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  1. Do You Ever Feel Like You Don't Love Yourself And If So Why?
  2. Insanity Workout
  3. Let me know how you lost weight?
  4. is everyone staring?
  5. I've Always Been Thin...Shhh!
  6. MIL Sabotage!! *LONG RANT*
  7. UGHH Never on the scale AGAIN
  8. Everyone Weigh in 10/21/11
  9. I just had the worst binge, and I can't even look at myself.
  10. need my old body back
  11. Heredity is a B****!
  12. Starting Today...
  13. Struggling with Complacency
  14. Stupid Scale!
  15. Is there a feminist weight loss movement?
  16. Help!! I'm getting in my own way!!
  17. How many calories?
  18. Former "big lady" here!
  19. Great Weight Loss Media
  20. Ignorant people shouldn't come out of their houses....(aka, keep your mouth shut!)
  21. Talk to me about low carb
  22. I'm Scared
  23. this is really starting to get to me....
  24. Coming out of the "Shame" closet
  25. Holiday strategies
  26. How many lb do you lose a month? Slow losers welcome!
  27. When a plateau rears its ugly head!
  28. Frustrated With Family
  29. Low blood pressure related to weight loss?
  30. Major Help Needed with Major Data - LONG
  31. Lies you have been told
  32. Everything 'feels' different (maybe a lil TMI)
  33. The "WE" word and friends..
  34. I just want to say thank you...
  35. I don't understand my body.
  36. What's breakfast for you?
  37. Afternoon all, how is everyone doing today?
  38. I really need to vent
  39. Men and weight
  40. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 10/17 - 10/23
  41. strange weight issue
  42. Having Troubles
  43. Need to shout it out!!
  44. Finally dropping sizes!
  45. Whats your reasons for losing weight?
  46. Help with drinking water....
  47. only 27 lbs overweight, but i still feel so fat
  48. Any other repeat offenders?
  49. Everyone weigh in 10/15
  50. Other than vanity...why do you want to lose weight?
  51. Wooo, looking forward to day 3 of my diet :D
  52. Facing temptations?
  53. What's your (th)inspiration?
  54. Whats the point? ( long vent)
  55. Compliments are wonderful!!
  56. NSV - Towel...
  57. I just started my diet and I have lost 2 pounds in 2 days :)
  58. This helped me today...I thought I'd share
  59. Here I come again 3fc
  60. Morning bloating?
  61. can I have a YAY!!??
  62. Emotional Eating at Night
  63. How much more should I lose (set my goal)?
  64. Weightloss Contest at My Gym - Issues
  65. Nasty remark today
  66. James from EMWLE: Rapid Weight Loss Causing Health Issues
  67. Discouraging Comments from Students
  68. Huge problem planning meals. Its a STRANGE reason!
  69. Goal... how to set is as you come down...
  70. how i keep motivated
  71. oh but the wine....
  72. Weighed myself.. First time since August.. Good & Bad News!
  73. demotivated... what to do?
