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  1. plataeu? So Soon?!?! Help!
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  18. *party weight*
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  22. IF anyone?
  23. Stupid messed-up instincts
  24. I guess the scale is going to keep going up.:/
  25. How to flush water weight out?
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  27. eating my emotion
  28. My Summer Smack Down
  29. Thin is/Fat is
  30. Medium popcorn, extra popcorn. My downfall.
  31. Frustrated and angry plateau post (sorry)
  32. To go over or not?
  33. Having a Bad day.. Help please :(
  34. I hate days like this...
  35. Looking for
  36. Resenting compliments?
  37. was feeling good until i tried on jeans :(
  38. Noticeable weight loss, but no inches!
  39. A weird and slightly annoying NSV...
  40. Anyone close to Raleigh, North Carolina??
  41. Need to get it all out there...
  42. No weightloss for 2 months!?
  43. Hidden sodium
  44. I'm sure y'all have been asked before...
  45. Everyone Weigh in 05/27/11
  46. The Constipation Paradox (Possibly TMI)
  47. Where does quality of life meet weight loss?
  48. Daily Weigher Question
  49. Are some of us just "sugarholics" from the start?
  50. Guys, waht do you say about the diet solution program?
  51. Getting Over Bad Weigh-ins
  52. How on earth do you loose fat on the inner part of your thighs??... help!
  53. NSV: measurements!
  54. Curious: Foods you'll budget for...
  55. Pity Party for 1 - Clothing woes
  56. diet and scales??
