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  1. Scared to weigh
  2. Cheat days hurt.
  3. A long rant / whine
  4. If sugar is addictive - why try and eat it "moderately"
  5. Has anyone tried a juice fast?
  6. Help - i'm confused!
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  8. How are you FEELING when you diet?
  9. Goodbye to the 130's
  10. Circulation Question
  11. How do you keep weight loss momentum?
  12. Wean or Cold Turkey?
  13. Anyone else struggle with their diet on the weekends?
  14. Reading Food Labels
  15. Realistic goal for me by April?
  16. Over consumption of coffee
  17. Does WHAT I eat matter?
  18. How did you choose your GW?
  19. Weight loss journey
  20. Must we DIGITIZE our well-being?
  21. Are you low carb OR grain & sugar free and still NOT at goal?
  22. Why are we fat?
  23. Question about exercising and protein usage
  24. Mindful Eating - not falling for this
  25. Everyone Weigh in 01/17/14
  26. Can you be off plan by eating too little?
  27. Support and help needed
  28. What is the correct amt of grams of protein, carbs, etc on a 1200 cal diet?
  29. the scale is finally driving me nuts
  30. Dedication Vs Obsession
  31. Does anyone else feel like...?
  32. Mustering the will-power to implement a much-needed lifestyle change
  33. Reflections on what I have learned about weight loss being hard
  34. starting from scratch support please!
  35. Calorie counting
  36. Am I doing this right?
  37. super hungry at night after dinner
  38. If your goal is to lose weight, you might be approaching the whole thing wrong
  39. Should I be losing weight?
  40. Am I setting my self up for failure?
  41. In need of a boost
  42. Question for people triggered by sugar...
  43. Small victory
  44. It makes me a little crazy...
  45. Crazy cravings
  46. Detox starts tomorrow - support required
  47. Need advise and ideas...
  48. Getting past the first week?
  49. Starting out on journey
  50. The problem with week 2...
  51. Getting Out of the 150s - all ages and diets welcome
  52. I need to get over my roadblock !
  53. How I Lost 4 Pounds
  54. Everyone Weigh in 01/10/14
  55. Free Dinner Seminar?
  56. Eating just twice a day
  57. Other ways to measure progress?
  58. First Weigh in of the year and it sucks
  59. Frustrated and need support
  60. I weigh much more than I thought I did... :(
  61. I did it!!!
  62. Demotivated :(
  63. Getting over setbacks.. :(
  64. Opinions on how to pace my journey.
  65. What keeps you going?
  66. I desperately need support...
  67. Tips to Reduce Boredom Snacking?
  68. Water retention
  69. Suggestions for mini goal or NSV rewards
  70. Please analyze my plan.
  71. Daily Accountabilty Partner/Partners Needed
  72. Hungry all the time
  73. Office job, boyfriend, and smoker.
  74. 2014 Weekly Weigh in - EVERYONE welcome!
  75. Any tips for kicking the Christmas binge habit?
  76. this is my new beginning
  77. Is your mother overweight? Do you blame your parents at all?
  78. When you're sleep deprived?
  79. Why even try?
  80. A success and then a failure.
  81. Everyone Weigh in 01/02/14
  82. I want to stay fat because....
  83. Hoarding food
  84. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - January 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  85. Obese Family - I May Need to Move Out
  86. Last year's New Year Resolutions? This years?
  87. Regaining Portion Control with pre-packaged foods
  88. PCOS limbo
  89. Thankful For 3FC
  90. Weight Loss
  91. Got my Fitbit! Advice on how to use it please
  92. Is it ok to restrict calories the day after excessive calorie consumption?
  93. Losing weight with gallstones??
  94. I lost control for the first time in 3 months
  95. Everyone Weigh in 12/27/13
  96. Tally up. holiday gains and losses
  97. I don't know what to think
  98. Freaked out my weight
  99. Sometimes I feel like I've come so far...
  100. What is your favorite/effective way to lose weight?
  101. Anyone made the switch from lo-carb/keto into calorie counting?
  102. I want to scream
  103. Any healthy drinks I could carry around?
  104. New here and my anthem
  105. No breakfast: has anyone else tried this?
  106. Cheat day/weekend NOT worth it!
  107. So my Dad Just called me fat....
  108. Headache from sugar withdrawl...anyone??
  109. Getting out of the 160's - all ages/diets
  110. forgive your holiday crazies?
