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Hi, just thought I would stop in and de stress. (is that allowed)

I had a 3:30 dentist appt yesterday, just a cleaning. Well, I got there 15 minutes early and I had to wait 1 hour to get in. I was so ready to go and ask if I had my appointment time wrong. So, the tech comes to get me, and she is in such a hurry because she is behind, she had to redo my xrays, twice, blurry. Then it was a rush the whole time she was cleaning my teeth, I thought she was going to pull them out with her chisel!. Then the doctor comes in to exam me, and has her redo the xrays again, becasue he can't see all my teeth (I am like, look in my mouth, I think they are still there!)

By the time I left I was actually stressed. They were running two patients behind by the time I got there, I feel sorry for anyone that leaves work and has to go back to work after waiting that long. Then when I got home I had two dogs that were stressed, because I was so late. That just added to my stress.

And this morning, I still feel stressed and I am headed to the thumb doctor before work. I think I need a drink!

Here's to a better day today after 10:00 this morning for everyone if you need it. (thanks for letting me rant)
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Want to feel better
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Chickadeee ~ I am faced with the same possible situation today. I was not able to get my appointment on my day off. So, I have to leave part way through the work day. It seems like I almost never get in on time at any of the dr's offices. I told them at work that I would come back after and do another 4 hours ~ I wonder what time I will make it back there.

I am always feeling badly if I show up 3 or 4 minutes late, then get to thinking ~ does it really even matter ~ I am always kept waiting ~ sometimes quite a long while.

Have a good day everyone.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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Hi GG's,

We have gotten snow flurries her a few times, but this morning we're getting snow. It's really beautiful out, with the snow on the evergreens and the ground white. I have to get out and do some shopping later, and I may not have the same appreciation then.

Chickey, I hate waiting in Dr., Dentist offices. Or any office. I hate to go bad enough, I really don't want to go and just sit! That's why I always make the first appointment of the day or the first one after lunch.

Lynn, Yeah! You're almost finished with this bunch of students. Just in time to have some free time for Christmas. It will be good talking to you again.

Rie, How thoughtful of the pool league to show their appreciation. I know we do things because we want to, but it's good for that work to be recognized. How's dad?

Misty, HI. I look forward to getting to know you too. Pull up a chair and join in.

Gayle, Hope things go well for you at the Dr. office.

Z, I so agree with you and Rie on the Occupiers. It seems that nothing gets done in this country without some protest. We are #3 in nations that have such descripencys in wealth, with China being #1, I think #2 is Brazille. That is so not acceptable. This is the one country that hard work was rewarded and you could hope that your children had a chance. Our entire country was founded with some pretty messy occupiers. things don't get done "pretty". Enough room up there on that soap box for me too?

Marie, What is your favorite Boss song? Did you ever get to see one of his concerts? I agree about the tummy tuck. I don't know why the Dr. would want to do one untill all the weight was gone. They surely will not pay for 2. My friend lost a lot of weight and had her arms and tummy done. She still needs her legs done and will get them as soon as all her children are out of school and she actually has some money to spend on herself. Her surgery was a long time ago and all you can see are tiny white lines on her arms. And if anyone is that close, besides family, they need to stand back!

Karen, Poor Sissy. Benny said give her lots of bones and love.

Rosie, As you're aleady read, i'm wondering why the Dr. is thinking tummy tuck now. There may be some perfectly good reason that we don't know about.

Mary, I know you are relieved to have the RV sale. Kind of bittersweet?

Red, Hope your trip is going well.

Isabell, You too isabell. safe trip.

Bobbi, I've lived in this house so long that I kind of forgot about some of the places we've lived. I had to count back. 4 times. We really intended to move again, but want to stay close to the kids. We keep them 2 days a week and we take them to a lot of their sports events.

Carol Sue, I hope those dogs appreciated that romantic dinner. I love candel light, but I'm especially fond of not having heat. We have a fireplace in we could use in case of emergency. Not much wood left, but we're getting a load delivered tomorrow.

Donna, Hey, where are you? Working? Don't know what is causing the pain to be less, but hope it continues.