  57. Feeling kinda bad
  58. Fruity Smelling Breath
  59. 3 kids in 4 years...advice appreciated
  60. It's been a year today!
  61. I can't wait till...
  62. As God As My Witness.....
  63. BMR and your daily calorie amounts..
  64. Breakfast Smoothies..
  65. I need to lose weight this summer, no matter what.
  66. Trouble resisting temptation? Read this!
  67. Speaking of scales that don't work.
  68. Cravings, Eve's Curse, and a Request for Motivation
  69. Drivers License
  70. Scale inconsistencies
  71. Should I be worried?
  72. Weight gain after surgical menopause.
  73. Fat %
  74. Losing muscle :(
  75. Stretch marks?
  76. What has worked for you???
  77. How do I lose FAT but not necessarily weight?
  78. It's been a month since I gave up on myself again
  79. Digital kitchen Scale
  80. Girls only poll
  81. Do you still celebrate milestones with food?
  82. When people really notice the loss, and the pressure is on
  83. Always on a diet
  84. My mind is playing tricks on me
  85. Protein Shake Trial
  86. I am so finished!
  87. Automatic Eating
  88. Ready to give up.
  89. Confidence... Body vs Self?
  90. Setting Goals That Will Get You There
  91. Body stressed about starting new diet plan?
  92. You can do it and YOU are worth it!!
  93. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 5/23 - 6/5
  94. Goal weight is too low ????
  95. Picky Family Members
  96. Time to get serious
  97. So, I'm a wimp? :\
  98. Confessions of a dieter
  99. How to feel good about yourself with extra weight
  100. Is the 30 Day Shred a good place to start?
  101. Today had the potential to be really bad...
  102. Is this because of my period being due?
  103. Working at a Desk Job and Staying Active
  104. What happened to JohnP's post on debunking diet myths?
  105. How many calories a day, how often do you cheat and how much weight are you losing?
  106. Anyone else have this?
  107. Is 90minutes of cardio every other day ok?
  108. Everyone Weigh in 05/20/11
  109. Becoming emotional with weightloss?
  110. Hungry
  111. Going to Japan, and need to lose weight. Please help?
  112. Can I Lose 100 Pounds in 9 Months?
  113. I'm in a food rut...and I like it!
  114. Jealous me :(
  115. Bad news...Good news....
  116. Size 8
  117. Broke the plateau!
  118. Can anyone help you lose weight? Or is in all on the individual?
  119. Help! What am I doing wrong??
  120. Scared of gaining the weight back?
  121. Im back after 1 month!
  122. SupersizeVSSuperskinny - 1300 calories unsafe?
  123. Need a little help right now
  124. Why do I always give up?
  125. Not sure which ti trust, scale or Wii Fit??
  126. Feeling Blue :(
  127. Today I feel good about _________!
  128. You know what they say????
  129. Why did I start this earlier?
  130. Musical Motivation
  131. Need a wake up call
  132. Minor Food Crisis - do you have those?
  133. 3th month -60 lb: Before & After pics
  134. I am going to be living on this site LOL
  135. What Made You Finally Realize It Is Time To Lose Weight?
  136. Utterly depressed and embarassed
  137. The Bigger You Are, The More You Lose?
  138. The Top 6 Weight-Loss Lies
  139. Today is the day
  140. Odd hunger question...
  141. Hopefully Not TMI, but I need help!
  142. FINALLY moved past 209...
  143. Scale question
  144. Waist to Hip Measurement and Health risks...
  145. How to come back from a disasterous weekend!
  146. Oh sheesh... trying to avoid an emotional trainwreck...
  147. Trying to be objetive an thoughtful,and considerate, but,
  148. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 5/16 - 5/22
  149. Bad weekend...
  150. When people start thinking you're "too thin" when you're clearly NOT thin.
  151. New Here: Feel Like I'm Dying
  152. (!!TMI!!)Not how I wanted to get to 158lbs
  153. i think i ate too much last night.....
  154. Your favorite fitness podcasts?
  155. Staying anonymous on this it something you prefer?
  156. Can the tape measure lie?????
  157. "Commandments" of a healthy relationship with food
  158. Why did i do it
  159. Will I actually do it? (another one of THOSE threads)
  160. finally taking control! Newbie
  161. "Yeah, you're really fat"
  162. 5 days in and still scared to step on the scale...
  163. is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
  164. Scale, Scale GO AWAY, Come back Another Day!
  165. Struggling after having a baby
  166. He's not as big as you! People that talk like you're bigger than you are!
  167. I need a breakfast alternative
  168. Need calorie mathmatical help please!
  169. Calorie Counting/Calorie Burning Help!!
  170. Everyone Weigh in 05/13/11
  171. Weight loss has stalled
  172. Sweat, Sweat, and MORE Sweat
  173. Am I excessive? Have you been told this?
  174. Back from vacation! Down a few pounds!! Yay!!
  175. Good weighing scales?
  176. What to say when someone says "I'm fat."
  177. Hard Tummy
  178. Just a rant!
  179. Question about water weight
  180. Measuring body fat percentage?
  181. Can I still lose weight eating this way?
  182. Calories burned?
  183. I'm FAT. "no you're not!" Yes, I AM!
  184. Anyone who weighs 290 lbs?
  185. So disappointed in the scale
  186. For those who have ALWAYS been "fluffy"
  187. Yeah. I think I can do this.
  188. How to get over Name Calling
  189. Will be the same pants size for a while :(
  190. Oprah's Weight Loss Finale
  191. Off to a rocky start!
  192. Those of you that have hit goal
  193. Is there any "science" behind a "whoosh"?
  194. Unsure of how to even start a diet...
  195. My first week dieting
  196. Confessions of a weekend cheater
  197. Bad day
  198. I don't know how to start back.
  199. Binge Eating
  200. I feel evil for even thinking this...
  201. Wawa Mocha Frappacino
  202. It's funny how we can convince ourselves we're not as big...
  203. Is it all in my mind?
  204. When you've hit rock bottom..
  205. Like a madwoman
  206. Weight loss over winter
  207. 15 minutes x 3
  208. Low Calorie Transition to Medium Calories
  209. I thought I had it figured out, but I don't
  210. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 5/9 - 5/15
  211. It's been a bit, but, need new motivation.
  212. Weighing every day
  213. I really need help getting my hunger under control
  214. Summer Setbacks
  215. tracking monthly weight by TOM Day 1's....
  216. Anyone have any luck with Slim Fast?
  217. Blah, blah, blah!!!!!
  218. what calorie intake should i be at?
  219. I just can't lose weight now :(
  220. Starting Over
  221. Eating scheduled meals instead of whenever i feel like it
  222. I really just want a hug
  223. I cannot lose weight
  224. Can I really do it on my own?
  225. How much is exercise a factor in your journey?
  226. Everyone Weigh in 05/06/11
  227. Help! How do I say no to all this food??
  228. I fell off, again.
  229. Struggling and need some help
  230. How do you make it through being sick?
  231. That Failure Mentality
  232. Motivation NOT to crash diet and to take it slow
  233. Will weight loss stall with gall bladder removal?
  234. Internal voice is against me
  235. Why Is Burning 500 Calories So Hard?!
  236. Starting to realize that this will be a life long process
  237. Help!!
  238. not losing anyhting from hips/thighs :(
  239. Can you be in maintenence if you aren't at goal? Honesty requested!
  240. T'is the season...
  241. Stuck - but I think you guys helped!
  242. What qualifies as a binge?
  243. Help! Getting Started!
  244. Just a quick update
  245. Breaking A Plateau, Help!!
  246. Oh these last few weeks!
  247. OMG! Evening/nite time eating...
  248. What's the Highest Weight & Lowest Weight You've Been Since Hitting Adulthood?
  249. 4 weeks to go and 11 pounds.
  250. Angry!