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Bobbolink 01-31-2014 05:37 PM

~~February Golden Girls~~
We are about Fitness and Quality of Life after 50...
We are about Fun and Friendship after 50...
We are the Golden Girls...

There is Value in us
There is Power in us
There is Wisdom in us
And Laughter....
We are a rainbow of unique wonders,
There is love in us.
(poem by Dorothy Holmes)

Tell us a little about your life, family and goals. What keeps you motivated? What is the best thing that's happened to you since you passed the 50 mark? 60 mark? 70 mark? Friends laugh, cry and stand by each other, we'll be that to you!

Bobbolink 01-31-2014 05:46 PM

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:val1:Happy February everyone.
Glynne...thanks again for that neat web site you posted about the crafty blue jean ideas. I sewed some blue jean panels together with the pocket left in them, applied some wood glue and attached to a large peg board. Home Depot had a 37 pc. peg hooks, arms, etc for $7.00, the peg board was about $7.00 too. Bruce cut the board down to fit over my sewing machine table. I love it! I put it upstairs in a corner nick of the room.

Karen3 01-31-2014 06:34 PM

Thanks Bobbi......and an early thank you for March since I won't be here

Karen3 01-31-2014 07:09 PM

Oh snickers....I was going to post on the Jan site and you closed it. Speedy there Bobbi!

Had a call this am from the RN coordinator re:surgery and questions about me etc. Then came home for 2 letters with all the details. Some how it got realer....know what I mean. Have so many friends down here that have had TKR and they were telling me today that the newest treatment is not nearly as painful as it was 10 yrs ago. Really was a boost. I am anticipating mucho discomfort but less would be nice. DH said I should get one of those floor pedal things and I already have one. Inch by inch things are getting organized.

Bobbi....I was with in minutes of getting a puppy last week when it dawned on me I can't get down on the floor to clean up or even pick up. So will wait until post...Dash wants a sibling.

Our automatic garage door opener is going bonkers. It wouldn't open when I came home. But an hour later it went up by it's self.

Still OP and have not cheated even once since starting 1/1. Still having less than 1000 calories a day. Today Bkft was white egg omelet with ham, ketcup and cheddar cheese, Dinner was broiled pork and salad. Jello snack. Have to find something to add more calories....maybe popcorn??

Cajun...get better soon. The cold weather hit those Southern bones hard. Tea with lemon helps.

Lynn....now girl you know what works for you. Just traveling throw quirks in your system.

Donna....He must have been a wonderful FIL for you to have much sweet memories. We are always lucky to have good people in our life.

Karen....How is DH?

Rosey....We are both married to CP guys. About the time I want to kill him he does something sweet and keeps me off balance.

Gayle....I love hearing Maddie stories! We are so far from our GK and they are young adults. (13-35)

Any suggestions for books....gotta stock my Kindle, now

Hello again newbies...I read your notes and glad to have you....

jess1 01-31-2014 07:57 PM

Hola, Goldens!

Trying to snow, not quite able to eke it out.... we got about 4" last night, mostly all gone. We rarely get the cold as the Easterners have had.

Glad this week is over! I am tired and sore... I'll be all better after a night sleeping on a warm waterbed... and at 5:56 p.m., I'm already ready for bed!

Geez, the reason I posted was to tell Bobbi that your sewing thingie is SO WAY COOL! What a great imagination to come up with that!!

Later, lovelies!

glynne 01-31-2014 11:31 PM

Good evening GG’s,

Donna ~ enjoy that warm waterbed ~ hope you have a good nights rest. Does Samson snuggle up and stay warm with you. How are your scarves coming along?

K3 ~ glad that they have improved the TKR surgery ~ I am so glad it is coming soon for you and for you to have relief from that pain. My sister had her knee done the beginning of December. She is doing awesome and is so thankful for relief from that pain. I’m sorry if I go on too much about Maddie. I sometimes think maybe I shouldn’t talk about that so much ~ don’t mean to make those of you who don’t get to see your grandkids as often feel bad. It is just that Maddie is the bright spot in my life amongst the crummy stuff. I am trying to honor the request not to be so negative and bring others down, so that is how I end up talking about her so much.

Bobbi ~ that is so cool what you made from the blue jeans for your sewing space. I don’t feel quite so guilty about my escaping and time spent on Pinterest if it helped someone else. Your puppy is so cute.

