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  1. Exhaustion and apathy
  2. Need a Weight Loss Buddy
  3. Celebrating a milestone without food
  4. TOM and weight loss
  5. Meh.
  6. Support is amazing.
  7. Back again...
  8. Happy to see my bat wings returning?
  9. Question for tall people...
  10. Impossible to budge plateau!
  11. Weight loss and sleep
  12. I didn't gain back any weight!!!
  13. Feeling disgusted and frustrated
  14. bitterness in marriage
  15. First time having to lose weight, any advice? :?:
  16. I surrender
  17. BMI made me feel bad again
  18. Join me in tracking our successful summer
  19. Me and my back fat grrrrr
  20. If I can go do can you!
  21. "What is the DEAL with doctors' scales vs. home scales?" she asked in all seriousness
  22. New to this site, in need of help/support.
  23. Had a slip up and..
  24. Sometimes Tweaks are Needed
  25. Do you really know what you look like?
  26. Sigh, back and fatter
  27. Weight gain with heat - don't sweat it!
  28. Any Asian chicks?
  29. Dining hall food has lots of carbs!
  30. "Food babies" when you get close to goal??
  31. What do you do on days that your hungrier?
  32. Is a nutritionist worth it?
  33. How can my stomach possibly be grumbling?
  34. Strange or random goals.
  35. Keeping a Food Journal
  36. Can anyone help me with watermelon?
  37. Eat, treat, cheat
  38. What's it going to take?
  39. Why doesn't anyone notice?!
  40. Im not a cheat...Im not!
  41. If it ain't broke...
  42. Positivity Train
  43. Need some encouragement, celebrity photos
  44. plateau - tried everything!
  45. Long break in my journey. Re-motivating?
  46. I am in need of help
  47. Does anyone have an addiction that is healthy?
  48. Feeling discouraged...
  49. Looking at photos of myself when I was thin and I thought I was fat
  50. Day 1: Feeling Good!
  51. The Expense of being healthy.
  52. What advantages do you have on this journey?
  53. Just wondering…
  54. Real life choices
  55. Frustrated!
  56. what the EFF is this all about?!?!?!
  57. Happy Dances
  58. Had a mini brag with myself
  59. Getting out of the 190s!
  60. Had a bit of a slip up
  61. What makes food an addiction
  62. Frustrated
  63. Menopause...... Damn you!!!!!
  64. Such support on here!!!!!
  65. now that I'm close to goal...
  66. I'm back and bigger than before for the 80th time.
  67. Mindset
  68. Reverse before and after photos
  69. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - June 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  70. Need help and support!
  71. June - Daily weigh in
  72. Food cravings: to obey or not to obey
  73. Emotional/binge Eating
  74. Hubby is sickeningly sane
  75. Endomorph!! Needing advice
  76. BIA Scale sorcery
  77. Is my friend bullying me?
  78. Watching everyone else eat foods I crave
  79. Weird side effects of weight loss?
  80. Update & Water Weight question
  81. OMG... I just did it... I posted the real me!
  82. Everyone Weigh in 05/23/14
  83. realization
  84. Returning Member
  85. How long can you hold onto water anyway?
  86. Cause Of Weight Gain And How To Lose It In Just Two Weeks!
  87. Tired of being overweight!
  88. Anyone else have this bad habit?
  89. Bra-size unchanged!
  90. Getting out of the 160's - all ages/diets
  91. Happy
  92. Staying the same weight for over a year...but that's not a good thing. :/
  93. 6kg in 6weeks?
  94. New Accountability Thread!
  95. Everyone Weigh in 05/16/14
  96. Daily Net Calories Question
  97. Frustrated Already!
  98. What do you guys do when you're on vacation?
  99. Weightloss or inches??
  100. At the end of my rope... can't deal with this anymore
  101. Found my problem with food
  102. I've been in denial...
  103. Hips Hips Hips! Help? Anyone?
  104. Do people around you know your trying to lose weight?
  105. Everyone Weigh in 05/09/14
  106. First day on recovery plan
  107. Annoyed...just...annoyed
  108. Why do people keep hating on exercise?
  109. Watermelon
  110. Activity Tracker - Can't decide
  111. Eating TDEE
  112. BF told me I "could lose a couple of pounds"
  113. Perfection shouldn't be the goal
  114. If starvation mode is a myth, then...
  115. Cranial correction!
  116. Weight distribution as we age
  117. Exercise - an appetite suppressant or appetite stimulant?
  118. Everyone Weigh in 05/02/14
  119. Dealing With Jealousy
  120. Why don't I have a beginner's whoosh?
  121. So did your stomach area shrink as you lost weight?
  122. Have I Undone All My Progress?
  123. Falling Apart...Advice...Please?
  124. Measuring by Clothing Size - I don't get it
  125. "Only this (insert name of food here) won't make me fat." Or will it?!
