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Good Morning! Rosey so sorry to hear about your hubby. Gosh I hope they get it figured out and he can start being comfortable again. This has got to be tough on the both of you.

Well, I weighed in this morning and I'm really getting tired of dancing around with the same couple pounds! I am back at 178.1! So that is just a loss of .45 pounds this week! Guess I really need to step it up so I don't look so bad this summer! I hate going through these slumps. Wish we could just give up food like other bad habits!! LOL!! Just think how much money we could save!! Just kidding!!

I'll be back later.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. ~
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Good afternoon ladies, lovely sunny day here. Not much snow but lots of ice. Not good for walking. I did go out and sand the door yard so that is accountable for some exercise.
Rosey,sorry to hear about your DH.
Retiredone, Oops on the chips. Not good when the elder tires out the younger!
Hopefully I will get used to posting and greet more folks. I will get the hang of it after awhile. Have a great day everyone.
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Very quick hola........

Rosey - good thoughts for Steve!!..... and for YOU.... I know how much you worry, and I hope they can figure something out to FIX that poor boy! Good thoughts, my friend.

And this is a WOWSERS... http://fitbie.msn.com/slideshow/10-l...u-ll-pay-price

Later, lovelies!

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown

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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Working on that room some more. Getting there slowly though. I may not have it all done by Monday (when I go back to work), but it is better than it was. Taking a break right now ~ have pulled up my chair to the GG's table and sipping a cuppa. Ahhhhh ~ lovely.

Bee ~ Welcome to the group. I liked what you wrote in your post: Keep those smiles glowing. You never know who needs one today from you. Your posts are very good to read. Some need prayers others need a giggle. With faith and love. This group has it all. Faithful friends are a strong defense; and us who have them have found real treasures on here.

Welcome to you also Daylily/Chris.

It is nice and sunny here today ~ love that sunshine.

Got to spend some time over at Sara's last night. Jason was there too, so it was a twofer Got some coloring therapy with Maddie. Don't get to see as much of Corbin ~ he was on the computer with a friend.

Guess I'd better get back to work. Hope you all are having a good weekend.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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WOW! That is very eye opening Donna! See that is what I'm talking about -- you get hit from all sides!!! LOL!! When Tim and I do go to Subway we always split a grilled chicken on 12 grain bread, with lettuce, tomato, american cheese and light mayo. Never any chips and I get a diet coke to drink. Guess that isn't too bad but still not good! But dog gone it you have to live too!!

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. ~
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Good Morning ladies .

May you have a nice weekend. Keep those smiles glowing. You never know who needs one today from you. Your posts are

very good to read. Some need prayers others need a giggle. With faith and love. This group has it all.

Faithful friends are a strong defense; and us who have them have found real treasures on here.

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OMG!!! I just made a smoothie in my new FAVORITE MAGIC BULLET and it is so good!! I took some frozen mixed fruit about 1/2 cup, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, and 8 ounces of Tropical blend Splash! All for about 200 calories!! It is so Yummy just had to jump on here to share!!

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. ~
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Karen31, your Magic Bullet sounds like it does a fabulous job on smoothies.

Rosey, I do hope you DH is feeling much better today. Is he home today?

Carol Sue, it sounds like you are feeling so much better than you did last week. Don't overdo the exercise until you have a clean bill of health. Get rid of the junk!

Lynn, I'm sure when you start posting your exercise and food things will improve. I know it really helps me.

, I bought the chips for my MIL (sure I did) who was feeling a bit hungry. We should have stopped at a restaurant and had lunch but we shopped through. I opened the bag for her in the car and she made sure I got the first handful. That's all I needed--one taste.

Daylily, I just can't have chips around me. I fall every time. It's just the plain chips that I love so much. The flavoured ones can be a problem but not so much. You'll get used to all of us soon enough and posting will get easier as you become more chat savvy.

Donna, that link proved to be an eye-opener. We seldom eat out and reading those stats on the fast foods makes me happy we don't.

Gayle, it's satisfying to see the room get cleared and cleaned up. The hardest thing is keeping it that way once it's done, lol. So nice you got a twofer last night. I guess Corbin is growing up more than you want.

