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  1. Should I or Shouldn't I?
  2. Everyone Weigh in 12/17/10
  3. Just need some advice! Please
  4. A strange scale
  5. Can weight loss change voice???
  6. Just another accountability thread :)
  7. If im staying under my calorie intake..Do i really have to eat healthy?
  8. MAD, I'm the one who bought it, grrrr!!!
  9. Hunger vs Fatigue
  10. Am i on the right track ya reckon?
  11. Caved in and boarded the scale....ugh!
  12. Falling off the wagon.
  13. The dreaded but classic apple shaped body...
  14. Need Motivation, need advice
  15. Feeling Blue
  16. In the beginning - were you ever afraid to wake up and have all the pounds back??
  17. Grateful and thankful musings on weight loss
  18. Ideas for weight/exercise tracker
  19. Husband is my biggest obstacle. What to do?
  20. Doctor said I need only to lose 30 lbs??
  21. I discovered that I am a stress eater afterall
  22. Dealing With Doctors
  23. Why do we digress/slip/lose focus?
  24. If losses slow, do you lower calories or accept a slower loss?
  25. Not snapping heads of the Food Pushers?
  26. Where did that "2lbs a week" for women thing even COME from?!
  27. Oh My Cookies!
  28. Laughter helps the weight melt off
  29. Those days you wish you were at goal...
  30. lose 22-55 lbs in 28 days (join me)
  31. Anyone battle with over restricting/starving themselves when they diet?
  32. Christmas Baking!
  33. Anyone eat the same things day in day out?
  34. Is this possible
  35. How I feel... please keep me accountable!
  36. Pictures for Motivation
  37. hating myself, daily
  38. I am driving myself CRAZY!!!
  39. Terrified for Christmas Temptations
  40. Any other birth/biological moms out there???
  41. Moving on up!
  42. Everyone Weigh in 12/10/10
  43. Why do I go *looking* for trouble?
  44. eating too little calories can stall weight loss?
  45. I'm thinking about starting a Youtube Channel
  46. flash backs from my past, teaching moment
  47. WANTED: Insperation/motivation and a new belly lol
  48. Lies about weight loss: A RANT
  49. Weight loss buddy?
  50. Confession...sleep walking and worried about the holiday
  51. who's feeling great today!
  52. Surviving that time of the month's weight gain
  53. do i eat enough to weigh 207 pounds
  54. Are we there yet?
  55. Overweight & Unemployed :(
  56. White chocolate calling my name
  57. OMG..Sugar rush!
  58. I am going to dig in and get these last 10 off!!!!!!
  59. ugh what the...??
  60. Letting my emotions control me
  61. I just need to put it out there
  62. "Homesick" for the old ways?
  63. Sustainable Calories vs. Losing weight
  64. How do I get myself to live the life I envision for myself when I lose the weight?
  65. Getting started and feeling awful
  66. perspective shift sedentary to active lifestyle
  67. Does Anyone Else Fantasize about FOOD?
  68. *groan*
  69. Getting back on plan after illness
  70. So close and yet so far....but I am not giving up!!
  71. Is there such a thing called a Calorie Counter?
  72. Really??
  73. Not losing weight anymore
  74. Feeling like CRAP
  75. Too fat... seriously?
  76. once and for all is birth control why i cant lose weight?
  77. Back into the 170s, bleh.
  78. The "Magic Pill" - best advice I ever received
  79. Caution: Kids sports snack bar ahead!
  80. I Need Help... How Do I Help My Mom Help Herself?
  81. Why did I binge?
  82. I'm going to gain this back, right?
  83. Aren't friends supposed to be supportive?
  84. How do you calculate calorie burn rate?
  85. Sad on what should have been a happy day :(
  86. Oh no... It's a BUFFET
  87. Fair warning, PMS and TOM related post. =)
  88. How is this for food choices?
  89. Not all overweight people are ready to keel over
  90. Everyone Weigh in 12/03/10
  91. Getting Motivated After Back Surgery
  92. "During" Dysmorphia?
  93. Anyone else here never seen a normal weight?
  94. Looking For a email diet buddy
  95. Need help.. want to lose 40-50 lbs... 2 kids
  96. She broke my heart, because I used to be her
  97. Never thought I would...But need a pat on the back!!
  98. How is this possible?!?!?!
  99. Help me make sense of my post vacation weigh-ins, please.
  100. I'm Back!
  101. Realistic Weight Loss Goals?
  102. When are you hungriest vs. munchiest?
  103. Yikes! I've gone off program like crazy!
  104. I cleaned out the pantry!
  105. THE NSV I've been waiting for...
  106. Ugh. Starting over. *weeps*
  107. Overeating, Bad Habits, and the Big Question ..
  108. lost 10lbs this summer! and already gained 7.5back!
  109. Measurements: Yep, Still Fat! (long n' ranty)
  110. Will this do the job? Can I lose weight this way?
  111. what plan works for you and why?
