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  1. Post Your Water!
  2. What is Motivating You to Lose?
  3. Hump
  4. Feeling burnt need to vent.
  5. How much protein is too much?
  6. How Long...
  7. Eating out of boredom, help!
  8. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 7/25 - 7/31
  9. How do you handle the dreaded family picnic?
  10. Skinny Workmates
  11. Inches & Lbs.??
  12. Ex-lax or laxatives anyone?
  13. Me after almost 35 lbs! 30 more to go!
  14. looking for some motivation
  15. cheat meals
  16. Almost caved last night!!!!
  17. How do you determine your Daily Calorie Needs?
  18. How much water a day?
  19. I'm getting confused. Why am I feeling so hungry?
  20. Unable to lose weight, getting discouraged
  21. Having an extended plateau = Planned diet break?
  22. Anxiety about upcoming vacation with boyfriend's family...
  23. Former thinnies?
  24. Is this heat interfering with your routine?
  25. Eating Out of Boredom
  26. I started but now im back again!!
  27. Feeling unmotivated to continue on
  28. Do you get used to being hungry sometimes?/?
  29. Eating Small, Frequent Meals...slower loss?
  30. three days from Starting..Colors are brighter!
  31. Worry eating... or not!
  32. Everyone Weigh in 07/22/11
  33. Twitter
  34. I am me and I am ok
  35. Please weigh in...
  36. No longer obese! YAY!
  37. Why is it that every evening I feel like I failed?
  38. Video of Current weight
  39. Gaining not losing?
  40. Tears and chocolate go together but not Diets and chocolate :(
  41. 267lbs..had a hissy fit with the WW weigh in..
  42. Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT.
  43. Hungry and unhappy.
  44. Discovered a new way to motivate myself
  45. So self concious.. marriage suffers.
  46. Diet Sabotage?
  47. Ever played ring around the rosie?
  48. NSV - They fit!
  49. I'm sorry for my rant..
  50. Hunger & The Shakes
  51. so what am I doing wrong?
  52. Need some encouragement please!
  53. Nightmare cravings-help!
  54. Army Wife Issues...
  55. Where is the encouragement????
  56. Anybody else binge this past weekend?
  57. Late Afternoon Hunger
  58. Need to recommit
  59. Mini Successes
  60. Not going to company party this year
  61. Ode to my Body
  62. Hello, first post (noob) good a place to start as any I suppose...
  63. Bad weekend....feeling yuck
  64. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 7/18 - 7/24
  65. someone thought i was pregnant...
  66. Mini vacation strategies
  67. "There's no way you're that big!" "But I am. Now shut up."
  68. Just carried the weight I have lost.
  69. Managing Alcohol
  70. When do you tend to "overdo" it?
  71. Going thru the closet...
  72. Depressed about weght gain
  73. Fun Goal Rewards
  74. jealous of a friend
  75. It's the small victories that add up to great things
  76. Male Attention
  77. How much can/did you lose in a year?
  78. Before photos = denial
  79. Low daily calories + exercise = bad idea?
  80. The book Why Weight? by Geneen Roth, I find is great!
  81. You talking to me!?!?
  82. Shorties in their 40s: Losing Calories vs. Maintenance
  83. I set a mini goal!
  84. My teen is mean or has a bad sense of humor
  85. I'm trying to get back. I gained what I had lost plus more :(
  86. Anyone Doing Calorie Cycling?
  87. ACK! I'm hungry!!!! :(
  88. Finding Motivation/Self-Esteem
  89. Help! I want the cake :(
  90. Not losing weight - HELP!
  91. My Fitness Pal
  92. People are noticing
  93. Any other first-time dieters?
  94. Everyone Weigh in 07/15/11
  95. Learning to controle cravings???
  96. "Concerned" family member
  97. I lost 25lbs!!!
  98. How many lbs. can I lose before me/other people start noticing!!!!!
  99. What's a reasonable amount of time to SEE a change?
  100. Personality changes and weight loss
  101. weightloss/friend issue/ social life
  102. How did I gain weight?
  103. How long until the post-workout bloat goes?
  104. Don't Ya Love Old Navy Sizing :P
  105. Waist to hip ratio question
  106. Trying to lose before he gets home!
  107. Weigh-in on ideal weight
  108. TOM is in town...Anyone else experience weight gain?
  109. Trying to keep from emotional eating
  110. Anyone else limit exercise due to not being able to control their hunger?
  111. making a 10 week commitment to myself
  112. SO DISHEARTENED i tried so hard
  113. Daily weigh-in driving me crazy!!!!!
  114. Intermittent Fasting and Mental Focus
  115. Great Article on Human Behavior and Resisting Temptation
  116. Can't decide how much I should weigh
  117. What shape are you?
  118. Hobbies getting in the way?
  119. Looking for a weight loss buddy?!
  120. When to visit the doc to evaluate medicines?
  121. This isn't "Team Work"..
  122. Has anyone ever tried SlimFast?
  123. My was fit now fat fears!
  124. Could use a pep talk
  125. healthy binge?
