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  1. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  2. Do you weight less after oversleep ?
  3. ideal breakfast time
  4. Question about "eating back calories" after workout
  5. Weight Loss can be so frustrating!
  6. Rant at my measuring tape...
  7. How You Overcame Food Addiction & Self-Sabotage To Be Healthy (Cravings Vs. Hunger)
  8. Everyone Weigh in 09/03/10
  9. quick ?
  10. Say "NO".
  11. Major wake-up call :(
  12. I have lost my motivation.
  13. A Few Small NSVs - Including 3FCs!
  14. What are your go-to meals and snacks
  15. Being sad while losing weight. All the time.
  16. losing weight is "easy"?
  17. Truth about what fat is lost first? HALP!
  18. My Legs are Dangling Off the Wagon
  19. great weight loss blogs?
  20. Accountability & A Request For Help
  21. weight loss stopped
  22. im really doing this! so proud of myself...
  23. Decided to come back... need the support!
  24. Stuck!!! Tired of 205!
  25. Self confidence issues affecting first relationship.. kinda long.
  26. I had to go shopping for clothes - I cried in shame!
  27. Daddy's girl
  28. ^*^September Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome^*^
  29. The photo that changed my world
  30. "I'll never gain it back!"
  31. How do you plan your meals?
  32. Setting Goals - How Do You Do It?
  33. Im hungry all the time...
  34. I just don't know what to say anymore...
  35. Think I need to put this on hold for a bit
  36. Back again!
  37. Been sick...but I think I'm proud of myself...
  38. When Did It Seem Real?
  39. Be here to catch me?
  40. Batter Binge
  41. TOM and Low Energy
  42. Trying to process this thought!
  43. Freshman 15 and then some...I'm back
  44. 1st day on ww 2nd day here..
  45. Salt and Scale Deception
  46. Photographs as Motivation
  47. I need a hug.
  48. Dieting, excersize, general questions...
  49. Getting Extremely Disheartened
  50. Was lookin for fast results!
  51. Was looking for a few results this week :(.
  52. Huge Change In Plans.
  53. Suck it up, buttercup?
  54. So many things...need help/tough love
  55. New shopping experience - new jeans
  56. Too bad I'm having this awesome idea now!
  57. Update: I did it.
  58. Everyone Weigh in 08/27/10
  59. What to do about competition?!
  60. Scale's
  61. Hello! New person here!
  62. Need someone to kick my butt
  63. Overseas and Overweight
  64. Weight Loss Plateau!
  65. Tired of Fighting and In BADLY Need of Support (long post)
  66. second round harder to lose?
  67. I quit smoking and the pounds are a-creeping...HALP!
  68. How reliable are the scales that measure body fat %?
  69. Feeling blah . . . and fat (new stay at home mom)
  70. I said NO - was it appropriate or extreme?
  71. What on earth is with all the grease and gravy??? BLECH.
  72. TMI, but I need HELP!!! S.O.S
  73. Going on a Bender
  74. Finding motivation...
  75. My birthday was yesterday
  76. All of a sudden I'm exhausted
  77. Eating when not hungry...can't stop! Help!
  78. Cheat Days? Do you do it?
  79. tired
  80. What do I do when EVERY FOOD is right in my face????
  81. has anyone tried Joy Bauer's Fit for Life?
  82. Learning How to Love Yourself...
  83. WOE is ME
  84. Figuring out this whole weight loss thing
  86. Did I just gain professional validity!?
  87. Fat shame leading to unreasonable GW expectations
  88. WOW, I'm feeling like WONDERWOMAN!!!
  89. Everyone Read. I Need Help And Support
  90. Anyone else having a hard time staying on plan during weekend?
  91. My Own Personal "Biggest Loser!!"
  92. Can I please have a pat on the back? Or a hug?
  93. Why can't I pull myself outta this funk?
  94. Only 1lb to go for my 1st stone
  95. Junk Food Hangover - Will I Ever Learn?
  96. Resisting the tempting foods in the house?
  97. Finally Back On Plan
  98. PMS & Weight loss
  99. When to say when?
  100. I need to eat 1200 calories a day and stick with it - How did you do it?
  101. Love/Hate Relationship With My Scale
  102. Something I just realized (long)
  103. DS turns two today - pizza AND ice cre cake!
  104. Maintenance break over...couple questions
  105. tomorrow i'm starting over and going for my goal!
  106. Diet Apps for iTouch/iPhone?
  107. Yeah...I'm wearing a mini skirt!
  108. Tall Ladies Support
  109. Getting close...
  110. I don't feel so well..
  111. Everyone Weigh in 08/20/10
  112. cut refined carbs and always hungry
  113. Hi. My name is Teonia and I am a ...
  114. GREAT Inspiration!!
  115. Food Intolerances?
  116. I hate going outside. I hate feeling like this.
  117. Met 1st goal!!!
  118. I've officially lost
  119. The good days outnumbering the bad! ;)
  120. im a newbie here!!
  121. The world is against me but I am fighting back!
  122. So fustrated!
  123. scale hasn't moved for 2 weeks
  124. running every day, but no progress!
  125. HUGE NSV for me!
  126. I've never felt ANYTHING like it before!
  127. why is it soooo hard this time?
