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Default My weight changes daily

My a.m. weight seems to go up/down sometimes by 5 lbs during morning weigh-in..does anyone experience this? Last week alone my am weight changed from 169 to 164.5... Also my weight is 166 but my "165 lb jeans" don't fit! Feeling crappy...ate a bunch of mom's birthday cake Saturday and a huge plate of BBQ friday... Kale for breakfast today.
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Daily weight will fluctuate. From morning to morning & from mornings to evenings, it's a natural thing. If you don't want to see your weight fluctuate up & down all week, then it may be a good thing to just weigh once a week and let that be it.

Also, what's done is done about Friday & Saturday. Think about today & about how healthy you're going to prepare your next meal Best of luck.
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I can only weigh in once a week, because the daily fluctiations make me neurotic. they're totaly normal though, dont get discuraged!
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It can drive you crazy this whole weight thing! And everyones scales are different. I am gaining muscle now too, so there is not as much weight lose this week but next week should be different. Joining a Biggest Loser group at work starting Friday so I will now have extra support too. Love working out at the gym it is now my new addiction. Traded smokes for exercise. Yeah!!
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I'm going to agree with the above. It's totally normal. It all depends on whether you just ate, went to the bathroom, exercised, etc. So I would suggest only weighing in once a week. I know it's tempting though! I put my scale away in a cupboard so that way i'm not so tempted to step on it every 20 seconds! LOL
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I weigh in once a week. There are too many changes that occur over the course of a week to let myself get stressed out by weighing more often!
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You're weighing water. You're weighing your body's ability or inability to lose water at a given time of day, after having eaten various things the previous 24 hours that affect that... You're weighing what you just ate - or what you just didn't eat... and all along you're never measuring your fitness, or your body fat %, or your BMR or your BMI - all those things would tell you more about your body and how it's doing.....

If it gets to the point you're weighing yourself then again a few hours later, it's getting counterproductive, surely? I gave up weighing because in the end it was a diet killer, for me. When I got to the point I was weighing daily - I knew psychologically that was totally destructive and wrong. So now I just measure. If I go up a dress size - I have to rein myself in for a while. If I can no longer do an exercise DVD I used to find easy - or run as far or fast - or be generally as active - I know I'm unfit! The scales were never my friend. After over a year's solid hard work, I had lost almost the entire 40lb I needed to - and was a UK size 12 (US 8), with a 27" waist - I'm 5 foot 6 - and know what? The scales still said I was 'overweight' because I couldn't lsoe that last couple lbs. But I'd lost 5 dress sizes and could run without stopping for 40 mins (in my mid 40s too). So I realised what a waste of time they were as an indicator of anything. It was depressing to have stuck strictly to 1200 cals a day without deviating once for over a year... and an hour a day 6 days a week hard exercise - and to look in the mirror and see size 12 where I had been a BIG 20 - and yet for the scales to knock my confidence. So I binned them. (And I have a tiny frame, my wrists are so small I can still wear my christening bracelet - so it's not like I should be at the top end of the 'normal' range. Truth is, even in my 20s when I made Kate Moss look fat, I weighed a lot more than I looked to weigh. Some people do. Scales tell you nothing!)

I think this is highly counterproductive for you, if you're reduced to weighing yourself over and over in one day. Once a week still doesn't iron out fluctuations due to water retention/your cycle etc. Time to walk away from the scales as that sounds like a well unhealthy relationship you have with them.
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