  111. Letting my guard down about sugary foods always turns into out of control eating!!
  112. Everyone Weigh in 12/20/13
  113. Fell off the Wagon
  114. "I Like Myself Just the Way I Am"
  115. Starting weight loss challenge with DH..hopefully
  116. Gaining weight at retail job, help!
  117. Weigh loss challenge with hubby? ideas...
  118. Starting over in very different circumstances - returning member! (x-posted)
  119. I should have ALL the motivation right now . . yet.
  120. Snow days make me want to eat cookies.
  121. Getting your Partner involved in weightloss
  122. The NEW Getting out of the 170's thread
  123. Just completed my third week
  124. Small things that have changed my life
  125. Everyone Weigh in 12/06/13
  126. Back on track after "business trip"
  127. Just starting
  128. Hi Guys
  129. Avoiding Stress Eating
  130. List your Holiday parties/report on how you did
  131. I can't stop eating!
  132. Please help me keep going......
  133. I still have a long way to go...rant warning
  134. Over it!
  135. This has been the week from you know where and the bloat proves it!
  136. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - December 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  137. Do you the food thoughts and obsessions ever stop?
  138. stuck in a do i get out of it?
  139. Everyone Weigh in 11/29/13
  140. Something unexpected has happened to my cravings!
  141. Should I be worried? :(
  142. scale stalled for 2 weeks but i feel thinner.
  143. How often do you weigh yourself?
  144. Stuck in a rut!
  145. 6 months of creating new habits and a new body!
  146. Plateau help :(
  147. Struggling with my weight
  148. Why can't I just have one?
  149. Anyone changed from being a night owl to a morning person to start exercising?
  150. Accountability For Tomorrow
  151. Lost all motivation to carry on
  152. There will be food tomorrow!
  153. Everyone Weigh in 11/22/13
  154. Motivation?
  155. Forgive Me Forum, For I have Sinned . . .
  156. Wednesday Weighers Unite!
  157. Freaking out about holidays!
  158. Medically Supervised Weight Loss
  159. Some days I'm more peckish than others...
  160. Looking at pictures of food..
  161. Annoyed, body has a mind of it's own.
  162. Back Again....
  163. I have complete control over what I do and yet...
  164. Chocolate!!
  165. overwhelmed & not sure what to do.
  166. Stretch Marks :p
  167. Carbs vent!
  168. Good news, then bad news
  169. How do you get over a distrust of thinner people?
  170. Accurate BMR?
  171. Baking Habit When Dieting?
  172. Losing weight but not feeling like I'm losing weight
  173. Everyone Weigh in 11/15/13
  174. What do I do? Help please!
  175. And the self-sabotage has begun :(
  176. Loose skin
  177. Finally can shop off the rack!
  178. Scale goes up, and Up, and UP
  179. Do you feel like this is all you have?
  180. Sugar Addiction!! Any tips to beat it?
  181. enough is enough
  182. Alright, I've Had It!
  183. Rewards for Weight Loss Goals
  184. Is anything more refreshing than morning OJ?
  185. a little slip up... feeling crappy
  186. Falling off the wagon
  187. I don't know why I am stuck
  188. What's the quickest we can lose weight?
  189. Ridiculous popcorn craving!
  190. My resolve is beginning to fail
  191. I'm disappointed in myself
  192. The Waiting... I feel like singing that Lion King song...
  193. Our bodies are amazingly forgiving
  194. Stopping the takeaway torture
  195. Everyone else lost weight
  196. Holiday Tips!
  197. Everyone Weigh in 11/08/13
  198. Failed with no kitchen
  199. Magnesium
  200. Getting Discouraged
  201. Need help coming up with a goal!
  202. Going to a cardiologist :(
  203. Morbidly Obese
  204. Sigh ... Maybe It's Just Not Meant to Be
  205. My sister is visiting and I'm eating garbage
  206. Why do people criticize me for wanting to lose more weight?!
  207. The new me with new goals.
  208. Newbie
  209. Caffeine?
  210. A little bit more weight gone
  211. recipe calculator?
  212. Discipline
  213. the journey from 160 to 115
  214. should i try to lose weight or not?
  215. Food Addict
  216. I'm almost afraid!
  217. Everyone Weigh in 11/01/13
  218. Weight loss bar?
  219. First day disaster
  220. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - November 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  221. Any Exercise or Gym Ideas?
  222. Does the cellulite go away?
  223. Date ideas without food or drinks
  224. Needing some support or encouragement...So tired at end of day
  225. How much effort would you make...
  226. Fat or Water?
  227. Anyone doing Miracle Carb Diet or F-Factor?
  228. Motivated AND frustrated
  229. Self Sabotage / Afraid to be thin?
  230. I gained weight again..
  231. Standing or Walking in Place While Working
  232. Weekly goal
  233. Retread
  234. everything is so salty
  235. Everything Undone
  236. Friggin' party
  237. Standing at work..or standing in general
  238. 1000+ Deficit 10 Weeks, No Weight Loss :(
  239. How can I go from eating like a mouse, to eating like a lion??
  240. Do you ever feel like your life is on hold? - Rant
  241. Everyone Weigh in 10/25/13
  242. Just not easily full?
  243. I almost wonder if its better not to exercise
  244. Which scale would you trust?
  245. Frustration ^1000
  246. What to do when your chair is too big?
  247. Small victory
  248. Little black dress
  249. Need to Lose Weight Before Surgery
  250. I'm back! But not ready at all :(