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I was a sucker for quick fix diets

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Default I was a sucker for quick fix diets

Iím 65 and over the years have tried them all. From Slender and Slimfast through Cambridge and last year, Shake that Weight. They did exactly what they promised: I lost buckets of weight but then put it all back on, and a bit more for luck. Since January, Iíve been on a healthy eating kick. Apart from my husband who is doing it with me, no one knows. I never again want to hear ĎOooo youíve put all the weight back on havenít you?í from Ďfriendsí.
Since Christmas we have both lost a stone (thatís an English 14lbs) and we are now starting on our second. When will we get there..? Donít know. It is so liberating being kind to myself. Thereís nothing wrong with bread, itís how much you have and what you put on it that causes the problems. We both eat well, but sensibly. If we want a burger, we make one with lean minced (ground) beef, no cheese and grill rather than fry. Chips(French fries) we have if we want. We use a potato rather than frozen oven chips and cook them in the Actifry with just a teaspoon of olive oil.
Itís going to take a very long time but I mean to get to a much slimmer me. Quick fixes are great for people who like them, I just wish I had worked harder on weaning myself off them. In the end I went on them knowing I would fail. I had two sets of clothes, thin clothes and fat clothes so if that isnít an indication of failing before I start I donít know what is. Since the new year, I have been giving away clothes when they get too big. I really mean it this time.
I fell off the forum a while ago, and now I have got over family illnesses and have my head back in the right place I feel I need a bit of support like I had before from this friendly forum.

1 stone lost, starting on 2nd
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Default Me too...

I so identify with your story. I've also pretty much tried everything over the years, wanting quick weight loss and for me it doesn't work. Always goes back on really quickly as I haven't seen it as 'for the rest of my life'.

Reading 'Break through your set point' helped me understand it's going to be a long journey and I need to be patient if I'm going to keep it off.

Sounds like you're doing really well - good luck, I'm sure you'll make it
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So glad you found what works for you. I have a similar story. Tried many diets and had no problem losing weight, just keeping it off and then it would all come back and then some. Ouch!

Then I got wise and QUIT DIETING! Now I simply eat sensibly, making healthy food choices, watching my portions, and moving more and getting involved with life more.

Sounds like you are on the right track. Good luck!

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