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  1. Just when you think the Christmas leftovers are gone...
  2. How to Best Help Obese Young People
  3. My Fitness Pal question.
  4. Oh yeah, I ate that, didn’t I?
  5. Our Weight Loss - NOT your business!
  6. And the cycle continues....
  7. Singing the Holiday Weight Gain Blues
  8. Ho‘oponopono (or setting things right)
  9. feeling out of control today
  10. This week I will....
  11. New Years Resolutions?
  12. Which is smaller?
  13. Where can I find a swimsuit/summer challenge/support?
  14. Pounds and Inches
  15. What's YOUR reward?
  16. Portion control tips
  17. How do you?
  18. Bothered by waste?
  19. I'm New!! + Android Apps...
  20. What's YOUR motivation???
  21. Who's back in the boat?
  22. I just can't eat like i used to
  23. Facebook NSV
  24. Societal mixed messages
  25. Holiday Annoyance!
  26. Grrr! I'm not starving myself!!
  27. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/25
  28. Health problems..need supplemental drink help
  29. I just want my body back
  30. GOAL, interuppted!
  31. Ugh I just fractured two bones!!
  32. Starvation and weight loss
  33. anyone else suffer from gastritis? and weight issues?
  34. excited
  35. Feel like I am gaining....
  36. I hate the 'I have the flu, so nothing stays down' weight loss plan.
  37. Weight loss and the Grand Scheme of Things
  38. Everyone Weigh in 12/23/11
  39. Frustration!!!!!!!!!
  40. Old habits die hard
  41. low sodium diet how?
  42. Smoking/Running?
  43. Does anyone else hate dieting on the weekend?
  44. anybody else the only fat family member
  45. I failed, maybe this time i wont........
  46. Updated! 20 lbs gone this morning!
  47. When you feel like your loss hasn't changed your body yet...
  48. So what is it with simple carbs tht make me hold water?
  49. First 10+ pounds gone. What to do about Christmas?
  50. Cardio/Strength trainers... lend me your plans!!
  51. Holding yourself back in life
  52. am i close to looking normal...?
  53. The Dreaded Munchies
  54. Buying clothing throughout weight loss journey?
  55. Peanut Butter Stress
  56. Water Weight with your monthly cycle
  57. Christmas Day . . . .
  58. What is YOUR number?
  59. Obsessed with the scale
  60. again and again
  61. potato bread?
  62. Back Again ~ Embarrassed, Frustrated, Depressed
  63. cinnamon
  64. Getting more attention....and LOVING it!
  65. That's just not possible!
  66. Gaining weight while sick?
  67. My Fitness Pal app/website
  68. Sharing my progress to help motivate myself.
  69. When does having Professional Help become a Hindrance?
  70. Soothed Without Food ...
  71. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/18
  72. Confession time and why more people should do intermittent fasting
  73. I'm completely out of control - Please Help
  74. how much to eat too lose weight?
  75. Hoping my food-fixation is just a phase
  76. Mini-Goal....almost there!
  77. Grrr can't seem to lose weight......,
  78. Anyone else really cold?
  79. 60 lbs gone!!!
  80. Every day weigh ins?
  81. Everyone Weigh in 12/16/11
  82. just ate a pizza and some m&ms...
  83. Coke is my crack!
  84. Fear of something..
  85. Day 1 of dieting.. don't know what I'm doing!! Calorie counting?
  86. How do you keep track ( or do you?)
  87. Out of Balance
  88. Annoyed
  89. Errrgg!!!!!
  90. frustrated with weighing in -- anybode else not weighing in?
  91. Sugar addiction - new low
  92. Burning more to lose faster?
  93. What are your non-scale goals?
  94. Gonna kill my husband!
  95. Afraid to take a start weight!
  96. Weight Loss Buddy Wanted!
  97. Question for the ladies ...??
  98. When did you start "dieting?"
  99. No more exercise tv!
  100. What would you do for instant weight loss?
  101. Good and bad weight loss terminology
  102. my big fat -bloated looking- belly?
  103. Downfall..
  104. Starting over and am totally lost
  105. Why does 1 lb feel like 20...
  106. Finding a New Plan
  107. After reaching goal, regained 15 lbs.
  108. Sabotage :( Rant...
  109. So scared of regaining
  110. Work Temptations
  111. Yay!!!
  112. *RANT* Frustrated about Plateau
  113. Just when I was getting so tired of this lifestyle change...
  114. Horrible day :(
  115. what to do
  116. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/11
  117. 192 to 155...and counting
  118. Going home for the holidays without noticable weight loss
  119. Loose 1 pound daily
  120. Came across a rare "before" pic today...
  121. NSV! Drove to McD's...
  122. Everyone Weigh in 12/09/11
  123. 12-Week Plateau
  124. Having a weak moment! HELP!
  125. losing it- once and for all, who's with me?
  126. Devil on my shoulder!!!
  127. Huge SIGH****( disgusted with myself and rambling)
  128. Ever feel like it's not worth it?
  129. Gained back ten pounds... :(
  130. So Depressed
  131. Am I just giving myself excuses?
  132. Boyfriend and I broke up today - comfort eating my way thru
  133. 500 1000 1200 1500 which is it?
