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  1. What Made You Finally Do It?
  2. Am I eating to much?
  3. I know this is supposed to be a lifestyle change but...
  4. Hair falling out.
  5. Got time... but what diet...?
  6. Jo-Jos 20 in 20 progress (or lack of it)
  7. Why is my weight yo-yoing? The more I lose the more comes back?
  8. Can someone please help me?
  9. How to stop self-defeating thoughts?
  10. Monitoring Weight Loss...
  11. Hypothyroidism? Seeing a doctor?
  12. i cant help it that i want to get skinny fast..but the right way!
  13. Everyone Weigh in 08/13/10
  14. SerenityH's Mini-Goal Diary
  15. Need advice: Not enough calories.
  16. Feeling great!
  17. Really Need Some Support/Suggestions
  18. Food Prep
  19. encourgement in an unexpected place
  20. shouldn't I eat as well as the cat?
  21. keeping promises
  22. When will it stick? :(
  23. This is the kind of support I'm getting...(no bueno)
  24. Just went digital - new scale on the way
  25. Match the Hair (starting over)
  26. Getting frustrated
  27. So embarassing....
  28. Staying On Plan When Nutritional Staples Change/Become Unavailable
  29. What are your rules?
  30. Bored & shocked
  31. Need to loose it again... Please Help!!!
  32. I lie because I'm ashamed.
  33. Summer or Winter
  34. Is this a crazy person thing?
  35. Well....It's a start
  36. Weighing yourself throughout the day, scared of numbers...?
  37. Been bouncing for the past month and a 1/2
  38. too many food choices
  39. today is the first day
  40. I'm changing... easy is no longer a word in my vocab
  41. Charging forward and not looking behind
  42. And Then She Said.....
  43. Eliana's one year plan
  44. My (other) Mini Goal!
  45. Crossed Over..
  46. Holding back tears...
  47. Holidays away don't need to mean holidays from dieting success! :D
  48. Huge jump in the scale :(
  49. NEVER satisfied unless its fast food...
  50. Post-thesis weight loss
  51. Your Weekly Goals
  52. need a pep talk
  53. First day on...
  54. Update, and question involving allergy/intolerance testing diets...
  55. Day 5 :)
  56. Do you resent attention?
  57. WHATS YOUR FOOD PLAN? :1 year later and I am fatter than ever!
  58. I will not order from a restaurant tonight...
  59. The day I fell off the wagon...
  60. Restaurant Workers
  61. 30lbs by Christmas!
  62. I think I'm glad it took 4.5 yrs...
  63. Getting back on the diet wagon.
  64. panic...
  65. Where, oh where did my fierce determination go?
  66. Mini goals.... let me think...
  67. Everyone Weigh in 08/06/10
  68. Dear Sugar
  69. I refuse...
  70. So Frustrated!
  71. Dear TOM . . .
  72. Hello, New Member looking for email weight loss support buddy
  73. Getting The Support Needed To Succeed
  74. I got a bodybugg!!!!
  75. People Can be Nice, Too
  76. looking for a weight loss buddy!!
  77. Yo-Yo Weight
  78. Loved ones say you are obsessed with dieting/weightloss?
  79. A Bit Chubby
  80. "I could've lost so must weight all this time if I had stuck to it!!"
  81. Starting to feel like my first 3 months were a fluke...
  82. Why Did You Gain So Much Weight??
  83. HEEEEEEEEEEELP I'm so hungry!!!
  84. something that modivates me..
  85. Took a break, now I'm back in action.
  86. Ugh ... "If You Want To Get Married, You Better Keep Losing Weight"
  87. This is Not a Rant, It's a Sob...Terribly Discouraged
  88. *sigh* Where to start (over)
  89. Vacation setback=lesson totally learned
  90. Don't diet? Just eat healthy?
  91. How can people be so cruel?
  92. Mini Goal Motivation
  93. Fear of Exercise
  94. Walking Goal!
  95. Who am I!
  96. Eating Late...
  97. Food is not comfort
  98. Ugh. Frustrated.
  99. General worries...
  100. Yay! I'm a food snob!
  101. I got my first fat comment
  102. Did you know...EVERYONE has a muffin top!
  103. What's your week's goal?
  104. My post-travelling report :)
  105. Frustrated
  106. Starting as of today.. Im looking to hit my first of 3 Mini-Goals
  107. my mini goals
  108. Need help not breaking diet very depressed!
  109. Goal Photos
  110. Seeking Accountability!
  111. **~**August Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome**~**
  112. Tough week!
  113. I ate it
  114. Lost 20 Lbs. in 75 Days.Need advice!
  115. Great FOOD CHOICES, but EXERCISE? Not so much...
  116. I feel like I cant do this
  117. I've realized I need you guys.
  118. Everyone Weigh in 07/30/10
  119. Need advice..Thyroid or just slowed metabolism?
  120. Sick and antsy
  121. Am I exspecting too much?
  122. Recognizing my own bad eating patterns
  123. I get made fun of all the time...Warning: long and boring.
  124. I can breathe
  125. Family Members that Infuriate you with their Eating Habits
  126. You ever get the feeling...
  127. Bless 3FC . . .
  128. A realization of why I need to do something
  129. thinking of doing ww again but dont know if I can do the points forever
  130. 28 pounds in 3 weeks?!?
