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  1. Small but significant NSV!
  2. Saving calories for ice cream?
  3. Lost 35 pounds, so why cant I lose 20 more????
  4. Out of calories for the day and still hungry
  5. Don't even take a bite!
  6. Need serious snack recipe help
  7. Since I posted that thread about the plateau, now I'm paranoid..
  8. Possibly dumb question, but I'm curious anyway...
  9. Anyone obsess over the scale?
  10. Frustrated and confused
  11. How do you get over gym anxiety?
  12. What's so bad about salt?
  13. What kind of progress is likely in 8 weeks? I'm getting married!
  14. Giving up.
  15. Setting goal dates?
  16. Ugg I just DO NOT know what to do!
  17. realization:
  18. One of my friend is overweight... how do I help her?
  19. Planning a splurge...suggestions?
  20. Do you correct people's weightloss misconceptions? Help with a friend's "weightloss"?
  21. Two pounds to go....BUT.
  22. I have a question about hitting a plateau..
  23. I've lost 15 pounds - 90 to go - and I can't tell if I'm just imagining looking diff?
  24. Weight loss is hard because...
  25. Frozen Greek Yogurt Popsicles?
  26. Anyone else have a problem with sodium?
  27. Ideas for salty cravings...
  28. Dear pistachios...
  29. It's finally getting through to me
  30. losing weight TOO quickly? eh
  31. Yoga?
  32. Great Low Cal sweet treats?
  33. "My friends eat whatever, don't exercise, and are thin!" Well, not exactly.
  34. Lost ten more pounds but my face looks SO HEAVY!
  35. Question
  36. I'm burnt out/stuck in a rut
  37. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/25/12
  38. I'm awake and starving..bad food nearby
  39. Plus size lingerie models make me mad.
  40. Am I the only one who..
  41. very hungry after donating blood
  42. Hostess Donut Binge.
  43. Feeling kinda sad...
  44. Can't kick the intense shame
  45. What do you do when you're bored and lack motivation?
  46. Measurements not changing...
  47. Thank You All
  48. Drinking seltzer water?
  49. In need of advice!
  50. Cough drops have calories!
  51. It's time to say goodbye to sugar
  52. can someone pls explain wth is in clothing designer's brains!?
  53. Starting Journey back up
  54. What I've learned from having weight loss buddies
  55. These years were not wasted!
  56. Vitamin d3
  57. Going on a cruise......
  58. Ever feel like you're getting fatter while maintaining?
  59. Woohoo!!!
  60. Not a good 10 days
  61. When the problem is eating too FEW calories
  62. Looked in the mirror as I was getting dressed and was saddened at what I saw..
  63. I feel like im watching my life pass me by
  64. Everyone Weigh in 03/23/12
  65. Light Bleeding...This might be TMI
  66. Is my calorie deficit too high?
  67. In a rut, need advice!
  68. Craving salt...eating salty aversion to salt?
  69. i told my daughter "i need to catch up on my posts" and she said
  70. BMR/RMR Figures
  71. End of the month-itis.
  72. Got married..lost goals..on a crash course to 320
  73. If I pig out on healthy stuff, can I still lose weight?
  74. Crazy weight spikes driving me insane
  75. Unapplicable Diet Solutions rant
  76. Incorporating exercise & diet into an intense schedule?
  77. A Lady with a PLAN ... and a commitment issue! 3FC HELP ME!
  78. Sayings that boost self esteem or self confidence?
  79. On a lighter note- You know its bad when I weighed my sugar cane sticks
  80. Bad news, struggling with weight loss...
  81. Trouble getting started ---> FOOD
  82. ok where did my 2 lbs go?
  83. Feeling Proud!
  84. Newbie here. Looking for some intense encouragement.
  85. Must I really drink so much water?!??
  86. Hungry for Change
  87. Update: New goal weight.
  88. Every time I get into a groove....
  89. Jiggly
  90. Does your period affect weight loss?
  91. Pound plateau:((
  92. i haaaaaaaaaaate my stupid body
  93. I'm craving salt...
  94. Strange NSV
  95. Awesome sauce! (Like applesauce, but awesome instead! XD)
  96. Can I...
  97. Is 10 pounds always the same??
  98. Ugh...working out today: Not feeling it
  99. If I'm not hungry and I'm under 1200, is that bad?
  100. I messed up today :(
  101. Doctors Appt Made
  102. Being Totally Selfish with my Me Time
  103. OK, that's it. Weight loss complete.
  104. Any tips on how to stay away from the bad foods??
  105. My hubby is sabotaging my diet efforts!
  106. "Set Point" Theory or Fact?
  107. Does toning help you lose weight (or inches?)
  108. I just don't see it...
  109. Anyone tried Hungry Girl Recipes? Are they any good?
  110. HELP! I'm so bored!
  111. Deep-Fried Tummy Ache?
  112. Coffee post-work out? Good or bad?
  113. Afraid Commitment will Slip after Trip
  114. Headache??
  115. Trouble staying on plan when guests come :(
  116. Awkwardness on the subway
  117. Stress is not good for weight loss... bleh.
  118. No change on the scale. Discouraged.
  119. Regarding Calorie Limits?
  120. Jogging in Place= Love
  121. Looking for some support (long post)
  122. Almost to my goal... yet still capable of MAJOR binges. Huh???!
  123. I am still a closet eater
  124. i need mini goals
  125. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/18/12
  126. Going on my first hike with my friend today!
  127. PHD and Wedding Planning Making Me GAIN!!
  128. Wierd NSV =O
  129. My 12 Week Plan...
  130. OK People!! The great FACEBOOK question: Delete Fat photos??
  131. measuring???
