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  1. tips for those of us stuck behind desks all day!
  2. It always seems to go from great to nothing!
  3. Just Wondering What Everyone Thinks
  4. does anyone else need to recommit?
  5. Aerobics anyone?
  6. Feeling my old ways creeping in
  7. I was doing so well but lately...
  8. Thoughts on this "rewards" system for weight loss?
  9. Please help me feel empowered... I need to lose 50 lbs.
  10. I did it! With thanks to Vixsin...
  11. Does everyone think your obsessive?
  12. My Mini Goal
  13. Self-saboteurs out there?
  14. I just had to and I'm glad I did!
  15. Curious About Exercise Problems
  16. I wanna be at goal, I wanna be at goal!
  17. Anyone's goal in the higher range to keep the girls
  18. Holy Cow 33%BF now I wonder what I was!
  19. An Idea To Help Stay On Plan Turned Into A Horrifying Wake Up Call!! (very long)
  20. Sewing NSV
  21. Thank you 3FC for being here tonight
  22. I lost 5 lbs...know what mine says?
  23. Should I or Shouldn't I
  24. How to stay thin?
  25. Boost diabetic?
  26. Everyone Weigh in 05/14/10
  27. Extremely confused !
  28. Loving yourself
  29. How much could I possibly lose this summer?
  30. lifestyle change - scheduling ideas?
  31. Does tea affect your weight loss?
  32. When you don't fit in with your family
  33. frustrating puzzle/riddle.
  34. Hilarious Nsv
  35. I'm over this scale...
  36. Your thoughts on frequent small meals?
  37. Scale WILL NOT Budge!!!
  38. Guess my size
  39. Has anyone had/is having CBT with a therapist to deal with binge eating?
  40. What do you do when you've been bad?
  41. A few more questions about calories in vs. calories out etc
  42. Nervous & Excited to visit family
  43. Help... please... teen here... so be nice...
  44. Debating Ideal Protien Diet
  45. I need to lose, she needs to gain...
  46. To Me, From Me
  47. A few random questions about food and BMI vs body fat
  48. OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!! (long, sorry, total rant!)
  49. Job interview. Worst possible time.
  50. Pedometers
  51. Dad Didn't Notice My Weight Loss...Doesn't Notice Me...Will it Always Matter So Much?
  52. Breaking the cycle of "comfort eating"
  53. When others "know" more than your doctor does
  54. I just give up.
  55. So tired of the comments...
  56. Doc says "no more weight loss"
  57. Gained back 10lbs - now more insecure than ever
  58. motivational sayings!
  59. Mini-Mini goal!
  60. Looking for a website
  61. Meds and weight loss
  62. I Can Make It This Time
  63. I'm going to miss the weight loss process
  64. Eat This, Not That!
  65. Shifting Body Perception
  66. I did my first 5K!!!!!!!
  67. Tom
  68. Working hard and the scale hardly even moving
  69. going in circles
  70. How do you determine the difference between hunger and appetite?
  71. Dealing with other large people
  72. Calorie Intake
  73. Horrible Weekend
  74. It's so hard this time!
  75. Possibly eating enough calories
  76. One month today
  77. Need support....bad two weeks!!!
  78. How to shift focus?
  79. Is 3FC therapy for anyone else?
  80. Sometimes, I wish he just wouldn't say anything!
  81. Mother's Day buffet
  82. My SO brought home fast food...
  83. Anyone else suprised at what size they are?
  84. Been working for this day for 4yrs and 5 months...
  85. need ideas for eating ate night, after work
  86. Going Gluten free and still trying to lose weight....
  87. NO support whatsoever...
  88. HELP! Used up my calories on cookies & crackers
  89. Setting Goals
  90. Back On The Wagon Again...
  91. Holding Myself Accountable
  92. Weight Gain Anxiety
  93. Cold & hungry!
  94. Has Anyone Tried This???????
  95. My First 5k
  96. Measure, measure, measure...
  97. Do your significant others know about your 3fc addiction lol?
  98. I need some reassurance...
  99. Everyone Weigh in 05/07/10
  100. Binge eating makes me mad !
  101. Hey, everyone! How was your eating/excercise/life today?
  102. I need some support, ladies! I'm feeling discouraged!
  103. Let's say goodbye to the 170's
  104. Eating Slowly
  105. Changed my goal...
  106. Nicotine gum, caffeine & weight loss
  107. Weight gain?
  108. "before" pictures
  109. hello I'm new and..
  110. Gah!
  111. Anyone ever been embarrassed for their signifcant other b/c of your weight?
  112. *Sigh* I hate it when this happens...
  113. Everything that can go wrong is
  114. Heading into the "home stretch" and unsure about my goal
  115. Are digital or analog scales more accurate?
  116. Tense Stomach - A weird thing I've noticed I've been doing
  117. Doctor's Office NSV! (And sort of SV)
  118. Help
  119. I dream of smaller boobs!
  120. Why do my legs look different?
  121. Height
  122. Hunger and WW
  123. cellulite
  124. water count
  125. Symptoms of Fat Loss
  126. Gained this week- but looking at the big picture
  127. OneADay Woman's Active Metabolism
  128. Anyone else have or have had a night eating problem?
  129. venting out...
