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  1. Email buddy
  2. Do upset and dissapointed....and confused too.
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  5. can you tell the difference?
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  15. My name is Karen and i'm a Carboholic!
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  19. Quit drinking Coke
  20. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/25 - 5/1
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  22. Is this normal?
  23. Plateau! Any tips?
  24. I gained weight?
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  26. Fish in a packet recipe?
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  29. Heeeelp meee!!!
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  31. Spent all week fighting...
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  33. carb/gluten (something?) question
  34. Everyone Weigh in 04/22/11
  35. Tell me how you began your journey!
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  37. Devestating numbers.. but I wont let it get me down!
  38. Stalled weight loss
  39. Walking?
  40. I need some help or SOMETHING...
  41. I don't get it. :(
  42. Body Fat Percentage Question
  43. I'm going to fatten you up!
  44. I feel really fat today :(
  45. Weird headache since start of diet
  46. What is yours?
  47. Sugar Intake
  48. Confidence?
  49. Looking back to when you first began
  50. It's been awhile
  51. Need a "lets lose 20 lbs" weight loss buddy/"get your butt to the gym" motivation!
  52. Warning: Rant
  53. My plan
  54. Can I pull off a bikini?
  55. Calorie Confusion
  56. Question about fat vs. muscle weight
  57. Literally in tears.
  58. One Day....
  59. I have decided on a goal
  60. Onederland Anxiety/Obsession?
  61. Can you tell if you've lost without the scale?
  62. How do you get THAT butt?
  63. S/O: How do you calculate your body fat percentage?
  64. Exciting!!
  65. Oh no, limited edition food!!
  66. Reflecting on the smaller successes
  67. In the middle of temptation
  68. New to weight loss and this forum
  69. BMI, "ideal" weight, body frame...oh my!
  70. Weighing in Tomorrow
  71. I got back my weight loss mojo (and beat a 6 week plateau!)
  72. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/18 - 4/24
  73. are males welcome? require some help!
  74. Just wanted to thanks
  75. How can we bust through a plateau?
  76. What do I do?
  77. Nearly cried while shopping...
  78. What Real Women look like at different heights, weights, and sizes
  79. New and looking for help/support
  80. Minor NSV!
  81. Just a Quick Vent
  82. Kickstart needed.
  83. Gonna party like it's 1999!
  84. Too embarrassed to join the gym :( But they offered a GREAT DEAL!
  85. Losing my taste for food? Normal?
  86. All i need is 20lbs gone..getting discouraged.
  87. ALMOST threw in the towel..........
  88. Red Tea as part of water intake?
  89. Dear Mr. Frosty Tips...we need a break...
  90. Everyone Weigh in 04/15/11
  91. I'm scared to really try to lose weight
  92. Decreasing Ailments! What have you noticed?
  93. Not counting what you eat right before you work out
  94. Stomach Flu Gain
  95. iPhone app - Weightbot
  96. Some observations...
  97. Finally back on track!
  98. I can't believe it- I'm obese.
  99. Do you work out when you are sick?
  100. It was all going so well...
  101. Making good–but NOT perfect–food choices
  102. Worst craving ever . . .
  103. Weight loss penpal.
  104. Those stupid cookies
  105. MTV: I used to be fat: Gabriella
  106. i don't like today (and it's not even 9a)!!! warning: rant
  107. YAY! Finally get to post "lost 100 lbs"!
  108. I love grocery shopping.
  109. Looking for someone who needs to lose 40 lbs.
  110. The Fat Strong Lady (motivation for the journey)
  111. Below 200!!!!
  112. A Cheat Day-- I want to but I'm scared.
  113. I feel som guilty
  114. Night time snacking
  115. Eating out
  116. A question for the ladies
  117. Where can I find weight loss support online?
  118. An update on not losing weight
  119. not sure what weight loss method to use
  120. why am i so in denial about my weight loss?
  121. Lost all hope and motivation
  122. If you knew then what you know now...
  123. Huge breakfast...tiny meals the rest of the day?
  124. Private or Public...why?
  125. No words to express, just tears
  126. Progress photos
  127. Anyone 4'9'' and start at around 180lb?
  128. Use a Tape Measure!
  129. Finding it hard to stay hydrated
  130. Confessions of a "Fat Girl"
  131. The first time I see a difference (pics)
  132. Calling college students!!!
  133. Help with a craving!!!! please!!
  134. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/11 - 4/17
  135. Approaching my "mental block" weight
  136. Movie panic!
  137. Dieting with an Unsupporitive Spouse
  138. Odd question..loose or snug?
  139. Mom frustrations
  140. Why can't I lose the weight!!
  141. Alternating WL plans every few months?
  142. Back On Track
  143. Just Sick :(
  144. Sweating when you haven't eaten enough?
  145. You'd think it would make things easier...
  146. is not being hungry starving myself?
