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  1. How do you learn to love yourself?
  2. The dreaded yoga pants/sweats uniform
  3. Everyone Weigh in 04/06/12
  4. Height and weight charts - how accurate?
  5. Heart-Broken and Ashamed.......
  6. Looking for some advice please..
  7. Please tell me it's ok..
  8. What is wrong with me???
  9. Not discouraged, but not happy either..
  10. Recurring Headache/Migraine
  11. lost 3lbs... after a shower ?!
  12. Did you have a defining moment?
  13. Cal intake today is pretty low..but the thing is, I'm not hungry?
  14. Re: Figuring out calories in restaurant meals
  15. Mastery by George Leonard
  16. I did it! Then I gained it back.....A place for those of us starting again.
  17. Today marks 1 month
  18. lifting heavy with machines at the gym?
  19. If you used to have armpit fat...
  20. Goal Rewards
  21. Tomorrow starts my 2 weeks fruit/veggie/bean only diet, anyone else done this?
  22. I want to be like my naturally skinny friends... because they are NEVER hungry!!
  23. Almost cried on my birthday!!!
  24. Scale hasn't moved in 3 days. I'm really starting to worry...
  25. should i weigh myself today instead?
  26. feeling depressed
  27. I love this diet!
  28. Stupid illness!
  29. Anyone else experience pain like this?
  30. How is this for a reverse non scale victory - a nonscale loss
  31. Does coffee make you stall?
  32. Suggested reading: "Jared: The Subway Guy"
  33. What inspires you!
  34. A thought....
  35. Sick of being overweight and people judging me...
  36. Does anyone else do this about nite time eating?
  37. Myfitnesspal!
  38. How does not sleeping enough affect weight or fat loss?
  39. Taking a look in the mirror..
  40. Has someone confronted you about your weight? I feel so low.
  41. Just checking in...
  42. Help me Im so lost and confused.
  43. What were the moments you realized you weren't so fat anymore?
  44. To weight train or not to weight train...
  45. Cravings
  46. Favorite Blogs/You tube
  47. Anyone ever GORGED themselves on sugar?
  48. Do you ever get envious?
  49. Dreaming about food
  50. p90x or fasting? Please hear me out i need advice.
  51. Can antibiotics make you gain?
  52. Should I even bother weighing myself this week? /:
  53. It's simple but it's not easy
  54. I got told leisurely bike riding is not sufficient exercise..
  55. I seriously can't believe it.
  56. Physical changes with weight loss
  57. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/1/12
  58. where to start.
  59. Feeling defeated
  60. Another running NSV
  61. Is diet soda detrimental to weight loss?
  62. Metabolism...
  63. What pushes YOU through when you feel like giving up?
  64. the one year deadline doesn't just apply to dieting...
  65. My Stomach Has Started to Sag
  66. Am I working hard enough?
  67. NSV - My "skinny" jeans
  68. The Jillian Curse
  69. Lose 10 lbs by May 1st!
  70. I just want to say something.
  71. What the EFF.
  72. Why do I get uncomfortable?
  73. Shopping at new clothing stores is weird.
  74. Low carb ... how do YOU do it?
  75. I have this ________(insert gym equipment) but.....
  76. Stuck at the same weight for over a month...advice?
  77. The "apathy" switch - advice needed!
  78. The things kids say....
  79. The moment when it clicks*
  80. Everyone Weigh in 03/30/12
  81. Coping with weight loss impatience..?
  82. How does weight training affect weight loss?
  83. Stupid Stuff Your Man/Woman Has Said
  84. Darn you Pepridge Farms chocolate cake..
  85. EPIC sabotage fail! lolol!
  86. That awkward moment when your friend has lost more weight than you?
  87. People asking how much weight you have lost
  88. Working out while sore
  89. FOOD ADVICE!!! somone help me!!!
  90. Advice needed on my plan
  91. How long should it take? / Ideas for exercise (and amount)
  92. It's just not fair!
  93. Pretzels..
  94. Going For The Gold
  95. NSVs you hope to achieve along the way
  96. My brief diet vacation
  97. This time i mean it!
  98. How do you busy women do it??
  99. New to this
  100. Random, but MUCH needed rant.
  101. Fell off the wagon!!!
  102. Big Calves
  103. How do YOU deal with a RE-GAIN of weight you worked hard to lose??!
  104. At what point can you trust yourself???
  105. Never knew if I have a "trigger food" until...
  106. I been sick!
  107. Who uses a food scale
  108. Haven't been around in ages
  109. Tired or Lazy after the Flu?
  110. Losing the double chin
  111. is it possible for a gain/loss to take WEEKS, even MONTHS to show up?
  112. Omg, do you guys ever dream about binging?
  113. TMI birth control question!
  114. I Wish My Scale Was Telling The Truth!!
  115. Does your job help or hurt you lose weight?
  116. i can't get myself to stick to anything
  117. No motivation, time, drive/Lots of desire!
  118. Upping daily calorie intake to lose more...and scared
  119. help me stop being so addicted to chocolate!!!
  120. Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong!
