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  1. My life is **** right now...please help.
  2. Round and Round we go!! Ugh!!
  3. Feeling Guilty?
  4. Who's the slowest loser on 3FC?
  5. Do you ever get this?
  6. i've hit a plateau! need help! please!
  7. a good sports bra?
  8. i do not understand why im stuck between two numbers?
  9. Scale isn't moving like I'm used to
  10. weight loss rewards on a budget?
  11. Frustrated with dieting boyfriend!
  12. Everyone Weigh in 02/18/11
  13. Getting out of plus sizes
  14. Ulcer! Or, How I mistakenly lost five pounds!
  15. Patiently waiting for my....whoosh *sigh*
  16. Injury, not sure where to put this
  17. Explain to me eating back calories...
  18. It's the little things :)
  19. Reflective post - 1 year ago
  20. Should I buy a new scale? & Weight loss Chart!
  21. Ready to throw my scale against the wall!!!!
  22. REALLY slow weight loss!
  23. 'Why are thin people not fat?'
  24. This is me, coming out of my rut.
  25. Overweight=Safe Any advice?
  26. i messed up...i thought i was past emotional eating.
  27. I'm happiest when...
  28. help
  29. Getting Measurements tomorrow
  30. Compared to last time....
  31. My New Diet Plan, Opinions Welcome!
  32. Ugh! The effects of shows like the Biggest Loser and Heavy
  33. Hmm, just asking..
  34. Responding to "Wow you lost a lot of weight!"
  35. Wheat allergy/sensitivity?
  36. Back Again
  37. will power at its finest!
  38. what am i doing??! and WHY??? *RANT*
  39. Need assistance...
  40. What do you tell yourself to stop from cheating?
  41. Is it enough, or too much?
  42. is it really that simple and easy?
  43. Sugar!
  44. Can't Bring Myself To Eat
  45. What's your go to food?
  46. Anyone else freezing???
  47. calorie counting- I made it through day 1!
  48. Sucking lately= time to post!
  49. only ONE. MORE. POUND. til Goallll!!!
  50. Hyperventilating
  51. For those of you who measure yourselves....
  52. To weigh in or not to weigh in?
  53. Finally got my goals!
  54. Scared Straight!! **Bit of Silly Randomness**
  55. I'm mad at myself...can I really not handle social situations?!
  56. Eating out stinks!!!!
  57. Confused? Fitting into clothes but scale not going down?
  58. Exercise suggestions
  59. Eating away sad feelings...
  60. The scale is refusing to move
  61. I got a compliment!
  62. The weird questions people ask
  63. How should I deal with this? (sorry, sorta long)
  64. Wish I had more support
  65. Dear 185:
  66. Everyone Weigh in 02/11/11
  67. I want a midnight snack
  68. writing a paper any thoughts, opinions, links to good articles, etc appreciated
  69. Part 2 February Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change Everyone Welcome!
  70. I feel a woosh coming on!
  71. 1 scale tells the truth and 1 scale lies..but who is who?
  72. From "Obese" to "Overweight"!!
  73. Who cares what she weighs....I do??
  74. Is my calorie intake too low?
  75. Improved Before and After pics
  76. My before and After
  77. Stressed and Hungry... HELP!!!
  78. Getting Married in July!!!
  79. can Depression make weight loss harder?
  80. I dreamt about the scale last night!!
  81. I thought I'd like myself more
  82. "Waiting for Whoosh" Thread.
  83. Dreaming about food?
  84. I Think I Have Body Image Issues...
  85. being thin means healthy NOT beauty!!!
  86. I need carbs!
  87. Completely and totally embarassing...
  88. I just can't get motivated to exercise.
  89. clothes as motivation
  90. Finally lost that pound after a week! But getting exhausted..
  91. Guilt over not being the fat friend anymore
  92. Not doing this anymore!!!
  93. Oh my gosh, I felt possessed yesterday!
  94. 2 Month Hiatus
  95. Diet and exercise do work... if you are honest!
  96. Looks like it's paying off, but does this seem plausible?
  97. For Real This Time!
  98. Meeting old work buddies--dont know how to respond about my weight loss...
  99. need suggestions on how to overcome a weightloss plateau
  100. Does anyone else have this trend?
  101. I feel like Im in a race and taking this ALL the wrong way.
  102. A bit worried about loose skin
  103. Short Term Ankle Injury, Exercise in the Meantime?
  104. My boyfriend is the biggest nerd ever
  105. Confession - Need Support
  106. I Don't Care What You Say....
  107. Weight Loss Struggles
  108. scale weight-small for me, big for the world
  109. increasing the hidden activity for a healthy lifestyle
  110. Insane Schedule-Anyone else?
  111. So close to being under 200...
  112. Endocrinologist said.. only true way to lose weight and keep it off is WLS.. WTH??
  113. Does the stomach really shrink?
  114. CANT believe he said this to me :,,,,,(
  115. Felt good!
  116. Anyone get PMS twice a month?
  117. i need some advice please!
  118. Inspiration Notebook
  119. Off of the Wagon :(
  120. guess im just lying 2 myself
  121. Mistakes I make
  122. weight loss really can work wonders on your health!!