Hi Beesparkle, hope you are having a wonderful day.

I'm full to the gunnels. I ate a decent dinner and had a modest size piece of pie with a little scoop of ice cream. But I'm a picker and while I was cleaning up I ate more macaroni and more fried potatoes and one more roll. Well it's my cheat day but I'll take it easy tonight. Probably won't have much for supper. I'm thinking I'll eat one of the large tangelos I have. It's close to suppertime and I'm not hungry at all. I haven't been near the bike yet but later on this evening I'll get on and peddle to nowhere.

We have been the recipients of a nasty winter storm so it's a good day to curl up, read the GG posts and nod off and have a nap. Our friend who stayed last night left following dinner but if it had been me I would have stayed. I don't know why people take such risks in a snow storm. He's heading east where the snow is supposed to turn to rain but I'd have probably waited until tomorrow, myself. We'll have about 30 centimetres (12 inches) down by this evening and the winds were up so there is some drifting.

A good day to everyone else and I'll be back with my menu later on this evening. Toodles.

Bike: 1613.03 Kilometres

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Howdy from the sunny deep south! Still waiting for schedule of if or when the company will be coming. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rosey...So sorry Steve is hurting. Your description sounds like colic that the horses get. You have to walk them around for hours or shot them. For Steve i'll say my prayers.

Friend was telling me yesterday she sent away for this new diet she had seen on tv. The "Doctor" says that fat people don't have good taste buds and they eat and eat to attempt to sate themselves. She got a double jar one side was sweet spices and other side was savory spices. Says after using it food tastes so good she is eating twice as much....Caught me flat footed with my mouth wide open before I could start laughing.

Next table the elder lady who I just got one of my son's signed books for...told me she had written the lit editor of St Pete's Times saying she must review this fabulous book. Hey when you are 90+ redheaded competitive A class bridgepalyer living alone and playing at least 5 days a week you can often get your way. Me when I grow up I wanna be Judy. Emailed DS and he's still laughing and having publisher sent precopy of the new book to St Pete Times.

Had a planned cheat last night. We went to this new restaurant that has fabulous specials....last night was seafood. Had paella with shrimp, fresh clams etc, scallops with tiny pasta, fresh fish fillet grilled, green salad and 2 wee pizza crust rolls. Stuffed to the gills for 6.99. Oh and a drink included. Tons of garlic so am having no problem today drinking enough water. Don't think could make at home that cheap. Must go back again for a different special.....love anything anyone else cooks. You can make me cry making me a pj sandwich.

I had to crawl under my bed the other day for a couple of tubs of books and bridge suplies(attic too hot to store stuff) and found a small tub of brand new undies. I have no idea when I put them under there or why, but was like getting a Xams gift. Talk about a senior moment??????

Zoe....you are getting more and more of that short timers disease. Inpatience with rude power driven a**es. I agree with Rie and Marie casually mention the harassment problems some companies have had....sweetly...but knowly!

Welcome to all the new chicks...cyber hugs.

Lynn....new thought have you tried the lamp that helps with winter blues...Zoe??? what's it called. So often we hid depression in other illnesses. just a thought.

As you must have noticed am all over the place today....can't settle down....BBL...hugs k3

ps Isabella...try what I do...just lick the salt and grease off and put the chip back in the bag.....won't be long before bag gets nasty. k

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Hi everyone! Hope you're having a nice Sat. This is my sister's birthday and we talked on the phone quite a while. We don't talk often so it was a treat. Dh is still working on the bathroom...he's had a little trouble with the entry part I think but it's almost done. He just went out to buy something he needed. He has the toilet back in place now and is using it as his bathroom again.

Karen31, Retired1 - I too wish I could just give up food! Would be so much easier than trying to limit myself. I already do not keep sweet and salty snacks in the house but even regular foods are not safe from me in the evenings. I will overeat on anything from dinner on. I was thinking...I'll just stop buying anything I tend to overeat on but the truth is that is not practical...that would mean having no saltine crackers, no peanut butter, no jelly, not bread, no honey, no cereal in the house and honestly even if I did eliminate all those I'd probably find something else to overeat on. I'm just being honest. I've come to the conclusion...I can't think of this as a food problem...it is a ME problem!
I have learned so much and have changed so much about myself for the better over the years but my eating remains my biggest challenge.

