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Default Losing my steam at 51?

Had a crazy dream last night:

I went on a cruise to the Scandinavian countries. I was stuck on a ship with all sorts of middle-aged and older women, plus a contingent of creepy lounge singers in bad polyester tuxedos. I couldn’t figure out what to do while on the cruise. There was no one I could talk to. Whenever I tried to talk to an activities director, she’d run off with the young and pretty blond crew. While pushing a wooden wheel barrow full of cheeses! (Biotch!)

Somehow I ended up being stuck in a dining room, to one side of the room where all the dirty dishes from dinner remained. Not many people in there, but some blue-haired women blinking at me through their very thick glasses. And still, couldn’t figure out what to do.

Do you think this has something to do with my approaching 51st birthday? And how I’m feeling about life lately?

I used to have days when I got up feeling motivated and excited about the day. I used to have energy to get all sorts of things done throughout the morning. I used to be clear-headed and had purpose, and I'd get things done!

Haven't had one of those days in over a year. I get things done, but there's no fire in me lately. Is this what getting older feels like? Sucks! I guess I had the expectation that as I lost weight and exercised more I'd get to tap into the old energy again. But it hasn't surfaced yet. I'm stronger, I'm lighter, I'm not eating foods that drag me down any more, I'm taking my vitamins, I'm sleeping well, I'm not drinking alcohol...and I want to go back to bed now.

But that's not happening. I had a great breakfast an hour ago. I'm going to see my trainer in another hour. I'm getting my hair cut and colored later. I've got laundry going and the dishwasher running. The boys are fed and out the door.

I'll figure this out...just needed to get all this out of my head. So it won't stay stuck in there and make me want to eat something or quit exercising. Thanks for listening!

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Getting back into it
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I understand the energy issue (also 51) - it's why I decided to start taking steps - to get back some of that energy I used to have. Even with just a few pounds off, I feel better and sleep better. Think it's due largely to cutting out sugar. But also due to my first steps being successful.

This year has definitely been a transition that is tied to age. I am working to find the positive aspects of this. Let me know what you discover.

Happy to listen -- thanks for sharing.


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I know I have weird dreams too. Gratefully not scary; Just distorted and weird.

I am 51. I always thought I'm feel forever young. I don't feel that way so much these days. It's another reason I'm motivated to get some weight off. Between work stress and family issues stress, it has gotten me down lately. I almost started crying at work today but got it together.

I'm single but I have an old mother who has always been beyond difficult and with her health going south, she's getting worse. And causing me great stress.
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Oh MY. I also had a very weird and vivid dream last night, Goeblewis!!very unusual for me.
Maybe you are coming down with a cold or something.
I feel sluggish right before I get a herpes outbreak, which has morphed into fibromyalgia. But like you I am focused on my eating, avoiding booze and sugar and we are on target so Hurray for being 51.
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When I was about that age I was so tired and had no go. My mother who was almost 90 looked at me and laughed and said, "You'll get over that. It's only the change. In a couple of years you'll get your energy back." And, you know, she was right. Just ride this out and do as much as you can and unless there is a good reason, medically, or otherwise, you just may feel better sooner than you think. BTW, my mother often had a lovely shade of purple to her hair. LOL

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It sounds like you have an underactive Thyroid gland. I had the same symptoms (no energy, cloudy thinking, weight gain) and had it checked out. A simple blood test can determine this and thyroid replacement pills can help you if this is the case. Make sure they check both T3 and T4 levels. Although not 100%, I'm much better than before.

Good Luck!

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Hi Georgia welcome if you are new to this group. I think I've only been coming to 50+ for a couple of weeks but feel like - I fit right in. this is a great group of women. I haven't been on site much in the past few days. But the Golden Girls site is where everyone hangs out. I'm glad I noticed your thread because I have been right where you're at - so have others on the site. Some of the big things that helped me - seeing an endocrinologist who tests T3 as well as T4, just as Web said. And all your other hormones as well. I love my internist but he just doesn't get the whole T3 thing. I also started on other bioidentical hormones - estrogen and progesterone. Those have saved me. It so helps with the depression.
Isabella - so great to hear what your mom said and that you found it to be true. I'm 57 and I still need my estrogen and actually think I need a little more since I lost 30lbs. Chick filled me in on that - I would have thought it was just the opposite. These bioidenticals are not a cure but they are definitely a BIG help. I have to go - I'll be back later. You are in the right place!

Started IP 1/14/11
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Thanks everyone for your support and wisdom! I really am grateful!

Feeling compassion for you, VegDay. I'm in the same boat.

I have an appointment with my doctor in a little over a month. I'm dealing with type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and there's hypothyroidism in my gene pool. I'm so happy to hear that the shift during menopause is temporary. I can pace out my frustrations for the next couple years!

I'm already eating right. Cleaned up my diet from processed foods and sugars last year because of food sensitivities. I eat about 90% Paleo now and it helps me manage the cravings and other issues. I don't go out for meals much any longer. I miss that, but I feel much better for it.

So, I'm admitting I've been lurking on Golden Girls forum. I don't want to turn 51! I'm in such denial about it! Women my age in my town are embracing their longing to be grandmothers or making poor choices at Forever 21. I still have ambitions I've been harboring since college and don't want my golden years to be about babysitting. I'm working on my healthy because I've spent so many years letting it go while taking care of everyone else's needs and goals. I want to be healthy and vibrant to work on my to-do list (which happens to be four pages long!). I'm not talking about climbing K4 or jumping out of airplanes, but I can't relax on a beach in Bali if I'm sitting in a wheel chair because my leg's been amputated due to diabetes.

I will keep in touch, ladies. I appreciate finding you!

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Georgia, I'm not ready to be 51 either (on the 22nd). I insist that I am about to turn 49 for the third time! Seriously, I know what you mean and I'm going to be tested to see if I'm in menopause yet when I see my doctor Monday. (A good chance.)

Take care and keep in touch. We'll get through all this together!
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