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  1. Can we remove every mirror on earth?
  2. Lack of support at from my father..
  3. People knowing what I actually weigh O_O
  4. Major discrepencies in calories for chicken
  5. Could this be a bad scale?
  6. teensy little slip-up.... but not a bad one...?
  7. What to do when you're hungry before bed...
  8. Help with menu
  9. i'm a happy chocolate hoarder
  10. Slow and steady wins the race? (advise kindly appreciated/ vent/rant/discourse)
  11. Who else gained after moving out or moving in with their significant others?
  12. don't touch the soup
  13. WT....any one have issues with lose and chantix or loss issues when working out?
  14. Ouch - how much pain is normal?
  15. seeing any changes?!
  16. Everyone Weigh in 03/09/12
  17. Scale Recommendations?
  18. Oreos..
  19. To all past bingers - does it ever get easier?
  20. How do you know whether to stick with it or change it?
  21. So much water!
  22. It's a psychological thing, what a bummer...
  23. Resorting to desperate measures
  24. who's your weight loss role model?
  25. Feedback, support, buddies?
  26. My friends can slip into a bikini whenever they want.
  27. Exciting things going on!
  28. Ppl who aren't active-how many cals to lose/maintain?
  29. Dreading my weigh-in Friday...
  30. Another plateau thread! Looking for feedback, please.
  31. how can i have more discipline?
  32. Realizations... crazy.
  33. Completely fell off track. Any support?
  34. Not seeing a difference
  35. Stressed out by the path ahead
  36. weight loss plateau for months
  37. Not trying to lose but not trying to gain too much!
  38. weight loss plateau in times of stress
  39. Easy alterations for clothes...
  40. Stupid miscalculation
  41. Staying Motivated When NOTHING is Working...
  42. How to stop peer pressure?
  43. Need breakfast ideas...
  44. The scales SUCK!
  45. I feel like I'm not taking this seriously enough; help!
  46. Excited, just wanted to share.
  47. Will someone please explain to me like I'm a 6 year old...
  48. Starting over again. Need to get it right this time.
  49. further 5.8 inches over all off...
  50. Fell off the wagon--need support and advice
  51. PLATEAU:Reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress
  52. I think I get headaches when I DON'T work out...?
  53. Eat Stop Eat progress after two days
  54. Why is this time different?
  55. Frustrated with efforts advice please
  56. Afraid of success?
  57. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/4/12
  58. Gym confessions
  59. Girl Scout Cookies=Evil
  60. Temptations
  61. I feel like a skinny chick personality wise
  62. Calm me down...
  63. Is it true that you lose fat differently each time you lose weight?
  64. It's been a little while & I have a few questions.
  65. Im in major need or support n modivation to loss weight!
  66. My cheat day has been a disaster.
  67. Cabbage soup
  68. This week has not been my week for exercise...
  69. Problems with Appetite
  70. So Confused!
  71. i feel like ill never get there.
  72. Everyone Weigh in 03/02/12
  73. What does it mean when...
  74. Goal weight question
  75. and sometimes they are scale victories (SV)
  76. The one that wins is the one you feed.
  77. Food and working out?
  78. Not sure where to post this...
  79. Approaching 40 and not happy about it
  80. RE-motivation yesterday!
  81. "That's gonna cost me..."