  132. Thoughts on Green Tea?
  133. Hit a rough patch...
  134. Non-food rewards?
  135. Thinking of starting a fitness blog..
  136. Where to begin?
  137. My friends like to drink, and so do I!
  138. my new addiction
  139. soda ( diet) soda
  140. Bringing up new menus at home...
  141. How are YOU doing towards your goals for the year?
  142. No energy..feeling weak
  143. What are "Processed Foods"?
  144. my daughter's birthday today
  145. 8 week update....
  146. So, my grandma made me a structured meal plan..
  147. Falling off the wagon.
  148. Hello with a headache
  149. Sometimes I'm just tired of being hungry
  150. To buy or not to buy...
  151. Positive Changes
  152. I'm going to rant about my terrible food choices today.
  153. 10 Week Memorial Day Challenge!
  154. How reliable are the machines in gyms?
  155. Gave up the scale and fitday for Lent...interesting
  156. It's bad enough my dad doesn't like my change, but now my bf..?
  157. Having a off day.
  158. When you walk or drive fast food and smell it!
  159. New Here
  160. After weight loss
  161. Started Biggest Loses UK yesterday :)
  162. Can I Do it in time?
  163. Losing weight without the numbers
  164. Hello Feet!
  165. Weird NSV
  166. Motivation Crisis!!!
  167. I Passed the DQ Test!
  168. New Determination
  169. Coping with skinny friends...*sigh*
  170. Ah hah!!
  171. I don't believe the scales
  172. Terrified of failing again
  173. I'm not beating myself up tonight <3
  174. Mexican last night
  175. Unconventional things that helped you lose weight
  176. warning: more relationship drama
  177. How to not eat what you know is there?
  178. My issue with bagged snacks..
  179. What is your better-stay-away-from-that weakness?
  180. I think I see some differences! What do y'all think/
  181. Ready for healthy....
  182. Can someone help me determine cal intake?
  183. Really blew it this weekend :(
  184. Question about BMI and actual weight
  185. Intense urge to make rich hot chocolate...HELP!
  186. Muscle Pain?
  187. 13 Pound Goal
  188. Just starting strength training, and terrified of!
  189. If you didn't eat that you wouldn't be fat...
  190. About to give up.. advice/help please!!
  191. Reliable Scale
  192. I am curious..............TOM
  193. What will you reward yourself with when you hit your goal?
  194. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/11/12
  195. A little pep talk<3
  196. Plateau Busting - raised calories, no change
  197. 5'4" Ladies, what size do you wear?
  198. Can we remove every mirror on earth?
  199. Lack of support at from my father..
  200. People knowing what I actually weigh O_O
  201. Major discrepencies in calories for chicken
  202. Could this be a bad scale?
  203. teensy little slip-up.... but not a bad one...?
  204. What to do when you're hungry before bed...
  205. Help with menu
  206. i'm a happy chocolate hoarder
  207. Slow and steady wins the race? (advise kindly appreciated/ vent/rant/discourse)
  208. Who else gained after moving out or moving in with their significant others?
  209. don't touch the soup
  210. WT....any one have issues with lose and chantix or loss issues when working out?
  211. Ouch - how much pain is normal?
  212. seeing any changes?!
  213. Everyone Weigh in 03/09/12
  214. Scale Recommendations?
  215. Oreos..
  216. To all past bingers - does it ever get easier?
  217. How do you know whether to stick with it or change it?
  218. So much water!
  219. It's a psychological thing, what a bummer...
  220. Resorting to desperate measures
  221. who's your weight loss role model?
  222. Feedback, support, buddies?
  223. My friends can slip into a bikini whenever they want.
  224. Exciting things going on!
  225. Ppl who aren't active-how many cals to lose/maintain?
  226. Dreading my weigh-in Friday...
  227. Another plateau thread! Looking for feedback, please.
  228. how can i have more discipline?
  229. Realizations... crazy.
  230. Completely fell off track. Any support?
  231. Not seeing a difference
  232. Stressed out by the path ahead
  233. weight loss plateau for months
  234. Not trying to lose but not trying to gain too much!
  235. weight loss plateau in times of stress
  236. Easy alterations for clothes...
  237. Stupid miscalculation
  238. Staying Motivated When NOTHING is Working...
  239. How to stop peer pressure?
  240. Need breakfast ideas...
  241. The scales SUCK!
  242. I feel like I'm not taking this seriously enough; help!
  243. Excited, just wanted to share.
  244. Will someone please explain to me like I'm a 6 year old...
  245. Starting over again. Need to get it right this time.
  246. further 5.8 inches over all off...
  247. Fell off the wagon--need support and advice
  248. PLATEAU:Reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress
  249. I think I get headaches when I DON'T work out...?
  250. Eat Stop Eat progress after two days