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  1. NOW You know WHY I hate Exercise!!!!!! Fell This Morning
  2. I am so sad this AM and I feel desperate.
  3. I hate the word "diet"
  4. Body issues, how it started for me
  5. TTOM Moodiness
  6. I'm doing something right
  7. I LOATHE HATE DESPISE Exercise!!!!! No One Can Hate it as Much as I Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Frustrated
  9. Analog Scale or Digital Scale?
  10. How can it be so hard to just not eat something bad???
  11. To the dreaded Weight Tracker (people not the cool bars on our signature pages)
  12. Real Fat or Water Weight?
  13. I've been on here for how long???
  14. my body is so wierd right now
  15. Ever try GNC's wellBEing products?
  16. Need Some "Male" Advice....PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  17. Dealing with mix messages from mother
  18. Weekend = Being bad
  19. I put on the weight faster than taking it off. What's the science behind it?
  20. Is this a lifestyle change or a phase?!
  21. Any room for a new guy ? Need advice.
  22. Why Can't I Just Freaking Do This?
  23. fail fail fail and now just trying to get back up
  24. Tips for boredom eaters?
  25. New goals for a new me
  26. Everyone Weigh in 11/27/10
  27. *Brr* so cold!
  28. Hurt myself and need advice
  29. Today's trip to the gym triggered bullying memories
  30. Thanksgiving pats on the back
  31. Water Question
  32. The Secret To Staying Committed?
  33. Weight loss and birth control?
  34. Belly Bloat Tips?
  35. "just tasting"
  36. Scared of Turkey day!
  37. This Is Going To Be Trickier Than I Thought...
  38. Can't go to the Gym - Busy Schedule :(
  39. How I know it's different
  40. Struggling to find self-worth when feeling fat...
  41. Holiday meal words of wisdom
  42. Weight Influencing Relationship - Advice?
  43. Anybody else throwing caution to the wind for Turkey Day?
  44. Autumn Beauties-December Check-In (All Are Welcome)
  45. NSV! Worked out when not at my house
  46. Bahaha!
  47. What will be different this time around?
  48. Starting over again...
  49. hungry...but so proud
  50. I don't want to Jinx myself
  51. traumatized, never shared this before
  52. ugh why is it so easy some days
  53. Help for moms of overweight children
  54. Jumping back on that wagon
  55. crawling back on the wagon
  56. Mission Onderland And Beyond!
  57. Man, I have it so easy!
  58. If you knew then what you know now...
  59. Is it possible???
  60. hanging in there
  61. Merry Christmas to me! Mini - Goal.
  62. Frustrated!
  63. How do you properly measure yourself?
  64. How I Got Here (The 2011 Version)
  65. 25lbs lost seems insignificant when I need to lose 100+
  66. Bloody buttons
  67. The semantics of eating
  68. Crap, hopelessness, crap (help NEEDED)
  69. Bought a Scale
  70. I WILL stay on plan
  71. Anyone else not working out?
  72. I disappeared.
  73. Does ANYONE Here Celebrate Hanuka? I Want to do a Hanuka Goal :) Anyone In?????
  74. Do you delay or dig in?
  75. water, water, water mini goal
  76. Hating myself today
  77. How is this?
  78. New - I need support!
  79. Everyone Weigh in 11/19/10
  80. On plan, but still guilty? (Long post)
  81. I want to lose my ten year old
  82. Just letting off steam
  83. Do we over analyze?
  84. My Story
  85. I"m gonna go broke....
  86. Fast food AGAIN? NO!
  87. Trying NOT to be Discouraged....Need Support to Try Again
  88. Am I The ONLY One??
  89. I'm FINALLY overweight!!!
  90. Time to Focus on Me - Mini Goal 25lbs
  91. Whoa, wait a minute.
  92. Staying on track with 3FC
  93. Back on track
  94. My family on Thanksgiving....ergh, help.
  95. Work-Life Balance, Feeling guilty
  96. This time last year
  97. My Body Image Is Such A Slave To My Moods
  98. The magical secret to losing weight is...
  99. lost 70 lbs in 8 months
  100. Just needing to whine ;)
  101. Whooooo Hooooooo!
  102. From yay to ugh within minutes
  103. Shrinking stomach
  104. Why am I not losing anything!!!??
  105. Bummed
  106. Mimicking a Perfect Food Day
  107. Has anyone had many failed attempts before succeeding?
  108. Ugh, I am so sick of low-carb.
  109. When do you weigh yourself?
  110. Tough decisions and Planned Treats
  111. South FL
  112. Where to go from where I am now
  113. Trying to Stay Positive in the Face of Criticism
  114. Starting to limit intake of calories. Step 2
  115. Desperate and need motivation
  116. Weight Loss Newbie
  117. Asking for input...please.
  118. New to the journey:encouragement and tips needed, please! :)
  119. I feel so fat and gross :(
  120. 2sw33t's Progress - 13 in 7
  121. Even though...
  122. 3FC members photos on other website(s)?