  134. Finally found an OA meeting online.
  135. The Last Straw - I feel sick to my stomach.
  136. The phsycology of weight issues. New to this journey with some questions
  137. Restart
  138. Do people dismiss you when your fat, or because of your weight?
  139. Hey, Pass Me By!!!
  140. genetically predetermined?
  141. How do they fit so many calories in restaurant food?
  142. Fiance / lifestyle change partner has fallen off the wagon...
  143. Thank You For the Motivation 3FC!
  144. Is anyone keeping fat clothes for the visual reminder?
  145. NSV I gave my FAT clothes to my friend!
  146. 3FC articles--anyone read them?
  147. Why cant you lose weight??
  148. Oooohhhhh Hubby...poor sweet dimwitted Hubby...
  149. Tweaking the same diet plan for healthy weight loss and gain
  150. Please MOTIVATE meee :)
  151. Possible to gain 20 pounds in one month?
  152. NSV: Blood Pressure
  153. Would you do this?
  154. Breast biopsy stress eating :(
  155. Looking for a Gentle Push (or a hard kick, whichever you wanna give)
  156. Who else can't get back on track?
  157. Vent- Will nothing stop me from over eating?
  158. Resolving to eat the RIGHT calories
  159. What is the arm band calorie counter called?
  160. Being motivated to lose by something other than self-hatred
  161. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 12/4
  162. No carbs or sugar
  163. Compliment Hound
  164. Getting motivated!
  165. Everyone Weigh in 12/02/11
  166. Has anyone heard of the "body type diet"? What is your "diet"
  167. With the way weight fluctuates and scales vary, how do you track your weight?
  168. I just need to whine. Then y'all can smack some sense into me.
  169. Feeling Hungry After Eating?
  170. reasons for sudden weight gain?
  171. Possibly daft question
  172. Anyone heard of a disease that stops your brain from hearing your stomach ?
  173. Could use your thoughts re: eating...
  174. Thanks for the vote of confidence mom
  175. Looking at the big picture instead of just the scale.
  176. When results fail to keep you motivated...
  177. Ugh! Food is hard.
  178. ~10 lbs down by January 1st~
  179. NSV/Disappointment
  180. Anyone else have this problem?
  181. I could really use advice
  182. Ramblings about weight, boyfriend and guilt
  183. My 3 Hard-and-Fast Rules of Weight Loss
  184. Second Fall
  185. Mirena
  186. Are calories calculators wrong? I need to maintain & not keep losing weight!
  187. Finally weighed myself - some reflections
  188. Save yur drama for yur mama ?
  189. Everything to Lose, (Want) Nothing to Gain
  190. Why Does He Do This! Boyfriend Rant.
  191. Hard to find the motivation.
  192. What is your body fat at what weight? And do you have a goal?
  193. NEVER good enough....
  194. What kinds of foods give you the results you want?
  195. forever unsatisfied
  196. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 11/27
  197. How do you / did you find the motivation to start your weight loss?
  198. No more sugar?
  199. Are you "fat" or "thin" in your head?
  200. Chicagoooo
  201. Family Thanksgiving Weirdness
  202. Off-Plan Help!
  203. freshman 15 real or fake??
  204. Everyone Weigh in 11/25/11
  205. Really need to do it this time.
  206. What/ where was your turning point on the way to the goal?
  207. How did everyone do on Thanksgiving?
  208. My Boyfriend Eats a LOT
  209. Terrified
  210. I need help cuz im confused!!!!
  211. Hurtful weight related ruined Thanksgiving for me
  212. Quick lose?
  213. A Book that had made a difference on my weight loss journey.
  214. Failed week and I'm back where I started
  215. I know I would feel so much better ...
  216. First negative comment --from family, no less.
  217. Is low-carb better the more you have to lose?
  218. Not addicted food, but EATING
  219. Worried about Thanksgiving Dinner
  220. Who's getting ready for food pushing family tomorrow?
  221. Holiday pact!
  222. Now in the healthy weight range but still losing weight?
  223. I'm starting to see it now...
  224. NSV...So EXCITED!
  225. Do you get blamed for being "too" obsessive with weight loss?
  226. An Upsetting Experience
  227. afraid to hear the truth?
  228. starting 3rd week and down 4 pounds
  229. Awkward
  230. Conciously making bad decisions...
  231. I weigh 200 and want to eat. A lot!
  232. On the day that I reached 100 pounds lost
  233. difference in scales
  234. Shopping Fail
  235. Belly Fat Shift? Am I the only one?!
  236. Should I ask my mom to take me to the doctor to talk about weight loss?
  237. Lots of compliments... Feeling great & motivated
  238. Do you find your taste buds have changed?
  239. What food(s) do you miss the most?
  240. I'm an emotional eater - Today I faced my emotions
  241. im so shock!
  242. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  243. Vanity question about loose skin
  244. Back again. Short rant. advice plsss
  245. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 11/21
  246. Big dinner= increased hunger?
  247. Giving into food intolerances...argh!
  248. Back at it
  249. losing weight without a consistent workout routine?
  250. My hair is falling out!