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  1. Weight loss plateau help?
  2. 1 question
  3. Taking Measurements
  4. Is there a way?
  5. Disappointed
  6. Stress Eating
  7. Appetite Issues
  8. YAY! Week one success!
  9. Good Day...
  10. A question
  11. Does broccoli count as a leafy green vegetable?
  12. How much of an effect does the medication actually have?
  13. 29 and Unhappily Fat!
  14. I bought a new scale and now I weigh more!
  15. Losing weight at university?
  16. Hi Everyone! I'm new and I would love advice and support
  17. Breaking the plateau?
  18. Just for today...
  19. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 1/15/12
  20. Postcard from Onederland
  21. Question about relationships...
  22. I need some help - damaged metabolism and possible eating disorder
  23. Focusing on weight loss and ignoring life?
  24. exercise based off of?
  25. Nightmares?
  26. I Need a Buddy....
  27. I need my boyfriend to support me more!!!
  28. Getting bored of diet...has any tried diet chef?
  29. "Mom, I'm fat."
  30. How can I make it all about me me me?
  31. Everyone Weigh in 01/13/12
  32. Soda????
  33. Chinese Buffet
  34. Afraid to get on the Scale
  35. A food you used to love...
  36. Appalling...
  37. Who here has given up their most favorite food?
  38. I can't believe what I did
  39. Uh... Scale/weight help please
  40. Not being able to eat makes me SO HUNGRY
  41. Binge eating
  42. Alcohol Always Messes me up :(
  43. More Stressed over holidays than I thought
  44. UGH, someone please explain this to me...?
  45. Help! I dont know what to do!
  46. Eating when you're sick
  47. good scale reccomendations
  48. I am 0.1% away from officially being diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
  49. NSV: I have a belly button :o
  50. Where the F are you supposed to buy belts?
  51. Need some motivation and ideas to get back on track!
  52. Holding on to smaller clothes...good or bad idea?
  53. Anyone else . . .. quit drinking.
  54. Healthy, EASY, yummy smoothies???
  55. Protein shakes= intimidating???
  56. Curious, what are the motivating songs on your workout playlist?
  57. Back from vacation and eating LOL
  58. Bar cheese verse already shredded cheese.
  59. what is wrong with me!
  60. Fat forever? RANT
  61. Does anyone else have the goal
  62. Mini Goal 28 lbs
  63. bad luck
  64. My so far before and after. I still need motivation!
  65. Lack of motivation! Help desperately needed
  66. Finding the time to eat
  67. "yes" & "no" foods for a flatter tummy
  68. Post & Keep Track of Your Measurements
  69. Dating while trying to lose weight
  70. Flab?
  71. help craving eggs, meat, milk!!!
  72. Not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it
  73. starting weight loss journey
  74. I wish I'd weigh as much as I weighed 10 years ago...
  75. i cant seem to get any motivation : (
  76. Effects of Dairy on Health
  77. I am 23, 5'3 and 220 lbs :-/
  78. How long does it take to get sugar out of your system?
  79. Newbie in need of some advice
  80. new pants pic :) Love the new size!!
  81. Camera puts on...20 lbs?
  82. only lost 2lbs in the first week?! that normal?
  83. I sure do miss wine.
  84. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 1/8/12
  85. Excessively thirsty and slight weight gain :(
  86. Cultural Manners, Eating
  87. When you think you have to hit perfection....
  88. No Husband Support!!!
  89. American Self-Sabotage
  90. Post Holiday Tail Spin
  91. Husband pain in the butt on support
  92. Normal BMI yay!!! (with pics)
  93. I think about food all the time!
  94. what are your rewards for reaching your goal weight?
  95. Gained half of it back :(
  96. If ya'll can lose why can't I?
  97. 12 hour shifts and planning ahead
  98. Diet suggestions?
  99. What things weigh
  100. Yay!!!
  101. Exercise ideas?
  102. Have your taste buds changed?
  103. stuck :(
  104. Everyone Weigh in 01/06/12
  105. Gonna be a Bridesmaid
  106. Skinny BF, fat me :|
  107. Breaking bad habits...
  108. S.b.s. ?
  109. Is it harder to lose weight while running?
  110. Overeating and bloating... help?
  111. That "hunger" thing
  112. to those of you who have maintained and regained...
  113. Sort of fell off track already in 2012
  114. How do you approach your weight loss with friends?
  115. Newbie. Forgive me but....
  116. My New Fat
  117. How much did the holidays set you back?
  118. So hungry please help!!!!
  119. Debating WW vs going it alone
  120. Meeting up with parents after 2 years and 145lbs !
  121. weight fluctuation around period.
