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  1. Everyone Weigh in 02/10/12
  2. College Spring Break.... HELP!
  3. Rewarding oneself with gourmet food
  4. Pros and Cons of losing weight.
  5. What is your plan of attack?
  6. Pills?
  7. Torn and looking for advice
  8. Mini Victory!
  9. I am NOT on a diet
  10. Carbs vs. Calories ... what do YOU do?
  11. Am I masochistic?
  12. Does it really work this way? Eating calories burned during workout?
  13. Feeling defeated
  14. Plateau? and Good Vibes : )
  15. I am stay this time!
  16. Anyone just have a baby?
  17. Needing a boost!
  18. doctor office scales
  19. Finally back on track!
  20. Buffet Realization and Dining Out Epiphany
  21. Healthy Lunch Ideas!
  22. Vacation
  23. Whoosh!!
  24. Help me understand!!
  25. What to do when you get laughed at?
  26. I Need Motivation!!! :(
  27. finding it hard to get back on track
  28. Ticker funny??? Makes me 1 pound lighter?
  29. Lost 20 pounds but not a single size?
  30. First Overeating, Now Undereating.
  31. So strange I am now glad I had so many health problems
  32. Bottling Motivation
  33. Are you looking forward to summer?
  34. Late Night Grubbin'
  35. Ughhhhh!!!!!!
  36. Dangit!
  37. People are noticing a loss and somehow thats permission for me to "slack"
  38. All for nothing :(
  39. BMR and calories
  40. Odd question...Ovulation
  41. Feeling well and truly useless :(
  42. Bathroom Scale!
  43. Heaviness
  44. I want to be held Accountable!
  45. Does anyone else find calorie counting to be exhausting?!
  46. Minor set back
  47. Embarrassment rules my life...
  48. Will I ever be able to accept that I might be losing weight
  49. Getting back In the groove!!
  50. Measurement Question
  51. Losing sizes faster as you go down?
  52. I am so proud!
  53. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 2/5/12
  54. Quitting the Addiction
  55. Can I just say...
  56. Yikes! 8 lbs of water weight?!
  57. IS my diet plan Bad? I cant Lose weight !!! what am I doing wrong:(
  58. Turkey waddle
  59. Am I doing this subconsciously?
  60. I'm Ready
  61. 2 weeks and no weight loss? :(
  62. Confessions......of an M&M addict
  63. Dumping Water Weight
  64. Everyone Weigh in 02/03/12
  65. Deprivation
  66. Is this normal?
  67. So totally discouraged
  68. Is this fat discrimination?
  69. Having a hard time loosing small amount of weight
  70. "Naturally fat"??
  71. Sooo. I just have some things I'd like to talk/vent about.
  72. HELP on breaking a plateau. (first post)
  73. Seriously, how's this gain even possible
  74. General weight loss rant, feeling frustrated
  75. Am I resentful?
  76. What are your commitments to weight loss/living healthy?
  77. How to cut through weight loss confusion
  78. My 60 day workout regimen was cut short :C tips/encouragement welcome!
  79. I'm having trouble sticking to it.
  80. Advice please!!!
  81. Starting again...
  82. Huh???!! Honestly? This is water weight?
  83. Lose 10 lbs by March 1st
  84. *Vent/pity party*
  85. I'm very frustrated today.
  86. It all went downhill
  87. Scales - what would you do?
  88. Dukan diet attack phase help
  89. Very frustrated. Plateau
  90. How did you decide your goal weight?
  91. Vanity reasons for this journey!
  92. Oh.My.Carbs!
  93. Four weeks in :D
  94. Doing a major victory dance!
  95. "Natural" Weight?
  96. Losing weight, but no change in fat %. What's going on?
  97. NSV...I'm Still ALIVE!!!
  98. Regained 12 pounds :(
  99. I'm tired
  100. Help me.
  101. Lightbulb Moment - Stubborn pounds? OR stubborn me?
  102. Days when you just want to give up
  103. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 1/29/12
  104. Could my body be used to WW plan?
  105. Having a bad few days with my diet, started nursing school, and foot pain.
  106. Big but....
  107. Motivated but struggling ... Advice? :/
  108. Whoosh got un-whooshed
  109. Estrogen Dominance
  110. Hello ladies!
  111. Feeling depressed as ex-friend lost weight faster....
  112. Ultimate Motivation
  113. Everyone Weigh in 01/27/12
  114. Husband follows my example...too well...
  115. First week report
  116. When someone eats your 'on plan' food!
  117. Big gain this week....ugh.
  118. Going. To. Pull. My. Hair. Out.
  119. 7 days a week
  120. Realistic Expectations: the last 10-20lbs
  121. An Unhealthy reason to lose weight...
  122. My feet HURT.
  123. The familiar, all-consuming craving to just EAT
  124. Support question
  125. goal weight that is still outside healthy weight range?