  123. Can metabolic setpoint be changed?
  124. Stressful times and feeling horrible
  125. new to the site
  126. So happy about my signature
  127. Not Gonna Munch
  128. Do you eat...
  129. Everyone Weigh in 02/04/11
  130. BMI Blues...
  131. Should i do this?
  132. My Personal Goals. Are they doable?
  133. My personal food goal for this month is . .
  134. Dealing with exhaustion
  135. NSV - Size 14 Jeans fit!!
  136. Favorite Workout Videos
  137. Where do I start?!
  138. I HAVE to eat carbs!! Great!
  139. How to break the weight loss = self worth equation?
  140. Looking for a little support....
  141. 6 lbs makes so much more of a difference now!
  142. Making 4 New Mini Goals, (Pics Inside)
  143. I dont know if I can handle the responsibility!!!!!
  144. Does your tightening budget affect your diet?
  145. TV Realities about weight lost keep me motivated!!!
  146. scale malfunction
  147. OMRON Healthcare Hand Held Body Fat Monitor?
  148. I'm back and I need you chicks!!
  149. I gained this week even though I was on plan!!
  150. Not losing my will, but it is disappointing...
  151. Your typical menu
  152. Body Reorganizing Itself Again and I'm Not Sure It's a Good Thing
  153. Playing head games with myself. Need to shake it off.
  154. How my weight affects my husband
  155. I work hard for this! Grr!
  156. The chemicals in "diet" food literally make me sick
  157. Not going off plan when unexpected stress hits
  158. 'Calorie Count' - Is it reliable?
  159. Anyone gain weight after starting to drink water?
  160. Dieting with DH
  161. One should never step on the Wii after dinner!
  162. In need of motivation
  163. How Long Did It Take You To Reach Your Goal?
  164. I almost binged...
  165. Like a light switch - darn hormones!
  166. I wanna scream!
  167. Today- I did it!
  168. Not wanting to change goal weight!
  169. Stop trying to control EVERYTHING mom!!!!
  170. 51lbs to loose for 13jun11....people who have lost this HELP
  171. Great! Back to square one againe, GRRRR! (Long)
  172. Im back! I want to give support.
  173. fat/muscle/water percentage
  174. Coffee?! your opinion?
  175. Twas the month after Christmas
  176. Grrrrr!
  177. Been at it a couple weeks. New scale :\
  178. Eating healthy is boring!
  179. I have been screwing up lately!
  180. losing weight one day at the time****
  181. Help! Plateau! sniff, sniff
  182. Hula hooping!
  183. Feb Mini Goals
  184. The SCALE!! O_O
  185. Stretch Marks and Weight Loss
  186. Off my diet but its out of my control
  187. Feb Daily Accountability-This is NOT a New Years Resolution It's a Lifestyle Change
  188. mini goal! Get outta the 200s!
  189. 1st mini goal
  190. Back again!
  191. freaking out, jealousy & sadness
  192. Alcohol is the root to all evil
  193. What a great way to start my day!
  194. Pooch
  195. fat redistribution?
  196. Fitness site/weight loss site that shows weight and body fat %?
  197. TOM question
  198. Is there a record for the number of "Starting overs"?
  199. I havent gained any!
  200. I gave today
  201. I just want to be beautiful for prom... (thoughts on my "food guide" and exercise)
  202. 30 Day Shred
  203. Hit that 20 pound mark!!!!
  204. Tips for healthy eating and travel?
  205. Bad Weekend
  206. nsv they fit!!
  207. Meal replacement diets.
  208. Just started and stuck already
  209. I got my ticker finally :)!
  210. Haven't been here in a while...
  211. Need advice & encouragement
  212. An experiment ... it may just inspire you!
  213. I am now an "official" member of the YMCA.
  214. Losing inches! But not where I want them to! haha
  215. I was the fattest person in the room...
  216. have you been to this site?
  217. what is good scale?
  218. I'm still here, and stupid scale question...
  219. What's wrong with me?
  220. Thoughts while I am having a Craving Attack
  221. Back after one week of throwing in the towel...
  222. My Current Frustration
  223. Weight Fluctuations are Really Frustrating!
  224. I've been doing so well and I am having trouble believing it
  225. hello,,I think I need help
  226. Feeling frustrated today!
  227. Coping Skills
  228. Really frustrating!
  229. MY treadmil doesnt count calories for being inclined
  230. Everyone Weigh in 01/28/11
  231. What is the SINGLE most important thing you do to lose weight?
  232. Runs
  233. A plateau....already??!
  234. Anyone feeling overwhelmed by all the weight-loss info/advice?
  235. Going to have Mexican tomorrow. What should I eat??
  236. How do you calm intense cravings??
  237. Winter - lack of motivation?
  238. To Weight Train or NOT to Weight Train? THAT is the question!
  239. Insane! Still processing...
  240. Did I really lost 11 lbs in 1 week?
  241. WHY do I do this?!?!
  242. Dress Size
  243. Is 30-40lbs in 4 months possible?
  244. Chips, Pies and Cakes oh my...
  245. Struggling with plateau
  246. My scale is moving the wrong way!
  247. How often should i be weighing myself?
  248. How do you get off the couch?
  249. I just ate a whole pizza
  250. The cobbler is holding me hostage