Got so much to do today! Every one have a good one,

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Good morning, GG’s! I am presently drinking a cup of coffee, so this post should get more coherent as it goes along.

Okay, first I need to make an admission of less than charitable thinking/behaving. There’s a woman here at work – not a colleague of mine except in the broadest of terms, but in my department (community relations and development). I have never much cared for her; she has always come across as smug, and with delusions of superiority. She’s in her mid-forties, never married, and lives with her sister, also, I’d guess from her FB page, in her forties. This “colleague” and her sister share a condo in downtown Boston that most probably cost $1 million at least. Her job involves planned giving, and working with elderly clients to steer them towards generous bequests to our organization in their wills. These elderly folks are all in their late seventies right up into their nineties, and watching her patronize them and call them “honey” and “sweetie” and so on….all in the interests of grabbing some of their money. Well, that’s what she gets paid for, so I suppose it’s wrong to criticize – but I can’t help but think that she got that condo by cozying up to some wealthy elderly person and sweeping it out from under them. Okay, all that to say that in general, I just wouldn’t care to make a living – no matter how lucrative – that way, and I’ve just never warmed up to her. She’s been working here, incidentally, for just about as long as I have.

Aside from her professional pursuits, this individual is, like a lot of us here, a yo-yo dieter. Over the years both she and I have been up and down in weight. Through this past summer, she really blew up…really started looking quite obese, and I have to admit to being secretly rather pleased….? (Sorry: I’m confessing to a certain ugliness of character, here, I’m afraid. ) Now I don’t see her frequently, you understand, because she’s working in the field (visiting rich elderly people) most of the time, so when I saw her at a departmental meeting a couple of weeks ago, I nearly fell over, because she’s lost at LEAST 50 pounds, and looks great! Still smug and slightly stuck up, but looking good nonetheless. It would’ve been nice of me to tell her how good she looked, right? Well, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t say a word. Now I feel kind of bad. Oh, no…not that I even PLAN to say anything when I see her again…I just know that it would be nice if I did, but I don’t want to.

Okay. Yeah. I’m not very nice, sometimes.

Oh, well. I ate 1260 calories yesterday. Oh, I think I said that last night. I’m planning on doing much better today. I’m planning to be slim and svelte in my old age (next April) and I’m not kidding.

Lynn, I’m not sure how you manage those classes along with everything else you’re always doing, but I’m glad that you can. I wonder if that might be something I’d like to do when I retire? Nah. Probably not. Too much structure and too many deadlines and such…plus all those pesky students with all their pesky questions…oh, I’m an evil, selfish woman.

Nice gift from the bar folk, Val…and well-deserved, I’m sure. You do seem to attract friends wherever you go….no wonder we GG’s love you so much!

Welcome, Misti. Feel free to join the conversations…they never end around here.

Gayle, I, too, have joined the ranks of the amateur exercisers….I’d put myself more in Donna’s group, though. I love, love LOVE Paul Simon’s new CD – So Beautiful or So What – there’s one particular song, “The Afterlife” that I really like the words to, and it has a bouncy, fast rhythm that almost forces you up out of your seat. So, I’ve been putting that on (3 minutes 48 seconds) and exercising to it….side stretches, kicks, hula-hoop movements and like that…and omg, I play it TWICE! That’s 7 minutes and 36 seconds of exercise! I can hardly believe myself!

Marie, deflation is better than grossly oversized torpedoes every time! And you’re absolutely right…stick those puppies in a bra and they behave just fine!

K3, didn't get blown away, did you? Have you been able to get to your Christmas decorations?

Oh, poor lil’ Sissie, CaddyK! Well, we at least know that she will receive excellent care and get whatever she needs to feel better. You are a good mommy for sure.

Rosey, I need to do some baking, too. I like making corn breads and apple-nut breads and banana breads and the like. I add ground up Fiber One cereal to all of them for added fiber.

