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  1. I've Worked My Butt Off...So When Do I Get to Start Feeling Good?
  2. Ijust threw away a chocolate cake!
  3. "L****. You've gained weight."
  4. New to 3FC and looking for a weight loss buddy!!
  5. My wake-up call--I'm back!
  6. Some stall & some come?
  7. weight gain caused by age
  8. I'm VERY unhappy and confused
  9. So I just purchased size 18 jeans.
  10. Looking for some insight- the scale is not budging!!!!!
  11. Acting crazy after a week of FAIL
  12. *screams* *sobs* *pulls out hair* *cries*
  13. Not sure how to feel about my goals
  14. Who else needs a pick me up at 3 pm..and what do you do?
  15. This might encourage other long timers NOT at goal.
  16. Have to share this
  17. Not sure how many questions are left...time to start helping others
  18. Do I Need To Tweak or Am I Ok?
  19. Who do you tell???
  20. My Plan To Encourage Others
  21. Curves Diet Plan?
  22. Where to weigh ?
  23. Dusting Myself Off..
  24. Too FAT for the pool (RANT)
  25. What happenend???
  26. So close!
  27. Everyone Weigh in 07/09/10
  28. Workign out like mad, so why is the scale "stuck"?
  29. Facing friends after huge weight gain
  30. "Give me a sign"
  31. need some tips about this!!!
  32. 180!
  33. Sabbatoge yourself?
  34. Stopping dieting for a week?
  35. Jello Jiggler
  36. *groan* I can barely eat...
  37. stress eating
  38. Hungry. Or not?
  39. Rolling along
  40. I am so embarassed by what this lady said to me while I was running
  41. I get so scared around 6:00 PM....
  42. ughh, I'm gaining
  43. What do you wear?
  44. Weight loss Stalled
  45. feeling TERRIBLE
  46. Do You Feel Like A New Person?
  47. Struggling today....
  48. Who knew we were hardwired for chocolate..
  49. no matter how little/healthy i eat, i always feel like i blew it!
  50. Saggy Leg Fat and Deflated Balloon for a Belly...
  51. First day of a two week trip...big test
  52. A Great Reminder!!
  53. Early morning runners...
  54. What to eat when sick?
  55. I Really Need to Post This
  56. My gut......
  57. Gooooddd Morning All My 3fc Friends
  58. Heat Wave
  59. Was this substitution necessary?
  60. Scheduling life around health and fitness or scheduling health and fitness around lif
  61. Overwhelmed by the Hype!! Help!!!
  62. Acquaintances Snubbing Me
  63. I have lost more weight than him but...
  64. Extra skin, Even while overweight
  65. least 1 good choice is alot
  66. Well, if you can do it, then I can do it??
  67. Where do YOU measure?
  68. Rant.... In between clothing size oversight
  69. Mini-goal let down
  70. How do I get him to stop?
  71. New BMI measuring tool
  72. post vacation recap
  73. Mini Goal 1: -10lbs by August 1st
  74. Thighs and arms- yikes!
  75. Let's Challenge Ourselves to a Labor Day Success Story!
  76. Fat Comments-by the inlaws
  77. Tale of the Scale - Weird!
  78. Day One on Stillmans- Anyone on this too?
  79. Do you count the calories in fruit and veg?
  80. Monday being a good day???
  81. So, I'm a bridesmaid.
  82. How do you avoid throwing in the towel
  83. 4th of July temptations!
  84. On the go snacks
  85. AMAZING low cal foods you found at the grocery store!
  86. How do you measure your mini goals? Newbie here
  87. No motivation today.
  88. Things...shifting? please help :[
  89. How common is weight loss, strange topic ;)
  90. diverticulitis
  91. Everyone Weigh in 07/02/10
  92. Time to re-evaluate my eating habits & calorie intake
  93. The more you lose the less support?
  94. I'll bet every maintainer...
  95. Sooo... when IS IT okay to eat what you want?
  96. Binge-free? Forever?
  97. Weight Loss and Body fat Percentage?
  98. Shoulders/Arms Question
  99. Use of The Word "Cheat"
  100. Alcoholic drinks?
  101. TOM - Help
  102. A little bit of incentive...
  103. Ouch
  104. Today...Not so good!
  105. Staying on course when major stressors arise?
  106. I just don't know anymore.
  107. 17 calories for a night snack? WHAT?
  108. Are you allowing yourself a cheat day for the 4th of July?
  109. There has be a better way...
  110. Semi-Unsupportive Roommate?
  111. Weighed In
  112. How do you stay on track when you KNOW...
  113. I kicked that popcorns behind!
  114. Husband made an interesting suggestion
  115. Scared to be Skinny?
  116. Has anyone seen my motivation? I can't seem to find it...
  117. I am loosing my will power I need motivation how do I get back on track once I quit!
  118. ~*~July Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome~*~
  119. i was on Day 3 and i JUST BLEW IT!! :(
  120. Possible TMI: Inner thighs
  121. Dr prescribed diet pills ???
  122. Post-Op Blood Tests
  123. Boy, CAN i tell a difference.
  124. Happy, but confused. Progress!
  125. I've ACTUALLY gotten through my first "DAY 2!" !!!
  126. Just doing a check in.
  127. Anyone tried All Day Slim?
  128. ...this isn't good...I'm hungry...
