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  1. Share your unexpected advantages of weight loss
  2. Everyone Weigh in 09/14/12
  3. Need some support for the weekend!
  4. Consistently losing same amount each month
  5. Any FitBit Users?
  6. am I eating enough?
  7. Do I feel like I've been deprived?
  8. Discouraged
  9. brief whining
  10. 1200 calories is a lot of food (if you choose good food)
  11. for calorie counters
  12. Trying to get serious for the first time in my life!!!
  13. Worried I'm not seeing the results
  14. need help please! am I eating too much?
  15. Two Questions
  16. Water Fasting
  17. Powdered failure, poopy pants and a fat peg with no hole
  18. Why are we more motivated when we are doing good??
  19. I hate it when people say your weight gain is "in your head."
  20. Hanging Post Pregnancy Belly
  21. How do YOU measure your waist?
  22. How do you recover from a HUGE binge?
  23. I have no idea where to even begin!
  24. The best thing about my journey...
  25. Coffee and Your Weight Loss
  26. What do you think about my workout plan??
  27. Please Help!!!
  28. When Should You Start Weight Training?
  29. Don't get it- more loss after eating more?
  30. Please spell it out for me!
  31. 3500 calories in a pound
  32. In a rut, denial, & all those fun things
  33. Have had a rough go of it the last two days.
  34. Advice for a sweet tooth?
  35. Water weight is shocking!
  36. New and happt to be here!
  37. What do you think about supplements?
  38. Rant~ Been at 180 for a month now :I
  39. Anyone else on a 2 week cycle?
  40. How many pounds can you gain in 2 weeks?
  41. Nope, not going to give it up.
  42. Scale did not move at all this week--so discouraged
  43. Stress and comfort eating
  44. I just want to cry
  45. Everyone Weigh in 09/07/12
  46. Unrealistic Goal
  47. super embarrassed
  48. A question about legs...
  49. Dieting but gaining weight..HELP
  50. hunger headaches?
  51. Newbie
  52. Eating very low calories but not hungry
  53. lost weight, but not inches
  54. depressed
  55. Ready to tired of this
  56. Ate some junk food yesterday...felt sick! (NSV?)
  57. Don't Want To Stray!
  58. Family get togethers are the worst for eating right.
  59. depression caused me to gain weight. now want to get my life back.
  60. Milestone - 70 lbs lost
  61. Scared of school
  62. Another post about hunger, learning to not freak out.
  63. discouraged
  64. Not counting calories....
  65. I don't want to eat separate from family. How are you doing it?
  66. lost it-gained it back, now can't lose it again :( HELP!
  67. Wait... what?... When did that happen? :D
  68. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - September 2012 - Everyone Welcome!
  69. I gained it all back :(
  70. Is it okay to eat less than 1200 calories a day?
  71. close yet far
  72. I Can't Lose Weight! What's Wrong with Me?
  73. In SUCH a good mood today!!!
  74. Everyone Weigh in 08/31/12
  75. Drives me crazy
  76. down to 1 set of boobs but...
  77. Lose 10 lbs by October 1st!
  78. Feeling so weak right now - where to find willpower?
  79. Don't vs. Can't
  80. Started this week- Looking fo support to continue
  81. Complete halt
  82. Do you think?
  83. How do you reward yourself?
  84. Problem that confuses the heck out of me
  85. Not a good idea to slack off
  86. omgomgomgomgomg
  87. How many grams of carbs per day for a "low carb" diet?
  88. A Week Off
  89. Very low calorie intake....and I'm not hungry!
  90. slipped up a bit. help?
  91. Hard to know where to start
  92. Gah!
  93. I am so frustrated.
  94. BMI charts and their flaws
  95. Progress almost stops as you near your goal
  96. Had one of those dreams last night
  97. Chewing food then spitting it out?
  98. Breakfast
  99. New foods make me fuller?
  100. TOM bloat..when does it usually start?
  101. Momma has plateaud and is feeling frustrated
  102. All - I am pathetic. I need your help!
  103. upset and confused about my measurements
  104. Is it reasonable to never be hungry?
  105. Only calorie-calculators - are they accurate?
  106. Does Anyone Go to TOPS Meetings?
  107. Everyone Weigh in 08/24/12
  108. All this food in the house...
  109. Starting over, again. What's wrong with me?
  110. When do you start to exercise?
  111. stressed out by my shape!
  112. What to say to people who are wrong
  113. How to cope before and after the binge?
  114. Help me make a plan.. please?
  115. Never fails... a bump in the road
  116. Distractions?
  117. When you find shocking photos
  118. 180s here I come!!!
  119. Um...measurements.
  120. really need some advice
  121. day 2 and i feel like giving up already!
  122. bad habit of second guessing my scale !
  123. Not losing weight?
  124. Tempted to bail out of speeding dating event...need confidence to go
  125. The Big Picture!
  126. PLATEAUS. (Just venting!)
  127. You know you need to lose weight when...
  128. Questions about calorie cycling
  129. What do you think
  130. How can a metabolism be so slow/low?
  131. My fun experiment!
  132. when to weigh in?
