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  1. Would you record it?
  2. Ditching the scales?
  3. New around here
  4. What the heck is water weight and why is it toying with my emotions?
  5. Working & Walking at the same time...
  6. Day One...
  7. Inspiration.
  8. Do you still eat processed/packaged foods?
  9. Cooking for family and sticking to plan
  10. Pregnitude for PCOS weightloss
  11. Weigh in at home or at gym?
  12. Wearing tight clothes when working out so everything dosen't flop around???
  13. I have a few questions
  14. Is this it??? Need encouragement!
  15. How do these "Biggest Loser" people do it?
  16. State Fair all day. Bringing my own food. Ideas?
  17. Ways to comfort/relax other than food
  18. Isdrfufds!
  19. Taking a scale pledge, need it to be public
  20. What do you do when people give others bad weight loss advice?
  21. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
  22. Does your partner comment on your weight loss?
  23. Cheating Happens.......
  24. Why do I feel so inadequate?
  25. Diet gone, but not forgotten....
  26. Dieting While Living with Someone Who Isn't?
  27. Eating late at night- does it matter or not?
  28. Afraid of losing weight...
  29. Heartbroken no more....(long rant)
  30. Feeling more self conscious now that I'm trying to lose weight
  31. Dating post-weight loss
  32. Am I pushing too hard?
  33. Movie Theater Popcorn - Theater Snacks?
  34. My Visual Motivation and Rewards (Beads!)
  35. From Fat to Fabulous !
  36. Unexpected NSNV's (Non-Scale Non-Victories)
  37. Have your perceptions of the general population changed?
  38. Peeing?
  39. questions from the new girl!!
  40. Struggling with a few things..
  41. What do you consider "fat"?
  42. why does my scale do this?
  43. Gaining....why?
  44. Everyone Weigh in 10/19/12
  45. eat what u burn?
  46. A Little Bit Disgusted With Myself
  47. Complete lack of support...
  48. Coping on Less Exercise. A small Rant.
  49. Weight Lifting, TOM and ERG! Little help please.
  50. When the weight is gone: what are your plans?
  51. My plan to stay on track for the rest of 2012
  52. What did you eat today?
  53. Brand new
  54. trying to eat right when people don't - weekend edition!
  55. How often do you go? (bowl movement) / Teas
  56. How often do you weigh yourself?
  57. Good trips to the doctor make me happy!
  58. Ready to quit! (Major tantrum to follow...)
  59. Nighttime- do you sometimes want food more than sex?
  60. Crash diet
  61. Update: sick for < a week = no weight loss this month
  62. All I wanna do is sleep, but....
  63. Lost my way
  64. Weekend Binge confession.
  65. back pain
  66. Here I go..
  67. Like page help!!
  68. Scale Issues and Pants - Advice?
  69. How do I lose the last 10 lbs?
  70. Feeling like you're losing but afraid to weigh-in...
  71. I don't always know how to be supportive (rant)
  72. Going to Gym center is the right way?
  73. Questions for the weight-lifters
  74. Upcoming holidays and baking....
  75. Question about stomach fat/skin while losing weight
  76. Getting back into the groove.
  77. What is YOUR weight loss method of choice?
  78. thankful, excited and a question about "cheat/indulge days"
  79. Fallen off the wagon....hard
  80. BIG milestone!!! NORMAL!
  81. Everyone Weigh in 10/12/12
  82. What's your motivation?
  83. How to maintain momentum when you unintentionally lose weight
  84. How to deal with competitive friends...?
  85. The scale said WHAT?? Oh bummer....
  86. Need Help with Re-motivation!
  87. body shapes
  88. Body Fat Percentage Calculations
  89. Getting back at it in college!
  90. oh I need some motivation!
  91. Sliding backwards!
  92. Feeling a little discouraged
  93. What is your weight loss theme song?
  94. How easy it would be to gain the weight back
  95. Seriously, starting to freak
  96. Help! Grease burns!
  97. This time of year is HARD!
  98. compliment yourself!
  99. Losing weight on period
  100. Fat clothes
  101. Candy by the check out--and not at a grocery store, either!
  102. Does your body ever decide to change it's weight loss day?
  103. Heel spurs OUCH!
  104. Day 1: already hard
  105. Murrieta CA BUDDIES
  106. 31 lbs total 23 lbs to go!!
  107. My Weight Loss
  108. Canadian Thanksgiving news
  109. Good news for yo-yo dieters
  110. Perspective
  111. War Strategies That Can Apply to Fighting Personal Battles
  112. Stevia or Splenda???
  113. those stubborn last 10-20pounds..