  123. I need Help
  124. I hope I can keep this up
  125. Does anyone else lose in a weird sawtooth tragectory?
  126. How do you take measurements properly?
  127. I'm struggling today.
  128. Nervous but happy
  129. Need some encouragement
  130. Slip up
  131. My weight is putting my life on hold!
  132. November 13-21
  133. Maintaining Muscle Mass
  134. Aiming for smaller rather than slim. Anyone else?
  135. My mini goal
  136. double chin
  137. Lunch at 3 instead of Noon
  138. My first "I'm getting frustrated!" Post
  139. Everyone Weigh in 11/12/10
  140. Low blood sugar woes
  141. Why can't I be one of those people who doesn't eat when they are sad?
  142. Do I satisfy the crave or give in??
  143. Mini Goals
  144. Goal size??
  145. Bruised foot.. what to do?
  146. Changing goal?
  147. how long does the water weight last?
  148. Starting Today!
  149. Well... so much for that...
  150. Goal...again?
  151. Weight loss support
  152. My Mini Goal for the week.....
  153. My Mantra for today....
  154. What are your best tips for weight loss success?
  155. Ugh! Carb Cravings
  156. NSV - Inches
  157. Getting My Head On Straight
  158. fallen off the wagon :(
  159. Scale Always is an Even Number...
  160. My 1 year anniversary is today!
  161. Scale Bouncing Around - Discouraged
  162. Nov 9-14
  163. Setting a Christmas Goal
  164. Frustrated with myself
  165. 15lbs for Christmas
  166. 2nd week in and I have anger issues
  167. Work food
  168. 10 pounds by Christmas
  169. Scales not!
  170. How many inches is too much?
  171. TV, this means WAR...
  172. im back PP
  173. I really don't care.
  174. I'm hungry ALL the time!
  175. Still don't truly, truly believe
  176. Will my body really change??? UGH!
  177. Metabolic slowdown
  178. Anyone else doing it alone? ...
  179. Please I beg of you I need help.
  180. The Chicken or the Egg?
  181. Can anybody tell me why my scales are stuck?????
  182. Issues with blood sugar
  183. does your ideal weight change?
  184. Step 1: Stop Eating Out!
  185. Txt Buddy?
  186. What's your long term strategy?
  187. Everyone Weigh in 11/05/10
  188. Night shift/graveyard shift/3rd shift...woe is me!
  189. New experience: Hunger
  190. What's been your most successful diet?
  191. This is how you do it.
  192. A Big Thank You to 3FC
  193. Okay, 3 days is up.
  194. forward and away from motivation
  195. Why?
  196. Spring Break 2011
  197. I hate to ask for help, but PLEASE help me
  198. What would you eat if you couldn't chew, use straw, or eat dairy/
  199. Weight Loss Depression??
  200. How often do you get measured or measure yourself
  201. I am back, and officially obese again =/
  202. For the love of god, how can I lose 2# a week?
  203. New & needed suggestions & Ideas....
  204. Calorie Cycling & Mexican Food
  205. Does anyone weigh themselves once a month?
  206. Is it really as simple as calories in vs calorie out?
  207. My goals
  208. The Craving Paradox
  209. My family saw my pictures and...
  210. MOTHER OF GOD this is going to take forever isn't it?
  211. What do you do?
  212. Hey everyone!
  213. Bad, bad, choice.
  214. Maura Kelly Blog on Marie Claire - Should fatties get a room?
  215. Does sugar affect mood/sadness?
  216. One year til goal. Post-it reminders.
  217. This is it!!!! I am going to make it. No if's, and's or but's...
  218. Must Stay Strong!
  219. There is no candy.
  220. how much should I eat?
  221. My October Stats
  222. Six weeks
  223. Holiday Induced Binge
  224. ALWAYS thinking about food...
  225. **^**November Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome**^**
  226. "Char Pei" syndrome :D
  227. Great week.....
  228. What's It Really About For You?
  229. 3FC, do you count "the little bites"?
  230. I need help...I'm tired of fighting
  231. Gaining after not eating?
  232. BMI, body fat %, etc. ... what to trust?
  233. Eating Out?
  234. How do you get back to your former glory?
  235. Why are some more accurate than others?
  236. Apparently I can't get by with just exercise
  237. Everyone Weigh in 10/29/10
  238. Eating Trigger
  239. Not able to keep ANY food in the house?
  240. I saw 145 today!!!
  241. Halloween costume NSV
  242. I lost 120 pounds and gained back 100. NEVER again.
  243. How to win the mental game?
  244. Toot My Own Horn
  245. What to do when with friends?
  246. I DO NOT want to give up, but I'm miserable and need help...
  247. 30lbs by Christmas! Part 3
  248. Do you eat with your family?
  249. Addiction to food
  250. Need help thinking of non-food rewards :)