  126. Frame...and also hunger question.
  127. Falling off the wagon :(
  128. I've Lost 20 LBS!!
  129. Boys, balls and the warm gooey goodness...
  130. Back again.
  131. Going home for a long weekend :(
  132. How oreos got me to thinking about my relationship with food
  133. Is this really me?
  134. Carbs...
  135. What positive reactions have you received as a result of your weight loss?
  136. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 7/11 - 7/17
  137. i am making a goal
  138. Great reaction to my weight loss
  139. Question about chicken
  140. Who do you tell you've lost weight?
  141. Question About Measurements/Inches Lost?
  142. Weight loss buddy needed
  143. I've picked food over living.
  144. The weight comes back too fast
  145. Why does one bad day throw off my whole week??
  146. Anyone want a weight loss buddy?
  147. Any advice for those that work late and therefore eat late?
  148. Help- Dealing With Unsupportive People?
  149. Ugh! Saw a picture of myself from a year ago.
  150. Fighting the plateau
  151. Do you work out when sick?
  152. Everyone Weigh in 07/08/11
  153. Upped my calories, and I am losing weight again!
  154. blew it.... sort of...
  155. Do you have a body fat percentage you are gunning for?
  156. support...
  157. I think I'm on a diet break (Diet Fatigue)
  158. Lost 70+ pounds...and FURIOUS!
  159. Back and Don't Know What To Do :(
  160. Has anyone shifted their "Muffin Top"???
  161. How Do you Measure Your Waist?
  162. Portion Control
  163. Fear
  164. Weight gain.
  165. Holy Cat Litter Awakening
  166. What do you do when you over indulge in the middle of the day?
  167. New ways of viewing and dealing with food
  168. Day 2 of my all liquid diet.. Talk about rough!
  169. Do GPs have a clue how macronutrients work?
  170. TOM Question...
  171. Alcohol Intake vs Weight Loss
  172. What do you EAT FOR LUNCH?
  173. Being comfortable naked
  174. "Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin"
  175. Missed my first and most important (to me) weight goal.
  176. Inches...
  177. drinking lots of water/going pee all the time
  178. Over ate on 4th of July?! CONFESS HERE!!
  179. Kicking depression when you have no one to talk to...
  180. I really need help getting motivated, I've messed up so much its feels pointless :(
  181. Fate works in mysterious ways
  182. What program are you on, and how's progress?
  183. A trick for dealing with those treat-filled events
  184. How Cheesecake Taught Me A Valuable Lesson
  185. what is WRONG with me
  186. New here and in need...please!
  187. Why does it seem every day has celebratory desserts???
  188. Speed of weight loss?
  189. How to approach talking to a loved one about weight
  190. Has anyone tried Diet Power?
  191. How did you learn to love yourself?
  192. more comments from grandmother..not sure how much more i can take...
  193. You look HOT!
  194. Can't afford a nutrionist but I don't know what direction to go!
  195. Anyone around 5'4 and 175-190lbs?
  196. I need a change
  197. Age means more confidence?
  198. Too fat to make love...
  199. Question about dating and weight loss
  200. New Years Resolutioners
  201. Sick, but still lost! :)
  202. What is an easier way to count calories....
  203. Everyone Weigh in 07/01/11
  204. How do I quit sugar??
  205. I gained weight doing weight training :(
  206. 90 day challenge
  207. Realization of weight gain and its affects...
  208. Advice for 4th. of July Weekend
  209. Park a nice Pretty Glass Of Water in Every Room .
  210. The "Last Vanity Pounds" Question
  211. Lose 10pounds by August 1st!
  212. I think Im gonna be fat forever
  213. Feeling Sick on QWL Diet
  214. Losing your period..
  215. We are all so busy
  216. Bummed out - hardly lost any weight
  217. 3-week plateau and going away for July 4th
  218. I don't see the difference
  219. Goal Weight???
  220. BC and weight loss
  221. These Kissing Thighs
  222. Weight just keeps going up...
  223. Intermittent Fasting
  224. Cheat days???...yes? no?
  225. Pleateau? Help!!!
  226. serious weight gain and TOM has apparantly already ended?
  227. Looking for an accountability partner
  228. Rainy day makes me lazy.
  229. Love life is suffering
  230. Cry for help, how to not be an enabler
  231. I want to learn to find strength, joy and pleasure in feeling hungry
  232. A friend told me she doesn't think she looks fat.
  233. Goal Setting
  234. Beating myself up/frustrated/burning out
  235. Unsolictied Opinions
  236. Can't find the strength to get healthy
  237. I cheated today & feeling very guity and bad about it :(
  238. Getting back on the bandwagon...
  239. A rather "ODD" question...
  240. My short-term goals
  241. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 6/27 - 7/10
  242. They Opened a Sonic
  243. Back again...
  244. Reasons why I refuse to be down about slow weight loss
  245. Dieting and extreme dizziness
  246. Strict diet! Low cal food ideas?
  247. Got dumped... very worried about diet
  248. Intuitive eating AND calorie counting?
  249. Help! Still Top Heavy!
  250. The girl in the mirror