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Question What Are Your Biggest Weight Loss Obstacles?

If you had 3 obstacles in your way of weight loss what would they be?

Mine are:
1. Lack of Energy during the hot seasons.

2. Lack of friends to go workout with or take a walk with.

3. PMS cravings 1 week prior to my menses.

4. I could use a social support group of healthy dieters for circle group too.

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1. Food makes me feel good. That's really the one and only issue for me.

This is my second time around with weight loss. Originally lost from 220 down to 155. Learn from my mistakes and don't relapse! LOL
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I have two. One is my thyroid. I have medication but I'm not convinced it really sets everything right. Number two would be how much I enjoy food and eating with people. I am now on vacation and have lots of trips with friends and family planned. Eating together and celebrating that togetherness is just so special. Luckily I am often in control of what food there is which make better choices possible.
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Emotional eating is my only obstacle. Whether it be from sadness, anger, stress or even happiness - it all leads me to food. I have to really hold back because it's like an automatic response to nearly every situation.

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mine are:

1 - my husband and I like our nightly drinks and seem to hang out with peeps that like to hang out in bars. I've been ordering water lately and have decided that I don't drink before 5 pm. Save a few calories.

2 - I like working out but I injure easily (both knees are shot) so I go gang busters and then I have to stop for a while for me knee to heal. Like now - I do low impact aerobics / stretches and twisted wrong the other day. I do what I can in the mean time.

3 - I'm pre-diabetic (I know I shouldn't be drinking at all - I'm working on it)
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Mine is sugar. I'm so totally addicted to it. Starting a detox today. I got up and drank a big bottle of water with a scrambled egg breakfast. Trying to stay busy so I don't think about it too much.
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1. I tend to be my own worst enemy.

2. My "All or Nothing" attitude.

3. Commitment and dedication when the going gets super tough.
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1.)Thyroid condition-I had mine removed 2009, because it was enlarged, now I very low metabolism. Cannot tolerate the meds, so 'winging' it.
2.)Binging when in pain to make me feel better- I'm 65 years young and have issues with joint pain. Food makes me feel better, especially sweets. But it is such a double edge sword. Because the extra lbs and sugar actually, in reality aggravate my arthritis and joint issues!
3.)Sugar cravings!
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1. My biggest obstacle now, in dieting, is portion control. I want to eat too much.

2. I also have to incorporate more fruits and vegetable to my eating plan.

I have done several things, the last couple of months, to improve my ability to lose weight. Drinking more water daily, decreasing how much pop I drink, like waaaaaaay down, Improving the situation with my health, cortisone shots in my knees, improving my heart and lung health. My ability to exercise is improving. I hate exercising but I also know, I've got to add this to my weight loss plan.
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Default Weight Loss Challenges

1. Too much time in front of TV
2. Great at talking myself out of taking a walk, going to the gym....
3. Love to eat and like others big emotional eater...especially stress eating
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Hi! My biggest issues are also emotional eating and that I seem to feel really "full" to stop eating. That means that I favor fatty food like peanuts or cheese.
Goal met: 30 pounds lost!
Next goals: Run 10k
Final goals: abs, no more overeating, four pounds less
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Sacrifices will have to be made for a change, you just have to decide for yourself if you want to reap the benefits ? The change should be gradual.
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