Karen31 - Glad you like your Magic Bullet. I don't understand why I didn't. Maybe there is more than one model? I'll take another look. I haven't returned my Cuisinart because it works well despite it's issues. Dh called Costco and they said bring it in and they'd look up when I bought and see what they can do, but if I do get my $40+ back, I don't know what to buy to replace it. I tried a few before this one and this one worked the best.

bobbi - My dh is like yours...he has something called willpower! I've never had it and am beginning to wonder if I ever will but keep trying. If I like the taste of something I have to eat it all! Then its gone and I don't have to worry about it anymore...that's always been my policy. I know I need to get past this or I will never lose all my extra weight but why it's so hard I don't know. Since MF, I've gained SO quickly! If I don't stop it soon I'll be back to what I was before.

Slmn - Glad your wound is looking better. Once you have that healed probably you will be able to concentrate more on dieting. You were doing well as I remember.
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Hi everyone it s freezing cold here -22 this am it was a 2 dog nite last nite lol(not a 3 dog nite remember that band) anyways i had daisy on one side and gizmo on the other under the covers all cozy,id have rather been cozy with dh. he had a bad nite he said but the dr got to see him at his worst so now they are rechecking everything and keeping him till they have an answer. his intestine untwisted it self thank goodness,but his blood test still showed high allergins so its something hes allergic too sigh.thank you for all the hugs and prayers they are so appreciated. ill keep you updated rosey

I am enough!
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Hi all. I did a little better last couple nights with the snack thing - all of your suggestions helped. We're having a couple over for bridge - we always have pizza, salad, desert and table snacks. She always has chocolate table snacks. I can't have in my house (that's my crack cocaine!) I have savory table snacks. but I do have to have a gosh darn dessert. DH picked it up for me today. Hope it is something small.
Rosey - so sorry about your DH's illness. So sweet that you miss him - I love your nickname for him - grizzly bear. When I'm in a playful mood I refer to my husband as "Stevie-boy" or Stevie. (His name is Steve.) His elderly aunt still calls him Stevie so that's where I came up with it. When I'm annoyed with him I refer to him as a hard ***. I hope I haven't offended anyone. He can just be so stubborn and has a hard time seeing when he is wrong. But I digress...
Mary - I think we were twins separated at birth - the way we are with out eating after dinner. You remember I was the one eating salad croutons...But still, it helps to keep the "heavy drugs" out of the house. I do keep the fat free saltines. And I have turned to them but it takes an awful lot of them to equal my prefered binge food. I still don't understand why I don't over eat broccoli...
K3 - I love when someone cooks for me but what nearly brings me to tears is when someone CLEANS UP FOR ME. My DH will do dishes when I cook. But if I leave a dish somewhere because I'm running out of the house - I could be gone for TWO WEEKS - it will still be sitting there waiting for me when I get back.
Isabella - I only pray that I have a DIL like you someday. I do most of the care taking of my parents. they are in a "retirement community" but in independent living. My biggest, secret fear - who is going to pluck the gray hairs off my face!!!
Bobbi - you made me LOL about your DH and the sweet rolls. Just let him buy one and tell him there is an expiration date on it - which is when ever you get tired of looking at it. I'm the same - can lose weight on a diet but I STINK at maintaining. And right now I stink at getting back on the wagon. I'm "white nuckling" it. That's because I'm eating for comfort.
Carole Sue - I'm glad you're feeling better.
Karen 31 - I was able to open up your post. That was so sad. I hope it improves.
My computer skills are sadly lacking. I want to get better. When you say "open up microsoft words/works" do you mean do that, then go to 3fc?I didn't even know you could do that. So I come on 3fc through Firefox. I have a book and disc "Windows 7 For Dummies" - obviously I haven't used it much. I looked at the index - oh, I think it has something to do with Internet Explorer..
Welcome to Daylily, Bee Sparkle and Jenye. (I was in Australia a couple of years ago, not long enough and not Perth but I loved it. It seemed to me all the people were very good looking, like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.) You will like this site. Someone always understands where you're at.

