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  1. Gotta face the scale and learn how to get back on track
  2. Today was my cheat day... hehe...
  3. maybe I figured it out...
  4. The desire to eat when you're not hungry
  5. commiting to healthy style for me
  6. Need support...i cheated today :(
  7. self sabotage: fact or fiction?
  8. What am I doing wrong? (A few questions)
  9. Disappointed in myself
  10. Embarassed, frustrated, sad, angry, etc etc
  11. Best support I can give...get checked for sleep apnea
  12. I can do this!
  13. Would you do the run???
  14. I feel good (like James Brown)
  15. I'm pissed I'm still "overweight"
  16. It's taunting me!
  17. Left in the dust by my Husband.
  18. What would you order from this restaurant?
  19. Scale plays peek a boo
  20. Everyone Weigh in 05/28/10
  21. Am I just being overly sensitive?
  22. My little brother... *sigh*
  23. First Mini Goal
  24. What is wrong with the people...
  25. Others weight loss success
  26. Deprivation - Mindless Eating
  27. Things you have to do now that you're thinner
  28. Am I hungry?
  29. Picked From The STUPID Tree!
  30. Stuck at 168.6
  31. Funny NSV
  32. Somewhere along the line, my backbone was removed (Warning: Rant ahead!)
  33. Annoyed…
  34. QUICK!! Tell me what to do...
  35. Weight loss
  36. NSV. . . eh, not so much
  37. So simple
  38. The Scale - The evil, wicked scale
  39. I Feel At Home
  40. What do you love about yourself?
  41. Follow up on the terrified on men post...ladies tell me what to do!
  42. Effects of Stress on Weight Loss
  43. something I'm proud of...a new habit I'm forming...
  44. I Need Some Links
  45. Round Three: Me vs Stall...FIGHT!
  46. Is there any pattern to your weight loss?
  47. How did you learn portion control?
  48. Do You Know Why You Stop ?
  49. update
  50. My Longtime Beau Lost 100 Lbs and Me..Ugh!
  51. I Just Wanted To Be Normal!
  52. A friend and I... low self esteem, confidence... and weight.
  53. I guess bad days are going all around the place.
  54. 0 lb loss again
  55. Ughhh!!!
  56. The Things I Avoided Today...
  57. My Problem with Intuitive Eating
  58. Dont tell me to stop losing weight!!
  59. Feeling guilty when exercising
  60. Big Whiney Me
  61. today is the the hundredth billion time im pleaing for help
  62. I'm terrified of men!
  63. The fast food was awful!
  64. Mid-Summer BALONEY Snow Cones
  65. Viewpoints of Food?
  66. Medifast
  67. Quit Labeling (Emotional Eater, Binge Eater)
  68. :( I dont weigh less then my bf..anymore..
  69. Sitting around all day just wanting to eat....
  70. Weight Loss Rewards?
  71. My jaw dropped
  72. Want to lose my jelly belly HELPP
  73. Feeling frumpy & low HELPPPP!!!
  74. Food and Weight Loss Obsessed?
  75. Anyone here done this?
  76. Really want to do it this time.
  77. What now? confused.
  78. I realized something....scale related
  79. I hate you TOM - managing cravings?
  80. Eating when hungry
  81. Scale error message
  82. Abdominal Pain - Gallbladder Attack?
  83. Had to Macgyver my pants today...
  84. Fat moving after going to maintenance?
  85. Reminding myself this isn't a competition
  86. Good Morning! - Newbie :))
  87. I don't know what's going on!
  88. Help! I don't want to gain it all back! And I don't know what to do??
  89. Had a yumtastic (naughty) day...
  90. Confession... and a Victory.
  91. My Mom...
  92. Beautiful Bodies
  93. First weekly weigh-in tomorrow.
  94. I'm back.
  95. Weight loss slowing down
  96. The feeling of embarrassment keeping me from exercising?
  97. What do people smaller than me wear?
  98. Just a quick post to let you know the good news :)
  99. Weight Loss Journey and Life Lessons
  100. He done me wrong- stop me from burying my face in McDonalds
  101. Why can't I tell the weight where to come from?
  102. Attack!! Wanna jettison 5 pounds by June.
  103. is anyone else FREEZING?
  104. kids and finishing what's on their plate
  105. Husband keeps calling me skinny...feels weird
  106. Ah, summer must be here .....
  107. Discrepancy between BMI and Body Fat Percentage
  108. Losing weight got you feeling fat?
  109. Giving up alcohol?
  110. Newbie -- First Mini-Goal
  111. NSV - Didn't drink at a party!
  112. Does the internal dialog subside?
  113. Always stuck at 160! rarrr!
  114. Help - My boss is so mean!
  115. Sensual food
  116. Everyone Weigh in 05/21/10
  117. Doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons?
  118. Do I need to change what I'm doing? (longish)
  119. So Tired...Anyone else experienced this?
  120. Give me strength
  121. Unreasonable Goal??
  122. Husband and Two Kids Later...I'm BAAAAAACK!
  123. Morning and afternoon differences, why?
  124. weighdown focus
  125. Someone slap me!
  126. Book recommendations...
  127. Drowning in egg yolks! HELP!
  128. How do you handle a few 'bad' days, and those few new pounds?
  129. Kids on diets?
  130. Down 4 more pounds!!!!
  131. how u see yourself VS how others see you
  132. Any Mini-Goal Ideas??
  133. Okay-- dating, is that okay?
  134. What do you think?
  135. Journey to New Jeans. Who's with me?!
  136. my child motivated me
  137. When do you count a mini-whoosh?
  138. I have my suspicions...
  139. Lack Of Motivation
  140. Back to weight loss support after 6 years in maintenance!
  141. It just doesn't work that way...too few cals
  142. Drowning here,,,HELP
  143. "It's my metabolism."
