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Favorite Tattoos

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Old 08-18-2009, 01:25 AM   #91
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I currently have a small one on the front of my right hip (got it when I was 18). I had drawn it out because I was really considering one day getting it on me somewhere. One day, my friend's bf came over and said he was taking us somewhere. Well it ended up being the tat shop he worked at. He'd convinced the artist to do mine free of charge! So, needless to say it went on at a moment's notice. I was never more nervous in my life. It hurt so badly I said I would never get another. Then here I am years later drawing up one to go down my side. I want it from about my chest to my hip, down my left side. A thick cluster of stars at the bottom and as it gets higher, they become fewer and fewer. I decided I wanted this one big because otherwise I would wait forever to get another. I'd like one on my foot too, thinking of possibly a four leaf clover to represent my irish heritage. I'd like to get hubby's name on me too... but haven't decided where yet. I'd thought about the inside of my forearm, but he's not too keen on me getting something so visible. I like that even when I get all the ones I want, they can all be hidden. When people find out I have a tattoo, they're so confused and think I'm lying... I think it's funny.
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I have a phoenix rising from a heart thats on fire - I got it in March on my left shoulder blade area. I got it to symbolise surviving the first year as a single mum and gaining a qualification I couldn't have done if my ex hadn't of left me. I've already spotted some others that I'd like, but they're so expensive I can't justify the expense ATM, household bills come first
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I am a tattoo freak also. Right now I have six. A tribal between my shoulder blades, a celtic cross/sun on my lower hip, another sun which is a cover up of the ugliest tattoo in the world on my other lower hip, two stone dragons intertwined and crumbling on my middle back, a set of two skeletons embracing (which we discovered in 07 in italy still holding eachother after 3-5000 years!) and a little tribal sun on my ankle that I got when I was fifteen.
As for a dream tattoo...I would love to get a full sleeve but being a teacher, I don't think that is really possible. I am looking now to get some wrist work done and have a few ideas but I cannot come to a solid decision...anyone have any ideas?
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Wow! Some of the pics on this are fantastic! The geisha sleeves are beautiful!
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Old 08-25-2009, 03:38 AM   #95
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I love all the tattoos I've seen here, I enjoy seeing people express themselves and/or their feelings through ink. Tattoos are definitely my favorite art form out there.

I currently have 6 tattoos, a nautical star behind each ear, Dr. Seuss quote on my wrists, a star on my outer left forearm with my fiance and my initials inside it and a custom designed tattoo on my inner left forearm with 2 pink flags that says "Lucky 17".

The first photo is my wrist tattoos and the second photo you can see most of my Lucky 17 tattoo.
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Old 08-25-2009, 05:45 AM   #96
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I have the hubbies nick name on my lower back...I couldnt careless about that "tramp stamp" thing...Im not a follower so I dont call certain things wrong just because someone says so...I also have 2 on my neck on the back...an aries sign and a treble clef underneath that...I want a big tat on my back....Its painful but Im going to try....lol...maybe on the back of my right shoulder? something big though....

SLOOOOOOW and steady can kiss my hinny!!! lol. Im running this weightloss like a sprint.
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wow some beautiful work on her and some great ideas !! I currently have 4 tatts (am soooo addicted now lol) a butterfly on my boob - yea I know, I was 17 (eek some 25 years ago) when I got it and the artist was hot lol - in the past couple of years I have gotten Africa with the Ghanaian flag in it (grew up there) and an adinkra sign meaning the power of God on my left calf, Serenity, Courage & Wisdome on my right calf and just got a small purple tribal butterfly on the side of my neck - my daugher and I got matching ones to celebrate her 21st bday :0) next one is next month and is of the arm badge from my dads platoon - he is a wwII vet :0) I am sure there will be more after that ........... woooooo hooooooooo
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Old 08-31-2009, 12:30 AM   #98
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I have 9 of them...everything on my back is black/white/gray...no color...and they are all of a christian meaning. A cross in the center of my lower back(about 4x3), and angel on my right shoulder blade (my protector), and the kanji symbols
for faith and strength on the back of my neck.
I have a microphone with a rose entertwined in the cord on my upper left collarbone, and a butterfly with celtic ropes around my right wrist.
I have a very large iris in a celtic vase on the back of my left calf, and my daughters name with a small heart on the inside of my right ankle. I also have a bird with large wings holding a ribbon banner on my right ankle, and a beautiful flower vine on top of my left foot, going down my toe. That one was by far the most painful...but I also like it the most!!.
My very good friend is an extremely talented tat artist, and I am proud to say...she has done them all except for 2. I am a walking canvas for her!. I regret none of them.

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I'm considering getting the 3 small tattoos on my upper back covered up with a very large celtic design. I love tattoos that cover the back because when I wear a swimsuit, I can show them off I keep them covered up and never speak about them, so it's a shock when people find out!
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I have four tattoos: a small dove holding an olive branch in the middle of my back, a bat with a full moon on my left shoulder blade, a large owl in flight on my left outer thigh and a large phoenix on my right outer thigh.
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I just got my first and only tattoo (so far) at the beginning of July. It's a DNA ankle bracelet in full color that is about 2 inches tall and wraps all the way around. I incorporated my name, and my parents and my brother's initials in the code...cuz I'm a nerd! I love it!
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It's my own design. It has a lot of meaning for me. First, my husband promised me the Sun, the Moon and all the stars in the sky when he proposed. I feel he has delivered Secondly I am the sun and my husband compliments my personality as the moon. One of my daughters is just like me, she's represented in the sun's rays. My other daughter is totally my husband's kid so she is represented in the stars surrounding the moon.

I also have a sun burst on my hip but don't have a photo. It's to remind me of the life changing trip / study abroad that I did in Australia.

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Old 09-07-2009, 01:34 AM   #103
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Nice tattoos everyone!

I have no tattoos as of yet but there's one I've been thinking of for a few years.

I want to get a tree! I love trees and everything they stand for. Growth, life, nature, wisdom, strength, and everything else! I love green and I love the green in trees aswell as fall colours so I would want a coloured tattoo but I wouldn't want to get it retouched often or have it fade a lot on me... :S

It's going to be a half sleeve from my shoulder to elbow, or from my back twisting down my side. I think that's something I'd have to talk abotu with the tattoo artist.
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Old 09-10-2009, 11:22 PM   #104
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I just got my second tattoo on my ankle on Tuesday... coincidentally I ended up in the hospital on the same day with appendicitis. Well, now I have a tattoo to commemorate it!

It's a henna tattoo design in the same color as henna, just permanent. It's hard to explain, so I'll put up pics in a day or two, when I'm a little less sore.

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My future tattoo is going to be a chest piece with the words "finish the race" which is going to represent my walk with Christ and in life in general to never give up. I also want to get some elephants on my thigh to represent my grandma who passed away in April on last year. I plan on getting some just artsy ones that are just for the sake of being pretty . Hopefully I'll be getting my chest piece in January or February and I'll post some pics
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