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  1. "Are you Anorexic?" What, everyone can be skinny but me?
  2. UGH. Demotivated~!!!
  3. Can you ever be thin enough? About other people's opinions of themselves.
  4. do other people's goal weights ever make you second guess?
  5. being mean versus being honest with ourselves
  6. Can anybody get me to step on my scale?
  7. Welll, here's a huge NSV!
  8. Everyone Weigh in 08/19/11
  9. *Read me* 8/21/2011-8/27/2011
  10. Not losing weight!!
  11. Just for some encouragement...
  12. It must be the salt- right?
  13. Well Humph.
  14. help
  15. What is wrong with me??
  16. Should I or shouldn't I?
  17. Smart come backs needed to weighty comments!
  18. "12 Week Transformation Photos": Real or bogus?
  19. Fitbit
  20. The scale did not read what I wanted
  21. If you keep a food/workout log...
  22. Is this water weight or what?
  23. Weight loss nerd fact.... Pounds!
  24. Finally Size 6 baby...not since age 12! No more scale stress, losing inches rock!
  25. Comparing yourself to others
  26. I have to say it- life's not as fun anymore!
  27. breakfast recipe :)
  28. Feeling sad now that I'm not coping with food (long)
  29. Here we go again!
  30. Lol Nsv
  31. Itty bitty annoyance and rant
  32. Denial? It is not just a river in Egypt, it's a freakin' ocean..
  33. calories in Communion?
  34. College student in need of guidance and advice
  35. I need weight loss help!!!
  36. Not a happy camper...
  37. Why am I not happier about my weight loss?
  38. Harder the second time around?
  39. World's slowest metabolism
  40. Slowly shrinking
  41. No one noticed :(
  42. Should I get on the scale?
  43. Lost 80 lbs and feels like I lost my husband too!
  44. Tempted, but beat the devil of cravings after a stressed day!
  45. Eating out?
  46. Why Can My Mom Always Kill Me With her Words?
  47. trying to find my way
  48. A mother in law rant.
  49. weight and personality
  50. My Weigh In
  51. How to determine daily maintenance calories?
  52. Finally!!!!!
  53. I'm... just... not....hungry....
  54. what to do when you're sick....
  55. Crash diets, phased diets, and compliance
  56. I need to lay my stuff out for everyone....
  57. does the 1500 calorie diet work?
  58. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 8/15 - 8/21
  59. Net calories.. "Deficit" for the week
  60. Wow...Proud Of Myself
  61. Help
  62. Choosing a goal weight?
  63. Hair thinning and quick weight loss?
  64. Poll: do you gain weight over your period?
  65. Fatigue
  66. Not eating enough and gaining.....
  67. Injury, Need Ideas For Exercise...
  68. 3 weeks and nothing (well, almost nothing) yet! :(
  69. Sparkpeople VS DailyPlay (Livestrong)
  70. Healing
  71. Weight Loss Buddy
  72. Anyone else using the MedHelp weight tracker?
  73. how to prevent loos skin while loosing weight??
  74. TOM, and Energy
  75. How do you beat the "I don't wanna"s?
  76. Lean Cuisines
  77. Feel like giving up?
  78. Scared for September
  79. Stubborn fat - parts of me look bigger!
  80. Feeling nausea
  81. Stalled out, and I don't feel like trying anymore!
  82. 10K steps a day????
  83. is my fat getting softer?
  84. Everyone Weigh in 08/12/11
  85. First Weigh in tomorrow
  86. what keeps me motivated you ask?
  87. It's the little things
  88. I know the what - now I need to know the how
  89. My diet does not mean it's open season to criticize me
  90. Small Rant - Annoyed
  91. Parents visiting, bringing goodies :>(
  92. My 2 HR IF FAIL!!!
  93. Weight Loss Roller Coaster?
  94. Need help breaking the "I'll start again on Monday" mentality
  95. Cigarettes.
  96. Staying on plan for vacations
  97. Eating five times per day and still hungry! Help!
  98. Goal weight?
  99. Craving Killer
  100. I'm ashamed....
  101. Do You Weigh More During That Time Of The Month??
  102. Raaaaaant >:(
  103. Should I push harder or ease up?
  104. Too Much Protein?
  105. Back on track, finally!
  106. Well Into the Ugly Duckling Phase
  107. I've just got to laugh
  108. how much does your drivers license say you weigh?
  109. the McDonald's Big Mac won today...
  110. Vacation and diet? Help!
  111. weighing close to my SO
  112. NSV: Old Clothes (with a pic!)
  113. Emotional Eating...Talking it Out Helps
  114. Kind of a strange
  115. TOm I have some really stong feelings for you!
  116. I Bought a Bodybugg
  117. Hopefully this is the last time I have to do this
  118. Talk to me about salt.
  119. Always gaining or losing -- never maintaining!
  120. I've decided I'm okay with slow weight loss
  121. Paris in 6!
  122. Help on diet pills and what to choose?
  123. Something I didn't consider
  124. NSV--Clothes for fall!
  125. Bingeing on fruit.
  126. Back onnnnnn track.
  127. Are you self-indulgent when you're sick?
  128. Posting Photos on Facebook
  129. Need All The Support I Can Get
  130. What's with the scale?
  131. When did you believe that you were losing weight?
  132. WTF is wrong with me!?
  133. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  134. Progress pictures!