Started IP 1/14/11
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Yes Deelee, you can open up both windows and toggle back and forth between the two. You can read from 3fc and then just click on the window for works/word and answer, then back and forth until you are done. Then when you are finished writing your post you can just copy and paste it right into the 3fc site where you would normally write your message.. Hope that helps.

Need to go and get my kitchen cleaned up. I know we are meeting the family for lunch tomorrow after church but so far I don't know where!! My Aunt is waiting to hear from my younger brother to see where he may want to go. Guess we will find out later tonight or in the morning!!! SURPRISE!!! LOL!!!

I'll try to get back later

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. ~
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Oh my akrosey!!! My dh suffered for untold years w/ bowel issues. he even had an unscrupulous doctor remove his perfectly healthy appendix during exploratory surgery. that was before he and i met. my dh later learned that he he extrememly lactose intolerant and he had bacteria growing in his diverticuli causing his bowels to cramp and swell and twist. he is now on low doses of kolonopin and he watches his dairy intake.
I still spend most evenings rubbing his belly until he falls asleep.
But on to other topics.. I am joyful today is already Sunday. saturday night I indulged my hunger. On healthy foods yes, but I went over my 900 calorie limit. but I did walk to and from synagogue and that is 5 miles combined.
To those of you who love their Magic bullets... I love the infomercials and I am thinking of getting the whole system when its on sale at Costco.
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I went online and was looking up my insurance claims and found that this daily nurse I have is going to be very expensive. It paid for it in December beause I had already met my deductible but January starts a new year. In Dec it was $1,900 for 2 weeks, so around $1000 per week. I have a high deductible that I have to meet, then it will only pay 90% after than, so even after I meet the deductible I will be paying around $90-$100 per week. Ouch! But it's necessary because I can't pack these wounds myself and I don't trust DH to do it. I chose this insurance plan knowing what the deductible was because it had $0 premium. After all the medical bills I had last year I thought surely I wouldn't have a repeat performance! So I do what I have to do. At least it's January and after this, I will have no deductible for the rest of the year no matter what I need to have done. I just might rethink the insurance plan for next year. Do I want to pay a monthly premium for something I might not even use or do I risk it and pay the deductible. It's a gamble. I like gambling when I'm at the casino, but not so much with my medical bills.

Lucinda - My doctor removed an ovary AND my appendix during my recent surgery, but he said they were stuck in all the infection I had in my abdomen and removing them was a better choice than taking the time to scrape away the infection to free them, with me lying there bleeding. I am not planning to use that ovary for anything and from what I hear, the appendix has no purpose anyway, so that is just a few more ounces off my total weight! LOL

I'm sorry to hear that your DH has so many bowel problems. I'm wondering if he just enjoys having his belly rubbed. Is he part retriever by any chance? LOL I'm just teasing, and by no means am I trivializing his pain. I know bowel pain and don't EVER want to go through that again.

Isabella - If I would get rid of the junk food I would have to get rid of DH too. Sometimes that sounds like a good idea, but he does come in handy sometimes. In the past, I have done a great job of staying away from his junk food. But lately it's been more the carbs I've been overeating, which I know are a problem for me. When I was single I rarely bought potatoes or bread as it is a trigger food for me, but can't do that with a family. So I just have to control my urges, which I haven't been really good at lately. I am like Maryea....I can overeat on anything if I've got a mind to overeat. And this is a sign of a true binge eater. It doesn't have to be anything that tastes good. It just have to be within reach.

Maryea - Since you liked your Cuisinart so much, maybe you should just get a new one of the same thing. Cuisinart is a good name, so it might have just been that you got a bad one and a new one would work just fine. I hope you are able to exchange it.

Karen3 - I have heard about the taste buds, and I think it's possible. I heard it in regards to people who are very picky eaters. Their taste buds are hyper sensitive and therefore they don't like many foods. But those of us whose taste buds are normal or below normal are the ones (like me) who say they can eat anything. My list of foods that I don't like is very short.

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!
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