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  1. Times that I hate dieting.
  2. Don't want to see my friends
  3. Not really feeling I have a place anywhere
  4. Frustrated with self - too early in process!
  5. Losing 2 pounds/week long term?
  6. Starting to struggle
  7. Cabin fever
  8. Has your journey rubbed off on your kids?
  9. Water consumption question
  10. An INSANELY emotional day
  11. Holy Binge, batman.
  12. 3.5 lbs down and day one of 30 day shred :)
  13. Going to a baby shower tomorrow. First "event" since starting over.
  14. Met a Couple of Milestones for Myself...
  15. Does it ever go away?????
  16. Even though I know my body, I still don't like this pattern!
  17. Need to vent...
  18. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - January 2013 - Everyone Welcome! - PART 2
  19. Everyone Weigh in 01/18/13
  20. End of week 3 and feeling a little diappointed
  21. Get Me Out Of The 170's/160's/150's Part 2
  22. Disappointed with myself tonight
  23. I Am The Queen Of Will Power!
  24. So discouraged :(
  25. smacking my forehead! It wasn't DIET!!!!
  26. Getting used to being smaller?
  27. No support from husband just want to give up.
  28. An apology for something I did in this forum.
  29. I need help
  30. Why am I feeling this way?!
  31. My new way of motivating myself in weak moments
  32. OMG I gained 3 back!!!!!
  33. How have you amazed yourself, and others?
  34. Fighting the Good Fight? Let's Talk About Lifetime Weight Management at Any Age
  35. 3 month blues???
  36. What is your current mini weight goal?
  37. Anyone else join a Biggest Winner/Biggest Loser contest at work/gym this year?
  38. Stuck
  39. I'm not where I want to be (mid way blues)
  40. Losing weight quickly...
  41. Too much sleep ?
  42. UGH! Vent session
  43. In need of a calorie counting buddy that doesn't mind my weight goal.
  44. What lessons have you learned from re-gaining and re-losing weight?
  45. A Small First Victory
  46. A big giant WTF moment.
  47. Airplanes: The worst place to be fat
  48. A pound of muscle, a pound of fat!
  49. Ready to try again.
  50. On The Verge of Quitting
  51. Is anyone else just getting really fed up?
  52. Nsv Nsv Nsv
  53. Positive Self Talk
  54. Absolutely Zero Motivation
  55. Office Food
  56. Using a break up as motivation
  57. Everyone Weigh in 01/11/13
  58. Reward yourself every 10 pounds...
  59. Frustrated, I feel like I'm putting too much focus in the wrong places...
  60. Super quick weight gain.
  61. VEGAS baby!
  62. What motivates you?
  63. Obsession and fear
  64. When is enough going to be enough?
  65. Trying to stay positive
  66. Up four pounds?!?!?!
  67. TOM stall?
  68. When did you notice...
  69. Bad day = bad eating tonight
  70. Afraid I won't ever reach my goal
  71. Losing muscle to get to goal weight?
  72. I think we are ready...
  73. New Year(ish) NSVs
  74. Going to a fair tomorrow
  75. Body Frame Question
  76. Family drama not helping any (deadly addictions)
  77. Pretty much NO sex drive....
  78. Pulling it back together before it all falls apart
  79. ladies, your 'tom'...
  80. What have you learned?
  81. Okay all you 9-5 workers! Help me???
  82. No sweets
  83. Just love when people think they know me better than I know me
  84. Changes I Have Made
  85. Not gaining back weight?
  86. Boyfriend coming over at the weekend, help
  87. Finally taking a long, hard look at my body...
  88. Stall for working out?
  89. Anyone quit smoking while losing weight?
  90. This is my "not happy" face!
  91. Here come the cravings.
  92. Please help = question re DS at 15 and 264lbs
  93. Suggestions for Scales
  94. Elephant & Castle - ideas!
  95. Towel NSV
  96. It had taken me a year to lose 38 pounds O.O
  97. Day one!
  98. Why did I do this to myself - again?
  99. Eat late or skip a meal?
  100. Anyone else have a problem with clenching teeth?
  101. Mildly annoyed with hubs yesterday
  102. A new phenomenon for me: carb full
  103. Injuring yourself???
  104. Moved 2 months ago
  105. 17lbs & ZERO inches down?
  106. My Non Scale Victory-latest
  107. I got the flu...
  108. NSV yet ...
  109. Do you loose or gain weight while at work?
  110. My Obstacle = My Husband (Vent)
  111. I need a plan!
  112. When it doesn't "feel" like you are on plan
  113. Big Thighs= Bigger Size
  114. "well, you have to first lose 20 lbs in order to lose 40"
  115. "Well, you have to first lose 20lbs to get to 40"
  116. What has worked for you ...
  117. Night shift got the best of me...
  118. Before pictures?
  119. Dont know how to handle this.
  120. Has weight loss made you focus on your other flaws?
  121. It's Friday and I feel like cheating
  122. I thought when your fat the weight is supposed to come off quicker!??
  123. Close call day
  124. WHY are you losing weight?
  125. Getting tired of inconsistency
  126. Everyone Weigh in 01/04/13
  127. so...I was HONKED at.....?
