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  1. Still no luck...
  2. For those of you that lost and then regained and are now losing again. please help.
  3. Discouraged...
  4. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/29/12
  5. I have started my day with.....
  6. Thank you 3FC! I Lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks!
  7. Do you learn from skinny friends, or no?
  8. water, water everywhere - what's your trick for staying hydrated?
  9. trying to regain motivation
  10. Halfway and starting to struggle
  11. sabotager, do you have one?
  12. Little exercise but I still think I'm losing?
  13. young and inexperienced = big fail :( Help?!
  14. my visual motivator
  15. When I'm eating badly, my house is much cleaner!
  16. Sugar from fruit?
  17. Why did my weight hold? Theories?
  18. Weight loss
  19. I'm thinking my body doesn't want to loose any more weight
  20. Everyone Weigh in 04/27/12
  21. Do you ever feel like an imposter in your diet?
  22. waiting for the scale to move
  23. What does it mean if I get sleepy after a meal?
  24. Obesity Documentary
  25. Start eating some apples!
  26. Another question about IF
  27. time to up the calories =P
  28. Need your opinions PLEASE! Do I HAVE to count cals?
  29. I don't get this!
  30. Grappling with goal weights
  31. How do you motivate yourselves?
  32. Soda Substitute
  33. Getting back in the game, hoping for good things
  34. What are your interesting physical and emotional changes?
  35. Need tips for balancing a fitness plan in a relationship! And vacation help!
  36. Wow, I'm starting to look GOOD!
  37. Okay to "fast" tomorrow?
  38. How do you use your coconut oil?
  39. Evil popcorn
  40. Your'e strange comfort food?
  41. Cravings. Why?
  42. Maintaining the person you want to become
  43. Anyone else do this?
  44. Pre Menstural Rage (TMI Included)
  45. Does anyone have experience with diuretics?
  46. Oh my god. :DDD
  47. What is your diet plan??
  48. I eat too little! Advice?
  49. Do you workout even after "blowing it?"
  50. stuck at 158
  51. i need to stop cheating!
  52. Assessing the damage
  53. Ring NSV!
  54. why do I always do this?
  55. Curves?
  56. NSV - April Goal.
  57. Is this normal?
  58. How many calories do you assume you burn a day?
  59. Bought some shorts today
  60. Opening up, anyone else?
  61. zumba for weight loss?
  62. Lost a few inches?
  63. Unexpected moments when you notice your weight loss
  64. Too Much Of a Good Food?
  65. Dieting while being sick
  66. Just need to talk about this
  67. For those of you who were once thin and then gained weight
  68. Anybody had a bioimpedence body fat test?
  69. Don't know what to eat...
  70. we should be encouraged, not insulted
  71. Comments from skinny friend well meant, but hurtful.
  72. Sabotage..knowingly or not.
  73. Anyone notice a small weight gain the day after an intense workout?
  74. Another question about armpit fat
  75. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/22/12
  76. started so well...then the weekend happened! :-(
  77. I got called thin today :o
  78. Could It Be My Scale That's the Problem?
  79. So sick, want to stuff my face with comfort foods
  80. Doing well in one area but poorly in another?
  81. This stupid belly fat is bringing me down
  82. scale obsessed!
  83. I can't wait for the moment...
  84. Fml.
  85. starting a calorie contest at the gym
  86. Weight loss goal too much?
  87. Fit Bit calories burned question
  88. ended up crying at the gym today
  89. Everyone Weigh in 04/20/12
  90. headaches, muscle pain and cravings!
  91. What makes you gain weight?
  92. Ranting, Panicking, Etc....
  93. dieting while going through a family crisis
  94. man, do i really look like that?!
  95. what to do?
  96. Help - Cant Figure This Out!!
  97. 4 weeks with no change?
  98. The scale has moved again!! :)
  99. Is it normal to lose a couple of pounds in a day?
  100. Don't want to fall off the wagon
  101. the light at the end of the tunnel
  102. Fluctuations?
  103. I just received some bad news from my doctor.
  104. Getting too comfortable with myself..
  105. Sometimes I forget how far i've come.
  106. Starting Monday
  107. Last night I nearly binged...
  108. Remind me that one bad meal isn't the end of the world?
  109. Suggestions?
  110. Wait.. What?
  111. Eating well in Disney World?
  112. My determination is on fire, but my body needs rest. Grrr...
  113. Best diet to go on when first starting out in running?
  114. Disappointed
  115. Down but NEVER out
  116. Scale Addiction
  117. a nice compliment!
  118. What to do when "water weight" isn't coming off
  119. I feel like I'm cursed!
  120. watching someone else
  121. Advice...
  122. As my weight is is my mood?
  123. How to get optimum results?
  124. How did you finally get past your head issues regarding weight loss?
  125. Good comments make you want to go offtrack???
  126. weight loss stinks
  127. "Are you sure you want that? What about the calories?" *scream*
  128. Much needed accountability and support
  129. sick of looking at my sisters
  130. help please...wich diet?