  126. Not exactly an NSV but a positive anyway...
  127. Can't see the new body EVERYONE else sees!
  128. Anybody around?
  129. BMR & caloric needs calculators
  130. Finally....
  131. My "naturally thin" friend
  132. Yet another question about Exercise and Weight Loss
  133. I'm so close to my goal I can taste it, yet I feel depressed.
  134. I don't think it's bad to not count exercise.... right??
  135. Looking For Some Advice
  136. I purged my closet this weekend....
  137. Fighting Weekend Boredom
  138. How embarrasing
  139. Normal every day demons are bad enough TTOM demons are too much
  140. Wow! Had to share this!
  141. question about pedometers...
  142. Accidental NSV
  143. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 1/22/12
  144. Starving in the Mornings
  145. Do you know of a great inspirational weight loss book?
  146. Weekend eaters/social butterflies... come here!!!
  147. Dumb question about kitchen scale & liquids
  148. Did very bad last night.
  149. NSV last night!
  150. Is it good?
  151. Stomach flu :(
  152. Confused
  153. I thought it would be easier..
  154. To Keep Track, or Not to Keep Track...
  155. Ab's/shin splints
  156. Pressure...
  157. I'm so stupid
  158. It's that time of year. THEY are back.
  159. Omg
  160. A year of lessons learned
  161. Bodys holding on no matter what i do this week :(
  162. Everyone Weigh in 01/20/12
  163. Make your own "rules"
  164. can't walk fast enough
  165. Not just weight--but health!
  166. Is quitting and losing too much to ask?
  167. After a "binge" last night, how should I eat/exercise today?
  168. Are you a cheater?
  169. i <3 3FC!!
  170. Does it ever freak you out to see how easy it is to hit like 4000 calories?
  171. Surprisingly good weigh-in!
  172. disappointed
  173. Nsv....
  174. Slow and steady, pressure-free, group?
  175. Scale?
  176. The unfortunate truth...
  177. Caffeine & weight loss.
  178. Anyone know of a PCP in Norman or OKC OKlahoma
  179. The true beauty secret
  180. Itchy 'Ticker' Finger
  181. Today's the day.
  182. i just wanna rant
  183. Going to get snowed in...very tempted to binge.
  184. I am always exercising but I'm not reducing weight. What should I do?
  185. Alcohol and Weight Loss
  186. I keep trying and trying . . . . .
  187. What a rotten week. :(
  188. Is it ok to stay hungry?
  189. I feel AWFUL
  190. Your face after a huge weight loss.
  191. To go or not to go to the gym.
  192. Wardrobe question.
  193. Weight loss plateau help?
  194. 1 question
  195. Taking Measurements
  196. Is there a way?
  197. Disappointed
  198. Stress Eating
  199. Appetite Issues
  200. YAY! Week one success!
  201. Good Day...
  202. A question
  203. Does broccoli count as a leafy green vegetable?
  204. How much of an effect does the medication actually have?
  205. 29 and Unhappily Fat!
  206. I bought a new scale and now I weigh more!
  207. Losing weight at university?
  208. Hi Everyone! I'm new and I would love advice and support
  209. Breaking the plateau?
  210. Just for today...
  211. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 1/15/12
  212. Postcard from Onederland
  213. Question about relationships...
  214. I need some help - damaged metabolism and possible eating disorder
  215. Focusing on weight loss and ignoring life?
  216. exercise based off of?
  217. Nightmares?
  218. I Need a Buddy....
  219. I need my boyfriend to support me more!!!
  220. Getting bored of diet...has any tried diet chef?
  221. "Mom, I'm fat."
  222. How can I make it all about me me me?
  223. Everyone Weigh in 01/13/12
  224. Soda????
  225. Chinese Buffet
  226. Afraid to get on the Scale
  227. A food you used to love...
  228. Appalling...
  229. Who here has given up their most favorite food?
  230. I can't believe what I did
  231. Uh... Scale/weight help please
  232. Not being able to eat makes me SO HUNGRY
  233. Binge eating
  234. Alcohol Always Messes me up :(
  235. More Stressed over holidays than I thought
  236. UGH, someone please explain this to me...?
  237. Help! I dont know what to do!
  238. Eating when you're sick
  239. good scale reccomendations
  240. I am 0.1% away from officially being diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
  241. NSV: I have a belly button :o
  242. Where the F are you supposed to buy belts?
  243. Need some motivation and ideas to get back on track!
  244. Holding on to smaller clothes...good or bad idea?
  245. Anyone else . . .. quit drinking.
  246. Healthy, EASY, yummy smoothies???
  247. Protein shakes= intimidating???
  248. Curious, what are the motivating songs on your workout playlist?
  249. Back from vacation and eating LOL
  250. Bar cheese verse already shredded cheese.