  128. What gives?
  129. Weight fluctuations
  130. I need a huge kick up the butt!
  131. How long until I'm not starving
  132. Calorie Counting Working Out Not doing a thing
  133. Irregular periods fixed by weight loss
  134. 38 pounds going for free!
  135. What is your best weight loss advice?
  136. How to decide Goal weight
  137. "I don't" beats "I can't"
  138. Does it really matter how fast you eat in the morning?
  139. Long time member getting back into things 534 pounds to.....
  140. Before Photos/Motivation
  141. Need support and motivation to reboot!
  142. My mom is a bad, bad, woman
  143. How to balance diet and travel
  144. Need to Lose 60 Pounds by June/July...
  145. I need a weight loss buddie :)
  146. motivation wobble
  147. It's almost 2013 Anyone want to be buddies?
  148. New Year, lets keep everyone modivated
  149. Limitations on food variety to control calories and stay on track
  150. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - January 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  151. Do you change your ticker if you gain a little?
  152. How do I get back on track?
  153. irritated
  154. What keeps you motivated?
  155. Nsv!!!
  156. Getting in touch with your Body =? MORE Body Hatred
  157. After holiday reboot
  158. Weight Loss and Snoring
  159. Christmas accountability
  160. Bored eating
  161. Any and all ideas needed!
  162. So glad the holidays are over
  163. Help me lose again those 40 pounds!
  164. Need realistic expectations
  165. Lose 10 lbs by FEBRUARY 1st
  166. I think I am incredibly ugly/have no self confidence
  167. Need Advice
  168. Need Encouragement and Ideas to Keep Myself Going
  169. record keeping slip ups :(
  170. My New Year's Resolution
  171. Back, and Bigger than before
  172. Because it is there
  173. Everyone Weigh in 12/28/12
  174. I am STARVING all of a sudden!
  175. Not too shabby!
  176. Appetite expanded after Christmas feast
  177. Moderation/ Or giving up trigger foods completely.
  178. Back to the Grind (w/photo comp)
  179. Holiday Comments from Family
  180. Yay!! I am overweight!!!!!!
  181. The carb ghost of Christmas past
  182. Holiday Overindulging
  183. Beautiful Quote on Pinterest--reminded me of all of us
  184. Thoughts on a Week Off
  185. Another NSV thread...
  186. Dealing with Night Eating
  187. Have I ruined my metabolism?
  188. New to site, and feeling miserable
  189. Well this has set me back on an emotional level
  190. Cruel comment from a passing car window
  191. 2 NSVs in one day, first time ever!
  192. Home for the Holidays?
  193. To Buy Or Not To Buy A Scale
  194. Sugar is mean
  195. Weight-in dissapointment...
  196. Everyone Weigh in 12/21/12
  197. Re-Feed to bust through a plateau?
  198. NSV --so excited (anyone else have new ones today)
  199. Calorie counter and other catagories
  200. I need help :(
  201. Wake Up Call -- The Doctors Are Right...
  202. Why is it so hard to only eat when you're hungry?!
  203. Sweets around the house...
  204. Health issues getting in the way of weight loss - help!
  205. What have you been "too fat" for?
  206. Time to get a new scale?
  207. HELP I need a push
  208. Can anyone help?
  209. needing a "sister" in my weight loss goal
  210. winter, moving away from home and chocolate - HELP!
  211. Rethinking my diet
  212. What's wrong with me...
  213. Does stress cause lack of weight loss?
  214. Advice Needed - PLEASE...
  215. Sharing with friends and family who are also overweight
  216. Advice !!/:
  217. Tried Atkin's for all of two days - NOT!
  218. Low calorie drinks besides water
  219. Hello everyone
  220. Ok with a slow week
  221. NSV, I worked out today despite 10,000 excuses
  222. Back...and heavier than before
  223. The wooosh ...
  224. I don't know what to do...Losing hope.
  225. Reality check needed
  227. Progress updated...2 weeks in
  228. I was doing great... WAS
  229. HUGE (for me) NSV today!!!
  230. Everyone Weigh in 12/14/12
  231. Just poking my head in - I'm back!
  232. When asked how much you've lost
  233. Binged on cr*p, gained 3 lbs.
  234. Quitting smoking HELP!
  235. Well that's annoying (a vent)
  236. Helppp all I want
  237. Need some encouragement
  238. The un-intentional beauty of being sick...
  239. Reached a bump and failed, but I want to succeed
  240. Weight as a reflection of value as a person
  241. Medical appointment
  242. Warning! Do not buy Trader Joe's Coco Truffles
  243. Recommitting to my plan
  244. How do I turn it into a lifestyle change?
  245. So Today I fell off the wagon, hard. How do I get back on?
  246. Why does a small bump UP the scales affect me so much?
  247. Scared to eat?
  248. Crazy NSV (share yours too)
  249. hi just want to introduce myself
  250. Today's mood - BAD!