  114. Compliments and Triggers
  115. weight and intimacy
  116. Elliptical, you are my new best friend.
  117. Mental Sabotage (unintentional) by husband
  118. Disappointed.
  119. Maintain or not to maintain?
  120. Confidence.Coping.College. My life is a HOT MESS.
  121. Frustrated...dieting while waitressing?
  122. Looking for weight loss friendships
  123. How do you stay motivated over the weekend?
  124. Picking yourself back up and trying again... it's NEVER too late!
  125. Out of the 180s!!!!
  126. When your mother has body dysmorphia
  127. Everyone Weigh in 10/05/12
  128. How do you plan to "handle" Halloween?
  129. How much weight have you lost in your lifetime?
  130. Very few cals when sick and weight gain
  131. Pants sizing - I am so confused
  132. My Daily Struggle (help)
  133. Dietary confession time!
  134. Need a good swift kick in the...
  135. I fell off the wagon, and it's time to get back on...
  136. Psyllium fiber capsules question (TMI)
  137. What if this is it? Plateau.
  138. 6 week challenge!
  139. Do you know any good weight loss blogs?
  140. I could chuck my scale across the room this morning!!
  141. Alleviating work boredom with food
  142. Realistically how much of this could be skin??
  143. The danger of reaching your goal
  144. Feeding my fiancÚ....
  145. Shift workers who count... HELP!
  146. Lose 10 lbs by November 1st!!!
  147. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - October 2012 - Everyone Welcome!
  148. ok veins are starting to creep me out!
  149. Can you loose weight while not having a job
  150. Looking for a certain kind of weight loss partner..
  151. Aw man...
  152. support needed asap :(
  153. A little off the path
  154. don't think i'm ever gonna lose the tummy
  155. Need someone to read this, please? Advice?
  156. Starting a Weight Loss Journey.. questions?
  157. im not freaking out...
  158. Getting back on the wagon after two close cheats!
  159. Candy headaches?
  160. Everyone Weigh in 09/28/12
  161. Shreveport Locals?
  162. I need help getting started again :(
  163. Frustrations!!!
  164. And I'm back.....
  165. A fear
  166. Did you mess up?
  167. Skinny doesn't mean healthy
  168. Rock Your Jeans event - What size jeans should I get?
  169. Food snobs
  170. Cutting back on grains and starches?
  171. what do you make of this?
  172. feeling guilty eating 1500 calories! what's wrong with me?!
  173. So Confused!
  174. weight loss and hair loss?
  175. New and Looking For Buddies!
  176. Freaking out, afraid I can't do this...
  177. GET ME OUT OF THE 170s/160s/150s
  178. Depressed
  179. Have not been below 160 in ages, Im only 5'2"
  180. The closer I get, the more I mess up
  181. a pep talk please (whiny)
  182. Do vegetarians get cravings?
  183. Physical hunger under control - Psychological huger is the wild animal - Need Advice
  184. Venting a Little (Self-Sabotage)
  185. Soreness for days after heavy lifting
  186. Things you remember about your pre-weightloss journey lifestyle...
  187. When did you reach your happy weight?
  188. Oh my goodness, I didn't realize how much I missed 3FC!
  189. What has surprised you during your weight loss journey?
  190. Just so frustrated...
  191. Carb Face- it's gotta exist!!
  192. Returning...
  193. Inspired?
  194. Parents Making Nasty Comments
  195. Embarrassed by Old Pictures
  196. What if You Have a Cold?
  197. FINALLY broke through a 4 month Plateau
  198. Crazy Weight Loss Ideas
  199. For all those that are carb/sugar to handle family; life outside your home?
  200. Twitching muscle!! *Grr face*
  201. Doing amazing! Who else is feeling good?
  202. embarassed to own up to calories on MFP
  203. Anyone lost weight with similar measurements?
  204. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred!
  205. The problem with packing a delicious lunch...
  206. Dealing with Diet "Fatigue"
  207. One pound difference in a year. ACK!
  208. Less Daylight... Less Motivation...?
  209. Everyone Weigh in 09/21/12
  210. Thinking about goal; need some help!
  211. Yeah my butt is big, so what???
  212. Drank too much
  213. Upset by a stranger's comment
  214. Getting ready to binge!
  215. Please help me understand
  216. So about that whiney post I made..
  217. This just made my day
  218. when would you call it goal?
  219. Working out while on period.
  220. I've fallen so far
  221. what was your biggest gain in a year?
  222. When does the scale change for you??
  223. I'm pretty sure I'm neurotic
  224. For those using New Rules on weightlifting books - nutritional advice
  225. No S diet
  226. Thinking about food all day long
  227. I need a weight loss partner!
  228. Small Mental Success!
  229. What To Do...what To Do!
  230. smokers? i cant be the only one left....
  231. Back on the wagon
  232. Need motivation
  233. Compliment or Slight... What is the best one you have heard?
  234. I could use your help!
  235. Overweight is the new norm: Good or bad?
  236. Nsv?
  237. I don't wanna weigh tomorrow! Urgh!
  238. Three donuts just magically vanished..into my mouth. :(
  239. Illogical Rational Eating Habits
  240. Patience is a virtue!
  241. So exhausted
  242. so discouraged!
  243. A Great Menu Creator
  244. Sads
  245. 14 Days!
  246. Share your unexpected advantages of weight loss
  247. Everyone Weigh in 09/14/12
  248. Need some support for the weekend!
  249. Consistently losing same amount each month
  250. Any FitBit Users?