  131. About You ~ Your reasons to be healthy
  132. New incentive, new goal
  133. Text your way back to health - Text message chick list!!!
  134. 189.2 but feeling fatter than ever
  135. After a month... Im back! :hug:
  136. Need input on caloric intake, realistic goal weight etc. Thanks!!
  137. Having Trouble..
  138. Going through an odd stage - need help!
  139. Why Do I Feel This Way????
  140. help me make it through the night PLEASE!!
  141. Hard to take my own advice...accepting things we cannot change
  142. Need tips for a hard day
  143. just need a little support today
  144. Weight loss has suddenly gotten steady?
  145. Tired of being on a diet
  146. How long to flush the water weight?
  147. Log it and Lose It
  148. I'm Losing At This!!!
  149. Comic Relief
  150. Feeling some self sabotage
  151. Accountability
  152. I'M SO MAD at myself!!!!! >:(
  153. Help! Having trouble staying in a reasonable range....
  154. Keeping focused
  155. started atkins today
  156. Looking for good/bad carb food lists
  157. weird weight loss
  158. I REALLY don't want to go to the gym today....
  159. back from vacation
  160. Coming out of a funk
  161. Proper Calorie Intake
  162. What's the best way to detox after being off plan for a while?
  163. Craving food...
  164. Does anyone believe in spot reduction?
  165. I want to lose weight need help with a weight loss plan
  166. Things I'm starting to love about my body
  167. Work out at the gym or home?
  168. this saved me!!
  169. Are there any college-aged ladies on here?
  170. WANTED: Daily Accountability Partner (feel free to post your ads too!)
  171. weighed in OMG
  172. Warning from an extremist
  173. LEMONADE diet starts now...
  174. Can only focus on one "project" at a time...
  175. Back at my High School Weight
  176. UDDER JOY turns to CREAM PUFF
  177. My Piece of Junk "Scale"
  178. Thinking out loud...err, on screen
  179. Feeling So Discouraged
  180. I'd love to say I'm entering maintenance gracefully....
  181. He proposed! Resize ring?
  182. Do my eyes deceive me
  183. what you see vs what the mirror says vs what others see
  184. 3FC, something amazing just happened!
  185. And Some Days You Just Fall Down...
  186. Back on Track, Fell off the wagon a little :(
  187. Everyone Weigh in 07/23/10
  188. On Prednisone for poison ivy
  189. How is it that....
  190. Lesson in basic nutrition needed, please
  191. What is the...
  192. Hormonal Hunger/Cravings?
  193. Feeling better physically
  194. Back after a nearly two month break :-(
  195. Not very helpful
  196. My boyfriend hates my weight loss!
  197. Comiserate with me! TOM hunger and cravings
  198. Hungry during the Evening!
  199. The In-between
  200. Hitting a plateau too early, advice and support so I don't jump off a bridge!
  201. Help?
  202. Problem....
  203. Snacks
  204. The day I ate whatever I wanted...
  205. It is Getting "Easier"
  206. Strength? Kinda random question...
  207. Which is better motivation- insults or compliments?
  208. How do I get back?...
  209. My first Mini Goal - 15 lbs down by Aug 30
  210. What do the chicks think about Truvia sweetner?
  211. I know my mom is going to hold me back..
  212. Things I Can't Possibly Change
  213. Job's effect on weight loss
  214. Do you or will you tell people...
  215. Where did that attention thread go?
  216. Gabriel Method - anybody know anything about this?
  217. Injuries...I need guidance.
  218. Water anyone!?!?
  219. Food Cravings
  220. More calorie surprises - "mini indulgence" red velvet cupcake at Claimjumpers
  221. Weight gain from The Pill-HELP
  222. Just a general thread?
  223. Can someone PLEASE explain this to me?????
  224. Eating the same breakfast, same lunch, and switching dinners....
  225. I want to be who She is
  226. This week...
  227. Should I stop or keep going after losing 20+ pounds?
  228. Talking myself out of being discouraged
  229. Protein Shakes
  230. When Food is Love
  231. Are you kidding me???
  232. Going, going, gone!
  233. Goals and Rewards
  234. Made goal, but for some reason feeling discouraged today.
  235. Ate too many dang blueberry rice cakes!
  236. I just want it off already! Help!
  237. Excitement and Anxiety
  238. Trouble Letting Go of Old Clothes
  239. Hellpp Binge Crazed!!!
  240. Should I bring the scale with me?
  241. Backsliding and new beginnings.
  242. Taking Care of Myself
  243. As requested, pics and goal story
  244. Panicking and need some guidance
  245. So I saw a picture of myself (you know how that goes)
  246. Upset but pushing forward
  247. Just need a little bit of "you-can-do-it!"
  248. Question about toning legs.
  249. Taking a Break
  250. I HAVE NO SHAME... i am a cheater