to tell someone off who won't STOP with the comments
  40. Do you ever forget you've lost weight...
  41. Does knowing calorie counts ruin eating some things for you?
  42. Which temptation have you given in to today?
  43. Anyone ever had people tell you this?
  44. Am I doing too much????
  45. What got you there?
  46. Love/Hate Relationship With My Cycle
  47. I got my ticker . . . and a calorie question
  48. Dear Food.
  49. The Best Advice I Ever Got...
  50. Transitioning to day work?
  51. Had a mini 'binge' the last few days
  52. Headaches and feel sick - coincidence?
  53. mom died, gained 11 pounds
  54. I Didn't Say Anything
  55. When I eat right.. my head is clear...
  56. so hungry! What to do?
  57. At What Weight Did You Start To Look "Normal"
  58. Weighing daily...changed my whole perspective
  59. What kind of scale do you have?
  60. Weight Watcher's Conair Scale
  61. I need to re-set my stomach on Daylight Savings Time
  62. I so fell off the wagon... getting back on, any advice? ie detox? jump start, etc?
  63. Lose more weight? You have GOT to be kidding me!!!
  64. New girl in town
  65. Can it be a mini-mini goal?
  66. Dairy and Gluten Allergy
  67. Fear of Reaching Goal...
  68. I think I'm going to abandon the scale for a while
  69. 5'-5" in your early 30's, what's your goal weight?
  70. Anyone's goal lower than their lowest?
  71. Family thinks I'm dying cause I've lost weight
  72. This is it
  73. Going on Vacation...
  74. Superskinny, Thin, Voluptuous or Heavy Set??
  75. Thanks are in order.....
  76. i just can't bring myself to like salads. help?
  77. Not a pear, or an apple or an hour-glass?
  78. No weight loss for me
  79. Do you still look overweight at a size 12?
  80. Question for the Pears Out There!
  81. How to be around people who just don't care?
  82. Weight loss while Sick
  83. herbalife users
  84. anyone ever waited out a plateau?
  85. Everyone Weigh in 03/12/10
  86. I'm a NORMAL WEIGHT!!!
  87. Should I take credit for it? Strange question
  88. Almost there...
  89. Just not feeling it today..I don't want to count
  90. Surgery Aftermath..
  91. Goal weight?
  92. I may have cracked some ribs!
  93. emotional eater
  94. hurt, and I want pizza.
  95. typical day, advice please
  96. Inches instead of weight--how to judge results?
  97. Just sayin hi!
  98. Mom is in Total Denial & Sabotaging (Vent!)
  99. Are you or were you in the 200's..where r u now
  100. Birthday? No, it's BirthWEEK!
  101. Chinese Cheat Day
  102. Exercise is Pointles...So They Say!
  103. Food dreams?
  104. Why are the last pounds so dang hard?????
  105. Re-reading old posts and just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone!
  106. Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of My Life. . .
  107. OT - TMI Girl Issue (Ladies Only, Please)
  108. Lower Stomach
  109. Suggestions Please! Doing it alone....
  110. Seriously ...
  111. Is this body dysmorphia... losing 3-4 dress sizes & feeling worse than ever?
  112. Any and All advice and suggestions welcome!!
  113. Salt: I've decided to!
  114. treating myself
  115. Successful Weekend!
  116. What do you keep on hand?
  117. Nsv!!!
  118. Reasons
  119. Anyone a little afraid of reaching their goal?
  120. Fess up what size are you (170-180lbs)
  121. What size do you think I'll be at goal?
  122. Does anyone else go back and forth
  123. Discouraged & frustrated
  124. I joined my family & went south on weekend. Ugh!
  125. I just can't stop looking in the mirrior!
  126. Since losing weight what are you happy you don't have to do anymore...
  127. Oops...
  128. GARRR! Time for my Yearly Rant.
  129. Do you ever cheat on purpose?
  130. Three months left! Help!
  131. Does anyone have any tips for cravings in the evening??
  132. Everyone Weigh in 03/05/10
  133. how come i'm not losing any weight :(
  134. Energy Boost WITHOUT Bad Foods?
  135. Super Rant.....sorry
  136. 40 pounds in 4 months?? Is this possible???