  74. Back Again
  75. issues with working out
  76. How much do you lose a week?
  77. Silly Comments
  78. Low Fat or Low Carb
  79. So is it just me....or does certain places you used to LOVE to STINK!
  80. Isn't it obvious...
  81. New Scale purchase suggestions.
  82. Weird Places You've Lost Weight!
  83. A year from now you'll be happy you started today.
  84. Destroyers
  85. Women being harsh rather than supportive - a personal observation
  86. Today's NSV for me!
  87. How much sugar in a day?
  88. Need help w/Birthday lunch pre-planning
  89. Onederland!
  90. I am losing faith and I don't know where else to turn
  91. Fell off the wagon, gained three pounds....
  92. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 10/10 - 10/16
  93. fell off the wagon
  94. One side of body, thicker than the other?
  95. My super pitiful (but achievable!!!) list of goals...
  96. The scales worry me a little
  97. Getting on the scale?
  98. Ice Cream Realization
  99. The Mother-In-Law
  100. Iam lossing weight so why do i feel fatter?
  101. NSVs & SV!! LOL
  102. Period
  103. strategies for staying motivated
  104. WHY can I not seem to get past the 160s?!
  105. Everyone Weigh in 10/07/11
  106. I need a buddy who is almost at goal...
  107. Bought a Pepsi...
  108. Evil Stranger
  109. Anyone else not want to be "that thin" again?
  110. Quick check in
  111. Physical first or give it a month???!
  112. I can't wait to fit into small sizes
  113. How many pounds to get into 'em??
  114. WoW! NSV
  115. Yo-yo dieting and skinny fat
  116. One reason to stay on track today
  117. What Diet Plans Have Worked Well For You??
  118. NSV (kinda)...Is That a New Shirt???
  119. Online Tracker for Nutrition + Fitness
  120. What is your calorie goal for the day?
  121. Anyone go off track but still make it to goal?
  122. Help to stay on track with late nights and catered buffets
  123. Make me eat breakfast!
  124. What Do You Hate Most About Going Out With Your Skinny Friends
  125. BMI - new goal and a bit of frustration
  126. For those of us starting over...
  127. I'm starting to hate people
  128. Really? Mind your own business.
  129. Perception Is Everything?
  130. Eating and Exercise?
  131. Soda flavored candy
  132. Feeling Very Silly
  133. How much damage can a couple of days do?
  134. How do you avoid "diet fatigue"?
  135. Evil motivations...What are yours?
  136. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 10/3 - 10/9
  137. Diet depression this time around....why?!?
  138. Working out for weeks and not a lb. or inch??
  139. Feeling full is scary!
  140. Help me get into this dress.
  141. why isnt it working :-(
  142. Offer Advice for a Newbie?
  143. Eating Clean for Halloween!!
  144. Lose 10lb by November 1st!
  145. So nervous I've stopped losing weight/stalled.
  146. Anxious Over Dining Out Tonight
  147. how to encourage her?
  148. Boredom is not a dieters friend.
  149. Do you ever feel alone in this journey?
  150. What Is The Biggest Reason Why You Feel You Can't Get A Guy
  151. What do you want to do when you hit Goal?
  152. Rough Day w/PMS
  153. Everyone Weigh in 09/30/11
  154. Alright I need some help
  155. Don't you dare call me a fat b*tch...
  156. Try try again
  157. Back and so mad at myself.
  158. I Don't Get it
  159. Help! Retaining Water
  160. Cutting way down on alcohol/sleep issues
  161. What used to be fat is not fat anymore ~
  162. What Do You Hate Most About Being The Fat Friend?
  163. The cake did in my shoes! Really! And the bottom of the shoe went whoosh!
  164. Where Do You Food Journal?
  165. Question for calorie counters!
  166. Public vs Private
  167. Grrrrr! Stupid scale!
  168. Naysayers
  169. The silver lining of a trip-up moment
  170. "It's Unrealistic"
  171. Looking for food related book recommendations.
  172. the need to fill full (painfully full)
  173. Anyone else suck at maintenance/maintenance breaks?
  174. I need a buddy!
  175. What's your incentive program?
  176. "You're healthy, but..."
  177. Cooking for others
  178. NSV- Good day yesterday!
  179. Soreness and weak!
  180. Weight loss moments that make you saw hmmm
  181. I Just Don't Feel Like I Can Work Harder!
  182. I had a really bad week....just saying
  183. Swallowing my pride and coming back here!
  184. We are So Backwards as a Country!
  185. Thinner face, puffy neck
  186. food tastes better when I eat less?
  187. How Do You Get Started?
  188. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 9/26 - 10/2
  189. Finally went to the gym!
  190. Go away 250!
  191. Sad
  192. Weight Loss and Tattoos
  193. Aggghh - got ahead if myself!
  194. Starting a food journal today and....scared
  195. Nsv!!
  196. i might have to have surgery...
  197. How to deal with unwanted male attention?
  198. Is it okay not to weigh?
  199. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words
  200. Drivers License weight
  201. Well meaning comments said as you lose weight
  202. Everyone Weigh in 09/23/11
  203. New Tall Chick to 3Cs - Anyone feel like I do?
  204. When Did Someone Notice?
  205. sweet cravings after meals?
  206. please, someone, help me save myself
  207. I have a confession . . .
  208. Belly fat
  209. Confused about my numbers.
  210. Haven't been posting, and for once it's not because I gave up!
  211. :-) Stopped myself!
  212. Unexpected inspiration!
  213. help please! need advice on TOM!
  214. Am I imagining things?
  215. inspirational find on AOL this a.m. -hope it helps!!
  216. Just have to shout it out
  217. Hunger vs. No-Hunger
  218. What are your best weight loss tips
  219. close to goal but head not catching up?
  220. Overweight friends
  221. Is it possible to get "cut" with a calorie counting diet?
  222. Cake
  223. No more alcohol??!??!
  224. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 9/19 - 9/25
  225. What are your trigger circumstances?
  226. Can't keep food in the house.. (frustrated)
  227. Fiber supplements and bloating?
  228. Victory at the Fiestas!
  229. so mad
  230. 2 nd Day
  231. Nice gesture Butt!!!!
  232. Thyroid Issue?
  233. Pounds Are Like Weeds
  234. Walking And Appetite
  235. ???? dean ornish diet does it work
  236. My Birthday & Birthday Cake! What to Do?
  237. Help Me!!!
  238. How much weight did you lose before...?
  239. Wanna share a HAPPY!!!
  240. Rant!: Sabotage!!!
  241. Everyone Weigh in 09/16/11
  242. How much for a plus size to drop a size?
  243. The Woes and Suprises of watching Sodium
  244. A flat tummy after a c-section?
  245. I think I need some new clothes...
  246. Vitamins
  247. Feeling Guilty For Having An Easier Week.
  248. Please Help! :)
  249. I want new a scale
  250. headache from sugar withdrawal