Welcome Koshka ~ where in Texas are you? Glad you’ve joined us. I liked your idea of not bringing troublesome foods into the house, but to use single serve sizes if you wanted something like that. I do that sometimes and it is good to hear that others do it that way too ~ I don‘t feel so frivolous then. Each one has to find a way that works for them.

Lynn ~ sorry that you ended up with a gain. Your classes are almost over now ~ will you get a break, or do you have another one lined up that will start soon?

Robin ~ my husband eats kind of like you do ~ but eats in the evening. I don’t know how you guys do that.

Welcome Gia Rose ~ look forward to getting to know you.

Rosey ~ glad Mr. CP had his friend over ~ a diversion for him ~ maybe got you off the hook for a while. I’m gonna try making one of your little pizzas for Superbowl Sunday. I tried the tomato, cucumber, avocado salad, but I don’t know much about avocados and I think the one I used wasn’t ripe. I ended up picking out those pieces and throwing them away ~ that was disappointing. How do you know when they are ripe?

Mary ~ it is neat that you have gotten to go to and see so many places. How are you feeling these days? How is Joe doing?

Cajun ~ sorry you are not feeling well ~ hope you feel better soon. Is the weather warming up by you?

K31 ~ how is Tim doing? Any news?

Gramie ~ way to go passing up that doughnut. I don’t know if I would have been able to.

Welcome Canada ~ your travel adventures sound fun and interesting.

Hi Deelou, Lizzy and Carol Sue.

It was a busy day here. Did the grocery shopping and some other errands. We try to do everything we need to do all in one trip ~ save on gas etc. It was a nice temperature. Hope it is nice tomorrow, so I can get out and walk or bike.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

jess1 01-31-2014 11:38 PM

Gayle - yes, Samson is a great snuggler. He spends most of his life under the covers! I just LOVE him!!

I just did finish scarf #3. I want to do one more tomorrow and get it to my friend so she can give them to her granddaughters. I took hers to her today, and she said she would be giving it away.... hurt my feelings!! Anyway, I guess it's hers to do with as she wants. I really and truly do hate working with that yarn!! I've finally figured out a trick to help me; I don't know that it would help anyone else, but my fingers just don't cooperate sometimes, and this works for me. Sucky stuff!!! I'll be glad to finish the last one.

My boss was THRILLED with hers, wore it all day long, and said thank you about a million times. That made me feel pretty good!

Off to start #4.... bah.

akrosey49 02-01-2014 12:14 AM

Hi everyone. went to wallmart today.picked up some perscriptions and a few grocerys,its amazing how I only need a few things and buy extra. I did not go by the dayold bread a pastries cart tho becuz I knew I would use the excuse that steve likes donuts :p and then guess who eats them :dizzy: I got to see my dd,shes a pharmacy tech at wallmart,she brightens my day and always a hug and smile for me. glynn we love hearing maddie storys,do not feel like you cant talk about things and folks that bring you joy and when you buy an avocado I push my thumb gently into it. it should be soft but not squishy,if the ones u got are hard leave them on the counter for a few days and they will soften. Jess im sorry that your friend didn't appreciate your gift its happened to me and it hurts,some folks don't know the time and effort it takes to create things.Bobbie your pup is so cute. my 2 chi chi's are puppy pad trained too.I always look at alaskas list and they had the cutest yorkies for sale.. I don't need another dog but I always look.Hoping you all have agreat weekend :hug: rosey :wave:

1 pkg instant oatmeal

breakfast sand ( eng muffin,sausage,egg whites cheese)
iced tea

s. noodles with 1/2 c meat sauce
sm salad

honey wheat pretzel twists
mango banna orange all fruit smoothie ( premixed frozen)

McSurf 02-01-2014 01:41 AM

Hello! Just came back to the site. Haven't been here since 2008, but decided I needed a support group if I were to continue to lose weight.

Looking forward to meeting you all. Oh, I am 66 and weigh 158 and was 168. On my way down...

