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  1. How many lbs before you went down a ring size?
  2. I saw a commercial about a drink that burns more calories.....
  3. Making special orders and requests at restaurants?
  4. Is anyone else like me?
  5. Post workout nutrition
  6. How can I fit exercise in my busy day when I get all gross and sweaty??
  7. How much weight can I lose in 7 weeks?
  8. One step forward, two steps back... now... to step forward again.
  9. Has anyone lost weight without exercising?
  10. Accountibility, I took the weekend "off"
  11. Someone slap me please?
  12. Powerbars on occasion. Good idea or Bad idea?
  13. jumping in
  14. Do You Sometimes Feel Like a Know-It-All?
  15. The Good Life
  16. Alright...I'm getting tired of buying new clothes
  17. Wake Up Call - The Journey Begins
  18. Calorie Counting ???
  19. So I finally looked at the scale...
  20. Yea! I'm havin Papa Murphys Tonite!
  21. Low-cal proteins/fats?
  22. Summer sucks.
  23. Buddy for first week blues (and beyond?)
  24. dieting takes the joy out of date night....
  25. PROOF that my weight loss efforts are WORKING
  26. Preparing to weigh myself post vacation!
  27. Question about SparkPeople: Nutrition Section
  28. Everyone Weigh in 06/25/10
  29. It finally happened!!!!
  30. i'm so ashamed of myself
  31. i REALLY want Panda Express :(
  32. Is it ALWAYS bad to skip breakfast?
  33. I'm Having An Off-Plan Meal Tonight...
  34. "You Shouldn't Lose Anymore"
  35. i'm already getting discouraged
  36. He has noticed...
  37. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers and Meat Portions
  38. Slowed weight loss= motivation killer
  39. 3 days of restaurant food! AHHHHH
  40. Up 2 lbs?????
  41. Give me permission...finding a balance
  42. his making it so dam hard!
  43. It's looking like another 0 week....
  44. ~~Resisting the Temptation~~ thread!
  45. Depressed & Unmotivated :(
  46. I need a challenge!
  47. Not liking your figure...
  48. Weigh in's ???????
  49. What makes you unique?
  50. Constipation ! Sorry if TMI.....
  51. Talk me down- I am TICKED!!!
  52. Just the basics, please!
  53. people that didn't like you fat...
  54. I don't want to whine, but...
  55. Biggest Roadblock to Losing Weight
  56. Doomed for failure?
  57. Hfcs
  58. Weird lower back pain
  59. Snacks on plane
  60. I'm stuck on 2olbs
  61. Okay, so when does the scale start to move?
  62. I need sleep :(
  63. too much to handle the diet :(
  64. Why did I eat that?! (Kinda Humorous)
  65. Feeling great!
  66. I have lost 22lbs in only one week!
  67. Help with constipation, TMI
  68. So it's been a whole year...
  69. Are people nicer to you?
  70. Panicking about visit to Florida
  71. Wanting to say Thanks
  72. Stuck And Hungry
  73. I almost lost control today :(
  74. Creating a goal!
  75. Normal BMI
  76. I would have never guessed you weighed that much
  77. Remotivation Tip
  78. staying on track while travelling
  79. First Day of Summer - and how do you stay motivated
  80. discouragement...
  81. What's your preferred state of mind for weight loss?
  82. Weekend let down
  83. Too thin at ideal weight range?
  84. Thinking of running a 5k.. but
  85. getting back on track...
  86. Hmmmm weird?
  87. Seeing a Doctor -- Help?
  88. BF rant...(long)
  89. Losing weight in unexpected places?
  90. being fat and always wanting to cover
  91. Who would have thought s
  92. I've been getting the best comments lately
  93. ***Im 180 pounds and still size 16!!!!*****
  94. Progress! So excited.
  95. To all you book worms out there
  96. Okay...what do you do about BACK FAT?!?!
  97. Bikini or no bikini that is the question.
  98. I'm always jumping off the wagon.
  99. HUGE problem, kinda scary, please help! (long)
  100. Time for me to only care about me. Right??
  101. Everyone Weigh in 06/18/10
  102. Please Help!--Have you ever felt this way?
  103. skipping this week
  104. Two more pounds down... that's seven total!!
  105. I QUIT - UPDATE - Meal Plan Tweaks
  106. Sorry another happy post :)
  107. Omg im starting to see my collar bone
  108. Hot weather after weight loss
  109. Grrr..
  110. I quit didn't mean my goal how do I start over?
  111. Week One Accomplishments
  112. Need advice about my upper arms!
  113. So weird...
  114. Totally bummed
  115. Discouraged and question about sleep???
  116. I QUIT, how to transition to maintenance and still lose a little more?
  117. I'm in the ones! Almost 40 lbs.!
  118. When does weight loss show?
  119. Overindulging
  120. Starvation Mode
  121. Ever been told you're "obsessed?"
  122. Hair loss an weightloss?
  123. DH was accepted to a weight loss program
  124. Vacation... and stuff.
  125. *BLEEP*ing Scales!!
