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  1. No more comfort food!!!!
  2. a broken person
  3. When was the last time....?
  4. Eating "healthy..?"
  5. Is it him or my own insecurities????
  6. The old water problem
  7. changing relationships due to weight loss
  8. Going to start....
  9. Stupid female hormones!
  10. Post-holiday results
  11. Resisting eating out
  12. After cheating: do you even look at the scale?
  13. Trying to stay on track while mourning a loss
  14. Always felt "fat" - regardless if I was or not!
  15. Feeling guilty on plan
  16. plateau
  17. How can I stop comparing myself to other people?
  18. Weight loss Penpal?
  19. What to eat?
  20. Nearing Onederland. Should I expect a drastic change?
  21. Going to a Chinese Food/Sushi Buffet
  22. Help! Idk where to start :((((
  23. when will my brain catch up with my body?
  24. Waist measurement before and after eating?
  25. Skeptical partners?
  26. "You're done now, right?"
  27. In regards to following a work out regime that promises [X amount lost in a month]...
  28. Am I not allowed to have a cheat day?
  29. Make him stooooppp!
  30. The best advice I've been given
  31. Someone tell me how to make my butt shrink...
  32. I MADE IT THROUGH, and didnt gain a pound! So, why am I dissapointed?
  33. I got in a fight in a dressing room today...
  34. Loving the process, hating the length
  35. Starting to see a difference in my body!!
  36. This is about the time self sabotage mode kicks in :/
  37. Birth control and weight gain?????
  38. Needing to go clothes shopping..but I'm worried?
  39. Ideal Weight
  40. Weight Loss Drugs
  41. MEGA thirsty
  42. Starting out and starving (long)
  43. So Vain!
  44. Trying to get my beau on the fitness train?
  45. What Finally Worked for ME!
  46. Everyone Weigh in 05/25/12
  47. Not everything about weight loss is great
  48. Weighing more than your mate...
  49. Why does this happen?
  50. Broke back into the 180s again *whew!*
  51. Sort of working... sort of not!
  52. Perspective...
  53. I want my paper towel to unroll!
  54. Where is the whoosh?
  55. Stuck in a Dress
  56. PMS Cravings!!! How do you deal?
  57. bar food help!
  58. Does this sound right?
  59. Thinking about maintaining for a while
  60. By BF is killing me!!
  61. Please help me get off this plateau
  62. Fell off the wagon.... up 25 lbs, time to get back on. Need advice
  63. high protein & Constipation
  64. Question, would appreciate some input.
  65. Is this a good set up for losing weight?
  66. Can a goal date/deadline ever work ?
  67. Heyyy newbie here :) looking for some diet opionions
  68. Power of Habit
  69. I feel so stupid.
  70. Question about body changes...
  71. Healthy BMI!
  72. Too much time on my hands... feeling kinda down
  73. Rejected because of my weight...
  74. Feels Good.
  75. Very sad
  76. A vacationer's challenge (Long)
  77. Weight loss expectations
  78. Size versus scales?
  79. changing habits - an weird NSV
  80. Dealing with leftovers after a party
  81. Eating out diet tip I got from co-worker
  82. Can't wait for TOM!
  83. So Cold!!! What Does It Mean?
  84. NSV and My Reward
  85. Trying to find the weight loss method for ME
  86. Tough restaurants
  87. Do you think dessert has its place in a diet?
  88. "What's you secret?!"....anyone else SICK of this?
  89. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! - Week of 5/20/12
  90. Stuck at weight - try something new or keep on truckin'?
  91. And lead me not to temptation...pfft.
  92. I burned a bridge
  93. Church potluck....
  94. Weird NSV :)
  95. How to get rid of the "get rid of it now" mentality?
  96. Eating when you are hungry?
  97. Holy. Crap. :D
  98. PMS Cravings
  99. Need some help, if you dare! Muahahhaahaha + random statement
  100. Do you look like a deflated balloon?
  101. Another suggestion for motivation
  102. Are you careful with your compliments?
  103. Apitite in need of change
  104. Are you budget-minded?
  105. Getting MORE rolls the more I lose weight?
  106. Everyone Weigh in 05/18/12
  107. Self Pity Eating!
  108. How to avoid giving your kids issues?
  109. I Really could use a Diet Buddy
  110. An eye opening experience buying jeans
  111. My weight problem is also my kids
  112. Fat Girl Logic
  113. What a rotten day
  114. Setting my first mini goal, ready to get back on track!
  115. How do people not eat??
  116. Everything hurts my bones?! Please help!
  117. I had a woosh !!
  118. I'm Just Weird
  119. It's my 8-Week-iversary
  120. Just lettin' out ma feelin's, lol
  121. how to break a plateau
  122. Going by the scales or the tape measure?
  123. Salt.
  124. After the diet - no letting up for you
  125. Scale Advice Needed
  126. How? Just... How?
  127. More protein?
  128. Turning Job loss into a chance to focus on me
  129. down a pound and needing to work my BUTT OFF!