  137. Hello everyone!
  138. For Those that Have Reached Goal
  139. What are you most looking forward to?
  140. Im confused
  141. Anyone else think they'll look worse in a bathing suit after weight loss?
  142. Snack Food Alternatives
  143. this is lame on my part, but I need support
  144. I feel proud of myself because...
  145. I feel trouble brewing!!
  146. Is it possible to lose 40lbs in 4 months?
  147. TOM question =/
  148. The Anti-Diet?
  149. Does this help?
  150. My first plateau :( advice and support?
  151. Eating with a cold?
  152. Any tips??
  153. Do you measure EVERYTHING??
  154. Vacation support
  155. Need some honest opinions about progress (pics)?
  156. Knee Injury Rant
  157. Day One...
  158. Agar Agar and Weight/Appetite Control
  159. Motivation...
  160. No matter what you think about Kirstie Ally...
  161. Fat Day- I need support
  162. Facing the hunger
  163. ~~March~~ Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome!
  164. Office work
  165. weight gain - switching BC
  166. Self sabotage? Food obsessed? FRUSTRATED!
  167. Down playing (Rant warning)
  168. Your favourite treats and how you eat them?
  169. Feeling worthless... advice?
  170. What diet or "new way of eating" has worked for you?
  171. Help...Need a support group
  172. Grocery store NSV!
  173. Can someone please critique my planned day tommorow...
  174. Stuck 25 pounds away from goal, will hitch hike...
  175. I'm not sure where to put this, but it's a question...
  176. Injury, sad, disappointed :-(
  177. Burst my bubble
  178. Please help!
  179. Not Smoking
  180. Exercise Rewards
  181. Everyone Weigh in 02/26/10
  182. struggling.
  183. getting sick?
  184. I am just not motivated.
  185. I need help...
  186. Buying a smaller size... would you?
  187. For those of you who have weird bra sizes!!!
  188. How often do you weigh yourself?
  189. Wow! Not much burn today...
  190. Totally a flunkie
  191. Food Journaling
  192. Dense Fat vs. non-Dense Fat
  193. Understanding Her
  194. I'm so proud of myself!
  195. Fat now linked to pollution?
  196. Watching a friend regain the weight
  197. "Only 5% of people who lose weight..."
  198. Coworker just embarassed me...I don't have a freaking eating disorder...
  199. Why can't I see a difference?
  200. Cake Lust
  201. What are your top tip?
  202. Evening Pig Outs
  203. I can't be the only one...
  204. At a standstill and I feel awful!
  205. Have you ever worked out so hard that you...
  206. Does planning ever get you down...
  207. Going from being "The Girl Who Lost Weight" to "The New Skinny Girl"
  208. Ow! My aching...
  209. How do you feel about blogging/tweeting your journey?
  210. Weight loss and losing friends?
  211. ARGH!!!! Want to hit something (maybe my scale)
  212. First mini-goal!
  213. Stalled during second week? Please help!
  214. Should I weigh in with or without clothes?
  215. Discouraged :(
  216. getting closer, but still worried
  217. I'm almost there :)
  218. **New** Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome!
  219. WOW! Averaging weigh-ins!
  220. I gained five pounds in two days!!
  221. How real is BMI?
  222. Have you ever waken up feeling thin?
  223. I have about 5 months, how can I do it?
  224. Back and totally rededicated......
  225. Thai food, Help!
  226. Curbing the urge...
  227. Everyone Weigh in 02/19/10
  228. Something So Little Can Feel SO Good!
  229. HELP! Getting Back on the Wagon?
  230. Thank You 3FC!
  231. Fast Food - to do or not to do?
  232. Since you started your journey, has your reaction to food changed?
  233. How often do you weigh yourself?
  234. Tales from the Dumb Zone...
  235. having an awful time, low carb or low calorie?
  236. Anyone else doing the INSANITY DVDs?
  237. I'm going to be in a wedding! (SHUDDER)
  238. Hit a rut, need a push
  239. Under 100lbs to go!
  240. Read this if you turn to food for comfort
  241. Help, had a really hard day!
  242. My mini - goals
  243. Starting ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!
  244. What if my "goal" is still "fat"?
  245. Plateau Help
  246. Healthy Diet and a Diet Pill combo?
  247. So…speaking of annoying things people can say…lol (kinda long)
  248. I had NO idea there were so many
  249. Competition At Work
  250. Weight Loss is SO SLOW.....Winter is KILLER.....SO DOWN!!!!