  126. Clothing makes all the difference.... or .... First compliment
  127. Vent - DH and weight loss
  128. I'm On Fire!
  129. Some advice needed for the next five weeks....
  130. Stuck.
  131. How vs. Why
  132. I fit into a size 24 today :) And something to make you chuckle
  133. After losing 15 pounds, i'm stuck at the same weight....****
  134. It WORKS!
  135. It IS attainable! It's starting to sink in!
  136. Youtube weight loss update!
  138. "Increase" your calories...
  139. 3 days away from semi-annual weigh in- help?
  140. Is It True????......
  141. Out of breath
  142. IF you gain during TOM...
  143. Now I'm sleep walking and eating?!
  144. Do you ever feel like it's all futile?
  145. Teetering!
  146. Dieting for the first time
  147. My dad is showing an interest in me, finally.
  148. That time of the month :(
  149. At my goal will i still be classed "overweight" or "normal"
  150. Personal trainers :(
  151. Can't get my head around it...
  152. ***Yesterday... I got a break!!!
  153. How much weight would you say I've lost??
  154. Blech...
  155. Measurements went UP??!!
  156. Do you ever use cleanses to jump start?
  157. My first mini goal!
  158. I'm up two pounds.. or am I? Hmm.
  159. Does grace come with weight loss... or am I stuck a klutz forever?
  160. ***I hate when someone ask me if im pregnant just because im fat!!!
  161. 1lb away from goal for the month!! yay
  162. Neither Gained Nor Lost
  163. who decided 1200 calories was the end all be all for EVERYONE?
  164. How many days do you exercise?
  165. Stay the course?
  166. It's pulling me down :(
  167. The Flu! :(
  168. I have questions..
  169. Are these abs?
  170. Does Anyone Else Feel Like Weight Loss Has Affected Your Sexuality?
  171. TOM and regularity with weight loss? Depo?
  172. ARGH!!.... apparently I have a belly problem.....
  173. OMG I need to vent
  174. Holy crap.............just weighed in
  175. Vanity- Help!!!!
  176. Why do you do it?
  177. Update: Entering maintenance!
  178. Everyone Weigh in 06/11/10
  179. Never again will I take my 8 PM run at 7:30...
  180. My Disasterous Trip to Victorias Secret...Then a Binge
  181. Not getting ENOUGH calories?
  182. seeing curves but no numbers.. worried
  183. Same amount of time- good, bad, doesnt matter?
  184. Fitness Tracker!
  185. I am a failure- I can't beat my cravings.
  186. I can't shake this plateau!! Grr..
  187. Question for the Non-Sugar Eaters
  188. Now I realize that I CAN DO THIS!!!!
  189. I finally got my whoosh!!
  190. Need some motivation
  191. I am addicted to sugar...
  192. Late night snacking. Help!
  193. I gained 6lbs OVERNIGHT.
  194. Tall Girls Fav Department Store
  195. I almost cried this morning...
  196. depressing - more weight i lose, more friends i lose
  197. Why do people do this?
  198. What do you call yourself?
  199. Another NSV...
  200. Where do we log weight here?
  201. 7lbs
  202. Finally into the TEENS!!!!!!!!!!
  203. oh no... the weekend is coming
  204. WTH?! GAINED weight?! Help!
  205. Using food to cope
  206. Hello...New Fat Chick Here
  207. Sorta Yeah Sorta Not NSV...
  208. Regular Question, No. 2
  209. Maybe I can accept this body...
  210. I'm starting to forget...
  211. Grief Eating...
  212. It's Officially Official!!!
  213. Nothing in my closet fit!
  214. How do I make myself WANT to lose weight?
  215. Beach Week Fiasco... and unsupportive parents?
  216. Working out but clothes are tighter
  217. Losing weight but not as much inches?
  218. Food as a Replacement
  219. Weight loss success, love life failure
  220. I just outran momma N' herself!
  221. Newbie: I don't want to be fat in 2011!!
  222. Why isn't a 10 enough?
  223. Just venting, but please help me get back on track...
  224. Disgusting mess
  225. What would you do?
  226. Chin
  227. Oh God.. Gained so much over a few years.
  228. UGH! Restaurants...and we wonder why we're obese
  229. need answers on CALORIES AND SWEATING
  230. ***I want to look beautiful by Christmas!!!***
  231. water weight?
  232. i wanna make friends!!!!
  233. A little bit disappointed .... but still in the game!!!
  234. Travel tips
  235. Will 10 lbs really make a difference?
  236. Here's to the second round (or the third, or the fourth...)
  237. Mom's Suggestion for Loose Skin or Flabby Parts...?
  238. Setting my 1st mini goal!!!
  239. Muscle vs fat
  240. I can't do it alone anymore!!!!!
  241. Anyone elses scales go MAD!!!
  242. criticism about your weight loss
  243. What would you do? Scale debacle.
  244. Awh, Dammit! Not again!
  245. Booze...
  246. tips for quitting smoking?
  247. Need a pep talk...
  248. Sugar Rant +how many calories in a starbucks cream americano?
  249. Obsession
  250. Crisis