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LadyStarDust 02-20-2010 09:03 PM

New *****
Eh well, I'm known as CHANT
or the-chantress on vampirefreaks and an assortment of other sites
I'm Nineteen - a Former student hairstylist - And a Mother of one little pumpkin head!
(Xander Michael, 7 months)

I have always been heavier but it's never been a problem before except for the occasional social awkwardness
but since I had my baby last July and with medical problems that followed that I have put on alotttt of weight
I've gone up 3-4 sizes and it is very much making me have very low self esteem
mentally its just draining because I haven't felt this horrible about my weight for many years

So here I am
ready to change it..
I've already made few changes and am gradually correcting how I eat without just stopping as I know that probably would just cause cravings and such
I will have to get around to buying a scales so Im not sure when Ill post my actual numbers etc. but itll be soon

ultimately I want to
be active and energetic for my son and change these bad eating habits that have been going on for a few generations now..
I want to be an awesome looking hairstylist, a look can sell you and gain you clients after all
and I want to gain the confidence to pursue something Ive wanted to do a long time and that is do lead vocal in a metal or industrial band

this is enough ranting for now xD!
looking forward to getting to know and offer support to you girls/guys(?)
Take care
and good luck with your own journey

mauvaisroux 03-05-2010 10:28 AM

Welcome! :wave:

FitGirlyGirl 03-05-2010 03:21 PM

welcome! It sounds like your reasons are good and that helps a person stick to it. I agree that small changes a bit at a time are usually more successful than going cold turkey on all the bad habits at once. I wish you lots of success so that by the time the little one is big enough to run you have the energy to run with him.

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