GiaRose 02-01-2014 06:26 AM

Good morning ladies.....
....I'm starting to find my way around. :dancer:

Today DH and I are going to lunch. We have a special place where we go to eat and play Keno. I limit myself to 2 glasses of Pinot Griegio (my treat for the week). We meet so many other Goldens who have the same thing in common as we do. It's fun to sit and gab especially with our peers. :gossip:

I'm helping my DD plan a party for her son's graduation from college in May. It's all so exciting. Two weeks after his party we have our second granddaughter's wedding. I can't believe where all the years have gone. He is the youngest of our 4 grandkids. My son's 3 have already graduated college, and are well established. :cheer3:

DH was 23 when we married, and I was 19 (56 years ago). The best part of marrying young is that we get to grow up with our kids. When I was turning 40 my son said, "Wow ma in 20 years you'll be 60". I returned the compliment, and said "Yes, and in 20 years you'll be 40". He said, "Oh my God, I never thought of it that way". Now I am 75 and he will be 55 this year......sooooo hard to believe! :yikes:

We're blessed so far to be in fairly good health, and able to enjoy life in this wonderful High-Tech world of ours. I enjoy the computer, and have been able to learn quite a bit thanks to my DD. The only thing is my sisters and most of my friends are too scared to get on the computer and click buttons. I showed DH how to play a couple of games on our laptop so it keeps him busy and out of my space a few hours a day....LOL. He's a sweetheart but sometimes it seems he just follows me around asking questions.:comp:

KAREN, I don't know what TKR surgery is but I wish you good luck and a fast recovery.:hug:

, I enjoy listening to stories about your grandchildren. I hope I don't annoy anyone with stories about mine. They are what makes my world go round.:flow1:

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed day.

Karen3 02-01-2014 09:59 AM

Gayle......Never ever stop with the Maddie stories until she is at least 35 yrs old. They brighten my day k3

Karen31 02-01-2014 11:33 AM

Good morning everyone! WOW! So many new people. Be patient with us it takes a while to remember who everyone is!

My hubby is still doing the same. We go to the VA Hospital in Littlerock on Tuesday for pre-op and then they will do the procedure on Wednesday. Hoping they don't find any surprises and they are able to get the gall stones without any complications. If they do find a growth they will do a biopsy at the same time.

My weekly weigh in was 189.8 so only .9 pound lost. Will leave my ticker where it is for this week.

Gayle, I love hearing the stories of Maddie! Grandchildren should be special! Don't stop the stories!!

Everyone take care and if you are in nasty weather, stay warm

maryea 02-01-2014 02:18 PM

Just time for a quick note. We got up late (so what else is new?...we ARE retired afterall ;)). While we were still in bed our gs called to facetime with me and our dd called to ask us to babysit. So I haven't had time to do much more than eat breakfast...a good omelet made my my dh. Yummy! I never fix omelets, so it was a treat but a little heavy on the fat. Mostly I'm doing ok during the days but I am still not doing well in the evenings so my bs is still high yet my weight so far is still stable. Besides the omelet (which had beef sausage, onions and mushrooms in it), I had 1/3 cup applesauce and a cup of milk with added fiber. Should keep me full for a little while.

Enjoying all your posts...will return with personals when I can.

akrosey49 02-01-2014 09:16 PM

Hi everyone. A very lazy day. curled up in my chair by the wood stove with my nose in a book. was watching tv at the same time,My 600lb life..reminded me of my struggles with wtloss surg. one women was married to a European guy that loved big women. she was over 500# poor thing and had surg and started loosing,he sabotaged her thru out,she wanted salad and he said if she wanted greens she should go outside and graze :mad: don't know if these shows are staged however she succeeded in loosing until she was under 200.i was so happy for her. have any of you watched it. Had a very productive talk with mr cranky,this time he seemed to listen,and things have been a little more pleasant around here.sorry that our troubles are sometimes reflected in my postings. hes not nicknamed mr cranky for nothing,however he now knows how his behavior affects me. hoping your weekend is peaceful rosey :wave:


breakfast egg sand
fruit cup

real fruit smoothie

leftovers noodels and s.sauce

100 cal micro popcorn
1 sq garadellii dark choc.
tced tea

canadjineh 02-02-2014 02:54 AM

Hi Rosey Here's hoping Mr. Cranky finally comes around lol.
Mary- I ordered a whole whack of those books you suggested from my library but apparently L P's pretty popular right now, so I'm sure it will be a bit of a wait. Just read the whole 447 pages of John Grisham's new novel Sycamore Row today (my hubby was obviously busy all day with 'projects' as he is seasonally retired and always needing something to do;) ) Great Book! I highly recommend it but I've always liked John Grisham's writing style and subjects.
By the way, it always takes me so long to figure out where the new posts are - so if you lose me on this forum, one day I may stumble across the threads I'm interested in again - just be patient with me as I am new to the 3 Fat Chicks system. lol:D

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