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  1. I quit didn't mean my goal how do I start over?
  2. Week One Accomplishments
  3. Need advice about my upper arms!
  4. So weird...
  5. Totally bummed
  6. Discouraged and question about sleep???
  7. I QUIT, how to transition to maintenance and still lose a little more?
  8. I'm in the ones! Almost 40 lbs.!
  9. When does weight loss show?
  10. Overindulging
  11. Starvation Mode
  12. Ever been told you're "obsessed?"
  13. Hair loss an weightloss?
  14. DH was accepted to a weight loss program
  15. Vacation... and stuff.
  16. *BLEEP*ing Scales!!
  17. Clothing makes all the difference.... or .... First compliment
  18. Vent - DH and weight loss
  19. I'm On Fire!
  20. Some advice needed for the next five weeks....
  21. Stuck.
  22. How vs. Why
  23. I fit into a size 24 today :) And something to make you chuckle
  24. After losing 15 pounds, i'm stuck at the same weight....****
  25. It WORKS!
  26. It IS attainable! It's starting to sink in!
  27. Youtube weight loss update!
  29. "Increase" your calories...
  30. 3 days away from semi-annual weigh in- help?
  31. Is It True????......
  32. Out of breath
  33. IF you gain during TOM...
  34. Now I'm sleep walking and eating?!
  35. Do you ever feel like it's all futile?
  36. Teetering!
  37. Dieting for the first time
  38. My dad is showing an interest in me, finally.
  39. That time of the month :(
  40. At my goal will i still be classed "overweight" or "normal"
  41. Personal trainers :(
  42. Can't get my head around it...
  43. ***Yesterday... I got a break!!!
  44. How much weight would you say I've lost??
  45. Blech...
  46. Measurements went UP??!!
  47. Do you ever use cleanses to jump start?
  48. My first mini goal!
  49. I'm up two pounds.. or am I? Hmm.
  50. Does grace come with weight loss... or am I stuck a klutz forever?
  51. ***I hate when someone ask me if im pregnant just because im fat!!!
  52. 1lb away from goal for the month!! yay
  53. Neither Gained Nor Lost
  54. who decided 1200 calories was the end all be all for EVERYONE?
  55. How many days do you exercise?
  56. Stay the course?
  57. It's pulling me down :(
  58. The Flu! :(
  59. I have questions..
  60. Are these abs?
  61. Does Anyone Else Feel Like Weight Loss Has Affected Your Sexuality?
  62. TOM and regularity with weight loss? Depo?
  63. ARGH!!.... apparently I have a belly problem.....
  64. OMG I need to vent
  65. Holy crap.............just weighed in
  66. Vanity- Help!!!!
  67. Why do you do it?
  68. Update: Entering maintenance!
  69. Everyone Weigh in 06/11/10
  70. Never again will I take my 8 PM run at 7:30...
  71. My Disasterous Trip to Victorias Secret...Then a Binge
  72. Not getting ENOUGH calories?
  73. seeing curves but no numbers.. worried
  74. Same amount of time- good, bad, doesnt matter?
  75. Fitness Tracker!
  76. I am a failure- I can't beat my cravings.
  77. I can't shake this plateau!! Grr..
  78. Question for the Non-Sugar Eaters
  79. Now I realize that I CAN DO THIS!!!!
  80. I finally got my whoosh!!
  81. Need some motivation
  82. I am addicted to sugar...
  83. Late night snacking. Help!
  84. I gained 6lbs OVERNIGHT.
  85. Tall Girls Fav Department Store
  86. I almost cried this morning...
  87. depressing - more weight i lose, more friends i lose
  88. Why do people do this?
  89. What do you call yourself?
  90. Another NSV...
  91. Where do we log weight here?
  92. 7lbs
  93. Finally into the TEENS!!!!!!!!!!
  94. oh no... the weekend is coming
  95. WTH?! GAINED weight?! Help!
  96. Using food to cope
  97. Hello...New Fat Chick Here
  98. Sorta Yeah Sorta Not NSV...
  99. Regular Question, No. 2
  100. Maybe I can accept this body...
  101. I'm starting to forget...
  102. Grief Eating...
  103. It's Officially Official!!!
  104. Nothing in my closet fit!
  105. How do I make myself WANT to lose weight?
  106. Beach Week Fiasco... and unsupportive parents?
  107. Working out but clothes are tighter
  108. Losing weight but not as much inches?
  109. Food as a Replacement
  110. Weight loss success, love life failure
  111. I just outran momma N' herself!
  112. Newbie: I don't want to be fat in 2011!!
  113. Why isn't a 10 enough?
  114. Just venting, but please help me get back on track...
  115. Disgusting mess
  116. What would you do?
  117. Chin
  118. Oh God.. Gained so much over a few years.
  119. UGH! Restaurants...and we wonder why we're obese
  120. need answers on CALORIES AND SWEATING
  121. ***I want to look beautiful by Christmas!!!***
  122. water weight?
  123. i wanna make friends!!!!
