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  1. Private or Public...why?
  2. No words to express, just tears
  3. Progress photos
  4. Anyone 4'9'' and start at around 180lb?
  5. Use a Tape Measure!
  6. Finding it hard to stay hydrated
  7. Confessions of a "Fat Girl"
  8. The first time I see a difference (pics)
  9. Calling college students!!!
  10. Help with a craving!!!! please!!
  11. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/11 - 4/17
  12. Approaching my "mental block" weight
  13. Movie panic!
  14. Dieting with an Unsupporitive Spouse
  15. Odd question..loose or snug?
  16. Mom frustrations
  17. Why can't I lose the weight!!
  18. Alternating WL plans every few months?
  19. Back On Track
  20. Just Sick :(
  21. Sweating when you haven't eaten enough?
  22. You'd think it would make things easier...
  23. is not being hungry starving myself?
  24. Starting Over Again
  25. That time of the month..
  26. Going on vacation for 2 weeks, not going to be able to weigh myself!!!
  27. What has surprised you?
  28. Do you have friends who want to lose weight too?
  29. Anybody else lose weight this way?
  30. would almost rather not go out than risk falling off the wagon
  31. Let's talk about plateaus
  32. why is it so hard to lose weight?
  33. Frustrated!
  34. I'm SICK of it...
  35. Worried about my sister
  36. Blah. Overwhelmed.
  37. Jogging!
  38. Summer is coming up! My goal?
  39. Loss and Sizes
  40. I found out my scale has been lying to me all this time
  41. The nudge I needed. (Sorry, long and rambly)
  42. Get a Grip!
  43. I swear the universe is plotting against me!!
  44. Everyone Weigh in 04/08/11
  45. emotional response to lack of carbs?
  46. TMI: Gas Problems?
  47. Which healthy food makes you lose control?
  48. Hurt Myself While Exercising. :(
  49. in a funk... and not the james brown kind of funk...
  50. Can I lose 100 pounds in 60 weeks?
  51. It's not just about the weight loss!
  52. Non-food stress relievers!
  53. Why I'm plotting to kill my co-worker!!
  54. A thread of positives
  55. Temptation stinks
  56. What have you done WELL today?
  57. No Fluctuations?
  58. Anybody else trying to diet while living with a junk-eater?
  59. Weight Loss Fears
  60. Those who have the dreaded belly "overhang"...
  61. massive weightloss without surgery?
  62. I'm STUCK!!
  63. Rant
  64. Slacking, No period, Not pregnent, 1 pound weight gain :(
  65. Needing advice...
  66. Does Calorie Counting work even with Unhealthy food
  67. Inspiring Others ..
  68. Surrounded by all the things that got me to my HW
  69. Losing weight the healthy way post-anorexia
  70. how often/when do you weigh yourself?
  71. Lost weight, feel no different!
  72. underestimating binge calories
  73. Worried about my fat showing. HELP!!
  74. Separating exercise from diet
  75. Coming to Terms With Certain Limitations
  76. I can't seem to get my sugar intake under control.
  77. Dear Cookie...
  78. Where do we lose fat first?
  79. Weight Watchers Online Reviews
  80. Binge
  81. sick and dieting.
  82. I feel like punching holes in my wall!!!!!
  83. Lovin my man!!
  84. How much water weight can you have?
  85. Binged on chips grrrr starting again!
  86. How is this possible?!
  87. I need help with my weight loss
  88. What size are you?
  89. I wish it all made sense.
  90. When did you know you were going to make it this time?!?
  91. I feel stupid.
  92. 130-135 by the last day of school
  93. Bit of a rant,sorry......!
  94. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/4 - 4/10
  95. trying to burn fat not gain muscle
  96. Sick
  97. Please help....=/
  98. Scar tissue more painful as you lose?
  99. had a good week; gained 7 pounds?
  100. Mini Goal April 3rd- April 10th
  101. It's Shocking What Missing Breakfast Can Do
  102. My first mini goal - setting myself up for success
  103. broiled scallops at a restaurant?
  104. Discoveries about fat.
  105. Going scale free for a while
  106. Found a realy cool water bottle
  107. Bob Greene Makes ALOT of Sense
  108. Competitive Weight Loss?
  109. Why can't my sister be happy for me?
  110. Weight Loss Goal For April.
  111. Noticing some comments from people about getting noticed
  112. The Daily Struggle
  113. I FINALLY weighed myself...
  114. Everyone Weigh in 04/01/11
  115. how does your job help &/or hinder your diet?
