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  1. Does BMI actually mean anything?
  2. difficulty *seeing* weight loss
  3. Tiny Habits Ted Talk
  4. Do fluctuations get you down?
  5. Will I ever be able to lose weight?
  6. The Constant Anguish that You Might Fail Again: Tips to get over it.
  7. Everyone Weigh in 03/21/14
  8. Where do you tend to lose first?
  9. Looking for motivation to keep going :(
  10. Wanted Help
  11. Impulsive Eating
  12. little motivation for gym
  13. Judgements on Your Weight Loss Approach [Venting]
  14. What kind of scale are you using?
  15. Is this normal or is it just me?
  16. I have fallen off the wagon
  17. Low calories, healthy eating, sweating hard, why has my weight lose virtual stopped?
  18. week long spring break at relative's house
  19. Struggling when life gets busy
  20. I feel like I keep starting over.
  21. Going nowhere, fast
  22. Just Saying!
  23. Starting Diet + Cravings - a rant I guess
  24. The start of a new me
  25. Have you ever been laughed at while working out?
  26. Changing Your "Self Identity" To Better Your Weight & Health?
  27. Everyone Weigh in 03/14/14
  28. Metabolic adaptation?
  29. No weight lost this week
  30. Addicted to diet sodas...
  31. some perspective...
  32. Going on a diet - to a certain point and no more
  33. Hopeless today
  34. The last 10-20 pounds, did you have big changes?
  35. obnoxious co-workers
  36. -30 lbs & feeling worse?
  37. Sara Lee snacks dilemma
  38. "Faturdays" as a reward. Thoughts?
  39. Disgusted with myself.
  40. Trouble getting over sugar addiction
  41. Newbie here: Wants to know easy diet ideas
  42. Tasting/Snacking While Cooking
  43. Love 3fc's site
  44. "I liked you better when you were fat"
  45. Frustrated over blue jeans
  46. Weightloss opens up an invitation for other peoples opinions?
  47. Increase of 2.5 lbs in a day :( Cannot figure out why :?:
  48. Anyone giving up coffee?
  49. Everyone Weigh in 03/07/14
  50. 1.5 lbs down
  51. Not getting in 1200 calories...questions about "starvation mode"
  52. Trying different "diets"
  53. I am again
  54. Does anyone eat the same thing every day?
  55. Obsession over the scale
  56. PMS and binging
  57. Suggestions for eating on a weird schedule?
  58. Griping and complaining ahead. Sorry!
  59. Everyone Weigh in 02/28/14
  60. I won't weigh, anyone else?
  61. Feeling BLAH!!
  62. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - March 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  63. I could really use support right now
  64. Hungry every 4 hours
  65. Bloating on birth control?
  66. Newbie looking for support
  67. Maybe abstinence (from junk food) is not a bad thing
  68. In need of Motivation ideas
  69. This can't be normal
  70. New Here =)
  71. Bogus diet tricks
  72. Your Changing Body
  73. Are you in a (weightloss) race?
  74. Do you stop eating after a certain time of day?
  75. Bat Wiings
  76. Those Pesty Girl Scouts
  77. Everyone Weigh in 02/21/14
  78. Well hello, old friends!
  79. Weddings are a drag
  80. Dealing with major life changes.
  81. 10lbs a month threads
  82. Really? I don't want it!!
  83. I don't know how to control cravings
  84. Too many treats
  85. Obsessively Good at Losing 20 lbs
  86. Eating disorder through proxy
  87. Getting appetite hormones in balance great aid to weight loss?
  88. Long Term Plateau
  89. Trying To Lose Weight and Working Retail?
  90. Unreasonable stress over weight loss / gain
  91. Everyone Weigh in 02/14/14
  92. Wore size 12 @ 172lbs, now sz 6@165 lbs WTH?
  93. What is your motive?
  94. Weight loss questions, need help!?
  95. Introduction + 10lbs challenge
  96. The highest I've ever been...
  97. Let's try one more time!
  98. Confessions and
  99. Skinny Fat...what do I do??
  100. So, I need to eat more? Help! :)
  101. A Tiny Victory After The Holidays . . .
  102. Everyone Weigh in 02/07/14
  103. A curse called February
  104. How strict are you with condiments?
  105. Getting Out of the 160's!
  106. Again!
  107. Please Help! I'm so confused!
  108. Family and Self-Image
  109. I Lost My Oldest Son (28) to Obesity.
  110. Getting back on the horse-tips & tricks
  111. Self esteem = motivation killer?!?!?
  112. A letter to the scale.
  113. The weekends kill me..restarting again tomorrow =(
  114. Volumetrics Diet Info
  115. birth control and weight loss?
