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Off topic: Okay I want to talk to people about...

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Default Off topic: Okay I want to talk to people about...

Critiquing Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy cards and readers. I will start off by saying that I do have some of her decks and some are really good and inspirational but I've gotten in touch with a couple of her readers and even followed her on facebook. I even asked her to clarify a reading I did for myself once using one of her decks. I have to say, the two readers I've known seem to hide behind the "angel" facade and IMO give bad, judgemental advice in their readings. I don't know, perhaps I will post one of the readings I had over the weekend but in a nutshell, the reader basically first started to say that a particular guy I liked was basically an untrusting *******/psychopath. Tried to make me out to be a nicer but more naive person, etc. etc. I know that guys who seem nice can end up being total jerks but that's not the point. There's a bit more to this story and basically the reading left me scared, crying, and depressed. It's ironic I even felt the need to reach out to a californiapsychics.com psychic (which I know you are supposed to take with a saltshaker of salt) but the psychic I talked to was able to sooth me. In short, after talking to Doreen herself and dealing with two of her certified angel readers, one I know personally and found out was a huge ***** and hypocrite. Another, just seemed very judgemental. I don't know if I can call her or her company a positive thing. This is why I'm starting to mistrust all the "light magick/new agey" crap. It's so fake at times and sometimes I feel I would rather be associated with dark magick paths because from my experiences with both, dark/gray magick witches and the like are more real, don't beat around the bush as much and at least you know what you are getting with them. That said, yes I do have a mixed path of Christianity and witchcraft that draws some from Wicca. But the more I learn about the true meaning of Christianity and get myself exposed to more liberal ideology of denomination other than the conservative Baptist I was raised with, I'm learning that Christianity isn't all that bad. At it's core, it's not even a light and fluffy religion. It's very gray area actually and if you use it right, it makes you think.

So in short, even if I kept my Christianity, I don't see the danger in maybe incorporating chaos magick or some form of Satanism with it.

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So, as I understand from my own readings, light magic is for the benefit of society/those around you. If an interaction with a light magic psychic left you depressed, then...well, that wasn't really light magic, was it?

I wouldn't say to go mess around with dark magic. I think that the perception of yours that dark magic practitioners are more real/frank/upfront is just that--your perception. I think there are good and bad quality practitioners of all types of magic.

In terms of the psychic I want to compare that to reading a book. People all understand life through the lens of their own experiences, no two lenses are alike. So, when people read a book, they can come away with completely different understandings of the theme, what was important, and the author's message. I think psychics are the same way. Every psychic filters messages through their own life lens, and then after it goes through that lens the information is communicated to you. So, the psychic might have been trying to communicate something helpful, but by filtering that information through their own experiences/voice, the message became twisted.

I won't comment on whether you should be Christian/practice magic, etc. We all need to come to our own spiritual paths independently. I will definitely say study and talk with trusted sources before you start "practicing" anything. Reflect and learn are the best first steps.

I hope this was helpful.

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Hi. I can see that you posted this in April. But I thought I would respond anyway. I pretty much totally agree with EnglishMcTeach's response.

I think Doreen Virtue is a good teacher. I do respect her. But all kinds of people are going to be drawn to study with her. Many of whom see through a lens that would not be beneficial for you. And many of whom see through a lens that would be beneficial.

Sounds like you are on a journey to find your truth. Many people along the journey will see your truth through their lens. You do not have to take their view. That belongs to them. It is a projection of their truth. It is a projection of how they see life. Just as how I hear see and understand something speaks to how I see life. I try to see through the lens of love. But that may not always be so clear.

Please do try to protect yourself if you are dealing with the dark you speak of. I cannot and will not speak to it other than that. Because each person's path is important for them. I just suggest you protect yourself. I would say this to anyone. If you studied with Doreen, then you likely know how to do that Sending best to you

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Thanks guys, I personally do like the cards but I'm not sure I'd want to study with her.
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