  126. No weight loss success. :(
  127. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - May 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  128. Truly confused by Lyle Mcdonald and Keto Diets Do and Donts
  129. This diet hack has reduced my overall calorie intake by 30%
  130. How much weight did you have to lose...
  131. Wanted to share a small success
  132. Been maintaining for a month but I still want to lose!
  133. Breakfast/hunger control
  134. The REUNION thread - Everyone welcome!
  135. Weight loss efforts starting to feel too tough
  136. My biggest hurdle is!
  137. Which one is right?
  138. Everyone Weigh in 04/25/14
  139. Feeling frustrated
  140. Low Confidence & Self Esteem?
  141. Can I come home?
  142. I just went against my diet
  143. Back on track, but - oh, the headache
  144. Arithmetic
  145. Need help getting started
  146. Depressing day at the gym
  147. Calorie counting - Desperately seeking knowledge!!
  148. Exercise & not losing. Eating healthy
  149. Physical Hunger Cues, ED, when to eat?
  150. Shocking Easter
  151. How did you get out of a slump?
  152. How often do you weigh yourself?
  153. Calorie Counter - wow
  154. Stuck in the 180's
  155. I threw out cookies today!
  156. How many of us here have an all or nothing mentality?
  157. Everyone Weigh in 04/18/14
  158. Big changes and new plans!
  159. Celebrating with food
  160. Having a meltdown. Need help.
  161. Back on track? Slip ups, and just plain failures.
  162. Had a bit of a setback today
  163. How do either of us get past this point?
  164. Finding it hard to stop working out
  165. Why do we measure at the narrowest part of the torso?
  166. Spiritual/Subconcsious Meanings for Weight
  167. Ideal Protein Diet April 2014
  168. Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself
  169. Plateu frustration, pretty close to going off plan
  170. I thought the old way stunk. The new way is stinkier
  171. 12 Things Being Fat Taught Me
  172. Chopsticks
  173. What exercises did you do to lose a lot of weight?
  174. Phentermine
  175. Will I fit on a plane?
  176. Nasty comments from family
  177. New miracle diet!!!! (not recommended)
  178. I simply can't handle pot lucks/large food events
  179. Womens' topic - my weight loss always happens only at TOM!
  180. Weight loss question
  181. Self help/self love books
  182. Making myself eat the right number of calories
  183. Everyone Weigh in 04/11/14
  184. Ugh You Guys.
  185. Wy am I less hungry?
  186. Chocolate craving is back! Help!
  187. Video Diary?
  188. New and need someone to review my exercise plan
  189. Please critique me! I need to know what I am doing wrong...
  190. I don't but I do
  191. A couple of things...
  192. What goals are you striving for?
  193. harder on ourselves when we're losing weight
  194. Help dealing with hunger
  195. Do you ever forget you're fat?
  196. Feel like I'm killing myself with food:(
  197. New to the forum, Old to dieting
  198. Breakup Binging (or other life changing events)
  199. Having photos taken
  200. "Feeling fat," what do you guys do?
  201. Losing weight slowly
  202. It was NOT worth it!
  203. New and needing support
  204. From "'Biggest Loser' is at 'perfect weight' "
  205. Onederland - the line in the sand Support Group
  206. Weight loss it from increasing calories once a month?
  207. Everyone Weigh in 04/04/14
  208. Lack of Sleep and Weight Loss
  209. This is big I think - tides are turning
  210. I'm back!
  211. Heartbroken over "failure"
  212. Seriously shocked! What was your wake up call??
  213. Weird *** plateaus and metabolism?!
  214. Do you continue to exercise when you have a cold/virus?
  215. Lose 10lbs by may 1st
  216. Bit ran down ..
  217. I don't think your THAT sick of it.
  218. Please help me, I'm in a total disaster
  219. Goal weight and body size? 0.0
  220. Can sugar cause a plateau?
  221. Getting complacent - why do I do that?
  222. Food IS pleasure!
  223. Being away speaks volumes
  224. "I Don't Ever Want to Reach Goal."
  225. Impatient: When will others notice?
  226. Struggling with weight loss and stress
  227. When do you know when you are done?
  228. Introduction / looking for support / starting again
  229. Why Do U Want 2 Lose Weight???
  230. Rough spot
  231. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - April 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  232. Losing Weight on the Road
  233. Give Me Strength
  234. Everyone Weigh in 03/28/14
  235. Help getting started while working from home
  236. Emotional coping techniques
  237. A cycle of failure
  238. Do you feel like your really not losing weight?
  239. The Guilt Of Self Care & The Fear For Others
  240. Different strokes for different folks
  241. Join the June Challenge
  242. Regular updates from a failed dieter
  243. SOS:Intermittent fasting or calorie control?
  244. Accountability to June 2.
  245. which weight loss....
  246. Does BMI actually mean anything?
  247. difficulty *seeing* weight loss
  248. Tiny Habits Ted Talk
  249. Do fluctuations get you down?
  250. Will I ever be able to lose weight?