  116. Disheartened: 8lb gain in 2 weeks!
  117. Scared yet determined girl, about to start the weightloss journey!
  118. Confused about BMR...
  119. Just how bad is diet soda?
  120. I hate you toasted coconut almonds.
  121. Weight Scale Q
  122. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - February 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  123. Everyone Weigh in 01/30/14
  124. Skinny? Its all relative....
  125. Confused about what I should weigh.
  126. January 2014 newbies and co still going: Monthly Interview
  127. Am I possibly not eating enough?
  128. How do you feel when you look at your BEFORE before pictures?
  129. Thoughts on Weight Watchers
  130. Why can't I get motivated again!? HALP
  131. Scared to weigh
  132. Cheat days hurt.
  133. A long rant / whine
  134. If sugar is addictive - why try and eat it "moderately"
  135. Has anyone tried a juice fast?
  136. Help - i'm confused!
  137. Everyone Weigh in 01/24/14
  138. How are you FEELING when you diet?
  139. Goodbye to the 130's
  140. Circulation Question
  141. How do you keep weight loss momentum?
  142. Wean or Cold Turkey?
  143. Anyone else struggle with their diet on the weekends?
  144. Reading Food Labels
  145. Realistic goal for me by April?
  146. Over consumption of coffee
  147. Does WHAT I eat matter?
  148. How did you choose your GW?
  149. Weight loss journey
  150. Must we DIGITIZE our well-being?
  151. Are you low carb OR grain & sugar free and still NOT at goal?
  152. Why are we fat?
  153. Question about exercising and protein usage
  154. Mindful Eating - not falling for this
  155. Everyone Weigh in 01/17/14
  156. Can you be off plan by eating too little?
  157. Support and help needed
  158. What is the correct amt of grams of protein, carbs, etc on a 1200 cal diet?
  159. the scale is finally driving me nuts
  160. Dedication Vs Obsession
  161. Does anyone else feel like...?
  162. Mustering the will-power to implement a much-needed lifestyle change
  163. Reflections on what I have learned about weight loss being hard
  164. starting from scratch support please!
  165. Calorie counting
  166. Am I doing this right?
  167. super hungry at night after dinner
  168. Should I be losing weight?
  169. Am I setting my self up for failure?
  170. In need of a boost
  171. Question for people triggered by sugar...
  172. Small victory
  173. It makes me a little crazy...
  174. Crazy cravings
  175. Detox starts tomorrow - support required
  176. Need advise and ideas...
  177. Getting past the first week?
  178. Starting out on journey
  179. The problem with week 2...
  180. Getting Out of the 150s - all ages and diets welcome
  181. I need to get over my roadblock !
  182. How I Lost 4 Pounds
  183. Everyone Weigh in 01/10/14
  184. Free Dinner Seminar?
  185. Eating just twice a day
  186. Other ways to measure progress?
  187. First Weigh in of the year and it sucks
  188. Frustrated and need support
  189. I weigh much more than I thought I did... :(
  190. I did it!!!
  191. Demotivated :(
  192. Getting over setbacks.. :(
  193. Opinions on how to pace my journey.
  194. What keeps you going?
  195. I desperately need support...
  196. Tips to Reduce Boredom Snacking?
  197. Water retention
  198. Suggestions for mini goal or NSV rewards
  199. Please analyze my plan.
  200. Daily Accountabilty Partner/Partners Needed
  201. Hungry all the time
  202. Office job, boyfriend, and smoker.
  203. 2014 Weekly Weigh in - EVERYONE welcome!
  204. Any tips for kicking the Christmas binge habit?
  205. this is my new beginning
  206. Is your mother overweight? Do you blame your parents at all?
  207. When you're sleep deprived?
  208. Why even try?
  209. A success and then a failure.
  210. Everyone Weigh in 01/02/14
  211. I want to stay fat because....
  212. Hoarding food
  213. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - January 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  214. Obese Family - I May Need to Move Out
  215. Last year's New Year Resolutions? This years?
  216. Regaining Portion Control with pre-packaged foods
  217. PCOS limbo
  218. Thankful For 3FC
  219. Weight Loss
  220. Got my Fitbit! Advice on how to use it please
  221. Is it ok to restrict calories the day after excessive calorie consumption?
  222. Losing weight with gallstones??
  223. I lost control for the first time in 3 months
  224. Everyone Weigh in 12/27/13
  225. Tally up. holiday gains and losses
  226. I don't know what to think
  227. Freaked out my weight
  228. Sometimes I feel like I've come so far...
  229. What is your favorite/effective way to lose weight?
  230. Anyone made the switch from lo-carb/keto into calorie counting?
  231. I want to scream
  232. Any healthy drinks I could carry around?
  233. New here and my anthem
  234. No breakfast: has anyone else tried this?
  235. Cheat day/weekend NOT worth it!
  236. So my Dad Just called me fat....
  237. Headache from sugar withdrawl...anyone??
  238. Getting out of the 160's - all ages/diets
  239. forgive your holiday crazies?
  240. Letting my guard down about sugary foods always turns into out of control eating!!
  241. Everyone Weigh in 12/20/13
  242. Fell off the Wagon
  243. "I Like Myself Just the Way I Am"
  244. Starting weight loss challenge with DH..hopefully
  245. Gaining weight at retail job, help!
  246. Weigh loss challenge with hubby? ideas...
  247. Starting over in very different circumstances - returning member! (x-posted)
  248. I should have ALL the motivation right now . . yet.
  249. Snow days make me want to eat cookies.
  250. Getting your Partner involved in weightloss