  122. Who made their goal in 2011?
  123. How do I eat like a diabetic?
  124. Frustrated. Can't stop looking at the scale.
  125. Any favorite healthy snacks or tasty alternatives??
  126. Anyone else feel obsessed?
  127. Vitamin Question
  128. New Year...New me :)
  129. Thinking about taking a scale break. Anyone done it before?
  130. A Year of Stalling
  131. Need help. Just tell me what to do.
  132. Lean Body Mass: The Good News and Bad News
  133. It motivates me...
  134. Anyone else use a face in hole or similar as motivation???
  135. Don't you just hate it when you slip up?!
  136. Member for 1 year!
  137. Anyone using/used Alli?
  138. Feeling down after staring at the scale this morning
  139. I'm feeling extremelely down about what the scale read this morning :(
  140. I can't stop peeing!
  141. 10lbs gained in 3 weeks- Cannot start the year like this!
  142. The Scale Was Wrong!
  144. Day 1 DONE!
  145. Cooking for the family while on a diet
  146. ??Ankle weights??
  147. Where were you one year ago today and where are you now?
  148. Forty Pounds lost, how much farther?
  149. anyone else have a hard time getting over low self-esteem?
  150. Looking for an email buddy
  151. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 1/1 Happy New Year!
  152. Binged today...need encouragement
  153. What's success going to be for YOU in 2012?
  154. Lose 10 lbs by February 1st
  155. Newspaper article
  156. Negativity Iritates me and hurts
  157. how do you find the motivation?
  158. Crazy timing of lowering my goal
  159. would someone slap some sense into me .. please??
  160. Why do I do this? I must be crazy!
  161. French women don't get fat, in practice at Christmas
  162. Everyone Weigh in 12/30/11
  163. Just when you think the Christmas leftovers are gone...
  164. How to Best Help Obese Young People
  165. My Fitness Pal question.
  166. Oh yeah, I ate that, didn’t I?
  167. Our Weight Loss - NOT your business!
  168. And the cycle continues....
  169. Singing the Holiday Weight Gain Blues
  170. Ho‘oponopono (or setting things right)
  171. feeling out of control today
  172. This week I will....
  173. New Years Resolutions?
  174. Which is smaller?
  175. Where can I find a swimsuit/summer challenge/support?
  176. Pounds and Inches
  177. What's YOUR reward?
  178. Portion control tips
  179. How do you?
  180. Bothered by waste?
  181. I'm New!! + Android Apps...
  182. What's YOUR motivation???
  183. Who's back in the boat?
  184. I just can't eat like i used to
  185. Facebook NSV
  186. Societal mixed messages
  187. Holiday Annoyance!
  188. Grrr! I'm not starving myself!!
  189. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/25
  190. Health problems..need supplemental drink help
  191. I just want my body back
  192. GOAL, interuppted!
  193. Ugh I just fractured two bones!!
  194. Starvation and weight loss
  195. anyone else suffer from gastritis? and weight issues?
  196. excited
  197. Feel like I am gaining....
  198. I hate the 'I have the flu, so nothing stays down' weight loss plan.
  199. Weight loss and the Grand Scheme of Things
  200. Everyone Weigh in 12/23/11
  201. Frustration!!!!!!!!!
  202. Old habits die hard
  203. low sodium diet how?
  204. Smoking/Running?
  205. Does anyone else hate dieting on the weekend?
  206. anybody else the only fat family member
  207. I failed, maybe this time i wont........
  208. Updated! 20 lbs gone this morning!
  209. When you feel like your loss hasn't changed your body yet...
  210. So what is it with simple carbs tht make me hold water?
  211. First 10+ pounds gone. What to do about Christmas?
  212. Cardio/Strength trainers... lend me your plans!!
  213. Holding yourself back in life
  214. am i close to looking normal...?
  215. The Dreaded Munchies
  216. Buying clothing throughout weight loss journey?
  217. Peanut Butter Stress
  218. Water Weight with your monthly cycle
  219. Christmas Day . . . .
  220. What is YOUR number?
  221. Obsessed with the scale
  222. again and again
  223. potato bread?
  224. Back Again ~ Embarrassed, Frustrated, Depressed
  225. cinnamon
  226. Getting more attention....and LOVING it!
  227. That's just not possible!
  228. Gaining weight while sick?
  229. My Fitness Pal app/website
  230. Sharing my progress to help motivate myself.
  231. When does having Professional Help become a Hindrance?
  232. Soothed Without Food ...
  233. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/18
  234. Confession time and why more people should do intermittent fasting
  235. I'm completely out of control - Please Help
  236. how much to eat too lose weight?
  237. Hoping my food-fixation is just a phase
  238. Mini-Goal....almost there!
  239. Grrr can't seem to lose weight......,
  240. Anyone else really cold?
  241. 60 lbs gone!!!
  242. Every day weigh ins?
  243. Everyone Weigh in 12/16/11
  244. just ate a pizza and some m&ms...
  245. Coke is my crack!
  246. Fear of something..
  247. Day 1 of dieting.. don't know what I'm doing!! Calorie counting?
  248. How do you keep track ( or do you?)
  249. Out of Balance
  250. Annoyed