  147. Starting Over Again
  148. That time of the month..
  149. Going on vacation for 2 weeks, not going to be able to weigh myself!!!
  150. What has surprised you?
  151. Do you have friends who want to lose weight too?
  152. Anybody else lose weight this way?
  153. would almost rather not go out than risk falling off the wagon
  154. Let's talk about plateaus
  155. why is it so hard to lose weight?
  156. Frustrated!
  157. I'm SICK of it...
  158. Worried about my sister
  159. Blah. Overwhelmed.
  160. Jogging!
  161. Summer is coming up! My goal?
  162. Loss and Sizes
  163. I found out my scale has been lying to me all this time
  164. The nudge I needed. (Sorry, long and rambly)
  165. Get a Grip!
  166. I swear the universe is plotting against me!!
  167. Everyone Weigh in 04/08/11
  168. emotional response to lack of carbs?
  169. TMI: Gas Problems?
  170. Which healthy food makes you lose control?
  171. Hurt Myself While Exercising. :(
  172. in a funk... and not the james brown kind of funk...
  173. Can I lose 100 pounds in 60 weeks?
  174. It's not just about the weight loss!
  175. Non-food stress relievers!
  176. Why I'm plotting to kill my co-worker!!
  177. A thread of positives
  178. Temptation stinks
  179. What have you done WELL today?
  180. No Fluctuations?
  181. Anybody else trying to diet while living with a junk-eater?
  182. Weight Loss Fears
  183. Those who have the dreaded belly "overhang"...
  184. massive weightloss without surgery?
  185. I'm STUCK!!
  186. Rant
  187. Slacking, No period, Not pregnent, 1 pound weight gain :(
  188. Needing advice...
  189. Does Calorie Counting work even with Unhealthy food
  190. Inspiring Others ..
  191. Surrounded by all the things that got me to my HW
  192. Losing weight the healthy way post-anorexia
  193. how often/when do you weigh yourself?
  194. Lost weight, feel no different!
  195. underestimating binge calories
  196. Worried about my fat showing. HELP!!
  197. Separating exercise from diet
  198. Coming to Terms With Certain Limitations
  199. I can't seem to get my sugar intake under control.
  200. Dear Cookie...
  201. Where do we lose fat first?
  202. Weight Watchers Online Reviews
  203. Binge
  204. sick and dieting.
  205. I feel like punching holes in my wall!!!!!
  206. Lovin my man!!
  207. How much water weight can you have?
  208. Binged on chips grrrr starting again!
  209. How is this possible?!
  210. I need help with my weight loss
  211. What size are you?
  212. I wish it all made sense.
  213. When did you know you were going to make it this time?!?
  214. I feel stupid.
  215. 130-135 by the last day of school
  216. Bit of a rant,sorry......!
  217. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/4 - 4/10
  218. trying to burn fat not gain muscle
  219. Sick
  220. Please help....=/
  221. Scar tissue more painful as you lose?
  222. had a good week; gained 7 pounds?
  223. Mini Goal April 3rd- April 10th
  224. It's Shocking What Missing Breakfast Can Do
  225. My first mini goal - setting myself up for success
  226. broiled scallops at a restaurant?
  227. Discoveries about fat.
  228. Going scale free for a while
  229. Found a realy cool water bottle
  230. Bob Greene Makes ALOT of Sense
  231. Competitive Weight Loss?
  232. Why can't my sister be happy for me?
  233. Weight Loss Goal For April.
  234. Noticing some comments from people about getting noticed
  235. The Daily Struggle
  236. I FINALLY weighed myself...
  237. Everyone Weigh in 04/01/11
  238. how does your job help &/or hinder your diet?
  239. Disproportionate arms :(
  240. The whoosh...explained!
  241. Thinks Are Starting to Get Tricky and I'm a Bit Overwhelmed
  242. New to site, Hoping for success!
  243. Crying like a child
  244. Anyone feel EMBARRASSED to be on a diet?
  245. Rock Bottom?
  246. Progress feeling less and less like success?
  247. Water Weight!!
  248. What foods are and aren't worth it anymore?
  249. I think I'm developing disordered eating...
  250. Chose something else