Mary, yes, I was half of a mixed race couple back during my first marriage. Met during all the civil rights demonstrations and such in the ‘60’s. It was pretty exciting for a while. We had/have some gorgeous children (and now grandchildren), but he was no Joe. I’m not at all sorry about having those kids…they really make life worth living for me…but making it with him wasn’t in the cards. I’m much happier now – despite my whining about dh being retired and around all the time – and perhaps my ex is, as well. Not that I care, really. He was a miserable husband and a useless father. Your experience has been so different, and I’m glad for you for that.

Good for you on the not smoking, Red! Each day it’ll get a little easier…seem a little more natural not to be lighting up. Have a safe and productive (and enjoyable?) trip…

So, PT, if we can talk Rosey’s doctor in a Three-fer, you wanna book our flights now? I am SO ready for that!

Bobbi, nope. Won’t be staying here. I’m hoping to get ourselves a nice little place on a lake that’s about twenty minutes from where we (and three of our four children) live now. I’d like 3 bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms and maybe a half acre of land with some lake frontage. I figure we’ll enjoy it, and after we’re gone, it’ll make a nice easy weekend getaway for the kids and grandkids. A short drive, but a place to relax, you know? That’s the plan, but we’ll see what happens between now and April.

Good luck with your surgery, Carol Sue…we’ll be thinking of you.

Freda, my Christmas tree has no old keepsake ornaments because the year we were divorced, my ex took all of our ornaments to school with him to decorate the school’s tree. I asked him for the ornaments back…even just the ones the kids had made over the years, but no dice. Not the sentimental type, I’m afraid.

Isabella, the twinnies will be 3 on March 17. How did they grow so fast?

Sorry you’re feeling so stressed, Chickadeee…hope your day is relaxing enough so that the stress just drains right away!

What’s up with you, Nancy?

Well of COURSE I’ve missed some…and I can only blame my old, often stubborn brain.

Enjoy the day, GG’s! (I’m trying to enjoy every day that it doesn’t snow…)


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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Gayle - How do they check the setting on your c-pap if you're not asleep, actually using it? There was never any mention of my going back for a check up. The doctor who prescribed the sleep study did so while I was in the hospital after my heart surgery. I don't even see him in the office. He was in when I had my colostomy and will probably be back when I'm in for the reversal, but he never asks about my c-pap. I always wonder if the settings are still correct or if my condition has changed.

Rie - When I met DH he never balanced his checkbook, but he wrote very few checks. If he had to write a check, he would make a deposit, rounded up to the next dollar, then write the check. If he got his statement before a check cleared, he thought the bank made a mistake and wanted to run to the bank and take the money out. That's when I took over. LOL

Maryea - Do you make your chicken spread? If so, how do you make it. I would like that on crackers.

Karen31- Glad to hear that Sissy is on the mend. Our dog had that problem once from jumping down off the bed, but started walking again before we took her to the vet.

I feel your pain with the cough. I developed a cough about 10 years ago and now it is a chronic cough that I have never been able to cure. I have been to my PCP who is tired of hearing about it, an ENT who found nothing wrong with my throat, a gastrologist who diagnosed a hiatal hernia and said the cough would go away with Nexium (it didn't). Over the years, I have used several inhalers, allegy meds, and had breathing treatments while in the hospital, none of which stopped the cough. Funny, but several times I was put on Darvocet after surgeries etc and the cough would stop for a couple months. But then start up again. I can't take Darvocet indefinately, and anyway, it's taken off the market. So I live with this cough. I had allergy testing and it showed that I am allergic to cats, but not dogs. I do suspect it is affected by my little Maltese, and he's getting older, so maybe after he's gone I will improve. I just live with it. It annoys the **** out of people around me.

Marie - A gift is not about spending the most amount of money. It is about giving the person something you think they might like that comes from your heart. Anyone close to you would love to get a piece of stained glass that you made yourself. If you were cheap, they would not get a gift. You are loving and caring.

When I had heart surgery my attitude was, if I die, I won't know about it. I feel that dying is part of the life process and I am not afraid of it. Some people live to be very old, but not everyone. Some only get a few years, or even days. My biggest fear is them not being able to reverse this and having to live with it. That would be my worst case senerio.