  131. Had to get extreme...anyone else have to do this?
  132. warm weather=less clothes...ugh!
  133. Am I gaining because of exercise?
  134. excercise or not that is the qiestion!??
  135. I've put half of the weight back on.
  136. And the winner is...
  137. Upset with losing weight and slowly losing motivation
  138. First day of my diet and I'm already fading
  139. jst venting
  140. Carrying fat on my stomach, help!
  141. Just want to cry...i look like a tub of lard.
  142. help!
  143. One of those awful moments
  144. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/15/12
  145. Slipped up, enough to be truly scared . Challenge begins !
  146. this is not usually me but it's how the day went
  147. I Joined A Gym Today!!!!!
  148. That "stuffed" feeling
  149. just to put things in perspective....
  150. Dieting and menstrual cycle...
  151. What did you have for dinner?
  152. Does lack of control around "trigger" foods ever annoy you?
  153. New Diet
  154. My confession
  155. Anatomy of a failure
  156. Whats the matter with me? I need some tough love
  157. Tried on jeans for the first time, got upset =(
  158. Quixk Question about Body Fat %
  159. I really want to get to goal by 7/4/12, but it seems elusive
  160. Cellulite - AARRRGGGHH!
  161. Everyone Weigh in 04/13/12
  162. Dealing with sugar
  163. Advice to get the weight moving again?
  164. Trouble getting motivated/thinking too much?
  165. Thought it was a tumor!!!
  166. body fat
  167. annoyed at my scale!!!
  168. Water retention
  169. The start of a new month and lifestyle...I hope.
  170. Need your opinion pls...
  171. TOM getting shorter?
  172. It is gonna take to long...
  173. Just threw away my trigger.....
  174. clothes aren't getting looser, but my weight is dropping???
  175. not really depression...
  176. Body Fat Analyzers
  177. Stupid Scales!
  178. Can you drink too much water?
  179. Frustration.
  180. What being sick does to your weightloss goals
  181. Stuck in a rut
  182. How does your company help you with weight loss?
  183. Learned my lesson today!
  184. my incentive for losing weight....
  185. Bottled vegetable juices: Good, Bad, or Just OK?
  186. this is the wierdest sensation....
  187. Crying because i wont let myself binge
  188. Calories in gum
  189. All the new attention is freaking me out a little
  190. You know what I'm looking forward to?
  191. Unsolicited Advice
  192. Hard to watch people regain
  193. Scared to try on smaller size.
  194. What do you love about losing weight?
  195. Tips please - quitting day TWO
  196. Getting motivated after the holiday weekend
  197. Ticker Factory on iPhone
  198. don't bother trying - there is no hope.
  199. Shopping in my Closet
  200. My Whoosh Happened!
  201. Please remind me that its NOT possible to gain 5lbs over the weekend, right?
  202. Have you ever wondered...
  203. Has anyone dropped the ulterior motive ?
  204. I am really lost :(
  205. Does this happen to anyone else?
  206. Most embarrassing "heavy" moment
  207. Just avoided a binge situation
  208. See Yourself skinny
  209. Dealing with emotion by working out?
  210. .................................................
  211. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 4/8/12
  212. Trying to lose weight in Korea
  213. Get skinny for an occasion in a week TIPS??
  214. A few things I want to address...
  215. Minor Victory
  216. Any ideas for dealing with pain while exercising when obese?
  217. Help? I'm plateaued out:((
  218. Turns out I've grossly underestimated my caloric intake... :(
  219. My body is confusing me!!
  220. Binge Free 4/6 to 4/10
  221. Overwhelmed
  222. Owning up to weight gain in the ticker
  223. What is making my stomach so upset???
  224. How do you learn to love yourself?
  225. The dreaded yoga pants/sweats uniform
  226. Everyone Weigh in 04/06/12
  227. Height and weight charts - how accurate?
  228. Heart-Broken and Ashamed.......
  229. Looking for some advice please..
  230. Please tell me it's ok..
  231. What is wrong with me???
  232. Not discouraged, but not happy either..
  233. Recurring Headache/Migraine
  234. lost 3lbs... after a shower ?!
  235. Did you have a defining moment?
  236. Cal intake today is pretty low..but the thing is, I'm not hungry?
  237. Re: Figuring out calories in restaurant meals
  238. Mastery by George Leonard
  239. I did it! Then I gained it back.....A place for those of us starting again.
  240. Today marks 1 month
  241. lifting heavy with machines at the gym?
  242. If you used to have armpit fat...
  243. Goal Rewards
  244. Tomorrow starts my 2 weeks fruit/veggie/bean only diet, anyone else done this?
  245. I want to be like my naturally skinny friends... because they are NEVER hungry!!
  246. Almost cried on my birthday!!!
  247. Scale hasn't moved in 3 days. I'm really starting to worry...
  248. should i weigh myself today instead?
  249. feeling depressed
  250. I love this diet!