  124. A little bit disappointed .... but still in the game!!!
  125. Travel tips
  126. Will 10 lbs really make a difference?
  127. Here's to the second round (or the third, or the fourth...)
  128. Mom's Suggestion for Loose Skin or Flabby Parts...?
  129. Setting my 1st mini goal!!!
  130. Muscle vs fat
  131. I can't do it alone anymore!!!!!
  132. Anyone elses scales go MAD!!!
  133. criticism about your weight loss
  134. What would you do? Scale debacle.
  135. Awh, Dammit! Not again!
  136. Booze...
  137. tips for quitting smoking?
  138. Need a pep talk...
  139. Sugar Rant +how many calories in a starbucks cream americano?
  140. Obsession
  141. Crisis
  142. The last 10 lbs
  143. Lost some inches but no lbs
  144. Weekend...
  145. Everyone Weigh in 06/04/10
  146. I was challenged at a luncheon today ....
  147. Will what has worked before work again?
  148. On track for my goal!!
  149. 20lbs = Confidence ... Who knew?
  150. UGHHHHH getting discouraged
  151. Well, i finally weighed myself this morning
  152. livejournal
  153. Funny reaction from Dr.
  154. Another clothes size question
  155. Tall ladies - What's your goal weight/size?
  156. How does your mental health play a role in your weight loss success
  157. so I'm plateau-ing...
  158. How often do you measure?
  159. HELP!! I think I overdosed on vegetables!
  160. Dinner party suggestions?
  161. NSV! Someone NOTICED!
  162. Beating Myself Up?
  163. I'm tired of being fat!!!!
  164. just whining about tv
  165. this is AMAZING
  166. Scale Debate
  167. weight loss hypnosis
  168. Is the belly really the last to go?
  169. Does being sore = water retention?
  170. Control, Control, Control...
  171. Thread about men
  172. Anyone else stuck in the awkward in-between (with clothing)?
  173. How can I feel so good AND so bad at the same time??
  174. Something Interesting I Read Recently... (about nutrition)
  175. Vacation: good for the soul, bad for the bod
  176. When to start the maintenance transition
  177. How much weight loss in a week is healthy?
  178. On the go... with family. (people in/around Orlando, FL... you might be of help)
  179. I've gotta hold it together right now... But it's gonna be tough.
  180. Ugh, how many sizes in the last 10-15lbs?
  181. Abs Diet for Women
  182. A little update.
  183. Back on the horse
  184. I have lost NOTHING!
  185. New clothes or Heart Rate Monitor
  186. *~* First Day of School Challenge *~*
  187. Intense Job and LOTS of!
  188. Does your job help work your butt off?
  189. *~*June Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome*~*
  190. I did the run!!!!!! :D
  191. Whaaaat???!?
  192. Working through angers and disgust
  193. Went off plan, but it was worth it.
  194. Cravings
  195. My first NSV, belt notches
  196. It's only been 2 weeks?! Need some encouragement!
  197. *cries* please let this just be water weight...
  198. I need a little kick in the butt :[
  199. lets all list 3 things we like about our appearance
  200. Why am I the black sheep??
  201. I put up my first weight loss video on youtube!
  202. He needs the calories, but I don't
  203. Anyone else ever experience Mystery Weight Loss???
  204. a great free app for weight lose on droid
  205. stuck right before halfway point!! Help!!
  206. I'm SO glad i joined 3FC
  207. HELP! I'm Frustrated -- Onederland eludes me!
  208. Gotta face the scale and learn how to get back on track
  209. Today was my cheat day... hehe...
  210. maybe I figured it out...
  211. The desire to eat when you're not hungry
  212. commiting to healthy style for me
  213. Need support...i cheated today :(
  214. self sabotage: fact or fiction?
  215. What am I doing wrong? (A few questions)
  216. Disappointed in myself
  217. Embarassed, frustrated, sad, angry, etc etc
  218. Best support I can give...get checked for sleep apnea
  219. I can do this!
  220. Would you do the run???
  221. I feel good (like James Brown)
  222. I'm pissed I'm still "overweight"
  223. It's taunting me!
  224. Left in the dust by my Husband.
  225. What would you order from this restaurant?
  226. Scale plays peek a boo
  227. Everyone Weigh in 05/28/10
  228. Am I just being overly sensitive?
  229. My little brother... *sigh*
  230. First Mini Goal
  231. What is wrong with the people...
  232. Others weight loss success
  233. Deprivation - Mindless Eating
  234. Things you have to do now that you're thinner
  235. Am I hungry?
  236. Picked From The STUPID Tree!
  237. Stuck at 168.6
  238. Funny NSV
  239. Somewhere along the line, my backbone was removed (Warning: Rant ahead!)
  240. Annoyed…
  241. QUICK!! Tell me what to do...
  242. Weight loss
  243. NSV. . . eh, not so much
  244. So simple
  245. The Scale - The evil, wicked scale
  246. I Feel At Home
  247. What do you love about yourself?
  248. Follow up on the terrified on men post...ladies tell me what to do!
  249. Effects of Stress on Weight Loss
  250. something I'm proud of...a new habit I'm forming...