  130. Disappointment at reaching goals?
  131. Calling all Voluptuous ladies. Let's lose INCHES
  132. Weight + Measurement Fluctuations?
  133. What body parts are you suprised with?
  134. Strength training and weight loss
  135. Overly Ambitious
  136. Hmm, my scale is lying to me!
  137. Anybody else here never feel full?
  138. Heelllpppp!!!
  139. Good Mini Goals & Bicycle Car Racks
  140. When you eat too much, ladies...
  141. Did I really gain 6 pounds in 2 days?
  142. Breaking through plateau
  143. How to decide on a final goal weight?
  144. Question about a night of drinking!
  145. Kick Procrastination in the month of May!
  146. Our perception of overweight
  147. I want to try C25K but I feel weird doing it alone :(
  148. Weight loss mess! Advice needed...
  149. What should I try instead (not losing weight)
  150. Tell me to go to the gym!
  151. wieght loss during wedding season
  152. Alternative to chips?
  153. MAY is a BIG month for me.
  154. Confused
  155. 10 pounds in one day?? Really??
  156. I just cleaned out my closet - NSV
  157. Time to recommit...again...MOTIVATE!
  158. Losing weight DID make me happy!
  159. Tubal Ligation
  160. I really need some advice.
  161. ~~May~~ Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome!
  162. so this is my first diet in a looooooooooonnng time..
  163. I Survived My Cousin's Bat Mitzvah!
  164. Can fat girls say fat?
  165. Dieting without exercising?
  166. Giving up my scale habit!!!
  167. Taking a break???
  168. Avoiding the scale til goal...should I do it?
  169. A LITTLE INSPIRATION! (then maybe share some...)
  170. Warning...overly dramatic post
  171. Since I started exercising I have hunger problems!?!
  172. My Weight Loss Journey: Support needed to stay on track!
  173. Everyone Weigh in 04/30/10
  174. i need help. do i keep going or quit?
  175. Some advise on picking goal weight
  176. Wrinkled feet/toes?
  177. Brand new! Lemme hear your stories!
  178. Why does this always happen??
  179. Are you or were you a Size 16 &18?
  180. Sports bras for busty chicks
  181. Overeaters Anyonomous
  182. Should I include this in my exercise calorie burning count?
  183. I've Gained 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks...BUMMED
  184. "Don't be afraid of any food," it said...
  185. Busy moms-how DO you do it?
  186. After losing 35 lbs
  187. Losing one pound at a time?
  188. Why Am I Not Losing Weight?!?!
  189. Do you think its Possible???
  190. My wife and I were featured in Woman's day :)
  191. Anyone here diet without "dieting"?
  192. 18 pounds until mini goal
  193. I don't understand how I let myself go.
  194. Ugh!
  195. I took my first trip to the gym today.
  196. Ugh! Why did I let myself get so flippin' fat?!?
  197. What do you do when you're sick?
  198. How can you tell when you're bloated?
  199. When did it slow down for you?
  200. Help!
  201. Ever feel like you'll never be satisfied?
  202. New Habits having a Positive Affect on Others
  203. Help... How do I get my weight moving again?
  204. How nice of her... :shrug:
  205. Flip flopping body image...
  206. I feel so awful!
  207. I can't do this alone anymore.
  208. Does anyone else get sick when they work out?
  209. how did you get over being scared to go to the gym?
  210. Why can i not keep my appetite in check?!?!?
  211. 5 pounds lost in a week?
  212. Mini-Goals (Reached or not)
  213. Did you tell?
  214. General Question....
  215. 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight
  216. Skin problem (TMI alert) Dark skin = insulin issues?
  217. How could I be so stupid?!
  218. What to do at a Kiddush Luncheon?
  219. The fear of gaining it back
  220. Ugh! I've literally been starving ALL day!
  221. How do you stay humble?
  222. "Weekend Calories May Wreck Your Diet"
  223. Realized I am only 1 lb from not being overweight for BMI!!
  224. i'm so stressed out
  225. Everyone Weigh in 04/23/10
  226. Daily Victories! What are you proud of today?
  227. Weight Loss Goal- Eeek!
  228. Little Goal for Tomorrow (or is your here early today!)
  229. someone please kick my butt
  230. Alcohol. Wine, beer, booze. YUM!
  231. Too much attention from guys?
  232. i can't seem to stop and think when i eat
  233. Please Tell Me It's Possible to Get Back on Track...Please!
  234. How do you stop the cycle?
  235. Weight Loss?
  236. Not sure where to put this...
  237. If you need encouragement....
  238. Boredom eating - need help
  239. What happened????
  240. What did you resist today?
  241. Still confused
  242. Little Rant About Family
  243. Setting Mini-Goals?
  244. Finally.......
  245. Did not pack any food, what to do?
  246. Please tell me they go away!!!!
  247. Anyone else "not believe" when they lose weight?
  248. Alll Aboard: Next Stop ONE-DERLAND!!
  249. Measure=proof of loss
  250. I eat like an obese person...