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Karen3 07-30-2014 07:00 PM

~~~August Golden Girls~~~
Welcome everyone to the August tread. I can never link the poem to a new tread....But we are the Golden girls.

Bobbi isn't feeling well and asked to have this started. I am closing July....k3

Karen31 07-30-2014 07:15 PM

I mat have cheated but I copied and pasted!!

We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you when you turned 50? 60? 70? Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!

Karen3 07-30-2014 07:17 PM

Well, after a year I have forgotten how to close. Ahhh well welcome everyone to our big cyberkitchen table. Pour yourself a cuppa and settle in to chat. There is nothing that one of us can't have an answer for because we have all lived that or done that.....We are joyful in being crones and proud of our maturity. Settle back and understand giggling is encouraged. k3

Thanks Karen

glynne 07-30-2014 07:25 PM

Thank you Karen FL for starting the new thread for us. And thank you Karen MO for adding the peom.

Sure Bobbi gets to feeling better.

jess1 07-30-2014 08:13 PM

Good Hola , All… Luckily, I saved this, lest my marvy missive be missed!

Better get this in before the July thread closes. KarenFL – you were very efficient! Thank you!

Cajun – good-o on the 3# lost. You’ll get there yet, and you do have time to do it in a slow and thoughtful way. The wedding is in March?

Bobbi – sorry you’re still in pain. Is it, at least, a little less? I can just imagine, since toes and feet are so very sensitive! Good thoughts! You’re not thinking of doing the other foot for a while, are you?

CarolSue – that’s so sad about your neighbor… but how lovely that she was so admired and will be so much missed! That’s quite a legacy! Yes, I had hip replacement… total miracle surgery!

– I’ll be interested to hear your experiences with the Sonoma diet. Isn’t it just amazing how many diets there are out there????? Good luck!

Lucinda – you made me chuckle: “You have got to let yourself heal,( or is it heel?)” Are you feeling better today? And you also made me cringe in sympathy about your oozing blisters! OWWWW. I hope you were able to enjoy your dinner!

TNDonna – nice to see you!

Gayle – nice to have such a thrifty husband! Sounds like a good time was had by all! How is DGS feeling about his working gig? Good thoughts that your DS lands on his feet! I’m sure he will…

Took the car in for a recall today, and they’re keeping it overnight. No matter. Unfortunately my broken part of the tailgate is not the part that was recalled several years ago, so I’ll have to pay for it. I was pretty excited for a few minutes, thinking I’d get away from there for no money! Oh, well… It’ll be all better, and life will be perfect. YAY.

Nothing to report. It’s been raining for about 36 hours straight… pretty soggy, but it’ll be great sleeping again tonight!

Later, lovelies! :carrot: :carrot:

glynne 07-30-2014 09:55 PM

Good evening GG's,

This was for the July thread, but I was late and it was closed already when I got there.

Bobbi ~ sorry for what ever is going on and causing stress for you ~ you sure don't need more on top of what you already are going through. Please try to take care of yourself.:hug:

K31 ~ hope you are hanging in there ok.

Lucinda ~ so sorry you fell and hurt yourself ~ sending good healing thoughts. :hug: for you also

Mary ~ glad your weight has leveled off. Happy for you that you got to spend time with your son last evening.

Glad to see you back TN Donna. Hope things settle down in your life so you can hang out for a while.

Cherry ~ glad you have found a way of eating that is working for you. Way to go with having lost some weight. Did you enjoy your lunch today with your friends?

Carol Sue ~ sorry for the passing of your friend. I can identify with the to do list plans and not getting around to them as I had hoped. I did finally kind of get a start on some of the stuff. But about the time I hit my stride ~ school was out and Maddie here every day and those projects came to a screeching halt. Oh well.

Cajun ~ congratulations on the 3 pound loss. Praying that that storm doesn't come by you.

Donna/Jess ~ glad you got a good report from your dr. And so glad that your hip feels so good now. I always enjoy your posts ~ you use such creative wording ~ love it :D

Tam Tam ~ maybe you can modify the moves of the Leslie Sansone thing it isn't so rugged for you.

Deelou ~ wow ~ your kids are spread out ~ having one as young as you do has probably kept you young though.

K3 ~ thank you for starting the new thread for us.

Hello Nibbs

How are you doing Rosey? Glad your computer is fixed and you are back with us.