  133. Not hungry..
  134. The Dreaded Backslide
  135. i hate how i look..and hate how i feel
  136. This time around...
  137. what should true hunger feel like
  138. One Thousand and One Posts
  139. What The $#%
  140. So frustrated with the scale
  141. Eating your exercise calories
  142. Everyone Weigh in 08/17/12
  143. Is this way of eating going to hurt my metabolism?
  144. How do you get back on the wagon? I messed up SOOO badly!
  145. Gained 2lbs from pizza
  146. Are contests/group fitness things ever worth it?
  147. 3 lbs in one week. Too much?
  148. "Muscle weighs more than fat" << is that just an excuse??
  149. I'll HUFF and I'l PUFF...
  150. Water Fasting anyone with me?
  151. How is this possible??
  152. Unexpected NSV!
  153. Paleo for a few months and high cholesteral
  154. Starting over! I think my body WANTS to weigh this much!!
  155. Random thoughts that keep floating in my head.
  156. Observations made during vacation in Europe
  157. Need some support - any "concrete" ways to get focused?
  158. You know you've lost a lot of weight when...
  159. I'm backkkkk!
  160. Stalling
  161. Does anyone have the link to this blog?
  162. Question about chicken
  163. Time to be Accountable
  164. Helpful suggestion to keep from snacking
  165. Weight loss for flabby Arms?
  166. Plateauing
  167. Ack! Glad I'm catching this now!
  168. Too much water?
  169. Your favourite movie popcorn?
  170. Anyone lose weight without incorporating exercise?
  171. feelings of hopelessness
  172. Everyone Weigh in 08/10/12
  173. Mad at the old me.
  174. I'm baaaaack.
  175. a twix??? seriously?!?!
  176. Not-so-noticable signs of weight loss
  177. Dividing up calories
  178. Support= failure
  179. Starting from scratch
  180. How do you handle food issues?
  181. Just moved to Monrovia, CA-- In need of weight loss support
  182. Post Workout Blues
  183. I thought things would be different by now! (long)
  184. My lower back hurts- could it be from lack of excercise?
  185. 2 months til my wedding day, tired of diets and i work in a bakery!
  186. 2sw33t's Progress Thread
  187. Wishing days away
  188. Running and also weird bruising.
  189. Ran five miles today
  190. Quick Update
  191. 17 day diet and c25k experiences anyone?
  192. Must lose 10lbs before October! Suggestions?
  193. I am a returner, seeking advice
  194. Need everyone's opinion, please!
  195. Anybody seen my mojo??
  196. A little bit of venting, possibly TMI
  197. This is nerdy, but I'm excited!
  198. Struggling Mentally these past few days. Help?
  199. Plateau, busted?
  200. I'm normal!!!!!!!
  201. how to prevent hitting a plateau?
  202. It's time to have my second chance at life I was given.
  203. Weight Gain?
  204. Heavy lifting - how long am I going to retain water
  205. Share your #1 Weight Loss Tip HERE!
  206. So my scale broke. But the new scale (a week later) brought good news!
  207. Everyone Weigh in 08/03/12
  208. lifting weights for fat loss
  209. Why am I so bloated?
  210. Newbie with a few questions
  211. Mind finally Catching up with "new" body (NSV)
  212. Trying to decide if I should get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore
  213. BMR Calculator - complete bogus?
  214. Water weight after overeating
  215. Was doing great until I broke my foot...just sad
  216. Motivation
  217. Does OVER excersizing stalling weight loss?
  218. Can you gain weight while sick?
  219. Motivation with my phone to lose weight
  220. Lose 10 lbs by September 1st!
  221. How to measure?????
  222. The Lost Weekend
  223. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - August 2012 - Everyone Welcome!
  224. Do you workout even after you "blew it" for the day??
  225. What's your longest plateau?
  226. Still seeing myself as obese....
  227. trouble accepting compliments
  228. Trying to get down to weight you never been before
  229. For the Heavier Girls: Stomach Question
  230. Back into my weight loss groove
  231. Neither losing weight nor gaining any
  232. How do you lose the fat on your arms?
  233. TOM and bloat!
  234. In need of incouragement
  235. I'm bored right now so I want to eat.
  236. How do you stay motivated?
  237. PMS and RAVENOUS
  238. The best part about losing weight is..
  239. Forgiveness
  240. Does weight matter?
  241. What was your "aha" moment? Inside is mine, what could have been a deadly surgery.
  242. does anyone have any skin issues associated with diet or exercise?
  243. How do you survive a bad week?
  244. Everyone Weigh in 07/27/12
  245. Dieting vs. Relationships?
  246. Why is my blood pressure still high?
  247. If you are dehydrated do you hold onto fat?
  248. Put into perspective...
  249. Scale says the same, but I always feel like I am gaining!
  250. Friends and losing...