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  1. What is a good Lunch Meal?
  2. Binge.
  3. In Japan, Drinking Parties are a MUST
  4. mini goals also
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how sure are you that you can achieve permanent weight loss?
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Husband doesn't want me to lose more weight... advice?
  8. Changing food preferences
  9. it fits!!
  10. Discouraged! I am not getting this at all!!!
  11. Setting your goals
  12. A confession and one really inspirational post.
  13. When life Does get in the way of weightloss (well, exercising)
  14. I'm New and Feel OVERWHELMED
  15. I'm having major issues...please help?
  16. What do you want to do when you reach your goal?
  17. Bringing Up the Rear: Tips for Sneaking in Exercise!
  18. Is anyone experiencing being uncomfortable with the new attention they're receiving?
  19. Can we use medifast products in recipes??
  20. Post-Vacation Thoughts
  21. Do I absolutely HAVE to count calories?
  22. A non-confession
  23. January Goal
  24. Weight gain days after going off plan, despite going back on??
  25. Getting Fat Sucks...I need support!!!
  26. What is different this time around???
  27. Not losing weight anymore.
  28. Me last Year
  29. HCG Diet? ANYONE?? insight please
  30. I survived my vacation!
  31. Gaining =(
  32. Very thankful for this board
  33. Constipation/Infrequent Bathroom Trips When On Plan?
  34. Addicted to 3fatchicks?
  35. The wonderful world of awkardness
  36. Disrespect after losing weight by friends.
  37. No more white chocolate mochas for me!
  38. Co-worker Woes!
  39. Habit?
  40. Too fat to pee!
  41. I hate my arms!
  42. Really, Fitday?!?!! Really?
  43. Terrified to eat! Please help!!!
  44. What's Your Reward?
  45. I Fit In My GF's Pants!
  46. Anyone Lost Weight with their Own Plan?
  47. Losing inches but not pounds?
  48. Deiting with others
  49. I'm less hungry since I can't exercise right now
  50. New motivating factor :)
  51. Need Help
  52. I really want a Diet Coke!!!
  53. bad cravings-how to cope??
  54. Holy Cow, I'm Fat, Batman!
  55. gets easier, as days go by...
  56. Trouble sticking to diet..
  57. Felt to embarassed to ask for nutrition information..
  58. Scale Question!
  59. feeling hopeless
  60. water retention
  61. Everyone Weigh in 01/14/11
  62. Unrealistic expectations...
  63. Shoot!!
  64. my mini goals
  65. Wearing smaller pants, but....
  66. The "down swing"...before TOM.
  67. Does anyone else have trouble accepting the accomplishments they've already made?
  68. Sick Today
  69. I think I might have a problem!
  70. I Think I Made A Big Mistake...
  71. Can an infection cause temporary weight gain?
  72. I really like...
  73. Is 1500 cal. enough?
  74. completely lost...
  75. Calorie Cycling
  76. VALENTINE'S DAY Challenge ~UPDATE~
  77. At what weight do you feel "normal" on a bike?
  78. I have a sweet tooth
  79. I am back.. again. Really need to stay!
  80. Anyone feel like they should be a smaller size at their current weight?
  81. Does It Surprise You???
  82. Road to Salt Lake
  83. I WILL go to the gym tonight!
  84. Struggling
  85. Double Chin :o
  86. What goal/NSV are you sooooo close to that you can taste it?
  87. Hurtful words from someone close...
  88. If I Had Done _____ A Year Ago
  89. Sodium?
  90. When did you really see a difference?
  91. My non-scale pledge
  92. How's it possible to still feel like the only one?
  93. Sizing frustrations!!!!
  94. One Year Anniversary!
  95. I used to be fat!
  96. What did you eat or not eat today?
  97. Help with Diet & Exercise !
  98. Ideal Protein Diet Plan-anyone?
  99. I'm worried about my mom
  100. So hungry! Should I be eating more?
  101. listen to ones body, it talks...
  102. Fitday
  103. Body Fat Percentage
  104. Canadian doctor urges new thinking on obesity
  105. less carbs and more protein! it's working!
  106. First weigh-in since I started! *drumroll*...
  107. Returning after a long hiatus! Any advice?
  108. Holiday Craziness = Reboot?
  109. What did you eat today?
  110. New to forum. Diet starts tomm need support.
  111. Ah crap..they ordered pizza!
  112. Why am I always hungry?
  113. Unexpected Lunch Plans
  114. Oof-having a day...
  115. They say kids say the darnest things...
  116. I hate the scale
  117. This week's menu
  118. Three things for this week - what are yours?
  119. Just do it!!!
  120. Another question for frequent weighers
  121. Going to be in a leotard in less than a month! Help!!
  122. am debating restarting WW or a food plan from a dietitian, not sure...
  123. Public speaking tomorrow :(
  124. Another Motivation
  125. HELP! Not sure where to begin!
  126. I need a new scale!
  127. Daily Positivity Challenge
  128. in your whole life, what's the heaviest you remember being?
