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  1. Is anyone keeping fat clothes for the visual reminder?
  2. NSV I gave my FAT clothes to my friend!
  3. 3FC articles--anyone read them?
  4. Why cant you lose weight??
  5. Oooohhhhh Hubby...poor sweet dimwitted Hubby...
  6. Tweaking the same diet plan for healthy weight loss and gain
  7. Please MOTIVATE meee :)
  8. Possible to gain 20 pounds in one month?
  9. NSV: Blood Pressure
  10. Would you do this?
  11. Breast biopsy stress eating :(
  12. Looking for a Gentle Push (or a hard kick, whichever you wanna give)
  13. Who else can't get back on track?
  14. Vent- Will nothing stop me from over eating?
  15. Resolving to eat the RIGHT calories
  16. What is the arm band calorie counter called?
  17. Being motivated to lose by something other than self-hatred
  18. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/4
  19. No carbs or sugar
  20. Compliment Hound
  21. Getting motivated!
  22. Everyone Weigh in 12/02/11
  23. Has anyone heard of the "body type diet"? What is your "diet"
  24. With the way weight fluctuates and scales vary, how do you track your weight?
  25. I just need to whine. Then y'all can smack some sense into me.
  26. Feeling Hungry After Eating?
  27. reasons for sudden weight gain?
  28. Possibly daft question
  29. Anyone heard of a disease that stops your brain from hearing your stomach ?
  30. Could use your thoughts re: eating...
  31. Thanks for the vote of confidence mom
  32. Looking at the big picture instead of just the scale.
  33. When results fail to keep you motivated...
  34. Ugh! Food is hard.
  35. ~10 lbs down by January 1st~
  36. NSV/Disappointment
  37. Anyone else have this problem?
  38. I could really use advice
  39. Ramblings about weight, boyfriend and guilt
  40. My 3 Hard-and-Fast Rules of Weight Loss
  41. Second Fall
  42. Mirena
  43. Are calories calculators wrong? I need to maintain & not keep losing weight!
  44. Finally weighed myself - some reflections
  45. Save yur drama for yur mama ?
  46. Everything to Lose, (Want) Nothing to Gain
  47. Why Does He Do This! Boyfriend Rant.
  48. Hard to find the motivation.
  49. What is your body fat at what weight? And do you have a goal?
  50. NEVER good enough....
  51. What kinds of foods give you the results you want?
  52. forever unsatisfied
  53. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 11/27
  54. How do you / did you find the motivation to start your weight loss?
  55. No more sugar?
  56. Are you "fat" or "thin" in your head?
  57. Chicagoooo
  58. Family Thanksgiving Weirdness
  59. Off-Plan Help!
  60. freshman 15 real or fake??
  61. Everyone Weigh in 11/25/11
  62. Really need to do it this time.
  63. What/ where was your turning point on the way to the goal?
  64. How did everyone do on Thanksgiving?
  65. My Boyfriend Eats a LOT
  66. Terrified
  67. I need help cuz im confused!!!!
  68. Hurtful weight related ruined Thanksgiving for me
  69. Quick lose?
  70. A Book that had made a difference on my weight loss journey.
  71. Failed week and I'm back where I started
  72. I know I would feel so much better ...
  73. First negative comment --from family, no less.
  74. Is low-carb better the more you have to lose?
  75. Not addicted food, but EATING
  76. Worried about Thanksgiving Dinner
  77. Who's getting ready for food pushing family tomorrow?
  78. Holiday pact!
  79. Now in the healthy weight range but still losing weight?
  80. I'm starting to see it now...
  81. NSV...So EXCITED!
  82. Do you get blamed for being "too" obsessive with weight loss?
  83. An Upsetting Experience
  84. afraid to hear the truth?
  85. starting 3rd week and down 4 pounds
  86. Awkward
  87. Conciously making bad decisions...
  88. I weigh 200 and want to eat. A lot!
  89. On the day that I reached 100 pounds lost
  90. difference in scales
  91. Shopping Fail
  92. Belly Fat Shift? Am I the only one?!
  93. Should I ask my mom to take me to the doctor to talk about weight loss?
  94. Lots of compliments... Feeling great & motivated
  95. Do you find your taste buds have changed?
  96. What food(s) do you miss the most?
  97. I'm an emotional eater - Today I faced my emotions
  98. im so shock!
  99. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  100. Vanity question about loose skin
  101. Back again. Short rant. advice plsss
  102. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 11/21
  103. Big dinner= increased hunger?
  104. Giving into food intolerances...argh!
  105. Back at it
  106. losing weight without a consistent workout routine?
  107. My hair is falling out!
  108. Is it possible...
  109. Who wants to lose 15 pounds before January 1st!
  110. I'm back!
  111. 2lb gain in 24 hours?! I'm so discouraged...
  112. Everyone Weigh in 11/18/11
  113. Going against my own advice?
  114. sweet little encouragement
  115. I can't have it all....
  116. Please HELP! I'm very confused...
  117. So excited/confused at the same time!
  118. Very Hurtful Comments - Small Vent
  119. Is skipping breakfast really that bad?
  120. Which program???
  121. What is the name of the restaurant nutritional tracker?
  122. Another question about baggy arms...
  123. Is this anyone else's first day or first day back?
  124. I don't believe in "BMI"!!!!
  125. Accountability and Support!
  126. So i just ate chips...
  127. back on the wagon...