  82. What do I start with? Exercise or diet?
  83. Do I really have to give up caffeine too?
  84. Morning Workouts
  85. High Cholesterol experiences?
  86. Weight Loss and Sadness
  87. SO ****ing frustrated!! just need to vent
  88. What is the "nicest" weight-loss compliment?
  89. Lose 10lbs by April 1st!
  90. Anyone gone rafting at a high weight?
  91. IP products
  92. Duh duh duh dum! I'm 6 pounds closer to a free trip to Colorado!
  93. Self Sabotage..?
  94. What do you tell yourself when you DON'T WANT TO EXERCISE???
  95. How often should you weigh yourself and how can you consistently lose weight?
  96. Whats everyones rule for exercising while sick?
  97. How much water and can you overdo it?
  98. Drive? Determination? Commitment?
  99. Has anyone lost a significant amount NOT counting carbs?
  100. The Scale and Weight Loss Woes
  101. A post to me!
  102. Getting the balance of food and video game workouts?
  103. No support at home...
  104. Going to be under 1000 calories today?
  105. Dieting around peer pressure?
  106. I totally just failed at this diet thing
  107. Just one of those days
  108. Hopeless
  110. Petty, immature rant....
  111. Still no loss , soooo fed up :(
  112. How can I lose weight by April?
  113. Yay...So a NSV but a question...
  114. Realization
  115. Back after 6 months and 20 pounds gained back :(
  116. How can I lose 30-ish pounds by July?
  117. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 2/26/12
  118. big wrench in my efforts
  119. Why have I stopped losing weight?
  120. Treadmill
  121. Dieting around non-dieters
  122. Before/After
  123. Help with a fat boyfriend?
  124. Help please :(
  125. Ashamed to go out.
  126. Everyone Weigh in 02/24/12
  127. Do you ever rationalize that you need to "enjoy life" by eating what you want?
  128. Is it really 80% diet?
  129. I tried almonds now I can't stop eating them
  130. Pigged the heck out today and now I hate myself..
  131. Do you see small bounces even when completely on plan and hydrating?
  132. Anxiety over dinner out tonight
  133. "Maintenance" = completely foreign term
  134. I'm starting again! BUMMED:(
  135. Celebrating a Little Success
  136. Found a really cool weight loss projection spreadsheet
  137. Nsv!!
  138. Just need to rant!
  139. What supplements do you take?
  140. Pants sizes
  141. When do I stop??
  142. calories burned cardio v. weight lifting
  143. After 7 months of LOVING exercise & losing weight, I hate it now.
  144. Conquering the buffet...Ugh.
  145. Another eating extravaganza on Thurday
  146. I can't get back on the wagon.
  147. Has anyone had results from giving up pop/soda?
  148. You Look Good! No Caveats.
  149. Starting out
  150. Those horrendous days when you know you should work out..but don't want to
  151. a small non-scale victory
  152. How often should I change my work out routine?
  153. The scale isn't moving! Please be honest and tell me if you see a difference?
  154. Low fat, low sugar, low sodium, low carb, low-low-low!
  155. Do you have a motto or mantra that you say everyday.
  156. belly...ugh!
  157. Do you have a "crutch"?
  158. I'm sorry I post so much..but when did you start to see overall results?
  159. Too "okay" with new body= slacking on diet & exercise????
  160. Has anyone consistently lost 3+ pounds per week for a significant amount of time?
  161. T.T My love hate relationship with shopping...
  162. Lost inches overnight??
  163. Dieting/exercising - gained 10 pounds in 3 days
  164. Fell off the wagon....
  165. Struggling with finding "my" plan ...
  166. Enhancers?
  167. Seriously, do "normal" people really
  168. Does drinking green tea really help?
  169. Looking for a weight loss challenge to join asap!
  170. Eating sweets to promote weightloss?
  171. I think my weight is coming from my boobs!
  172. Here I go again!
  173. When did you start seeing your collar bone?
  174. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 2/19/12
  175. Anyone else a fast eater?
  176. How to stop the endless cycle...
  177. Motivation Please
  178. Trying to drop the back rolls and double chin?
  179. Need help
  180. The fat on your back..
  181. Need a little motivation to get started and STAY on plan?
  182. Steps to Victory :DD But can I get some tips on how soon I'll reach my goal?
  183. planned cheat days/meals
  184. Calorie average for the 110-120's??
  185. I'm changing my life, today.
  186. For those people who have lost a lot of weight already...
  187. Rookie mistake = 3lb water gain overnight!
  188. traps i'm trying NOT to fall into this time
  189. Speeding up weight loss
  190. Having a really bad OFF day
  191. I want to go hide under a rock
  192. How many calories?
  193. Crazy Fluctuation - very frustrated!
  194. 4 week update...
  195. The Power of Habit
  196. anyone successful losing weight with depo?
  197. Everyone Weigh in 02/17/12
  198. 40 + pounds down and now I feel down..
  199. First real binge.. feeling pretty crappy.
  200. Omg my co-workers think I'm pregnant and hiding it from them.
  201. first "notice"
  202. Motivation
  203. just want to rant
  204. Work just threw a wrench in my eating schedule...
  205. myfitnesspal friends?
  206. I'm a fraud :(
  207. Why am I still feeling bloated and full?
  208. Does anyone else binge when they skip a workout?
  209. any snackaholics out there?
  210. wacky weight fluctations - help me understand lol
  211. frustrated
  212. how did you decide on your goal weight
  213. I'm back and feeling amazing!
  214. would you buy some bargin clothes in smaller sizes?
  215. "Just don't lose any more, okay?" ....ugh.
  216. Self esteem is affecting my job
  217. I keep messing up, help!
  218. Thanks!
  219. trying again
  220. Vent/Need Advice - Hubby not being very supportive
  221. Recovering from the fall
  222. Nsv
  223. depressed
  224. Sometimes I get really discouraged.
  225. I look thin one day, fat the next, skinny the next day... when does it end???!
  226. My family member is sabotaging my diet!!
  227. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 2/12/12
  228. What's working for me so far.
  229. Bmr?
  230. New to Forum
  231. eating out of boredom
  232. help! I'm on the verge of eating something unhealthy
  233. Fighting the cravings
  234. Happy but.. lol?
  235. Can you plateau after only a month?
  236. Everyone Weigh in 02/10/12
  237. College Spring Break.... HELP!
  238. Rewarding oneself with gourmet food
  239. Pros and Cons of losing weight.
  240. What is your plan of attack?
  241. Pills?
  242. Torn and looking for advice
  243. Mini Victory!
  244. I am NOT on a diet
  245. Carbs vs. Calories ... what do YOU do?
  246. Am I masochistic?
  247. Does it really work this way? Eating calories burned during workout?
  248. Feeling defeated
  249. Plateau? and Good Vibes : )
  250. I am stay this time!