  129. Unsustainable diet/exercise to get through plateau?
  130. A massive day. (Food wise)
  131. What do you do to keep from getting discouraged?
  132. Since I want to do the V-Day challenge, I actually weighed myself today ...
  133. Can't exercise for a while (need pep talks, encouragement)
  134. For those who weigh everyday
  135. Does anyone have days when they're just not hungry?
  136. eating before bed
  137. A cure for late night munchies I just discovered
  138. Oprah and my sadness.
  139. Any advice would be appreciated.
  140. Different scales different weights
  141. Need help on healthy lunch options
  142. Bridesmaid dress sizing...ugh!
  143. Overcoming a Fear of Hunger
  144. I'll say "NO" to vino and dessert, just for tonight...
  145. First, very small NSV :)
  146. Hiding My Healthy Habits
  147. Valentines Day Weight Loss Challenge
  148. Need help with eating plan!
  149. Difficult Losing
  150. Visual motivation
  151. Weight Loss and Allergies
  152. Girls still losing - pics of beautiful you!
  153. Meal time obstacles
  154. Everyone Weigh in 01/07/11
  155. Today went fairly well
  156. That's not a compliment you loser!
  157. Quick update
  158. nutritional info site
  159. Sugar (ba ba bah bah bah bah) oh, honey, honey (NSV!)
  160. Am I doing something wrong here..? :/
  161. Why can't I just stick to plan? and other useless thoughts
  162. Weight gain NIGHTMARES!!
  163. Getting the Proverbial Kick in the Behind...
  164. Has anyone watched the MTV show I USED TO BE FAT??
  165. DS weighs 220lbs :(
  166. Proud
  167. I'm so hungry.....HELP
  168. Resource for calorie counting and meal prepairing?
  169. Staying on the path...
  170. Fight it or go with it?
  171. Need to lose 70 lbs..
  172. How often do you still have treats?
  173. Fears
  174. Pasta!!!
  175. When did it sink in that you had lost a lot of weight?? Or does it ever??
  176. Ppl watching Carbs- Do you cut yourself some slack when sick?
  177. What counts as drinking "water"?
  178. what does losing weight and getting healthy means to you?
  179. Wow!! One of our message board members is famous!!
  180. Thank you for your contribution - now quit it!
  181. BOLOGNA Nachos YUMMY!
  182. Loved these tips I read today!
  183. Getting back to where you were...
  184. I need to eat how much? Wha...?
  185. Sad about lack of photos
  186. What's Your Desire?
  187. Lying To Be Perfect
  188. Hi! New here, looking for a little support, I'm awfully down :(
  189. Best podcasts or radio shows for low carb?
  190. Follow up- doc told me & hubby to get moving & I think it worked!
  191. Coffee addict-er' I mean enthusiasts?
  192. Have you ever been complacent with your weight?
  193. saggy skin and planned maintenance "breaks"
  194. things that help me stay on plan
  195. What Do You Do When You Don't Want To Eat
  196. When all you want to do is vegetate
  197. More Big Life Changes behind me and still on track!!
  198. My first plateau...
  199. Biggest Loser starts this evening!
  200. Patience
  201. Vacation (5 weeks!) question
  202. Temperature and Weight?
  203. Triggering "Skinny Gene" - Has anyone heard this??
  204. Can you please critique my caloric intake?
  205. anyone want to...
  206. Mini Goal for this week!
  207. How do I get back???
  208. I am back... *blushes red*
  209. WHY is this bothering me SO much?
  210. WOW! Last night was hard to stay on track!
  211. Question about menstrual weight gain
  212. DH seems to think that I'm the only one with a problem! *long* *rant*
  213. Share some of your breakfast ideas :)
  214. what food can you NOT have in the house?
  215. What Kind Of Activities Do You Lust After?
  216. Positive Self-Talk and Affirmations
  217. Eating Healthy During Kitchen Renovation?
  218. Hubby in denial about physical fitness, going to end up injuring himself!
  219. I was so embarassed... for her?
  220. Decided to start this journey with a mini-goal...
  221. Why Did You Wait Until Today?
  222. I can kinda see it...but it certainly doesn't look like 92 lbs.
  223. 2 inches? 6 lbs???
  224. I did so well all night, and then...
  225. Too Fast, Too Soon
  226. I am back (my story)
  227. A New Year = A New You! January Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome
  228. 2011 has got to be better, right?
  229. A little nervous. Wish me luck!
  230. What do you do when you have a craving?
  231. Remember: Actions vs. Words
  232. On My Way To Losing 30lbs
  233. I need to get back on track!
  234. Advice for helping hubby?
  235. Trigger foods
  236. I think this might really be it, but I need accountability
  237. Mini Goal #1
  238. join me in a weekly accountability thread from start to goal weight!
  239. I am super pissed, I just poured my heart out in a post and it didnt post.
  240. Anorexia is a serious disorder-- That I don't have.
  241. On the virge of crying
  242. Help...
  243. Willing to starve, but not to exercise?
  244. What's the first step in this journey?
  245. No Longer All That Proud
  246. Eating habits/lifestyle changes
  247. Weighed in at 283 this am...IM READY to needed!
  248. CNN story!
  249. I think I'm going to have a really hard time!!
  250. 351 Pounds =( Need WeightLoss Buddies!!