Hope you all rest well tonight

akrosey49 07-30-2014 11:07 PM

Hi everyone. another nice day here,windy but sunny. dh had another Dr apt for his knee. Its not healing as fast as he would like. He has had 2x a needle draining extra fluid and cortezone injection. today he had pt. My grdd is doing great,no wheel chair,walker or cane anymore or lift chair.shes back in her own bed and enjoying having her friends over. glad shes healing. for those that didn't know she was hit by a truck going 55mph while riding her dirt bike. its hard for me to keep everyone straight so am sending a big old :hug: from me to you all and success for whatever food plan u are on. rosey :wave:

Cajunlady165 07-31-2014 09:20 AM

Good morning. Sitting on the patio drinking coffee on a nice and cool 70 degrees. Waiting on my first baby at 630. It's supposed to rain for the next couple days. Not sure what the weekend has in store for us. I see a fishing trip on Saturday or Sunday if rain don't come.

Tn Donna. Welcome back.

Rosey so glad to hear your gd is doing better.

Gayle thanks. I'm really trying to stay only diet plan. Sometimes I'm not perfect but I try and it's working. Hopefully those storms stay out to sea. After we lost our house on 08 I'm extra worried.

Jess1/Donna. Yes ma'am the wedding is in march. I of have a few months. I'm worried about hunting season at the camp though. Some how when I'm at the camp my brain is programmed to believe just because I'm camping it a free for all food. I have a plan though. This year no snacks on my deer stand. I will hunt hungry. Lol.

K31 and k3. Thanks for starting August thread.

Bobbi hugs to you. Hope you feel better!!

Work calls. Hi to all

Cherry Tomato 07-31-2014 10:22 AM

Good morning, ladies -
Going to be a really busy day here at the office - last day of the month and all that, and I am financial manager, so I have to close out the books. Oh, how I long for retirement!

Lunch yesterday was good. I ordered a grilled swordfish over spinach and tomatoes with dressing on the side - hold the red onions - had to work in the office and don't want to offend!

Was chagrined to see a pound added back to the number on the scale this morning. It's a mystery pound, as I did not diverge from the plan. The only thing I can figure is that restaurant food has additional salt that homecooked food does not, and I ate a vegetarian item from Morningstar Farms and that was probably sodium-heavy too. I know I did not eat an additional 3500 calories yesterday! I hope it's just water weight. I brought a homemade salad today from home.

maryea 07-31-2014 01:14 PM

Good morning everyone! It's another beautiful day...89 already so gonna be a warm one! Dh went fishing so I'm on my own. Today is my weekly house cleaning day so hopefully I'll get a lot done. My weight continues to be stable at 170. So basically I'm starting over again due to this darn medication! I'll wait til Sunday and change my sig then to whatever it is then. (sigh) I'm thinking it just may be my body initial reaction to it (or it's effect on my body) and if I eat well, I can get it back down. :^:

Last night my dh made Pinacbet a Filipino dish. We usually use Talapia in it (lay it on top of the veggies), but the store didn't have any so we bought Swai which is similar in taste. But something was wrong with this Swai, I couldn't even cut it with my fork...the flavor was good, but kind of rubbery in texture. The last time I cooked it it wasn't like that. I couldn't eat it. So I ended up lightly frying some precooked potatoes (from our BBQ) and just eating that with a little of the veggies.

Cherry Tomato - Yes it probably was the salt. I usually gain with restaurant food for that reason. At least if it's salt and you don't eat out again too soon, the weight falls off again in a day or two. It sounds like you chose your food very carefully and healthily but restaurants always seems to add more salt and fat than necessary.

Rosey - Thank God your gd is doing ok and is home, happy for her and your family!

Jess/Donna - You seem much more carefree now that you're retired AND your hip is done!! Happy for you. Have you decided about going back to work part-time?

Well, I'm once again trying to discipline myself and limit my time online, not easy but I really want to so I can have more time for other things. I've won 7-8 (not sure about one as I got two emails about two different wins from same company), this month. I enjoy sweepstaking but it is too time consuming. I will be cutting way back on that. Here are my winnings (all small but fun):
7/6 - Good Reads The Best Homemade Kids' Lunches on the Planet $11.99 to $15.80 on Amazon.received 7/16
7/7 - Won two tickets to see Michael Buble in MSQ - declined value $44+
7/9 - purex - 1 year Ladies Home Journal subscription starts in 4 weeks.
7/9 purex - better homes and garden subscription?
7/21 Good reads - book -Revenge Best Served Bloody $11.43 amazon prime
7/22 - Mom's Blog - The Ragmuffin DVD 7/24/14 $10.80 to $14.99 on amazon
7/25 - Good Reads - Good Gone Bad $7.74-$8.54 for new on Amazon.
7/28 - Christian Book Store - eShift surprise from usps.

You all have a great day!!

glynne 07-31-2014 10:29 PM

Good evening GG's,

You all will have to forgive me, I know we are supposed to be trying to post and do personals every day, but I am just too tired tonight.

