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Engraved 02-14-2011 12:54 PM

New here :)
I chose to post in this sub-section because i dunno.. Tattoos n piercing, Rock n Punk reminded me of how unique each of us can be.

So hello everyone. My name is Marg, and i m 26. From when i remember myself i have been a "fat kid" and mocked for it. I tried so many diets when i was a teenager, but as i realise now it was always for the wrong reasons. I usually ate because i "enjoyed" food.Or when i was angry, or sad, or depressed, or in any emotional turbulence. which led me to be 26yrs old and 125kg(276lbs)/ 1.73cm (5'8).

Last October , i dont know what changed, but i realised i was wasting the best years of my life, hiding in my house, becoming anti-social, and generally hating myself. And suddenly i realised, it is just food. Nothing more, nothing less. It is something that gives you the necessary energy to enjoy your life. And it will be there tomorrow, n the day after. That was my turning point. Started a diet on Tuesday (because "mondays" are always skipped when it comes to a diet), and going ever since.

I thought this place would be a great motivation for me, to keep my diet and make some buddies that understand how hard it can be sometimes.

My gift to myself when i reach my goal will be a tat.Hoping to always remind me how i never wanna go back.:)

Bulletproof Heart 02-14-2011 01:06 PM

Hi Engraved :) Welcome to 3FC!!! Congrats on all your weight loss so far!!! Im doing the same thing when I reach my goal weight, getting a tattoo! :D Hope you like it here!!!

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