  116. Disproportionate arms :(
  117. The whoosh...explained!
  118. Thinks Are Starting to Get Tricky and I'm a Bit Overwhelmed
  119. New to site, Hoping for success!
  120. Crying like a child
  121. Anyone feel EMBARRASSED to be on a diet?
  122. Rock Bottom?
  123. Progress feeling less and less like success?
  124. Water Weight!!
  125. What foods are and aren't worth it anymore?
  126. I think I'm developing disordered eating...
  127. Chose something else
  128. Hey girls.... exercise during bad weather!!!
  129. Whats eating you..the tv show..feelings?
  130. Trying to justify a binge :(
  131. Does anyone else struggle with their weight loss not being "good enough?"
  132. Weekly weigh in with other details
  133. Beating myself up.....but picking up the pieces
  134. Question
  135. Been struggling...
  136. Completely broken.
  137. Remember that prom dress I couldn't fit into?
  138. Why!? WWHHYYYYYY!!!!??
  139. TOM and weight loss.
  140. Having one of "those" days (semi rant)
  141. Metabolic Weirdness, anyone else?
  142. Tips for shakes?
  143. New here and Desperately Need Support!
  144. Stupid scales
  145. How to fight the sweet tooth?!!!
  146. Really emotional??
  147. Picture of you vs. "Picture of you in the mirror"
  148. Any of you have fat/ugly days?
  149. Measurement question
  150. Can I lose 100 pounds in 40 weeks?
  151. I lost some weight but for the wrong reason
  152. Final push to goal
  153. When is enough enough?
  154. 4 weeks today :D
  155. Does anybody else gain like crazy after hitting a "magic number"?
  156. At what point did you take pictures/allow them to be taken?
  157. Plan and simple.... I need help I am self destructing
  158. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/28 - 4/3
  159. I'm sure this has been said many times...
  160. Mini goal for March, 4 days to go
  161. I have something to say!!!
  162. Bathroom Scale
  163. A take off of the BMI Chart thread.
  164. people say mean things
  165. My mind is sabotaging me
  166. So tired!
  167. Thinking the dream but not living it?
  168. When I don't want to be here, is when I NEED to be here, a barely coherent rant, lol
  169. How much gym time should I allocate if I have a lot of free time?
  170. BMI CHARTS take a look
  171. Wish my lucky and willpower!
  172. ughhh the amount of calories and fat i just ate..
  173. Platos closet... ugh!
  174. Everyone Weigh in 03/25/11
  175. Balancing family's needs and cooking costs
  176. What I won't miss about being fat!!
  177. Ashamed of myself
  178. I have been diagnosed: Scoliosis and Gluten Sensitive
  179. My all or nothing thinking
  180. How long does it take to reset your metabolism after being in stavation mode?
  181. Not really losing weight...what am I doing wrong?
  182. A bit of sugar enough to hurt?
  183. Just getting started, a little overwhelmed
  184. So Frustrated...
  185. Unrealistic Expectations?!
  186. Eating = Weight Loss??
  187. Weightloss attempt - Take 47 lol
  188. Im sorry if I did something wrong
  189. Camping/dieting help?
  190. First ten pounds
  191. IF vs "diet"
  192. Fresh Start..Im a newbie :-)
  193. Live and let go? Equals success?
  194. My weight won't budge!
  195. How much does your weight fluctuate in a day?
  196. Dieting making me HUNGRIER??
  197. shift away from #s
  198. Feeling good in a funny sort of way...
  199. So.. when can you start to feel the weight loss?
  200. Hi all
  201. Randomly Drop A Pound in the Afternoon
  202. Losing my focus and feeling lost
  203. What I've learned through this process..
  204. Well YAY!
  205. To plateau or not to plateau? Does it Matter?
  206. Rough Day
  207. can't stick to it
  208. Trying to fit into my birthday dress
  209. Working on the Wedding Dress...and March accountability for me =)
  210. Finally have my mini goals set.. I think...i need help :(
  211. lack of commitment? Lazy? Un motivated???
  212. Dealing with sugar withdaral! how long does it take?
  213. So maintenance IS really hard..sigh
  214. An update for those who have been trying to help!
  215. Losing weight and feeling bad?? (a vent)
  216. Another Whoosh!
  217. Eating well on the road
  218. C-section scars and weight loss
  219. Weight loss is SUCH a mind game and I'm failing
  220. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/21 - 3/27
  221. Just Starting
  222. Lose one dress size in less than three weeks...
  223. What keeps you going?
  224. My boyfriend does't want me to lose weight...
  225. Question about how fat is carried on males vs. females.
  226. 2nd week blues
  227. Wasting Food Dilemma...Who else struggles with throwing food away?
  228. I'm getting more and more frustrated
  229. What is HCG
  230. Feeling like ****.
  231. :( switching from regular to diet.
  232. HELP I'm having a Snack attack at work!!!
  233. Plateau...what to do?
  234. Everyone Weigh in 03/18/11
  235. Weird scale numbers?
  236. Weight loss support wishes?
  237. Heels: To Wear or Not To Wear?
  238. It's the SMALL CHANGES that help
  239. Started a mini goal but worried about wedding dress!!!
  240. I haven't done that sense track.
  241. Part 3 March Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change Everyone Welcome!
  242. 6 days of frozen entrees..the test.
  243. Mmmm...St. Patty's Day "Boiled Supper!"
  244. Anyone else get "stuck" after 10lbs??
  245. Hubby finally wants to make a change after some blood work
  246. My "Aha!" for the day: Hunger is just a feeling
  247. Birthday
  248. Is it NACHOOOO day??
  249. One week yesterday
  250. Do you ever feel like it's all just FUTILE??