We did shopping this afternoon and that always leaves me in pain ~ that sciatic thing ~ from riding in the car. I bought this special butt cushion ~ it does seem to help ~ sometimes more than others though. When I get like this, I can't find a comfortable way to sit. So even though I love the computer/internet, I can't enjoy it right now.

My sister sent me a link for a thing that you put on your leg and it helps you do a stretch to loosen up the muscle that causes the sciatic pain. They sell it on Amazon. There were some reviews there ~ none of them were negative, so I think I am gonna order that. Hopefully that would fix me up.

Hope you all have had a good day and that you have a good rest tonight.

Take care

akrosey49 07-31-2014 10:51 PM

Hi everyone another beautiful day here. and I was soooo lazy. snoozed,read my book (P.Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series im on the 12th book Blow Fly all about a forensic pathologist that solves mysteries love them) and didn't cook as we had enuff leftovers. my kind day. Steve had his nerve test today for his neck to see if there was any damage,turned out hes fine :carrot: altho the test is painful.

Glynne when I had my back pain like you I used to prop one foot a little higher on a stack of books till steve made me a lo stool. I switched feet every so often when I was sitting and it helped quite a bit. you might try it and see if it helps you.Maryea congrats on the wins,sounds like a fun hobby. I like to scroll in e-bay and see what bargains I can find. Cajun how many liitle kids do you have, are u regulated like we are here. we can have 5 without being licensed. befor they changed the reg's I had 7 regulars and drop ins once in awhile.Cherry what type of office work do you do, bet your glad your busy day is over.hello to all,jess,bobbie,kfl,k3,lucinda,carolsue,tamtam,dee lou,if I missed anyone im so sorry, sometimes my wee pea brain misfires. Happy weekend rosey :wave:

Deelou 08-01-2014 08:58 AM

Personals here, WW weigh in even though I am not doing it but doing cals...endo appointment went well, thyroid balanced....so the energy I have is just what I have....today looking for iPad for my daughters "Gotcha Day", some don't like the term , buts for us it works, we gotcha to her and she gotcha to us!! Florida has tax free so will save some $$ on it and she is not expecting it. This month is exciting, her gotcha day the 10th, 13 years ago we adopted her, our oldest sons birthday on the 16th and our Anniversary , 50, on the 29th....but celebrating with friends the 8th...whew.....not boring right now.....

Wannabehealthy 08-01-2014 10:28 AM

Good Morning everyone! I can't believe it's August already. Summer always goes so fast and it has been a hot one for PA.

Gayle, I hope you are able to get comfortable. I'm sorry to hear you have such pain. I'm glad to hear your DGS is settled in a job, and hope your DS gets his worked out. Sometimes money isn't the most important thing, although you do need it to live.

Rosey, glad to hear your GD is doing well. Those youngsters heal so much quicker than we do.

Mary, you really do good with the sweepstakes!

Cherry Tomato, that swordfish with spinach and tomatoes sounds so good! I love grilled fish but have never had swordfish. I'll have to try it some day. My weight goes up and down but never stays down.

you really keep busy, getting those babies at 6:30 AM. That's early, but I guess the parents have to get off to work.

Good to see you Donna TN. How is your son doing?

Lucinda, I have given up on dress shoes. I wore them all the time when I worked but since retirement my feet have rebelled.

Karen31, thoughts and prayers are will you and Tim. Hope you get the hot/cold figured out.

Bobbi, Hope your foot is feeling better and you are getting your issues worked out. We miss you.

Wow, Deelou, 50th anniversary! Congratulations, and happy birthday to your son and happy Gotcha Day to your daughter. Sounds like it was a good fit!

Cajunlady165 08-01-2014 10:38 AM

Hi ladies. Raining here and all weekend. :-(.
Deelou you are busy busy. Glad your test came back good. I\'m curious. You don\'t have to answer. Did you know the baby you adopted needed a home? Or was it just a maternal feeling that you yearned for another little one. Were your older children out of the house when your lil one came along?

Rosey I\'m allowed 7 before I need to be licensed. I usually keep 6. I have kept 7 occasionally but it was because most of them were older than 1 years old and could do for themselves. I don\'t usually keep more that 2 under 1.

Gayle I\'ve has that sciatic nerve once and that hurts bad. Hope you get relief. Dh gets that often and they gave him exercises to stretch and it helps him.

Mary glad to hear you weight has stabilized. Now hopefully it will go the other way. There is nothing better than having an incentive to help with weight loss. Mine is that dreaded dress in have to wear for the wedding in march. Dresses look like a tent. They make me look so much larger and I\'m short. Also if a short person can wear high heels it doesn\'t look so bad. I can\'t wear heel too high. My ankles twist. I would fall on my face.

Cherry sometime sodium gets me too. Drink plenty of water the next day. It helps!!!

Gotta go get house work done. Hi to all!

Hugs cajun

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