I feel about eggs the way Rie's dad feels about apple pie. I really don't want to live my whole life without eggs. I just don't want the doctor to feel that why should I fix her blocked artery if she's just going to eat more eggs and cause another blockage.

Years ago I saw a show on TV where a woman had lost a lot of weight using a protein sparing fast. She was able to have her apron removed covered by insurance because it was a risk of infection. I don't remember if she had an actual tummy tuck or just had the extra skin removed.

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!
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Hey GGs,
Just got my two fruit cakes in the oven, & thought I’d grab the opportunity to stop by here while they’re baking. It's been awhile since I've been here! Making the fruit cakes brings back some fond memories - like Grandma sitting at the table, cutting up the fruit for me, but also one really sad one. Grandma & I were making fruit cakes, 20 years ago (the actual date was Dec. 8th), on the day my little 8 yr. old niece died of meningitis. Maybe I told all of you about this before? Anyway, she was fine the day before, she & her little brother got to ride on floats in the Christmas parade, & they were so excited & happy about that. (I’m so glad I was there to see them.) Then, that night she started feeling sick. When she wasn’t feeling better the next day, my brother & his wife (& my mom, because my niece wanted her grandma there), took her to the hospital, but she died in the emergency room. I couldn’t make fruit cakes for about 7 or 8 years after that, because the memories made me too sad. But, I can deal with them now. On Thurs., the 8th, my brother & Mom & my stepfather will go to the cemetery to put Christmas decorations on the grave, like they do every year. I guess it’s my brother’s way of showing he won’t ever forget her. His ex-wife & his son will be there too. I can’t go because I have to stay at my mom’s to collect rent (I think I mentioned before that she’s the manager of the mobile home park she lives in? She’s supposed to be available the 1st thru the 10th to collect rent - when something like this comes up, I fill in for her.) Enough about that, it’s got me feeling really sad again.

I expect to be pretty busy for the next two weeks, because I intend to have all my preparations for Christmas, & the dinner, done before DSD gets home on the 18th. She’s safely in MN for now, Yay! At least I’ve got the decorating done, & now the fruit cakes! But, I want everything that can be cooked in advance & put in the freezer, done too. That means the turkey, & dressing, the sweet potato casserole, a cherry pound cake, & I’m thinking, maybe, orange-cranberry muffins. I’ll wait to bake the 2 pecan pies on Christmas eve, but I just realized I need to get the pecans shelled. I got a real good buy on them at the beginning of the year - $1.00 for a 1 lb. bag (shelled that comes to ½ a lb.), & I bought 8 bags. But, I only got around to shelling half of them, & I’ve already used those (it takes a pound each for the fruit cakes).

Well, today’s SO’s birthday, & he requested brownies instead of a cake. So, I need to make them so I can put them in the oven when the fruit cakes come out. And, I need to go to the post office & the grocery store today, so I’d better get out of here & get busy. I’m going to post this now. Maybe later I’ll have time to read all the posts I’ve missed, & catch up on what all of y’all have been doing! I know I’ve missed LOTS!

Bye for now.
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Good Morning, only time to read the post and welcome Misti. I'm on my way into town for errands and it's snowing out...absolutely beautiful out with all the Blue spruce trees laden with snow.
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Gayle, yes gloves are good on chilly bike rides. Last chilly one I did I wished I'd worn my fleece headband. My ears were cold.

Hi Misti, welcome to the best group on 3FC! Another Pacific NW'er.

Lynn, enjoy the end of teaching the two classes. You're too busy for that.

Chickadee, dental appts are stressful enough without adding that nonsense to it. I'm impressed you stayed through the whole thing. I hope the thumb doctor is kind and gentle and full of good news. I think the dentist owes your two pups a treat each.

Rie, how nice your home bar gifted you. If you ration the chocolate out, you'll enjoy every bite. But if you're like me, you'll plow through them, drolling melted chocolate and have a great guilt attack after 10 minutes.