  121. Small but significant NSV!
  122. Saving calories for ice cream?
  123. Lost 35 pounds, so why cant I lose 20 more????
  124. Out of calories for the day and still hungry
  125. Don't even take a bite!
  126. Need serious snack recipe help
  127. Since I posted that thread about the plateau, now I'm paranoid..
  128. Possibly dumb question, but I'm curious anyway...
  129. Anyone obsess over the scale?
  130. Frustrated and confused
  131. How do you get over gym anxiety?
  132. What's so bad about salt?
  133. What kind of progress is likely in 8 weeks? I'm getting married!
  134. Giving up.
  135. Setting goal dates?
  136. Ugg I just DO NOT know what to do!
  137. realization:
  138. One of my friend is overweight... how do I help her?
  139. Planning a splurge...suggestions?
  140. Do you correct people's weightloss misconceptions? Help with a friend's "weightloss"?
  141. Two pounds to go....BUT.
  142. I have a question about hitting a plateau..
  143. I've lost 15 pounds - 90 to go - and I can't tell if I'm just imagining looking diff?
  144. Weight loss is hard because...
  145. Frozen Greek Yogurt Popsicles?
  146. Anyone else have a problem with sodium?
  147. Ideas for salty cravings...
  148. Dear pistachios...
  149. It's finally getting through to me
  150. losing weight TOO quickly? eh
  151. Yoga?
  152. Great Low Cal sweet treats?
  153. "My friends eat whatever, don't exercise, and are thin!" Well, not exactly.
  154. Lost ten more pounds but my face looks SO HEAVY!
  155. Question
  156. I'm burnt out/stuck in a rut
  157. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/25/12
  158. I'm awake and starving..bad food nearby
  159. Plus size lingerie models make me mad.
  160. Am I the only one who..
  161. very hungry after donating blood
  162. Hostess Donut Binge.
  163. Feeling kinda sad...
  164. Can't kick the intense shame
  165. What do you do when you're bored and lack motivation?
  166. Measurements not changing...
  167. Thank You All
  168. Drinking seltzer water?
  169. In need of advice!
  170. Cough drops have calories!
  171. It's time to say goodbye to sugar
  172. can someone pls explain wth is in clothing designer's brains!?
  173. Starting Journey back up
  174. What I've learned from having weight loss buddies
  175. These years were not wasted!
  176. Vitamin d3
  177. Going on a cruise......
  178. Ever feel like you're getting fatter while maintaining?
  179. Woohoo!!!
  180. Not a good 10 days
  181. When the problem is eating too FEW calories
  182. Looked in the mirror as I was getting dressed and was saddened at what I saw..
  183. I feel like im watching my life pass me by
  184. Everyone Weigh in 03/23/12
  185. Light Bleeding...This might be TMI
  186. Is my calorie deficit too high?
  187. In a rut, need advice!
  188. Craving salt...eating salty aversion to salt?
  189. i told my daughter "i need to catch up on my posts" and she said
  190. BMR/RMR Figures
  191. End of the month-itis.
  192. Got married..lost goals..on a crash course to 320
  193. If I pig out on healthy stuff, can I still lose weight?
  194. Crazy weight spikes driving me insane
  195. Unapplicable Diet Solutions rant
  196. Incorporating exercise & diet into an intense schedule?
  197. A Lady with a PLAN ... and a commitment issue! 3FC HELP ME!
  198. Sayings that boost self esteem or self confidence?
  199. On a lighter note- You know its bad when I weighed my sugar cane sticks
  200. Bad news, struggling with weight loss...
  201. Trouble getting started ---> FOOD
  202. ok where did my 2 lbs go?
  203. Feeling Proud!
  204. Newbie here. Looking for some intense encouragement.
  205. Must I really drink so much water?!??
  206. Hungry for Change
  207. Update: New goal weight.
  208. Every time I get into a groove....
  209. Jiggly
  210. Does your period affect weight loss?
  211. Pound plateau:((
  212. i haaaaaaaaaaate my stupid body
  213. I'm craving salt...
  214. Strange NSV
  215. Awesome sauce! (Like applesauce, but awesome instead! XD)
  216. Can I...
  217. Is 10 pounds always the same??
  218. Ugh...working out today: Not feeling it
  219. If I'm not hungry and I'm under 1200, is that bad?
  220. I messed up today :(
  221. Doctors Appt Made
  222. Being Totally Selfish with my Me Time
  223. OK, that's it. Weight loss complete.
  224. Any tips on how to stay away from the bad foods??
  225. My hubby is sabotaging my diet efforts!
  226. "Set Point" Theory or Fact?
  227. Does toning help you lose weight (or inches?)
  228. I just don't see it...
  229. Anyone tried Hungry Girl Recipes? Are they any good?
  230. HELP! I'm so bored!
  231. Deep-Fried Tummy Ache?
  232. Coffee post-work out? Good or bad?
  233. Afraid Commitment will Slip after Trip
  234. Headache??
  235. Trouble staying on plan when guests come :(
  236. Awkwardness on the subway
  237. Stress is not good for weight loss... bleh.
  238. No change on the scale. Discouraged.
  239. Regarding Calorie Limits?
  240. Jogging in Place= Love
  241. Looking for some support (long post)
  242. Almost to my goal... yet still capable of MAJOR binges. Huh???!
  243. I am still a closet eater
  244. i need mini goals
  245. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 3/18/12
  246. Going on my first hike with my friend today!
  247. PHD and Wedding Planning Making Me GAIN!!
  248. Wierd NSV =O
  249. My 12 Week Plan...
  250. OK People!! The great FACEBOOK question: Delete Fat photos??