  129. People in your life who push you to help lose weight?
  130. Alcohol suggestions...
  131. Being guilt tripped for losing weight
  132. Come on already onederland!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. Summer dress
  134. Rant about mean people
  135. fat loss vs. muscle loss
  136. I feel like I'll never be skinny.
  137. How do you deal with sadness without eating?
  138. Yes.....
  139. new to forum - looking for accountability buddy
  140. Boyfriendless....
  141. My Problem Is That I'm Social
  142. I'm still not used to my weight
  143. ~ The Whine Thread ~
  144. newbie accountability
  145. Longest 'plateau' so far -what to do?
  146. Loose Skin?
  147. Day One, strategies, support...
  148. Why YOU continue to exercise
  149. OK... so THAT didn't work...
  150. How many lbs before you went down a ring size?
  151. I saw a commercial about a drink that burns more calories.....
  152. Making special orders and requests at restaurants?
  153. Is anyone else like me?
  154. Post workout nutrition
  155. How can I fit exercise in my busy day when I get all gross and sweaty??
  156. How much weight can I lose in 7 weeks?
  157. One step forward, two steps back... now... to step forward again.
  158. Has anyone lost weight without exercising?
  159. Accountibility, I took the weekend "off"
  160. Someone slap me please?
  161. Powerbars on occasion. Good idea or Bad idea?
  162. jumping in
  163. Do You Sometimes Feel Like a Know-It-All?
  164. The Good Life
  165. Alright...I'm getting tired of buying new clothes
  166. Wake Up Call - The Journey Begins
  167. Calorie Counting ???
  168. So I finally looked at the scale...
  169. Yea! I'm havin Papa Murphys Tonite!
  170. Low-cal proteins/fats?
  171. Summer sucks.
  172. Buddy for first week blues (and beyond?)
  173. dieting takes the joy out of date night....
  174. PROOF that my weight loss efforts are WORKING
  175. Preparing to weigh myself post vacation!
  176. Question about SparkPeople: Nutrition Section
  177. Everyone Weigh in 06/25/10
  178. It finally happened!!!!
  179. i'm so ashamed of myself
  180. i REALLY want Panda Express :(
  181. Is it ALWAYS bad to skip breakfast?
  182. I'm Having An Off-Plan Meal Tonight...
  183. "You Shouldn't Lose Anymore"
  184. i'm already getting discouraged
  185. He has noticed...
  186. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers and Meat Portions
  187. Slowed weight loss= motivation killer
  188. 3 days of restaurant food! AHHHHH
  189. Up 2 lbs?????
  190. Give me permission...finding a balance
  191. his making it so dam hard!
  192. It's looking like another 0 week....
  193. ~~Resisting the Temptation~~ thread!
  194. Depressed & Unmotivated :(
  195. I need a challenge!
  196. Not liking your figure...
  197. Weigh in's ???????
  198. What makes you unique?
  199. Constipation ! Sorry if TMI.....
  200. Talk me down- I am TICKED!!!
  201. Just the basics, please!
  202. people that didn't like you fat...
  203. I don't want to whine, but...
  204. Biggest Roadblock to Losing Weight
  205. Doomed for failure?
  206. Hfcs
  207. Weird lower back pain
  208. Snacks on plane
  209. I'm stuck on 2olbs
  210. Okay, so when does the scale start to move?
  211. I need sleep :(
  212. too much to handle the diet :(
  213. Why did I eat that?! (Kinda Humorous)
  214. Feeling great!
  215. I have lost 22lbs in only one week!
  216. Help with constipation, TMI
  217. So it's been a whole year...
  218. Are people nicer to you?
  219. Panicking about visit to Florida
  220. Wanting to say Thanks
  221. Stuck And Hungry
  222. I almost lost control today :(
  223. Creating a goal!
  224. Normal BMI
  225. I would have never guessed you weighed that much
  226. Remotivation Tip
  227. staying on track while travelling
  228. First Day of Summer - and how do you stay motivated
  229. discouragement...
  230. What's your preferred state of mind for weight loss?
  231. Weekend let down
  232. Too thin at ideal weight range?
  233. Thinking of running a 5k.. but
  234. getting back on track...
  235. Hmmmm weird?
  236. Seeing a Doctor -- Help?
  237. BF rant...(long)
  238. Losing weight in unexpected places?
  239. being fat and always wanting to cover
  240. Who would have thought s
  241. I've been getting the best comments lately
  242. ***Im 180 pounds and still size 16!!!!*****
  243. Progress! So excited.
  244. To all you book worms out there
  245. Okay...what do you do about BACK FAT?!?!
  246. Bikini or no bikini that is the question.
  247. I'm always jumping off the wagon.
  248. HUGE problem, kinda scary, please help! (long)
  249. Time for me to only care about me. Right??
  250. Everyone Weigh in 06/18/10