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  1. Pretty amazing 8 minute video, explains LCHF very well
  2. The one (most important) reason I am so passionate about high fat low carb approaches
  3. Short, concise summary of what went wrong from 1950s
  4. If you want to understand why people get obese and what to do, watch this
  5. Low Carb -or- Nutrient-Dense?
  6. Well done article on why high fat works and is healthy
  7. Any Low Carbers Want to be Friends on MFP?
  8. LCHF best for brain health
  9. 21 day challenge at Mark's Daily Apple starting today!
  10. Good summary article of why full fat dairy is the way to go.
  11. Super read on what happens when you go high fat low carb.
  12. Primal, paleo or primary/natural foods plans
  13. Last day for unconventional weight lost conference: free online.
  14. Nuiances of calories in calories out
  15. Nauseated a LOT since going low carb
  16. Fantastic article: insulin resistance as a root cause of many modern diseases
  17. I need advice ans
  18. i thought id be less hungry on this diet
  19. Erythritol May Be My New Best Friend
  20. Thoughts?
  21. 23 Studies Comparing Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets
  22. Thankful for Whole Foods, nutrient dense, high fat eating.
  23. New Study, Carbs More Harmful Than Saturated Fats
  24. Interesting youtube video on Atkins
  25. Anyone feel like this before going low carb?
  26. opinions needed on protein powder!!
  27. Grains are bad so are vegetable oils
  28. Life lessons learned: the meaning to me of freedom versus restriction
  29. Very quick question about Ideal Protein dinner
  30. For Anyone Just Starting Out
  31. Your favorite protein foods on low-carb?
  32. Why 3g of carbs in my Balsamic Vinegar
  33. LeBron James does low carb
  34. What plan are you doing?
  35. Low carbers, is this ranch dressing ok?
  36. Carb Nite Solution
  37. not eating enough?
  38. Reading Gary Taubes and going low carb
  39. What diet is working for you?
  40. Any ideas??? I'm in ketosis, but not dropping much weight
  41. I'm miserable, but I'm OP
  42. Birthday Carb Binge
  43. My birthday present to everyoneĤ free Cereal Killer movie through 7/4
  44. Haooy Birthday Diamondgeog!
  45. Upping Carbs
  46. Newbie Low Carber -- Any other newbies want to hang with me?
  47. From a trickle to a roar.
  48. Mind-blowing article on low carbs and cancer
  49. Some excellent videos
  50. Sugar is seriously harming us: here's what you need to know
  51. Very elqouent piece on why become overweight and what to do about it
  52. Atkins induction
  53. Chia seeds
  54. dip
  55. newbeeeeee
  56. Eating more calories when low carb?
  57. Can someone help determine carb level in this diet?
  58. On the Road Fast Food/Snack ideas?
  59. Restriction IS Liberation
  60. Starting again but not a lover of meat
  61. Low carb high fat tsunami taking the world
  62. Help!
  63. Frustrated, need help
  64. A family transformed by low carb: amazing story
  65. New to Low Carb/Slooow Metabolism.
  66. Going to be interviewed live on Smash the Fat webchat Wed May 21 ask questions
  67. Mind blowing book review: Big Fat Surprise
  68. Why Katie Couric Wants You to Get 'Fed Up,' Take a Sugar Challenge
  69. IV Fluids and weight gain
  70. A history of how and why we got it so wrong.
  71. A fellow LCHFer's passion
  72. You aren't what you much as you are what you store after you eat
  73. Excited by this video
  74. Weekly Menu 22-29
  75. Saturated Fat is not the problem message going mainstream
  76. A Grand Unified Theory of nutrition and weight? Perhaps. And a farewell of sorts
  77. Articles on sugar in mainstream press
  78. Fascinating article from a doctor who was mainstream and now isn't
  79. My low carb high fat success story with pics
  80. Low Carb Diets
  81. Chinese buffet
  82. Daily carb limit
  83. Low Carb Options for college lifestyle? Please help!
  84. Why is this 'low carb' guy adding a lot of carbs? Resistant starch
  85. new to low carb not new to the forum
  86. Why going low carb is like childbirth and being a parent
  87. Hunger questions
  88. Five contenders for worst nutrition advice in history
  89. Low Carb & Exercise
  90. One of the best ever summaries you will ever read of key nutrition info last 100 year
  91. Best infographic I've yet found on why we are low carb or why you should be
  92. Free Low Carb Mag
  93. Very important article on John Yudkin and Ancel Keys
  94. Wheat Belly vs Atkins?
  95. Whole Grains Empty Promises, free ebook through March 3
  96. Why are you low carb?
  97. Interesting stuff from 'Smash the Fat'
  98. Totally relearned everything about fats
  99. Where is the thread called 'Sea change happening with high carbs"?
  100. Two remarkable articles about going grain free
  101. 'Man Crush' on Tim Noakes
  102. Going to give it a try!
  103. What's wrong with the modern diet? [article]
  104. Cool story about a British celeb who reversed her pre-diabetes
  105. Has anyone watched Fathead movie on YouTube? What did you think?
  106. Sea change happening with high carbs. In five years will be like cigarettes
  107. confused about right amount of protein, carbs calories
  108. Totally freaking brilliant: diet, health, Wisdom of Crowds
  109. Ten proven benefits of a low carb diet
  110. Why going low carb is 'essential' for weight loss
  111. Am I not eating enough?
  112. Sick Stomach, Sore stomach?
  113. Interesting article on the transition to low carb
  114. Frustrated!
  115. Bars?
  116. Mmm... dessert treat tonight
  117. Fasting Blood Glucose Higher with Low Carb Diet?
  118. Any tips for feeling full on a low carb diet
  119. Calling low-carb experts, for better or worse!
  120. Commitment
  121. For you low Carb and Calorie counters >>
  122. LCHF vs Ideal Protein
  123. Cloud bread help..?
  124. So confused on where to go
  125. Growing number of nutritionists looking at low carb high fat
  126. Fiber confusion
  127. 2nd week tougher than first?
