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annieway 11-13-2012 08:23 AM

Losing weight and looking so old!
Hi, I'm relatively new here. I'll be 62 in a couple of months. I've been doing really well with my weight loss program, but I am starting to look so much older! I've always had good skin that I've taken care of, and I don't have a lot of age spots or fine wrinkles, but since I've lost the weight I have developed truly alarmingly saggy jowls and turkey neck. It looks like my face is slowly melting down my neck. I know it's just the extra skin that was formerly stretched by fat, but it's so depressing when I look in the mirror.

And it's not just my perception. I never used to get offered seats on the overcrowded bus, but now I get one every time!

I did get an updated shorter haircut which helps a little (at least I got compliments on it).

Is this something that will get better or will my face just continue to "melt down" as I lose more weight. I never thought I'd consider a face lift and I wouldn't do it until I've reached my goal, but I'm starting to really seriously consider it.

Is anyone else having this problem?

bargoo 11-13-2012 08:44 AM

Yes, it will get better. I show weight loss first in my face but in a little while that fixes itself. I don't know what happens but the remaining weight seems to redistribute itself and you will look much better.

Roo2 11-13-2012 09:41 AM

Hi Annieway-
I know it is kind of freaked me out too when I started seeing wrinkles that I did not notice before! I was started Collagan drink and taking Vitamin E and Omega.
Ālso I plan on going in for some Laser resurfacing and if need be getting 200'000
Tune-up, LOL!!
My Coach told me not to worry , so I have to realize these are things that can and will be addressed just keep you eyes on the prize.
And know you deserve the extra pampering.
keep up the good work!

annieway 11-13-2012 12:23 PM

Thank you Roo and Bargoo for your encouraging words! I am no less committed to the weight loss program, and now I hope, as I go along, that my appearance will improve. I'll look into the Collagen drink and the E. I'm already on Omega 3.

OnaMi 11-13-2012 12:38 PM

you're face will look better Annie :) when mine started to sage and look funny, i was so depressed cause I was always know for having a pretty face but over time it has filled out and looks so much better.

Wannabehealthy 11-15-2012 10:12 AM

When I lose weight I start to see my mother when I look in the mirror. She lost weight when she got older and started to get the saggy look. I thought of her as old, so it didn't matter to me. I do look exactly like her, but moreso when I lose weight in the face. Obviously, that has happened over and over. LOL

Ann1231 11-25-2012 10:25 AM

I've been concerned about wrinkles and sags but I don't want to be overweight so I figured I had to just deal with them! lol! I'm hoping that my skin will kind of tighten up as the weight loss and exercise continues.

1spunkygal 11-25-2012 10:46 AM


I'm 55 & have always recvd compliments on my looks. OMG ! you dont look it ! Well I don't I'm now seeing an older looking face in the mirror. WHAT THE HECK ! I don't like it ...so do I stay fat & filled out ? :(

annieway 11-27-2012 03:05 PM

Yes, I look EXACTLY like my mother. I do hope it gets better, but I still have a long way to go with weight loss so I guess it won't be for a while yet.

sdejager 02-27-2013 03:38 AM

I always lose weight first in my face - and I hate that because I have a long "horse face" the way it is. Thank God my daughter got her dad's round face :)
When I get to my goal weight there is no doubt...facelift, here i come!

grayhenry 03-07-2013 09:33 AM

OMG, this is something I didn't think about. I'm only 7 lbs in, but really I don't want to look older. I do notice more of the jowls. It does get better, really? You aren't just saying that - LOL!??


robcale 03-16-2013 05:30 AM

looking old and wrinkled
I'm down 20 lbs, 20 more to go. I just turned 60 and having a hard time getting used to the excess skin that used to be filled in with fat! I've been told that after a "certain" age, the skin will no longer go back the way it used to...loss of collagen and elastin. Is this true? or does it just take longer? Anyway, I've been doing facial exercises and they seem to be helping a bit, especially the neck area. Any advice is welcome.

hewkojm 03-21-2013 09:51 PM

I've lost a little. I'm turning into an new creature; Turkey neck, Bat-wing arms. Skin apron that I can't take off!! I really love muffin tops; to eat!. We used to go to Mrs. Lee's hanging gardens, now I have the hanging gardens. I'm ready. Bring it on.

Rytre 08-11-2013 11:52 AM

I'm already worried about this. I'm used to people telling me that I look 10-15 years younger - my favorite was the x-ray tech who asked if I could be pregnant and did a double-take when I told him I'd been through menopause - and I know it's because the fat has filled up any wrinkles I have. It has also hidden my cheekbones too, though, and I'll be glad to get those back. Extra skin on my body torso is a concern too. I should've watched what I was eating all these years!

Netters61 08-11-2013 02:52 PM

It will fill in again to an extent. If you tend to lose weight in the face first, like I do, it can seem scary. But then when you get to your goal...which might be slightly heavier than you may have been shooting for in the past...you go onto maintenance and eat a little more and the face fills in first...for me anyway. But you also have to make friends with it a little bit and use your sense of humor because we can't go back. I'm gonna shoot for healthy, happy and pleasantly plump. That rocks! ;)

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