  112. Leave Your Excuses Here
  113. December Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome
  114. adjusting calories
  115. Beyond frustrated - in need of kind words and guidance
  116. Feeling guilty, but...
  117. NOW You know WHY I hate Exercise!!!!!! Fell This Morning
  118. I am so sad this AM and I feel desperate.
  119. I hate the word "diet"
  120. Body issues, how it started for me
  121. TTOM Moodiness
  122. I'm doing something right
  123. I LOATHE HATE DESPISE Exercise!!!!! No One Can Hate it as Much as I Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  124. Frustrated
  125. Analog Scale or Digital Scale?
  126. How can it be so hard to just not eat something bad???
  127. To the dreaded Weight Tracker (people not the cool bars on our signature pages)
  128. Real Fat or Water Weight?
  129. I've been on here for how long???
  130. my body is so wierd right now
  131. Ever try GNC's wellBEing products?
  132. Need Some "Male" Advice....PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  133. Dealing with mix messages from mother
  134. Weekend = Being bad
  135. I put on the weight faster than taking it off. What's the science behind it?
  136. Is this a lifestyle change or a phase?!
  137. Any room for a new guy ? Need advice.
  138. Why Can't I Just Freaking Do This?
  139. fail fail fail and now just trying to get back up
  140. Tips for boredom eaters?
  141. New goals for a new me
  142. Everyone Weigh in 11/27/10
  143. *Brr* so cold!
  144. Hurt myself and need advice
  145. Today's trip to the gym triggered bullying memories
  146. Thanksgiving pats on the back
  147. Water Question
  148. The Secret To Staying Committed?
  149. Weight loss and birth control?
  150. Belly Bloat Tips?
  151. "just tasting"
  152. Scared of Turkey day!
  153. This Is Going To Be Trickier Than I Thought...
  154. Can't go to the Gym - Busy Schedule :(
  155. How I know it's different
  156. Struggling to find self-worth when feeling fat...
  157. Holiday meal words of wisdom
  158. Weight Influencing Relationship - Advice?
  159. Anybody else throwing caution to the wind for Turkey Day?
  160. Autumn Beauties-December Check-In (All Are Welcome)
  161. NSV! Worked out when not at my house
  162. Bahaha!
  163. What will be different this time around?
  164. Starting over again...
  165. hungry...but so proud
  166. I don't want to Jinx myself
  167. traumatized, never shared this before
  168. ugh why is it so easy some days
  169. Help for moms of overweight children
  170. Jumping back on that wagon
  171. crawling back on the wagon
  172. Mission Onderland And Beyond!
  173. Man, I have it so easy!
  174. If you knew then what you know now...
  175. Is it possible???
  176. hanging in there
  177. Merry Christmas to me! Mini - Goal.
  178. Frustrated!
  179. How do you properly measure yourself?
  180. How I Got Here (The 2011 Version)
  181. 25lbs lost seems insignificant when I need to lose 100+
  182. Bloody buttons
  183. The semantics of eating
  184. Crap, hopelessness, crap (help NEEDED)
  185. Bought a Scale
  186. I WILL stay on plan
  187. Anyone else not working out?
  188. I disappeared.
  189. Does ANYONE Here Celebrate Hanuka? I Want to do a Hanuka Goal :) Anyone In?????
  190. Do you delay or dig in?
  191. water, water, water mini goal
  192. Hating myself today
  193. How is this?
  194. New - I need support!
  195. Everyone Weigh in 11/19/10
  196. On plan, but still guilty? (Long post)
  197. I want to lose my ten year old
  198. Just letting off steam
  199. Do we over analyze?
  200. My Story
  201. I"m gonna go broke....
  202. Fast food AGAIN? NO!
  203. Trying NOT to be Discouraged....Need Support to Try Again
  204. Am I The ONLY One??
  205. I'm FINALLY overweight!!!
  206. Time to Focus on Me - Mini Goal 25lbs
  207. Whoa, wait a minute.
  208. Staying on track with 3FC
  209. Back on track
  210. My family on Thanksgiving....ergh, help.
  211. Work-Life Balance, Feeling guilty
  212. This time last year
  213. My Body Image Is Such A Slave To My Moods
  214. The magical secret to losing weight is...
  215. lost 70 lbs in 8 months
  216. Just needing to whine ;)
  217. Whooooo Hooooooo!
  218. From yay to ugh within minutes
  219. Shrinking stomach
  220. Why am I not losing anything!!!??
  221. Bummed
  222. Mimicking a Perfect Food Day
  223. Has anyone had many failed attempts before succeeding?
  224. Ugh, I am so sick of low-carb.
  225. When do you weigh yourself?
  226. Tough decisions and Planned Treats
  227. South FL
  228. Where to go from where I am now
  229. Trying to Stay Positive in the Face of Criticism
  230. Starting to limit intake of calories. Step 2
  231. Desperate and need motivation
  232. Weight Loss Newbie
  233. Asking for input...please.
  234. New to the journey:encouragement and tips needed, please! :)
  235. I feel so fat and gross :(
  236. 2sw33t's Progress - 13 in 7
  237. Even though...
  238. 3FC members photos on other website(s)?
  239. I need Help
  240. I hope I can keep this up
  241. Does anyone else lose in a weird sawtooth tragectory?
  242. How do you take measurements properly?
  243. I'm struggling today.
  244. Nervous but happy
  245. Need some encouragement
  246. Slip up
  247. My weight is putting my life on hold!
  248. November 13-21
  249. Maintaining Muscle Mass
  250. Aiming for smaller rather than slim. Anyone else?