  128. What am I doing wrong?
  129. On Saturday I will be binge free for 90 days!
  130. Slow carb diet
  131. Craving carbs like mad!
  132. If you were on your 1st week of low carb, but you had to cheat...
  133. Here goes something
  134. Fatigue?
  135. Bloated and gassy - without carbs?
  136. How to handle a bad carb day??
  137. Foods with staying power
  138. heavy cream
  139. I just tried 'Paleo Wraps' from Julian bakery and.....
  140. Asian turkey tail skewers
  141. New clothes
  142. Rate of loss is crazy!
  143. I'm feeling crazy good,
  144. 'Starving' while overweight
  145. Is it possible to eat TOO much fruit?
  146. Why do carbs make you gain weight?
  147. I think this is where I belong (Curves?)
  148. Lowering carbs has been the best thing I ever did healthwise
  149. Adding in carbs, and binging
  150. Stepping up to the carb confessional
  151. Jorge Cruise "The 100"
  152. Coconut Flour
  153. Ketosis and a Keto-break!
  154. which diet?
  155. frozen Atkins meals
  156. Carb Counting Newbie
  157. What are your "go to" foods?
  158. beginning lowcarb and extreme sensitivity?
  159. One week on Slow Carb
  160. Help me please??
  161. Sugar-Free Gum (Do they even make gum that isn't sugar free? lol)
  162. Vitamins
  163. Suggestions for tweaking a low carb diet needed
  164. Advice on Picking Diet
  165. anyone on a "lowish" carb diet
  166. Low Carb Pancakes
  167. Question about Blue Corn tortilla chips.
  168. Decided to change up my breakfast
  169. For those in ketosis - how much weight are you losing?
  170. First 5 days on low carb
  171. Weight Watchers / Atkins Diet
  172. Metabolism miracle anyone???
  173. Insulin Resistance/Low Carb Diet
  174. Ranch dressing??
  175. Low Carb and Sleeping Too Much???
  176. So, what do you eat every day
  177. Would this be considered generally low carb?
  178. Paleo/Primal Eaters - Can't break throug this plateau .. any advice?
  179. fueling workout on lower carb diet?
  180. Thirsty?
  181. 52 yr old needs Help with low carb
  182. Anyone up for a 30 day 80/20 Primal challenge?
  183. Gallbladder Attack - help?!
  184. 17 day diet
  185. Too Good to be True ?
  186. too few calories?
  187. Low Carb Athletics
  188. Soooo Hungry!
  189. Bran Crackers
  190. New to carb counting and CLUELESS!
  191. How Much Fruit In Your Low Carb Plan?
  192. Any low-carb dieters out there?
  193. Protein snack ideas?
  194. Menu improvement ideas!
  195. Cauliflour pizza suggestions
  196. Feed a cold??
  197. don't know what to do anymore
  198. Anyone else worried about this weekend? (Suuuuuperbowl!)
  199. When and how do you weigh in?
  200. What's the most amount of carbs a day do you still consider low carb? Also....
  201. I am a calorie counter but this totally blows my mind.
  202. Thai food - what is " safe " to eat
  203. Robb Wolf Article on Low Carb and Calories
  204. bit of atkins bit of me....
  205. Is anyone on Celebrity Slim or has anyone tried it?
  206. New to low carb.
  207. Wheat Belly-January
  208. January Whole 30
  209. What are carbs?
  210. Is there a Wheat Belly Diet thread ?
  211. Why are people against carbs?
  212. Getting ideas to get started...
  213. Eliminating carbs
  214. Ketosis and a high protein diet for weight loss
  215. DESSERT RECIPES needed
  216. 50 GR./day carb meal plan???
  217. First few Meals on the Insulin Resistant Diet
  218. Is this dinner low carb friendly?
  219. Did this ever happen to anyone? (concerned!)
  220. metabolism miracle anyone done this?
  221. Checked my stats...Atkins + IF works for me
  222. Best app for weight loss/carb counting?
  223. No more dairy! Need to cut it out.
  224. Help :S
  225. Sugar Cravings
  226. new carb counter
  227. MM Day 2
  228. A girl trying to find her Metabolism Miracle...
  229. Low carb entree ideas with ground meat?
  230. Kefir water carb count?
  231. Drinks on any phases of Atkins?
  232. Eat Fat,Get Thin Folks?
  233. Ouch! Gas pains from fiber supplements
  234. Best Artificial Sweetener???
  235. Who makes you smile?
  236. Massive post-holiday potato cravings
  237. What... PHO...lunch
  238. Carb Cycling
  239. New and Ignorant
  240. No carb (under 20g)
  241. Going out to bars with friends on LC?
  242. What's this 'no carbs after lunch' thing I'm hearing about?
  243. Always Hungry!
  244. upset stomach vomiting.. all I want is toast or a cracker.
  245. No longer crave most junk foods, but continue to binge on just a few!
  246. Low carb cereal?
  247. Fish...
  248. Bloating and carbs
  249. Carb Counter Apps
  250. Anyone Doing Carb Cyling?