  128. Perspective Changes as a smaller person
  129. Clothing frustration... ugghh!!
  130. What do you do with your clothes?
  131. Okay, here's my big dilemma:
  132. Scared I might have to stop losing
  133. Has anyone been afraid to lose weight?
  134. What happened where it finally worked... *sorry long*
  135. Calories burned in a typical day?
  136. How I hate you scale
  137. Setting progress goals
  138. I've Been Too Lenient
  139. I just had to share... first official weight in!!!
  140. Cold and exercise
  141. Is it possible?
  142. Looking for a weight loss buddy/mentor!
  143. How to Tackle Change
  144. Ugh! Getting Back On Track.
  145. Do Friends ever ask you...
  146. Went Back up 43lbs. in 6 months
  147. Totally confused about what is physically possible ... help!!
  148. Elimination Diet: Day 1 starts tomorrow....
  149. Side Effects of Weight Loss...
  150. What motivates you... why lose the weight? My reasons...
  151. diet relapse
  152. Ugh, what was thinking...
  153. Does anyone else have this weird anxiety, or just me?
  154. August Birthdays are the BEST!
  155. BMI Calculator confusion
  156. Anyone else weigh in on Monday?
  157. Slow/stalled weight loss: What do you tell yourself to stay strong and motivated?
  158. WTF! No hope? Help!
  159. What Made You Finally Do It?
  160. Am I eating to much?
  161. I know this is supposed to be a lifestyle change but...
  162. Hair falling out.
  163. Got time... but what diet...?
  164. Jo-Jos 20 in 20 progress (or lack of it)
  165. Why is my weight yo-yoing? The more I lose the more comes back?
  166. Can someone please help me?
  167. How to stop self-defeating thoughts?
  168. Monitoring Weight Loss...
  169. Hypothyroidism? Seeing a doctor?
  170. i cant help it that i want to get skinny fast..but the right way!
  171. Everyone Weigh in 08/13/10
  172. SerenityH's Mini-Goal Diary
  173. Need advice: Not enough calories.
  174. Feeling great!
  175. Really Need Some Support/Suggestions
  176. Food Prep
  177. encourgement in an unexpected place
  178. shouldn't I eat as well as the cat?
  179. keeping promises
  180. When will it stick? :(
  181. This is the kind of support I'm getting...(no bueno)
  182. Just went digital - new scale on the way
  183. Match the Hair (starting over)
  184. Getting frustrated
  185. So embarassing....
  186. Staying On Plan When Nutritional Staples Change/Become Unavailable
  187. What are your rules?
  188. Bored & shocked
  189. Need to loose it again... Please Help!!!
  190. I lie because I'm ashamed.
  191. Summer or Winter
  192. Is this a crazy person thing?
  193. Well....It's a start
  194. Weighing yourself throughout the day, scared of numbers...?
  195. Been bouncing for the past month and a 1/2
  196. too many food choices
  197. today is the first day
  198. I'm changing... easy is no longer a word in my vocab
  199. Charging forward and not looking behind
  200. And Then She Said.....
  201. Eliana's one year plan
  202. My (other) Mini Goal!
  203. Crossed Over..
  204. Holding back tears...
  205. Holidays away don't need to mean holidays from dieting success! :D
  206. Huge jump in the scale :(
  207. NEVER satisfied unless its fast food...
  208. Post-thesis weight loss
  209. Your Weekly Goals
  210. need a pep talk
  211. First day on...
  212. Update, and question involving allergy/intolerance testing diets...
  213. Day 5 :)
  214. Do you resent attention?
  215. WHATS YOUR FOOD PLAN? :1 year later and I am fatter than ever!
  216. I will not order from a restaurant tonight...
  217. The day I fell off the wagon...
  218. Restaurant Workers
  219. 30lbs by Christmas!
  220. I think I'm glad it took 4.5 yrs...
  221. Getting back on the diet wagon.
  222. panic...
  223. Where, oh where did my fierce determination go?
  224. Mini goals.... let me think...
  225. Everyone Weigh in 08/06/10
  226. Dear Sugar
  227. I refuse...
  228. So Frustrated!
  229. Dear TOM . . .
  230. Hello, New Member looking for email weight loss support buddy
  231. Getting The Support Needed To Succeed
  232. I got a bodybugg!!!!
  233. People Can be Nice, Too
  234. looking for a weight loss buddy!!
  235. Yo-Yo Weight
  236. Loved ones say you are obsessed with dieting/weightloss?
  237. A Bit Chubby
  238. "I could've lost so must weight all this time if I had stuck to it!!"
  239. Starting to feel like my first 3 months were a fluke...
  240. Why Did You Gain So Much Weight??
  241. HEEEEEEEEEEELP I'm so hungry!!!
  242. something that modivates me..
  243. Took a break, now I'm back in action.
  244. Ugh ... "If You Want To Get Married, You Better Keep Losing Weight"
  245. This is Not a Rant, It's a Sob...Terribly Discouraged
  246. *sigh* Where to start (over)
  247. Vacation setback=lesson totally learned
  248. Don't diet? Just eat healthy?
  249. How can people be so cruel?
  250. Mini Goal Motivation