Freda, my all time favorite Bruce son is Waitin' on a Sunny Day. However, from Dec 1 through 25th, his version of Santa Claus is coming to town. And I've never been blessed to go to his concerts. I have to travel far to go anywhere that has concerts. That said, Ihe just announced a new tour and I'm going to fly wherever I can get tickets. I'll go alone since DH is a fuddy-duddy when it comes to concert going. Maybe my DD will go with me.Best if I could fly to Des Moines and go with my sister, who, by the way, drools over him more than me. My thights could use the magic surgery but I don't show them to the general public (ok I don't show the tummy either but it affected clothes fitting) so I'm fine with the skin flopping around. Besides, they aren't nearly as bad as the arms and stomach. I like leg type of aerobics so they're pretty muscular.

Zoe, if you think you're unique in your joy in regards to the woman when she blew up over the summer and your in-thoughts-only snarl at looking good, you'd be totally wrong. You don't like the lady and she's a snot. Why woud you enjoy her success and let her preen if you complimented her? I'd rather you just stay honest with yourself because than I can be with the snotty now overweight people in my life. BTW, when I went to my 10 year high school reunion, I weighed a svelte 130 pounds and look fab. I saw the snotty homecoming queen and she had to weigh 250 pounds. It did my heart and ego good. Of course that was long ago but I remember that pleasure more than any food I ever ate. As you can tell, I'm not so nice either.

Carol Sue, I know that you will persevere not matter what the results of the surgery will be. You are a strong woman that attacks life head on. But of course, we want the best result so you can attack life head on without the bag.

Nancy, sounds like you'll have quite the festive and yummy home over the holidays.

Bobbi, enjoy your winter wonderland.

Not much new in my world. I finished copper foiling one of the stained glass pieces before work and it's ready to be soldered together. I'm pawning it off on DH. I'll start wrapping the next on in foil tonight or tomorrow. DH put up our Christmas lights so that outside of the house looks festive. At some point I'll put up the tree.
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Would you like to see the house we have for sale? Here's the link:
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Mary, I will take it. No snow works for me.

Very nice, I was in AZ once, and loved it. I am sure it will sell, I love all the sun shining in.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Would you like to see the house we have for sale? Here's the link:
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Very nice house Mary. I hope it sells very quick for you. Love the pool!

I went to the Dr. this morning and after getting 4 different prescriptions I'm hoping to feel a lot better here real soon! Just a good nights sleep would make a big difference I'm sure!

Try to get back later..

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.” ~
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Just lost my post!!

To make it short. Bobbi, I've never moved since being married and lived in the same house as a child as the one my father was born in.

Beautiful home, Mary.

Marie, I was bad and didn't let anyone know I was not dead. I disappeared off the face of the earth (3fc earth, that is) while commuting back and forth between my son's house and mine, which is 400 kilometre trip each way. I was babysitting my grandson while his mother was finishing her teaching degree. I'm so sorry for all the grief I caused on the GG forum.

Nancy, I make cherry pound cake every year, too. Actually, I just had a tiny piece off of DS's cake that I made for him. I know how you feel about your niece and making the fruit cakes. I had a nephew who died in a car crash a week from his 22nd birthday. He was born on our wedding day and I felt strange celebrating the anniversary for years after. Death robs us of so much joy, sometimes for years.

Hi Misty. Jump right in to the conversation, if you can keep up with all the chatter. My we do talk lots on this thread.

Well, I made it to DS's place in one piece. The weather was great for driving and saw no large wildlife (moose) or small for that matter. Today, Boo and I went shopping at our favorite dollar stores. I was looking for a few things to put in my MIL's Christmas stocking. I also bought little gifts for Boo to open each day before Christmas. He has a little 3 1/2' Christmas tree in his bedroom. I numbered each one so he'll have one to open each day until Christmas eve. We also bought gum. He loves gum. He's not talking a lot yet but the first thing I heard when the door to the house opened was a little voice that called out, "Nanny." How sweet that sounded.

DH just phone so I'll close off.

Bike: 1613.03 Kilometres
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Marie – I’m ready to see pictures of your progress with all the stained glass… you said you’re giving some as gifts, too? I’d like to see those pictures, too!