  130. Tummy support when running?
  131. I can't believe what I ate today
  132. Starvation Mode
  133. Never eating bananas again!
  134. how much more weight to lose if im 4 foot 11
  135. Confession Time
  136. Eating out of spite, anger eating?? Emotional eating.
  137. Trivial, but thought I'd ask anyway..
  138. Best way to take fibre supplements ?
  139. Better Solo or with a Group?
  140. Ugh! No energy!
  141. Anybody catch flack yesterday for trying to stay OP?
  142. Confession
  143. Monday morning blues
  144. Ahhhh!!!!
  145. What you have to avoid
  146. Ive lost 53 pounds so far and ive not lost any weight for weeks and i want to just qu
  147. Ate too much yesterday
  148. Looking for a Weekly Recipe Website
  149. Do you go out with a bang before starting your diet?
  150. When weight loss slows down?
  151. Mother's Day reminds me how I've missed the "family life" boat b/c of my weight
  152. Mothers day breakfast and on...
  153. Novel idea - I hadn't heard this one before
  154. Lost 5lbs overnight??
  155. Really want Dominos Cookies
  156. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! - Week of 5/13/12
  157. Can I have a bite?
  158. Gained weight while TRYING to lose weight
  159. Losing weight is I can't lose it?
  160. Lost another pants size
  161. NSV...holy ****!
  162. Checking weight tomorrow... scared!
  163. reception concerns
  164. Week 2 Curse?!
  165. Let's eat more FOOD!
  166. Frustrated. Had biopsy today.
  167. Not losing weight, frustrated, trying to not give up hope
  168. Everyone Weigh in 05/11/12
  169. My first "woosh"?
  170. South Beach Diet / Depo Shot / PMS
  171. Rest or exercise?
  172. Mirror told the truth :(
  173. You've lost a lot..but you're no where near where you wanna be...
  174. How I'm planning to lose 100 lbs.
  175. Is there a way to prevent water weight gain?
  176. Clarification on what's required to gain 1 pound
  177. Not Quite a Plateau...Help, Please!
  178. Here's an idea for how to make sure you get enough water each day.
  179. balancing act of dealing w/hunger; esp. at nite
  180. Finding it SO hard to stay within caloric range
  181. Icecream
  182. Anyone else suffer from a binge/starve cylce??
  183. What do you think of my trainer's advice?
  184. Almost there!!!!
  185. Fat, Depressed, and New to the Forum
  186. rapid weight gain
  187. Overeating to excess
  188. Nutritionist just shot all my efforts to H-E-**... Now what?
  189. Iron supplements made me gain 14 lbs in a week!
  190. Overweight for most of your life
  191. weigh in tonight and feeling frustrated!
  192. Random Question: Starting Weight?
  193. Birthday party blues
  194. Does clothing affect your fullness/hunger?
  195. Breaking mindless food habits
  196. Just Counting Calories...
  197. How far do you want to go?
  198. Gained a pound but havent changed my eating?
  199. Letting stress/anger fuel your workout?
  200. how to lose (or at least maintain) during vacation
  201. Husband not being supportive
  202. Vacation = weight gain
  203. Birthday weigh-in: 108 lbs down
  204. starting to get just a little freaked out
  205. 1st week of May NSVs, share yours!
  206. Calculating my BMR
  207. Mom's Making Me Nervous....
  208. Protruding belly
  209. PMS & Hunger...
  210. Dear handful of lbs I keep losing and regaining...
  211. Good ways to celebrate?
  212. Changing phases... (long)
  213. Eating Out Challenges
  214. Setting Interim Goals....
  215. Eating healthy and gaining weight
  216. Are we all just doomed to failure?
  217. My body is not co-operating.
  218. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! Week of 5/6/12
  219. What the heck is wrong with me!?
  220. No longer weighing myself...
  221. I've been doing this for two years??
  222. Ugh! Gave In :(
  223. My depressing AND exciting clothes shopping trip
  224. Tell me no
  225. Proud of myself!
  226. Oh butter pecan ice cream...
  227. I don't know how to feel. But I'm crying :C
  228. Sometimes being motivated sucks! (Okay, not really)
  229. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like veggies?
  230. Why, oh why, do you get so bloaty when start to eat right and exercise?!
  231. Everyone Weigh in 05/04/12
  232. Combining crash diets and "sustainable" weight loss?
  233. Finals are a major weight loss obstacle!
  234. Trying to loose weight with MRC but no cash, need a buddy to do it with me
  235. Depression, weight loss, and recidivism
  236. No weight loss , but feel toned?
  237. Feeling Guilty
  238. Food network and how do the skinny ones do it?!
  239. I really don't feel like working out
  240. Goal incentives
  241. water water everywhere!
  242. lose 50lbs by my 24th birthday! I can do it!
  243. How am I supposed to do this?!?!
  244. Emotional desire vs cravings not always hand in hand?
  245. Weighing yourself before bed and first thing in the morning
  246. Tantrum
  247. So much going so quickly! Im worried and admittedly afraid?
  248. Scales
  249. The more weight I lose, the more conscious I am about how I look?
  250. Just feel like "whats the point?"