  144. Its so hard to believe in me...
  145. Credit for today
  146. Attempted sabotage, rebellion or what? (long)
  147. "FAT" comments directed toward child! NEED ADVICE !
  148. Meeting topics?
  149. Breaking the Habit of "Boredom" Eating...
  150. Avoiding Using Eating as a Way of Cleaning
  151. What have I done?!
  152. Pants. . .argh!!!
  153. An odd but motivating comment!
  154. A question about buying pressure cooker
  155. Staying Positive Tricks
  156. Flatmates don't eat right, what do I do?
  157. Can't get back on track
  158. Can't eat like I used to & thats a good thing!
  159. need work help !!
  160. Help! I need a weigh-in thread!
  161. tips for those of us stuck behind desks all day!
  162. It always seems to go from great to nothing!
  163. Just Wondering What Everyone Thinks
  164. does anyone else need to recommit?
  165. Aerobics anyone?
  166. Feeling my old ways creeping in
  167. I was doing so well but lately...
  168. Thoughts on this "rewards" system for weight loss?
  169. Please help me feel empowered... I need to lose 50 lbs.
  170. I did it! With thanks to Vixsin...
  171. Does everyone think your obsessive?
  172. My Mini Goal
  173. Self-saboteurs out there?
  174. I just had to and I'm glad I did!
  175. Curious About Exercise Problems
  176. I wanna be at goal, I wanna be at goal!
  177. Anyone's goal in the higher range to keep the girls
  178. Holy Cow 33%BF now I wonder what I was!
  179. An Idea To Help Stay On Plan Turned Into A Horrifying Wake Up Call!! (very long)
  180. Sewing NSV
  181. Thank you 3FC for being here tonight
  182. I lost 5 lbs...know what mine says?
  183. Should I or Shouldn't I
  184. How to stay thin?
  185. Boost diabetic?
  186. Everyone Weigh in 05/14/10
  187. Extremely confused !
  188. Loving yourself
  189. How much could I possibly lose this summer?
  190. lifestyle change - scheduling ideas?
  191. Does tea affect your weight loss?
  192. When you don't fit in with your family
  193. frustrating puzzle/riddle.
  194. Hilarious Nsv
  195. I'm over this scale...
  196. Your thoughts on frequent small meals?
  197. Scale WILL NOT Budge!!!
  198. Guess my size
  199. Has anyone had/is having CBT with a therapist to deal with binge eating?
  200. What do you do when you've been bad?
  201. A few more questions about calories in vs. calories out etc
  202. Nervous & Excited to visit family
  203. Help... please... teen here... so be nice...
  204. Debating Ideal Protien Diet
  205. I need to lose, she needs to gain...
  206. To Me, From Me
  207. A few random questions about food and BMI vs body fat
  208. OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!! (long, sorry, total rant!)
  209. Job interview. Worst possible time.
  210. Pedometers
  211. Dad Didn't Notice My Weight Loss...Doesn't Notice Me...Will it Always Matter So Much?
  212. Breaking the cycle of "comfort eating"
  213. When others "know" more than your doctor does
  214. I just give up.
  215. So tired of the comments...
  216. Doc says "no more weight loss"
  217. Gained back 10lbs - now more insecure than ever
  218. motivational sayings!
  219. Mini-Mini goal!
  220. Looking for a website
  221. Meds and weight loss
  222. I Can Make It This Time
  223. I'm going to miss the weight loss process
  224. Eat This, Not That!
  225. Shifting Body Perception
  226. I did my first 5K!!!!!!!
  227. Tom
  228. Working hard and the scale hardly even moving
  229. going in circles
  230. How do you determine the difference between hunger and appetite?
  231. Dealing with other large people
  232. Calorie Intake
  233. Horrible Weekend
  234. It's so hard this time!
  235. Possibly eating enough calories
  236. One month today
  237. Need support....bad two weeks!!!
  238. How to shift focus?
  239. Is 3FC therapy for anyone else?
  240. Sometimes, I wish he just wouldn't say anything!
  241. Mother's Day buffet
  242. My SO brought home fast food...
  243. Anyone else suprised at what size they are?
  244. Been working for this day for 4yrs and 5 months...
  245. need ideas for eating ate night, after work
  246. Going Gluten free and still trying to lose weight....
  247. NO support whatsoever...
  248. HELP! Used up my calories on cookies & crackers
  249. Setting Goals
  250. Back On The Wagon Again...