  135. Old Pictures and Motivation
  136. Other physiological benefits of weightloss?
  137. Quitting Smoking + Weight Loss
  138. Is there at least one "bad" food...
  139. Drop a pants size?
  140. Thigh bloat - after exercising or during TOM ?
  141. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 8/9 - 8/14
  142. Annoying Friend
  143. We're having spaghetti tacos tonight.
  144. DWA- Daily Weighers Anonymous !
  145. Beyond my goal... but still feel FAT!
  146. How do you "fix" the underlying issues?
  147. Getting back on track!
  148. Battling... Bit by Bit
  149. 5 Things I'm Proud of This Week...How About You?
  150. Where do you lose weight first?
  151. PMS dragging me down
  152. Do you give yoursel credit for the progress, even if it feels harder than it 'should'
  153. Loosing weight too fast I think
  154. It happened!
  155. Body Media/Body Fit "METs" Question
  156. Ice water and ice packs take off pounds??
  157. Badddddddd week
  158. Belly fat on a pear shape, argh.
  159. 5 good things that happend this week
  160. $50 Budget: What weight loss tool will motivate me?
  161. Stretch Marks
  162. Everyone Weigh in 08/05/11
  163. Rate of Weight Loss
  164. When to re-calculate calorie allowance
  165. OT - My 8 pound dog eats more than I do
  166. Hoping for the best...
  167. REALLY personal question...
  168. TOM Cravings
  169. Anyone else hate breakfast foods?
  170. Biggest embarrassment ever.
  171. beating the hunger
  172. I hate school
  173. Not sure where to turn next
  174. How much do you eat?
  175. Sick of buying new clothes!
  176. Post-it Awakening!
  177. I Wore Shorts
  178. Best weight loss advice you've ever received
  179. I need to bust out of the 170's!
  180. Should I be pleased or dissapointed?
  181. NSV I like summer now!
  182. Is this NORMAL??
  183. Lose 10 Pounds by September 1st!
  184. Does this happen to you?
  185. Whats your NUMBER ONE reason?
  186. Thinner is better...right?
  187. Doing So So, going on vacation and scared!
  188. Down another...
  189. Lose Ten Pounds by September 1st!
  190. extra help wth weight loss
  191. Feeling off track
  192. I had an epiphany on Saturday night!
  193. Celebrating Small Victories: Cravings Gone!
  194. HELP!! having a hard time getting back on track
  195. Obesity is death, Doc says: "HIGH uric acid levels?."discouraged..give up?
  196. Can't lose those last 5 lbs!
  197. High protien over calories?
  198. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 8/1 - 8/7
  199. From Atkins to calorie counting
  200. Haven't been around in a while...
  201. Is it possible and healthy??
  202. August 2011, the perfect month to get back on track.
  203. From 156 to 172, yikes!
  204. Is it possible that I can lose 10 pounds in one month, healthy as possible?
  205. What are your measurements?
  206. Dont hold it when you need to go to the toilet...
  207. Why can't I stop looking at food?
  208. unsupportive sister...
  209. Why do I keep doing this?
  210. The scale is more important to my motivation than I realized
  211. Jealous Friend? Weight Loss and Friend Troubles.
  212. Peanuts and weight loss
  213. yay!
  214. Mr. TOM
  215. Heart Rate increases when eat food.
  216. whether to change from low carb to low fat
  217. I'm addicted to food!
  218. Memories that keep you motivated
  219. Negative comments on weight loss
  220. Living Up To Mom's Weight Standards
  221. I can't be the only one with the weird weight loss here!
  222. A little scared...back to work Monday...
  223. Everyone Weigh in 07/29/11
  224. missed you guys! but also sad to be back :(
  225. Why cant I get my head right??
  226. Dad diagnosed with cancer = emotional eating for me
  227. Wondering where this is going?
  228. Calories burned in a day's time
  229. Help me get back on track! D:
  230. Help me get back on track! D:
  231. Close to the goal - don't stop!
  232. Cutting out Exercising to Control Binging???
  233. Nasty Side-Effect of Losing Weight
  234. Is it ok to feel light headed?
  235. Scared for the future
  236. Is it possible not to have any trigger foods?
  237. starting again, again
  238. I am SO frustrated!!!
  239. Realizing 'bad' isn't as bad as I thought...
  240. Big loss this why do I feel so lousy?
  241. Anyone here on the HCG diet?
  242. Snaps for ME! L.O.V.E this!!! <3
  243. Healthy Choices on Vacation?
  244. Whaddya my goal ok/healthy?
  245. Depression and indulging
  246. Baked Goodies on a Weekend Trip/Planned Splurges?
  247. When clothes don't fit well any more
  248. How do you manage your meals on a night shift?
  249. How To Stay Focused When STRESSED?
  250. possibly faulty batteries...