If I remember correctly, and I might not!, Isabella’s son, DIL, and g’baby are several hours away. She babysat extensively with the little person while the grownup kids were in school, and that’s when we “lost” her. We feared an accident during one of those long road trips.

Have you heard anything about Blizzie’s biopsy? SamCat is quite concerned (and he sends his love to his beloved!). Aren’t they too CUTE???

I actually read your computer explanation, understood a lot of it, and THEN said “blah, blah, blah, blah…” My PC is one of those all-in-one (don’t buy one!!!), so I wouldn’t have a clue how to even FIND the HD; I’m sure my ComputerGeek will know, if that’s the solution.

Rosey – hello! Are you still keeping temptation at bay or have you gotten rid of all those cookies? What are your plans for Christmas? Will you go to Wasilla with your daughter or will the family come to you and DH? And how are the wee pups?

CK – how is Darling Diva today? How is Darling Diva’s mama today?

Rie – I’m sorry, but I’m having a graphic image that might injure me: “My "apron" has actually mostly disappeared on one side.....” I’m wondering about the OTHER side!! I agree with Marie about the deflated “girls”… These are MY udders, and I don’t want anybody to say anything about them! Of course, no one (NO ONE) will ever see them!! I roll them up and stuff them into a harness…

Way cool on the gift basket, too. It’s nice to be appreciated, isn’t it? And deservedly so…!

Misti – welcome, and I LOVE your avatar picture! Such joy!

Lynn – hope you get some much-needed rest, now that at least one class has ended!

Chickadeee – de-stressing is most definitely allowed! Feel free. You can even vent, if you feel so inclined! OMG, I was livid on your behalf about the dental misadventure! I hope you told someone who could do something! That sort of thing is so common and so unacceptable!

Gayle – did your doc apptment work out okay, on time, without you having to spend many extra hours at work? Good thoughts.

Freda – hello! The exercise I found that works on the hip is a simple yoga “leg over” exercise. I can feel the stretch outer and inner; the first time I tried it, I literally squealed and gasped in pain, but now I can get the leg over all the way without a squawk. I still can’t do it with a straight leg, but it’s a lot of progress. Working still bothers me (well, the leg. I’m quite fine with working!). I can’t seem to adjust the chair, even with a phone book cushion on the floor, to keep the leg straight or the pressure off. I sneak off into another office periodically, drop trou, and stretch those legs. It helps so much. My intake of Advil is about ¼, too. Thanks for asking!

PT/Zoe – you aren’t a terrible person, regarding your cohort at work. You could, though, very sweetly, say that you've noticed that her skin doesn't even seem to be sagging too much! (Do let me know her response!!) You’re putting me very much to shame, PT, with your excessive new-found commitment to exercise.

Nancy – hello! All your baking sounds SO good! Yummy, yummy!!

Isabella – glad you’re enjoying Boo. He sounds pretty cute!!

Okay, I'm caught up, I think. I'm now STARVING, so it's time to go and remedy that. Stay warm, everyone! Onward!

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown

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Hi everyone i spent the day doing house work blah why cant it stay clean im done baking for now, i need to get to the store for a few more things. i put all cookies in the freezer till im all done. i did eat one cookie tho we are going to my dd for christmas. id rather everyone follows traditon and come here, my grdd complained about it however her brother is leaving christmas day with his basketball team for california for a tournament where there will be college scouts/ so not feasable. one nice thing is tho i dont have to worry about all the prep, i help at her house and i kinda like that. i worked on a window treat ment for myself. its 2" wooden blocks that say north woods with bears and trees. i had made one for my dd and thought id like one too as im a bear collector,my dh made the trees for me and i got the bears in e-bay. It was a fun project. chilli's simmering on the stove for dinner so now im going to do some gorking hope your evenings great (((hugs))) rosey
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Rosey-- those window decorations are adorable!! You have so much talent it just makes me smile all the time when I read your posts and see how well you are doing and see all the things that you share with us. Thanks

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