  128. Can't BELIEVE what I just saw....
  129. When I get to my goal and question for restarters
  130. So discouraged!
  131. upset and confused
  132. Weight and inches confusion!
  133. I hit a weird milestone
  134. "But you don't need to lose weight!"
  135. I need a buddy! :(
  136. Any tall women out there? Question
  137. NSV!!!! They FIT!!
  138. mind or nevermind?
  139. Lost the weight, now I'm losing my mind..(rant)
  140. 40 days of juice i come
  141. Show us yer' graphs!
  142. total shame.
  143. Really struggling getting back into th swings of things
  144. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 11/14 - 11/20
  145. What are your plans for the holidays?
  146. Scared
  147. NSV's!!!
  148. Falling back into old, but safe, patterns. And I'm miserable.
  149. how to access my original information
  150. Finally I am allowed to diet again!
  151. Sugar withdrawals
  152. Bad Time of Year to Give up
  153. Tips for a constant snacker?
  154. Sigh* Stress how I hate thee!!
  155. Fluid On My Knee...OUCH!
  156. Morning- New LIfe; Evening-Start Tomorrow
  157. Everyone Weigh in 11/11/11
  158. Scared of triggers
  159. Looking for a buddy ... i'm trying to lose 45 lbs
  160. Have you ever just given up?
  161. Sometimes I really hate being a girl.
  162. Busted Through a Wall
  163. bean bloating
  164. HELP! Trip out of town!!
  165. Im back...
  166. Attention! All Jack Spratters!
  167. New and looking for advice
  168. Hungrier than ever!!
  169. I could be sick, but do I really want help?
  170. Unwanted attention from men
  171. How many veggies did you eat today?
  172. Let there be light!
  173. Here I Go Again....
  174. Fluctuating a lot
  175. What's your weight-loss pattern?
  176. I failed...I think
  177. Made my boyfriend a proposition.....
  178. So, is anyone else cold? *L*
  179. Avoiding the Freshman 15
  180. Can't believe how much weight I've gained :(
  181. Back on the wagon! Question about calories
  182. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 11/7 - 11/13
  183. first week disappointment..
  184. Purposely Allowing Bullying
  185. Deceptive foods!
  186. Started binge eating last night... staying here to stay sane
  187. Struggling with overeating...
  188. My fiance thinks I'm ugly now...
  189. Stronger Than...
  190. MY scale said what?!!
  191. Halloween patch 2010 and 2011
  192. Almost went way off track last night, but didn't.
  193. Everyone Weigh in 11/04/11
  194. To much
  195. Help
  196. Self Control- or lack thereof
  197. Im so Lazy!!
  198. so close!!!!
  199. Frustrated... Can't get into strength training b/c I'm obsessed with burning calories
  200. I want to do WW but can't afford it
  201. Weight fluctuation woes with weekly weighing
  202. Ways to cheer up without food?
  203. Need help getting my mind off food
  204. Do you consider counting calories a diet?
  205. OMG this is so hard....hitting a rough patch..
  206. Do you eat little and often?
  207. Husband bought a bunch of binge food, I want to scream!!
  208. Drink your water, girls!
  209. When were you first called fat?
  210. "All you have to do to lose weight is..."
  211. 15 lbs.--NO inches???
  212. I'm so damn scared these days...
  213. Newbie to this forum and dieting
  214. the mirror is my ememy
  215. I am back (with new name)!
  216. Why Does The Scale Have to Matter so Much???
  217. My Mom's Coming....
  218. Found My Dream Dress, What to do now Help
  219. THe best part of losing weight is Walmart?
  220. ~Lose 10 lbs by December 1st~
  221. save us
  222. NSV and SV!! Wearing my size 8 jeans today!!
  223. Just wanted to share!
  224. I'm a science project! (some silly perspective)
  225. Has anyone else hit a big milestone and then reverted to bad habits?
  226. Potluck NSV!
  227. Stuck and need to get out of this rut & not go back to bad habits
  228. Woohooo! NSV!!
  229. What Should I Order?
  230. Bad, bad weekend
  231. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 10/31 - 11/6
  232. Is there something that you tell yourself every single day?
  233. Up, down, all around- what the **** is happening!?
  234. Inches lost during weight loss
  235. So I cheated BIG TIME...and lost weight!
  236. What time do
  237. I went to pole dance class today...big mistake!
  238. Some quick opinions about mirrors and scales
  239. How Much Water?
  240. Just a vent/advice welcomed
  241. Dont know where i fit anymore???
  242. Can't tell if I'm discouraged or encouraged
  243. Food Rehab
  244. Cloudy/Rainy weather = Binge
  245. Grocery store roasted chicken?
  246. Introduction
  247. calorie question
  248. yay and boo
  249. Salt, water weight & the scale
  250. week 1 weigh in