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  1. I haven't set any goals.. should I?
  2. Want to drop pounds...but tend to get hungry and binge
  3. hey everyone!
  4. Does anyone do IOWL here?
  5. Too excited not to share!!
  6. Is my weight loss plan, right?
  7. How do I find that medium of control? *Majorsuckyweekalert*
  8. Craving Junk Food
  9. Just made an awesome salad
  10. Eating slowly vs. Inhaling food
  11. Tomorrow morning, I am going to fix this.
  12. I Have Developed "Binging"
  13. Someone PLEASE assure me I can go biking
  14. Who wants to look good in shorts?
  15. How to fight back - Dealing with "fat" insults
  16. Back after having a baby
  17. Urgh... my dress doesn't fit... but why... well... it's because...
  18. What diets have you tried/what has worked for you?
  19. For those who were "fat kids," what do you wish your parents would have done?
  20. Any suggestions for morning puffiness?
  21. Everyone Weigh in 03/04/11
  22. What is the ONE thing you wouldn't be able to lose weight without?
  23. Eating healthy....but not really...
  24. Chicken Bewbs..
  25. Some Significant Progress
  26. giving myself a pep talk -- feel free to read/add
  27. Here Comes the (FAT) Bride
  28. Please Help! Did i permanently damage my metabolism from years of yo-yoing
  29. Coke Zero - Yay or Nay?
  30. Feeling hungry ALL the time
  31. She called me a "clown". Nice.
  32. TamiL or Another - How to Begin With So Much Info Out There
  33. It is so hard to talk to my friends about weight loss!
  34. What do you use in place of BAD foods
  35. First Results!
  36. A good way to get rid of the fat on my thighs?
  37. Can't seem to get any weight off, so frustrated!
  38. Is it just me?
  39. how has weightloss changed your thinking?
  40. having one of those days . . .
  41. People don't mean to be hurtful but they are
  42. Very embarrassed
  43. Scales of Justice
  44. evil mini muffins around the corner
  45. Stuck at 155lb (20lb more to goal) - Advice?
  46. trying to remain calm. . .
  47. I am thinking this is normal, but need reassurance
  48. Hello I am new and I need help!!
  49. Taking time to prepare/plate foods
  50. Plodding along...
  51. I lost 7.5" for february, but gain 2 or 3 lbs still
  52. My fiancee is a jerk..or am i being oversensetive?
  53. help me set my mini goal- Jeans!
  54. Minor Victory
  55. Marching In With A New Daily Accountablility/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  56. How To Motivate your People
  57. Exercise or sleep?
  58. What happened to your, ah, "girls" after you lost weight?
  59. Sigh. 26 days at the same weight . . .
  60. Can anyone become thin??? I have questions lol...
  61. Is it just me, or...
  62. out of the 240's!
  63. how do you know if you are carb sensitive?
  64. Does it matter WHAT you eat?
  65. What are you mourning?
  66. Empty closet freak out
  67. Spaghetti Squash and Meal Planning??
  68. This must be a "love your scale day!"
  69. When does the back fat go???
  70. I love weight loss!
  71. WL books
  72. OMG My legs!!!
  73. Everyday Changes
  74. Thank you nola and all the other curve loving girls!
  75. feeling weak..
  76. Feeling really nervous to dress up!
  77. Old ID Annoyance
  78. Does anyone ever think for a second, "I wish I was fat again?"
  79. Soooo Bleh!!! TOM showed up and ruined my day!
  80. Ahhh... small victories
  81. Feeling really Blah...
  82. kick my rear back on track!
  83. Disappointed about my loss this week..
  84. Dinner Time...
  85. Girl Scout Cookie FAIL
  86. Your vacation/restaurant/hotel strategies?
  87. Uh-oh, surprise visit from my family! Any suggestions on how not to fall apart?
  88. Hot to tell if these 2 lbs I agined were from muscles
  89. *sigh*
  90. Demoralized
  91. Oh my gosh I ate a pound of COW!!
  92. Oh my goodness grocery stores are so hard!
  93. I'm stuck at my current weight...advice?
  94. Dear scale, please move!
  95. Everyone Weigh in 02/25/11
  96. muscles holding water thru light exercise?
  97. Did it become a center of your conversations?
  98. Need some... motivation, or direction, or *something*
  99. What To Do, What...To...Do
  100. Is it good or bad that my housekeeper asked if I was inferma?
  101. How am I doing? Lost 2 lbs in 2 Days!
  102. I'm Sooo Hungry!!!!!!
  103. And the scale was...lower?
  104. Grocery Questions
  105. Would I acheive more success if I didn't work out daily???
  106. I will not eat a cookie!
  107. Am I eating enough?
  108. Blood Tests?
  109. How much does your weight change by, in 1 day?
  110. Eating for hunger AND carb/calorie counting
  111. Thump, thunk, THUD!
  112. Best time to work out
  113. Sometimes I envy a man's point of view
  114. Nervous about job meeting tomorrow
  115. Analyze Me
  116. Sex Drive After Weight Loss
  117. I'm In A Little Bit Of A Panic
  118. He broke my heart into a billion pieces.....and now im messing up
  119. Teeter Tottering
  120. Okay, confused over here!
  121. Went off plan, but it was a celebration supper
  122. Don't want to admit it
  123. Fell off.. sort of
  124. Part 3 February Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change Everyone Welcome!
  125. Tips for using 3fatchicks?
  126. Fat face, thin body, left me with confused feelings......
  127. Eating at maintenance for a week (or more) - Thoughts and advice welcome!
  128. All my excuses are gone! (mostly)
  129. How to get back on track??
  130. Very frustrated, down on myself
  131. i hate being so impatient
  132. I am banishing 187.6!
  133. how much more weight should i lose?
  134. Rewards
  135. My weight loss has stalled...
  136. Why can't you?
  137. Some how
  138. Dieting during a revolution
  139. Long time lurker, first time poster.... Hi!
  140. Sugar in the Turkey??? What the Heck??
  141. Getting over anxiety about being outside?
  142. Sister!
  143. NSV... some frustrations... and a possible solution...
  144. Help- in desperate need of motivation!
  145. My life is **** right now...please help.
  146. Round and Round we go!! Ugh!!
  147. Feeling Guilty?
  148. Who's the slowest loser on 3FC?
  149. Do you ever get this?
  150. i've hit a plateau! need help! please!
  151. a good sports bra?
  152. i do not understand why im stuck between two numbers?
  153. Scale isn't moving like I'm used to
  154. weight loss rewards on a budget?
  155. Frustrated with dieting boyfriend!
  156. Everyone Weigh in 02/18/11
  157. Getting out of plus sizes
  158. Ulcer! Or, How I mistakenly lost five pounds!
  159. Patiently waiting for my....whoosh *sigh*
  160. Injury, not sure where to put this
  161. Explain to me eating back calories...
  162. It's the little things :)
  163. Reflective post - 1 year ago
  164. Should I buy a new scale? & Weight loss Chart!
  165. Ready to throw my scale against the wall!!!!
  166. REALLY slow weight loss!
  167. 'Why are thin people not fat?'
  168. This is me, coming out of my rut.
  169. Overweight=Safe Any advice?
  170. i messed up...i thought i was past emotional eating.
  171. I'm happiest when...
  172. help
  173. Getting Measurements tomorrow
  174. Compared to last time....
  175. My New Diet Plan, Opinions Welcome!
  176. Ugh! The effects of shows like the Biggest Loser and Heavy
  177. Hmm, just asking..
  178. Responding to "Wow you lost a lot of weight!"
  179. Wheat allergy/sensitivity?
  180. Back Again
  181. will power at its finest!
  182. what am i doing??! and WHY??? *RANT*
  183. Need assistance...
  184. What do you tell yourself to stop from cheating?
  185. Is it enough, or too much?
  186. is it really that simple and easy?
  187. Sugar!
  188. Can't Bring Myself To Eat
  189. What's your go to food?
  190. Anyone else freezing???
  191. calorie counting- I made it through day 1!
  192. Sucking lately= time to post!
  193. only ONE. MORE. POUND. til Goallll!!!
  194. Hyperventilating
  195. For those of you who measure yourselves....
  196. To weigh in or not to weigh in?
  197. Finally got my goals!
  198. Scared Straight!! **Bit of Silly Randomness**
  199. I'm mad at myself...can I really not handle social situations?!
  200. Eating out stinks!!!!
  201. Confused? Fitting into clothes but scale not going down?
  202. Exercise suggestions
  203. Eating away sad feelings...
  204. The scale is refusing to move
  205. I got a compliment!
  206. The weird questions people ask
  207. How should I deal with this? (sorry, sorta long)
  208. Wish I had more support
  209. Dear 185:
  210. Everyone Weigh in 02/11/11
  211. I want a midnight snack
  212. writing a paper any thoughts, opinions, links to good articles, etc appreciated
  213. Part 2 February Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change Everyone Welcome!
  214. I feel a woosh coming on!
  215. 1 scale tells the truth and 1 scale lies..but who is who?
  216. From "Obese" to "Overweight"!!
  217. Who cares what she weighs....I do??
  218. Is my calorie intake too low?
  219. Improved Before and After pics
  220. My before and After
  221. Stressed and Hungry... HELP!!!
  222. Getting Married in July!!!
  223. can Depression make weight loss harder?
  224. I dreamt about the scale last night!!
  225. I thought I'd like myself more
  226. "Waiting for Whoosh" Thread.
  227. Dreaming about food?
  228. I Think I Have Body Image Issues...
  229. being thin means healthy NOT beauty!!!
  230. I need carbs!
  231. Completely and totally embarassing...
  232. I just can't get motivated to exercise.
  233. clothes as motivation
  234. Finally lost that pound after a week! But getting exhausted..
  235. Guilt over not being the fat friend anymore
  236. Not doing this anymore!!!
  237. Oh my gosh, I felt possessed yesterday!
  238. 2 Month Hiatus
  239. Diet and exercise do work... if you are honest!
  240. Looks like it's paying off, but does this seem plausible?
  241. For Real This Time!
  242. Meeting old work buddies--dont know how to respond about my weight loss...
  243. need suggestions on how to overcome a weightloss plateau
  244. Does anyone else have this trend?
  245. I feel like Im in a race and taking this ALL the wrong way.
  246. A bit worried about loose skin
  247. Short Term Ankle Injury, Exercise in the Meantime?
  248. My boyfriend is the biggest nerd ever
  249. Confession - Need Support
  250. I Don't Care What You Say....